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ANTM Cycle 21: Finale

Guys, it’s time to wrap up this season!  The two part finale aired on Friday, and here’s what happened:

Tyra meets the final four at the top model house in Seoul to announce her make-up line.  Let’s be real, guys: this is the best Tyra’s looked all season.  Her hair’s done, her clothes aren’t crazy, and she just looks beautiful.

We learn that Tyra participated in a program at Harvard Business School, which is pretty impressive.  We also learn that all the cycle 21 contestants are in South Korea for commercials for Tyra’s make-up products– four former contestants hold a box with a product name inside.  Y’all know I like to make up words, says Tyra as she talks about her products.  Me too, girl.  Me too.

Adam, the last challenge’s winner, gets to pick his box-holding teammate for the photo shoot first.  He picks Kari, who’s looking quite lovely.  Keith picks Mirjana, because she’s annoying but pretty.  Will picks Ivy.  Lenox picks Ben.  There’s another round of picking box-less folks in which Adam grabs Denzel, Keith takes Shei, Will takes Raelia, and Lenox takes Matthew.  Chantelle is on Adam’s team by default.

The commercials look super cool, and my favorite former contestant Allison Harvard is there to help!  She tells them about her life as a working model in the Philippines.  Allison is gorgeous, but she’s also a brilliant artist.  I’m so happy to see her.

Lenox really seems to kill her commercial.  She does so well that Tyra lets out a, Work, bitch!  Can I get that moment on an infinite loop, please?  Perfection.

The last photo shoot of the season is for Guess and shot by Yu Tsai.  I love Guess and the styling is utter perfection.  Tyra interrupts the shoot with Kelly and Miss J saying they’ve been watching the whole time and someone is getting eliminated right now.  Here are the best shots:

IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1074 IMG_1077

Only three will continue on to the Lie Sang Bong fashion show.  Adam is called first.  Will is called next.  Keith is the last model selected to walk the final runway.  I’m pretty devastated.  I think Lenox is so amazing!  So three guys walk it out in the end.

I’m a bit less interested in the boys, sorry.  The clothes in the Lie Sang Bong fashion show are bomb, and we get to see the Tyra make-up commercials!  I think I need to get some of that Oops Liner!

Let’s skip to the winner, then, shall we?  America’s Next Top Model is: Keith!  It’s nice that he’s the first guy to win and if a guy had to win, I’m glad he’s attractive!


I’d love to see Lenox’s Tyra commercial.  Does anyone know where I can find that?

What did you think of the first male Top Model?!

ANTM Cycle 21: She’s not cold; she’s mean.

Sorry about the little ANTM hiatus, but I wasn’t interested in a recap episode even if it was entitled “What Happens on ANTM Stays on ANTM.”  Last week, though, we were FINALLY in Seoul, South Korea and back to the competition.  Let’s cover some ground, then jump into the recap.

One juicy detail that I may or may not have missed by skipping the previous week was a little confessional kiss shared by Adam and Shei.  It mostly looked like drunk Adam kissed a confused and giggling Shei, but they both admitted to finding each other attractive.

Next, let’s talk about Chantelle.  I, like many people, wanted Chantelle back in this competition.  She’s lovely, and her unique look is interesting and really makes you want to like her.  She went out of the competition rather early, and I completely had forgotten about her personality.  She’s really not nice, as Lenox said in the titular quote of this post.  She’s closed off, and her personality does not add to the group.  It’s hard to actually like her on the show.

Moving on…

The journey to Seoul was definitely a long one and the models obviously had jet lag to deal with.  Adam, apparently had an additional hurdle in that he drank a bit too much on the plane.  This episode is called “The Guy Who Partied Too Hard,” and Adam’s drinking is brought up again and again.  Even in his floating head interviews, his eyes appear bloodshot and he seems hungover.  Yikes!

The first challenge in Seoul brings them face-to-face with K-Pop group BtoB who preform “Beep Beep” for them.  Their challenge is then this: learn the dance and perform it on the streets of Seoul as a photo shoot.

