Nicole Spends Money: Target Haul!

Happy Friday, kids!  Well, here’s another low-tech video for ya!  I’m actually enjoying doing these, so hopefully I can improve my skills and like, edit something sometime.

Have yourselves some wonderful weekends!


Top 10 “Blank Space” Screencaps

I’ve never seen a more perfect music video than Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”  She so perfectly embodies sexy and crazy in this video, playing both beautiful and comical.  I’m so obsessed with it, that I screencapped like, the whole thing.  It was so tough to narrow it down, but here are my top ten, in no particular order!


my bedroom totally looks like this too.  ponies & all.

my bedroom totally looks like this too. ponies & all.

when Taylor beckons, I come.

when Taylor beckons, I come.

my absolute favorite episode of the video.

my absolute favorite outfit of the video.



she's literally perfect.

she’s literally perfect.

gives zero fucks.

and gives zero fucks.

literally my favorite cap I took.

literally my favorite cap I took.

STOP.  also, jewelry!

STOP. also, jewelry!

so cute/so crazy

so cute/so crazy

so cute when she's crazy.



Literally, I’m obsessed with this music video.  I could probably talk about what she’s wearing in it for the rest of my life.  Which is your favorite look?

What’s your favorite “Blank Space” moment?

Charizard, Hoenn, and the most excited I’ve ever been

TGIF, guys!  Seriously, it has been quite the week.  I need me some weekend in the worst way.  Amidst some unpleasantness this week, the Pokémon Twitter feed made me smile by announcing it was Charizard week!  Charizard is my first favorite, and perhaps still is the ultimate.  Seeing this awesome Charizard pokémon card collage made the stress temporarily melt away.

as tweeted by pokémon

as tweeted by pokémon

The best news, however, came on Wednesday… and by best news, I mean best freaking news I could think of.  I’ve been wondering when a new pokémon version would come out for a while now.  I didn’t expect anything, but I was itching for a new adventure.  It’s also worth mentioning that Gen 3 is my favorite generation.  Of course I loved the original, but the Hoenn region was just so appealing to me– the range of geography, the imaginative towns!  Gen 3 also features the remakes of the Gen 1 games, so that helps boost its status with me, but really it’s Hoenn that I want.  The Gen 4 remakes of the Gen 2 games made me love them more, but I still love Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald more than anything. On Wednesday, crazy pokémon fanatics like me got news of a dream come true: HOENN REMAKES!!  OMEGA RUBY & ALPHA SAPPHIRE!

I can’t wait to see Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!  There’s like no information on them yet, but they are reservable at Game Stop and you can bet I will be reserving them both!  I will be counting down the days until November! Thanks, Pokémon for making my entire week! Any Hoenn trainers as excited as I am?!