Top Chef Boston

Top Chef Boston: Finale

I’ve honestly been dreading this episode, because that means this wonderful season of Top Chef is over!  However, I’ve been dying to see who will take this title… especially when it’s down to Gregory and Mei, who, as the episode notes, have traded wins all season.


It starts off with a lovely hot air balloon ride over San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Though Mei seems a bit nervous (“We might die today!) both she and Greg get to take is some breathtaking scenes.  As they come down, they see a more familiar scene: Tom and Padma.

They know and we know: this is the start of their final challenge.  It’s a simple one, according to Tom: Create the best four course meal of your life.  No pressure, right?

It’s time to pick their sous chefs!  Since Gregory won last time around, he gets first pick.  He choses Doug.  Mei is happy that leaves her the opportunity to pick her first choice, Melissa.  Gregory then selects George to round out his team.  Mei grabs Rebecca with the intentions of making a dessert.

They’re cooking for a panel of intimidating chefs including Michael Cimarusti, Donnie Masterton, and Gavin Kaysen.  They are also cooking, of course, for our fabulous judges Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Hugh Acheson, and Richard Blaise.

On a couple courses, Mei and Gregory are going head to head.  Mei is doing dessert and Gregory is not.  They are both bringing their A games and they are both bringing influences from their experience in Mexico.

Mei makes:

IMG_1333 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336

Greg makes:

IMG_1337 IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Both first courses go well, though Mei’s octopus is noted to be a bit chewy.  Gail likes it, but Richard calls it the biggest technical mistake of the dinner.  Greg seems to win this course.

The second course winner is Mei’s congee, as the shrimp heads in Greg’d didn’t go over well with Padma.  The third course winner is Mei as well.  Gregory made a mistake in his sauce and couldn’t correct it in time for service.

The final course was the best for each chef, majorly impressive all the judges!

After deliberation, Mei and Greg stand in from of Padma, Tom, Hugh, Gail, and Richard.  All of their Boston competitors standby to watch the big moment.  “Mei,” says Padma, “You are Top Chef!

I am so excited for Mei!  Though I think both she and Greg (and a lot of the other cheftestants) deserve to be there, I was really cheering Mei on!  She had so much drive to make her family proud and to live up to her chef, Top Chef Michael Voltaggio!  She call him at the end of the episode overwhelmed, and it’s a very sweet moment!  Can you believe she’s only the third woman that has ever won?  Hopefully we can see some more female Top Chef winners soon!

What did you think of Mei’s big win?!

Top Chef Boston: You’re A Cheese Chef

Last night was part 2 of the 3 part Top Chef Boston finale in Mexico!  Mei, Gregory, and Dougie, the final three, are all hyper-focused and ready to compete for that title.  A Quickfire and an Elimination Challenge stand in their way.

Mei, Gregory, and Dougie show up at a beautiful organic farm for their last Quickfire of the season.  They are greeted by Padma and executive chef Enrique Farjeat.  For this Quickfire, they are cooking with a Mexican staple: chocolate!  Each must create two dishes: one savory and one sweet.  The winner gets first pick of sous chef for the Elimination Challenge.

Here’s what they make:

IMG_6962 IMG_6961 IMG_6960

There’s no doubt Dougie struggled with the sweet ingredient.  When Mei asked what his dessert was, he simply replied, “Chocolate.”  Gregory ends up the winner!

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must work together to create a six course progressive dinner.  Each course is to feature a prominent Mexican ingredient.  Each chef is responsible for 2 courses.

Greg, who’s won first choice of sous chef picks George.  Mei picks Melissa, who is exactly who she wanted.  Doug picks Katsuji again, who served him well last time.  He jokes that he only picked him because he speaks Spanish.

The six ingredients are:

  • Guava
  • Avocado
  • Poblanos
  • Cheese
  • Huitlacoche (a fungus that grows on corn and makes me nervous)
  • Escamoles (ant eggs)

It’s kind of a free-for-all when the chefs see what ingredients they have to feature.  Gregory and Mei make their choices quickly, selecting guava and poblanos, and avocado and huitlacoche respectively.  Dougie gets stuck with escamoles and cheese.  Gregory’s guava course will be first, followed by Mei’s avocado feature, then Doug’s escamoles.  Mei will then present huitlacoche, followed by Greg’s pablanos, and finishing with Doug’s cheese course.

The chefs serve to a table of Mexican chefs, Padma, Tom, and Richard Blais who wears awesome purple glasses and puts his face so close to the food its hilarious.  They serve:

IMG_6963 IMG_6964 IMG_6965

After the meal, Gregory is a solid yes from the judges to go into the finale.  They vie between Mei and Doug to face off against him.  Mei’s guacamole came off as too simple, and Doug’s escamole dish did not allow the flavor through at all.  They make a decision, and call the three to the judges’ table.