Lenox is immediately nervous because she can’t dance, but she does a fairly good job of hiding it by assuming she’s just going to look like a fool.  (Hint: Lenox, the key to dancing is to have a good time.  There is a very thin line between cool and fool, and if you think it’s cool, people watching you probably will too.)  Raelia is pumped about this challenge, and Chantelle’s narcissism works well for it.  Will’s a dancer, and Keith has one move that really works well for the crowd.  Shei’s no stand out, but she holds her own.  The real problem is Adam, who is potentially drunk and/or hungover and is a step behind through the whole thing.

Chantelle, Keith, and Raelia are the top three for the challenge, but Raelia wins!!

Back at home, Adam continues drinking heavily.  The next morning he Adam tries to recover from his hangover by drinking more.  Will asks if he would like some water, to which he responds: “Water’s no good for hangovers.”  If someone could please make a .gif of the face Will makes at that moment, it would be greatly appreciated.

The photo shoot of the episode is held inside of Seoul City Hall and is for MCM.  Creative Director of the brand, Michael Michalsky is onsite and his German accent completely obscures the word “Seoul.”  Between him and Yu Tsai, the photo shoot is not pretty for some of them.

Judging takes place in a neon-filled room at Seoul Institute of the Arts.  There are two triple-ten (one from J. Alexander, Tyra Banks, and Kelly Cutrone) photos this week: Will & Keith!


As for the rest, the proof is in the rankings:

  1. Keith
  2. Will
  3. Lenox
  4. Shei
  5. Adam
  6. Chantelle
  7. Raelia

Aaaand, I have two problems with this ranking.  (1) The judges like Adam’s picture, despite Tyra smelling alcohol on him both at the photo shoot and at judging.  This is not appropriate for work; you can not be drunk and/or impaired and perform your best work no matter what Adam thinks.

(2) I admit, I got teary that Raelia had to leave this week.  She wanted it; she deserved it.  She talks about coming from little and having nothing to go home to, and I felt for her.  It’s absolutely true that she did not take consistently good pictures, but her personality and energy was such a force on the show.  She gave her all, and it’s sad to see Chantelle stay over her.  Chantelle gives such a compartmentalized version of herself which inhibits her on set.

What did you think of the results from last week?  Who do you think is next to go home?

5 Things about ANTM: The Girl with 5 Frames

If you missed last week‘s episode, Lenox was given a rather harsh penalty by Tyra Banks for the worst video shoot.  She only had 5 frames for this week’s avant garde hair video shoot.  Here’s what happened:


Yu Tsai tells us it’s okay to cry

In the first human moment I’ve seen from Yu Tsai, he consoles a crying Lenox after she walked off set, crumbling from the pressure of her 5 frames.  We’re also reminded that Lenox’s father literally just died.  She wants the prize money to help her family.  I mean, the girl deserves to let it out a little!  She eventually gets through her 5 takes, but I notice she really looks like she’s about to cry.  The emotion behind her eyes ended up working in her favor, though…


Marjana still sucks

Wait, is this America’s Next Top Model or Marjana’s Dating Chronicles?  The Marjana/Denzel relationship is starting to annoy everyone in the house and likely, everyone watching.  I’m glad it’s not bothering Matthew anymore, because she’s clearly ridiculous.  Denzel doesn’t seem as into her as she is him.  Oh, and she still has a boyfriend!  She’s planning on writing him a letter… to break up with him, I guess?  Denzel is as surprised to hear that they’re dating as America was when she blurted it out in panel last week.  This will probably end badly.

They’re also super touchy.  My favorite quote of the week is on the matter, as spoken by Raelia:

That’s not class.  Like, let’s talk about class.  You don’t have it.  At all.

So true.


