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Girls: Wedding Day


Girls is back!  My Sunday night felt a little less awful with a new episode of Girls to cap off the weekend.  But ew, it’s Marnie’s wedding day.

Marnie is, as usual, the worst.  And guys, I’m Marnie’s biggest and probably only fan, and even I thought she was horrible.  The whole aesthetic of her wedding is weird, first of all.  I hate the dress and the whole persona she was trying to embody.  The bridesmaids dresses were a very trendy color but it sure did look low budget and sad.

Shosh was adorable as always.  I’m not sure if I’m digging the blonde on her, but I (obviously) love what her time in Japan has done to her.  I’m very interested in her relationship dynamic, honestly.

Hannah seems happy with Fran and that’s nice.  Jessa and Adam’s kiss was so wrong in every way.  Will this break Hannah’s heart?  I think yes.  Jessa did crack me up, though– “I just bathed in the stream and ran through a field to dry myself.”  Of course you did, Jessa.

The question: will Desi go through with it?  All signs are pointing to yes as we pan out on the wedding.  Am I surprised that this is his 8th engagement?  No, no I can’t say I am.  I really don’t think that Marnie knows Desi at all.  Hannah tried to do the right thing and tell her this, but ended up doing a different right thing and reassuring her friend when she needed it most.  I’m sure this will come back to bite her, though.

Ugh, I’m so happy this show is back in my life and I liked that season opener!  Thoughts?!

Friday Favorites: Bad TV

It’s no secret that I watch a lot of really bad TV.  When you live alone, TV provides a pretty essential background of dialogue to remind you that there are other people on this planet.  I always have something playing; reality TV that you can completely tune out is perfect for background noise.  I keep it on while I play 3DS, while I write, while I browse online, and while I cook.  (But never while I’m reading; books deserve my full attention.)

I thought I’d take inventory of some of these horrible, guilty pleasure shows, and share them with you here.

Four Weddings


I make every effort in life not to be a super girly girl, (simply because I’m not one!) but I do have a small fraction of my being that is a girl stereotype.  That part of me is the part that loves Four Weddings.  I’m such a sucker for weddings.  While the dress is probably my favorite part, I prefer Four Weddings to Say Yes to the Dress.  This show lets you see the full picture of four weddings in each episode, and thus gives you insight into all the other fun details of the day.  A friend of my friends was in an episode and I was dying to see that… so I purchased the season on Amazing Instant Video.  This is a great show to leave on as you go about your evening and you might find yourself planning your wedding while you do.


Toddlers and Tiaras

IMG_0469This is a car crash of a show: you simply can’t look away.  Complete with absolutely insane parents and ridiculously spoiled children, this show has a plethora of cringe-worthy moments.  Yet, there’s something about Toddlers and Tiaras I love.  I think it’s the poise of these well-polished girls, dressed eerily to look four times their age.  I’m not a parent, and I’d never make my kids do pageants if I were, but if for some reason my kids wanted to, I would go glitz.  Fake hair, fake teeth, tons of make-up: all par for the course.  The tanning I have a problem with, not because little kids shouldn’t be tanned (well, maybe.  But they also shouldn’t look 25.) but because I’m pale.  What’s wrong with being pale?  I’m not defending pageants at all.  I am not a fan.  However, I think a good contestant has a certain control over their movement that any dancer would envy.  I’m impressed and entertained by that full package.


Super Nanny

IMG_0475One summer, my brother was interning in the city so he took up residence in my living room.  This wasn’t so bad for me; I simply had to move my no-pants-TV-time from the couch to my bedroom.  I fall asleep to TV, and reality TV you don’t care about is the perfect thing to keep on as you drift away.  Unfortunately for Joey, this was the summer that I was obsessed with Nanny 911 on Netflix.  Sounds of screaming kids wafted through the walls while I snoozed and he begged for silence to sleep.  I don’t know why I started watching Nanny 911.  Maybe I had eaten through everything interesting on Netflix.  After finishing that series, I moved on to Super Nanny, which is sadly the reason I started my Hulu Plus subscription.  Revisiting both, I think I like Super Nanny better.  It’s less gimmicky than Nanny 911, but either will do.  Just keep the volume down low if you’re planning on sleeping through the screams!


I guess I’m not feeling too guilty about watching these shows… one of these or a similar show plus the TV’s sleep timer is essential to my nightly routine!

What are you guilty pleasure shows?

Third Time’s A Charm

IMG_0275With my Netflix supply of Lost Girl depleted, I was of course in search of a new binge show.  I’ve written before about nothing in my queue jumping out at me, and I seemed to be in that slump.  I turned to show I’d tried before— Once Upon A Time.

It took me exactly three viewings of the first episode to decide to watch this show.  I’d watched it once before and it just didn’t click.  For some reason, I let it sit in my queue thinking I could try again.  I did, to not avail.  For some reason, I tried one last time, and I finally decided I liked this show.

The premise is a bit contrived, but hey, I’m a girl who watches a lot of weird shit. The stories of present-day Storyville, ME and the enchanted world these characters live in are intertwined in each episode— at the start of the series, none of the Storyville residents know they are fairytale characters.

The good:

  • Jennifer Morrison was the reason I invested in this show.  I loved her in House as Cameron.  She gets even more of a chance to shine here as the main character Emma— tough, strong, and full of heart.
  • Lana Parrilla is absolutely amazing.  She plays the evil queen and the evil adoptive mother and is all-around pretty evil, but this girl is beautiful, compelling, and talented.  I’ve developed an enormous crush on her, and I find myself completely rooting for her.
  • This show is shockingly beautiful!  The scenes, even non-magical, are so aesthetically gorgeous; lovely scenery and well-executed camera placement makes it a treat to watch.
  • Boston is mentioned a bunch of times!  The show starts there before moving to Maine, where it mainly takes place.  I feel a lot of hometown pride.  Also, Maine really works to this show’s advantage— you’d never really need to drive through Maine to get anywhere in the US, so it makes sense that no one ever visits Storyville.

The bad:

  • I find it super awkward that Emma’s parents are like, the same age as she is.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin’s teacher look does not work for me.  She is so lovely as Snow White, and that pixie cut is great when styled correctly, but not with the schoolmarm attire.  That makes the haircut sad.
  • I think there’s so much opportunity to infuse more darkness into this show.  Sometimes it’s a little too… fairy dusty?  I like more Grimm’s less Disney’s.
  • There’s the overwhelming aura of Emma being The Chosen One (to use Buffy terminology) or the Savior.  Because the show isn’t really dark in tone like Buffy was, this bothers me to an extent.

The in-between:

  • OUAT uses fairytales and folklore to formulate characters and storylines.  This is sometimes a really great thing (I like what they did with Pinocchio) and sometimes a stretch (like with Belle’s Beast & Rumpelstiltskin being one in the same).

The best thing out of this show is beautiful scenery, beautiful costumes, and beautiful people… okay, Lana Parrilla.  I’m glad I gave it a third shot.


I’m a sucker for wedding dresses…

The 44 episodes on Netflix kept me busy for a while, but not long enough!  Thankfully, my experience with OUAT inspired me to give another show a third try… How I Met Your Mother.  That’s right, I’ve watched this show over and over, and now finally, I’m LOVING it!  I’m already caught up before the big finale, and I have so many feelings.

While I eat through these seasons, I’m always taking new Netflix suggestions.  What have you got for me?!