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Okay, we’re three days into February.  I haven’t exactly been disciplined or scheduled with the blog or YouTube this year.  Winter is tough and motivation is hard to find.  I have, however, had such a great start to 2016 on a personal note.  Though I’m not really up on my instagram game either, (I’ll get there!) I’ll share with you some of these January memories:


[1] starting the year by cutting 3 inches off my hair! [2] gym twinning with my bestie [3] new glasses! [4] sunrise from Kendall [5] body pump 96 launch! [6] my 27th birthday! [7] so much gym progress [8] a smile on my face for a good reason [9] birthday gifts to myself!

How’s everyone feeling a full month into 2016?

Top Chef Boston: I eat it; I don’t die instantaneously.

“You say we’re not going to do anything crazy, yet we’ve been here for 48 hours and two people are gone.”

We spend a little time with the cheftestants and see James’s AMAZING Patrick Swayze tattoo.  I love that Patrick Swayze inspired him.  I’ve been nursing a resurgent obsession with Dirty Dancing as of late (more for Jennifer Grey than Swayze, but whatevs) so I especially appreciated this moment.

Soon, it’s Quickfire time!  The lovely Padma Lakshmi and Boston restauranteur Todd English come out to announce it.  Boston is home to the Old North Church and Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride.  If you know the poem, you know the famous line: one if by land or two if by sea.  It refers to lanterns in the Old North Church, but in this challenge, one lantern lights up for the land table and two for the sea table in a surf and turf quickfire.  No immunity is offered, but the winner gets $5,000!

The land light signals twice before the sea lights.  If you’re not observant, you could miss out on good ingredients.  This was the fate of Aaron who missed the sea lights and ended up with dried crab snacks.  It works out for him, and we get the quote that titles this post when he tries some.

Katsuji and James get top marks from Todd English, but James ends up winning the quickfire.

Padma then announces the elimination challenge: cooking for Boston’s finest!  The Boston Police Commissioner, Bill Evans, and the Boston Fire Commissioner, John Hasson bring their fabulous Boston accents out and help explain the challenge.  This is near and dear to my Bostonian heart, with all they’ve done for us through the marathon and a scary fire in Back Bay last year.  The cheftestants draw knives to break into teams to cook ~something~ for Boston’s finest.

  • Team 1, the Red Team: Katsuji, Mei, Katie
  • Team 2, the Blue Team: Rebecca, Adam, Gregory
  • Team 3, the Gray Team: Doug, James
  • Team 4, the Yellow Team: Joy, Ron, Melissa
  • Team 5, the Green Team: Kerriann, Stacy, Aaron

This is the order they will serve, and also the order they will pick their mystery boxes to cook.  No planning is involved because they don’t know what ingredients they’ll get.  In spite of that, there’s plenty of fighting on Green between Kerriann and Adam.

Here’s what the teams make happen:






Tom, Gale, Padma, and Boston’s finest enjoy the first three.  It’s not until we get to Yellow, when the vanilla conditions you to want sweet, but doesn’t deliver.  There’s also an issue with the veal chops being undercooked.

Green is just as flustered in the kitchen as they were before they saw their ingredients.  Kerriann and Adam are so concerned about Stacy’s chicken, which ends up being cooked perfectly.  Tom goes as far as to say that Stacy should be angry with her teammates.  Kerriann’s corn salad and Aaron’s jam do not go over well with the judges.

Red & Blue come out of top, but Blue takes the win!

Green & Yellow, predictably, are on the bottom.

Padma announces that Kerriann and Aaron should really thank Stacy for saving their team with her perfect chicken.  Joy’s undercooked veal sent her home.

While it’s always sad to see someone go, I’m proud of Stacy– my hometown girl– for doing something great for Boston’s finest and saving her team.  What did you guys think of this week’s episode?

I’m so looking forward to next week’s episode when we see Fenway Park and Hugh Acheson!

* * *

Also, bad news if you’re in the Tom’s Glasses Fan Club with me:

quel dommage!

quel dommage!


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Nicole Spends Money at Warby Parker

IMG_5526 I’ve been dying for a pair of prescription sunglasses for years now.  It seems that my eyes get worse and worse every year, and I’d still like to be able to wear sunglasses and SEE at the same time.  So, I finally treated myself to a pair!

I went to Warby Parker off the recommendation of a friend.  I went to their Newbury Street store location on my one vacation day in the city.  Be warned: the Newbury Street Warby opens at 11 AM.  I got there early in hopes of checking a bunch of errands off my list and had to kill time… by shopping.   The service at the Newbury Street location was stellar.  It took me no time at all to pick out a pair and order them up!  I went in with a prescription ready which also had my pupil measurements.  This is one thing a friend had tipped me off to with Warby, so I made sure they wrote this measurement down for me during my last eye exam.

In two weeks, my sunglasses arrived at my house.  I headed back to the store that very day to get them adjusted.  This was a quick and easy process as well! We haven’t gotten a lot of sun since I’ve received my glasses, but I finally got to wear them a bit.  There is a weird rainbow glare on my iPhone with these sunglasses on.  Bostonians, have you ever looked at the screen of your iPhone in the reflection of the MBTA window?  It’s that same glare.  To be fair, I can’t look at my phone screen with glasses on, so it’s not a problem.

Their social media team seems great too, as every time I tweeted about how excited I was for my sunnies, they’d respond!  I love that little bit of attentiveness.  And aren’t these frames freakin’ adorable?  I chose Haskell in lighter tortoise shell color called burnt lemon tortoise. At $150 total (frames + my prescription), they are a rather inexpensive alternative to fashion glasses, and there are so many cute choices!  I’m planning on getting my next vision pair there too!

All and all, I’m so happy with my experience with Warby Parker.  The service in store and out was great.  I love my sunglasses, and I’m eager to try out another pair there!