Nick Cannon makes headphones

I didn’t know Nick Cannon made headphones, but these Monster headphones look pretty cool!  Nick Cannon comes to give them a challenge.  They use a tablet with terrible photo resolution to create an ad.  The winning team is Lenox, Matthew, and Kari.  This was my favorite photo of the three, so I’m glad it won!  I can totally see this as an ad, and as a reward for winning, it will be one!



The house gets creative

I notice Shei sketching at the kitchen table, and gosh is she talented!  Ben shows off his talents to, writing a little song with Adam, who raps, while he sings and plays guitar.  He performs this song for Tyra and the judges before panel.  Tyra appreciates it and even has the models join in.


Worst to first

Like I said, the emotion behind Lenox’s eyes really worked in her favor.  Here’s how the models ranked:

  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will
  • Adam
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Keith
  • Ben – eliminated

When it came down to Keith and Ben, I’m glad Keith stayed.  He’s just so… pretty!  Ben seems to be a man of many talents, so I’m sure he’ll be okay.

I wish Matthew were higher on the list, but overall I’m pretty happy with this week’s results.  I’m most pleased that Lenox was able to pull it off!

What did you think?  Any predictions for next week?

ANTM: A Tale of Two Virgins

Ben got best picture last week and chose Adam to share in the Tyra Suite. It’s nice that someone’s not using the Suite to try to hook up. Adam is growing on me, as he says his current career path is “sit in a cube and crush excel.” This, for some reason, is quite endearing to me.

Mirjana and Denzel are continuing their sickening flirtation. (Spoiler: she says they’re dating in judging.) I have no respect for this girl.

Tyra coaches them for a sexy photo shoot. Raelia (age 22) and Lenox (age 19) are virgins, which I inherently I find this interesting. Raelia does great at serving sexy, but Lenox has a lot of trouble.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

Yu Tsai comes the next morning to announce the challenge. To test the skills Tyra taught, the models are paired up for a commercial… a sexy fragrance commercial with a black widow spider. It’s styled almost vampire-like. The girl (and in one case, Will) is the black widow and the guy a victim. The “Spyder Bite” commercial pairs are: Keith and Mirjana, Denzel and Kari, Ben and Raelia, Matthew and Will, Romeo and Lenox.

Romeo seems to warm up to other people a bit that evening. It’s his birthday, so some people stay up to celebrate with him— Adam, Matthew, Shei. Then he gets drunk and mean to Adam. He tries to entice Adam into hitting him. When Adam won’t play into it, he head-butts him a couple times leaving a small bruise. Yu Tsai and J. Alexander eliminate Romeo the next day for this physical altercation, as ANTM has a zero-tolerance violence policy. The remaining group trains for a stilt-walking fashion show.

Will rocks the runway like a model. Raelia falls right when she exits to walk and looks scared during her procession down the runway. Lenox definitely looks sexy during her walk! Mirjana, who had some much trouble during practice, did well, and even held up her partner, Adam. Ben had to walk alone with Romeo being eliminated, and commanded attention so well that he won the challenge.


And then there were 11 at judging. Kelly gives her first 10 to Raelia, who completely owns the Spyder Bite commercial! Tyra gives a startling 1 to Lenox, for giving up.

Also this happens.

Also this happens.

The rank this week:

  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Mirjana
  • Matthew
  • Shei
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Ben
  • Adam
  • Lenox

I have a brief moment of panic where I realize my early favorite is going home. But wait, Romeo already went home so Tyra is letting Lenox stay. As if the 1 from Tyra weren’t bad enough, Lenox only has 5 frames for the following week’s photo shoot. Do you think she can pull it out?

ANTM Recap: Beardweave.

At the end of last week’s episode, Marjana decided she hates Matthew. She’s now moved on to Denzel and is flirting with him with the fire of a thousand suns. Also, she has a boyfriend back home. This 18-year-old is out of control. Poor cute Matthew!

Romeo does some more spells—he draws a pentagram and lights some candles. Wiccans everywhere are likely not so happy with this portrayal of their religion as “satanic” and asking for voodoo doll supplies. Womp womp.

