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Summer Reading List 2014 (part 1)

With summer officially underway, and with three beach weekends under my belt already, I’m making a dent on my ever shifting summer reading list.  I used to read all the time, devouring books in a weekend or less.  Those were the days of Harry Potter, and part-time summer jobs.  Now I work and complain and am just too tired to do anything.  I still love to read, and with out beach house lacking both internet (quel horreur!) and, at the moment, cable, I’ve had plenty of time to do just that.  There is nothing I love better than sizzling on the sand, or the porch, with a good book.  My tan, peeling legs prove that much.

Just as the season turned, I finished my first book of the summer.

Pink House

1. The Weird Sisters – Eleanor Brown

  • Rosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia are daughters of a Shakespeare scholar who teaches at the local college of a sleepy college town.  Each return home after their mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but each are home for a different reason.  Rose’s fiancé wants her to join him abroad in Oxford, but she struggles with relinquishing her role as the one who holds everything together.  Bean flees New York City life after she is fired from her job in Human Resources at a law firm for stealing money.  Cordy is pregnant and tired of traveling from town to town without a purpose.
  • This book is something I meditated on for a while, having once read the jacket then reshelving it in Barnes & Noble.  Something eventually nagged at me and I went back and picked it up.  I found it a good beach read, the subject matter serious enough but not too serious.  Interestingly, one of the cover’s accolades comes from J. Courtney Sullivan, an author I met last year.  The familiar relationships in this book make it worth reading.  As a Shakespeare fan, I loved the comparisons each of the girls drew between themselves and the characters they were named for.  It definitely helps to be a Shakespeare fan when reading this book!

Currently Reading: Lolita – Vladamir Nabokov

  • I find the classics make enjoyable beach reads, and I’d never read Lolita before.  I’m about 60% through and so far am really enjoying it!


Stay tuned for more of my summer reading list.  Feel free to look for me on Goodreads as well!

What are you reading this summer?

Weekend Recap in Beauty, Shopping, Fitness, and Food

I’ve measured many a weekend in terms of shopping.  I love to go away and come back with more than I left with.  Truthfully, I escaped the city this weekend so I could avoid spending money.  It didn’t work.  I went to the beach house to lay low and get some reading in.  I accomplished both of these things.  I’m currently reading The Weird Sisters and obviously sunburnt my legs doing so on the beach.  Has anyone else read it?  I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far, especially its connection to Shakespeare’s works.

Anyway, back to the weekend.  Whenever I’m away from my natural habitat, dependent as I usually am on public transportation, I try to hit up the stores I can’t get to a normal basis.  When I go home, I hit up Target.  Since I was in Rhode Island, I found a treasure at our local Walmart.

First of all, I had forgotten my iphone charger, and I was able to pick up a lightening to USB cable here, yay!  I also love to browse the make-up section and found Ecotools brushes!  I never find this brand in my local drug stores, so when I saw this 5 brush set for $15, I jumped.  This set includes a flat concealer brush, buffing concealer brush, precision foundation brush, complexion blending brush, and full powder brush.  They’re mini, which makes them very portable.  This should save me from finger painting my face with liquid foundation, yeah?

I've been looking for four out of five of these, so I was psyched to pick up this set!

I’ve been looking for four out of five of these, so I was psyched to pick up this set!

With my make-up collection ever-expanding, my travel make-up bag doesn’t do the trick.  This is the reason I forgot eyeshadow the weekend of Stacie’s wedding… I simply can’t fit it in my current make-up bag!  I have the Vera Bradley medium cosmetic bag, and I needed to upgrade to the large.  Luckily, there’s an adorable store nearby the beach house with tons of Vera Bradley.  I found a large cosmetic bag in the pattern Lola.  I love it!  I can fit a whole shadow palette in here, and my hair donut too!

Lola is the newest pattern in my collection.  I tend to love browns.  My smaller cosmetic case is Mocha Rouge!

Lola is the newest pattern in my collection. I tend to love browns. My smaller cosmetic case and my iPad case are in Mocha Rouge, and my travel duffle is Java Blue.

This should make packing for next weekend easier!  I failed at the whole not-spending-money thing, but I succeeded in another weekend goal: getting my butt back into running!  It had literally been months since I ran, but I brought my sneakers and some running clothes just for the occasion.  It was rough, but I ran .8 miles, and I’m happy about it.  I also did some biking.  I literally hadn’t been on a bike in years.  The last time I remember going on a bike ride was in ninth grade… so at least 10 years ago?  Eeesh.  Adding a 3.7 mile bike ride to the run made me feel a lot better about myself.  Hopefully I can accomplish even more next weekend!

Finally, I did get a couple great meals in!  It was nice to taste my mom’s home cooking on Friday night, and Rhode Island style calamari on Saturday.  Fried calamari with banana peppers and black olives is the perfect summer light dinner.  To go along with it, I jumped at the opportunity to try Narragansett’s Shandy made with Dell’s Lemonade!  Oh my gosh, it was absolutely delicious!

Two of my summer favorites together!  This shandy is lemony and refreshing.

Two of my summer favorites together! This shandy is lemony and refreshing.

Did you get up to anything fun this weekend?