There’s a cool photo sheet with the theme of optical illusions. Everyone is photographed lying on their sides, but when the picture is titled it looks like they’re upright.

Makeovers are announced after that. There are a bunch of boxes hidden throughout the house revealing the makeovers, but not the person who’s getting them. One box contains a pair of scissors, and whoever finds them gets to find out which makeover is theirs. It ends up being Denzel, and a monitor flashes his name and “beard weave.” Is that a thing?

The rest of the makeovers are soon revealed. Ben and Adam get buzz cuts and to me, this makes Adam the most improved. Marjana gets a bob that looks like Rachel Duncan from Orphan Black.  Shei’s is the most interesting: half black and half white. Kari goes platinum blonde and cries a lot.

Matthew, as a straight man, keeps mentioning how objectively good looking Will is. He is just more and more attractive to me by the second, that he can recognize beauty and separate it from sexual attraction. Why aren’t more men like this?!

Everyone gets super drunk that night. Matthew kisses Will, I guess? Oops! He doesn’t care if people think he’s gay because of this, because, he says, he is what he is. Everyone kind of attacks him and calls his sexuality into question.   Matthew remains secure, feels no shame or regret, and I love him more and more and more. Also, I’m pretty sure Denzel and Marjana hook up in the shower… why are we focusing on this drunken kiss and not on her cheating on her boyfriend?

There is judging. It means nothing to me, as usual. My favorite picture of the bunch is Matthew, because at this point I think I’m obsessed with him?

It's not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to.

It’s not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to. 

Social media scores play a big role since there is not challenge. Models are called out in this order:

  • Ben
  • Lenox
  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Matthew
  • Marjana
  • Romeo
  • Denzel
  • Shei
  • Adam
  • Kari
  • Chantelle goes home. I’m sad because she’s such a beautiful girl! Maybe she’ll be back, though.

Who was your favorite makeover? And photo?

ANTM recap: I finally like cycle 21

Well guys, third time’s the charm.  I knew it would get better once we got to photo shoots.  Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Romeo, the resident Wiccan, says he did a spell for Danny to get eliminated.  Since Danny did not make it to the finalists, Romeo has his witchcraft set on Ivy now.  Last time I checked, this is not how Wicca works… hope it doesn’t come back to him threefold!

The models compete in a risqué runway show in which they wear nothing but silly string… erm, off-brand silly string that they call foam string or something.  The clear standout to me was Keith.  Where some get silly string in their eyes, Keith maintains a stare through the foam that goes straight to your soul.  He smolders.  I also like Will, finding him facially gorgeous despite being nervous about his body.

Keith wins the challenge and the keys to the Tyra Suite.  He takes Kari as his guest.  They share a bed.  Sexy kinda?  I can see this in the Tyra Suite, but it seems like everyone is coupling off and sleeping in the same bed.  Matthew and Marjana cuddle up as well.  The next morning, Marjana feels guilty when she learns her boyfriend back home is promoting her on Twitter.  Matthew learns of this boyfriend and is totally distracted.

For the photo shoot challenge, they’re shooting in black & white, slow motion, and underwear.  Oh, and they’re also getting absolutely drenched in water.  Tyra says something about the men’s abs being boom boom boom, and the ladies have boom boom wow.  She teaches this like it’s factual, like she just told them the capital of Michigan in Lansing.

A lot of people struggle in the water.  Notably, Will who is yelled at my Yu Tsai– “What’s your problem?”  Um, excuse me?  Not very Jay Manuel like.  They’re also creating the theme song scenes, so Tyra goes first and absolutely kills it.  Lenox seems to be the only one to attempt the hair whip that Tyra advised.  She does well, as does Keith.  I think Shei looks great, but Tyra calls is hoochie.  I can definitely see this, but I still enjoyed watching her.

Back at the house, Adam continues his frat boy antics and drinks drinks drinks.  There are 18-year-olds (like Marjana) and other under-age kids in this competition… I bet they had to sign something assuring they wouldn’t drink.  Anyway, Adam’s annoying.


IMG_0663I’ve decided that Matthew is literally the hottest.  He and Marjana’s “break-up” is basically announced in judging.  He’s 24, which is not too young for me.  Forget Marjana and call me maybe.  His picture is not great, but his face is.  Look at this cutie!





Lenox’s picture is my favorite in the bunch.  There’s a lot of scoring, which I still can’t get on board with.  Kelly Cutrone is hilarious, as usual.  Tyra scores everyone higher than they deserve.  The runway challenge score, photo judging scores, and social media scores are added.  The contestants are called out highest score to lowest, resulting in the following order:

  • Keith
  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Chantelle
  • Ben
  • Romeo
  • Kari
  • Adam
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will

Ivy is eliminated.  Romeo’s magic is at work!  I’ve got my eyes on Matthew and Lenox right now.  Who do you want to be on top?

ANTM Cycle 21: Final 14

I DVR’ed ANTM, and watched this week’s episode while eating my weekly calories worthy of Biscoff cookie butter straight out of the jar. I must admit I’m having a really hard time staying interested. Yu Tsai brings an interesting energy to the show, and makes sense to me as a Jay replacement. Kelly Cutrone is still totally working for me. I think we have a similar aesthetic. Tyra and J. Alexander were barely in this episode. The good thing is that the finalists were finally selected. This is what the competition is going to look like this cycle:

Adam | The judges can’t figure out if he’s passionate or crazy. I’m leaning toward crazy.

Chantelle | Everyone likes her unique beauty, and as Kelly says, she has a Masters degree in courage.

Shei | I agree with the judges that she’s beautiful. Kelly says she needs a personality, but I think she’s got it goin’ on!

Ben | The judges were split on Ben. Is her Boy Band? Is he all-American? Whatever, he made the cut.

Denzel | Kelly thinks he’s “too pumped up” to be a model. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but I don’t know anything about male modeling.

Ivy | Tyra calls her nymph-like and I agree. I absolutely adore her look.

Kari | The judges say she has a beautiful face, then proceed to list everything so wrong with it that makes it so right. I dig that.

Keith | This ex-football player was called out or the final 14 third, but I’m not sure if the order has much bearing here.

Lenox | Kelly calls her “moody, eerie, my little Christina Ricci girl” and I love all of those things. I’ve been routing for Lenox from the beginning.

Matthew | Okay, I disagree with Yu’s assessment of the way he corrected his name. Like I agree with Kelly and Tyra that there are more tactful ways or times to get this accomplished, but he wasn’t as rude as Yu made him out to be. Whatever, he’s in.

Mirjana | The more I look at her name, the more I see how Tyra could have called her marijuana. I waver between thinking she’s beautiful and thinking she’s, in Tyra’s words, hoochie.

Raelia | Alright guys, I just really like Raelia’s face.

Romeo | He’s confrontational, for sure. I like this Wiccan dude, and that he’s unafraid to be what he is. He has an interesting look that’s not just good looking, you know?

Will | Yu calls him “the resident ballerina.” The judges end up in favor of him because he’s, according to Kelly: Nordic, American, Texan, gay, and everyone’s going to love him.


And let’s mention, a couple of those we’ve left behind…

Jamie Rae | Yu calls her dead inside.

Daniel | Poor guy missed the cut twice. J likes him a lot, and Tyra says he has the highest number of likes. I’m assuming this is for one of two reasons: (1) people already know him from last season, or (2) sympathy. Even I was cheering for him because it is SAD to see someone eliminated twice.


I don’t know, guys, I might stick around for a photo shoot or two… or I might let these episodes accumulate in my DVR for a rainy day.

What do you think of the guys & girls of Cycle 21 so far?

or we can just talk about Miss J's statement necklace... ♡

or we can just talk about Miss J’s statement necklace… ♡