Gregory is told his good news, and tears run down Mei’s face as she awaits her fate.  Padma asks Doug to pack his knives.

It must be a big blow for poor Dougie, but I am by no means surprised to see Gregory and Mei as the top 2!  I knew these two were going to be here from the beginning, but who is going to take the title of Top Chef?!

We’ll find out next week!

Top Chef Boston: Fine Art & Food

Six weeks after our last elimination in Boston, Melissa, Mei, and Gregory arrive in Mexico.  Melissa, originally trying to prove something to her father has let that go and is ready to win for her.  Mei, determined from the beginning since she works for Michael Voltaggio, a Top Chef winner, has been sent training at Top Chef runner-up Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant Volt.  Gregory, worried about his weaker second half of the competition, is back with a lot to prove.

The three are greeted by Tom and brought to the last battle of Last Chance Kitchen, Adam versus Dougie, going on before their eyes!  Dougie is declared the winner, which I am so pleased about.  He deserves a spot in the final.  The new final four are sent to meet Padma for the Quickfire.

Guest judge Enrique Olvera is there to help Padma announce the challenge.  One of the most popular foods in San Miguel de Allende is the prickly pear.  They will be highlighting the xoconostle, the sour fruit of a cactus.  Here’s what they make:

IMG_1258 IMG_1257 IMG_1256 IMG_1255

Enrique ranks Gregory and Mei on the bottom and Doug and Melissa on the top.  Doug wins!  He gets an advantage in the elimination challenge. (more…)

Top Chef Boston: Bye, Beantown

After an episode without eliminations, the chefs don’t have to pour one out this week.  One chef can sleep easy– Melissa already has secured her space in the finale in Mexico!  The real challenge is between Mei, Gregory, and George to grab the last two spaces available to them.

Padma and Wylie Dufresne (!!) announce the final Quickfire Challenge in Boston.  Wylie is one of those guests that Top Chef fans are always excited to see.  If you watch this show and its spin-offs, you probably know Wylie well.  For the Quickfire, Padma mentions the nickname for Boston, Beantown.  Before I can roll my eyes at this (locals never use it!) she says that the name and the dish (that is, baked beans) have fallen out of favor in recent times.  Thus, the challenge is to make a bean dish!  The winner gets a trip to Turloto Wines in Napa, California!

Here’s what the chefs make:

IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1229

George’s dish is nicely cooked, but maybe didn’t need the pork.  Melissa made a nice plate, but beans were not the star of the dish.  Gregory overcooked his beans, which is what they were warned not to do. Mei knew her audience.  Since Wylie Dufresne loves eggs, she incorporated one into her dish.  Though maybe not the best looking plate, she wins the challenge!  This is surprisingly her first Quickfire win, and she’s pretty psyched about it… “Napa, here I come!  I’m gonna get wasted.

The final challenge in Boson has to do with a newer face of Boston– not so much Beantown, but instead, a city at the center of new ideas.  The last challenge is to make an innovative dish!

They head to Catalyst, in the Kendall Square, Cambridge area to do their cooking.  Around the table sits the biggest group of judges we’ve seen yet– Gail, Padma, Richard, Tom, Wylie, and Dr. Michael Brennan, a physics professor at Harvard.

The innovative dishes are:

IMG_1233 IMG_1231 IMG_1232 IMG_1230

Melissa and Mei are on top again this week!  Melissa actually ends up the winner of the last challenge!  She gets a nice cash prize to take with her.  Mei secures her ticket to Mexico and her spot in the finale!

Gregory and George end up on the bottom for not being innovative enough and bitter charred octopus, respectively.  Only one can move on to the finale, and it’s Gregory!

I happen to think these three were the right choices.  We knew that Mei and Gregory we destined for the finale from the beginning, but Melissa was kind of a sleeper at the beginning– she sure has come on strong as the competition picked up!

Of course, the Last Chance Kitchen winner will also be joining Mei, Melissa, and Gregory… I won’t ruin it for you if you’re not caught up, but I happen to think this person is very deserving as well!

I’m psyched for the finale, but so sad this wonderful season is coming to a close!

See you in Mexico, kids!

Top Chef Boston: Final Four & Family

After another tough elimination last week, the final four enter the kitchen to a bit of a surprise.  Padma announces that there will be no Quickfire Challenge this week.  There will also be no elimination this week.  Instead, the winner of the challenge will go straight into the finale in Mexico!

Each cheftestant is responsible for both an appetizer and an entrée.  Because of the extra work, each receives a sous chef in the form of a family member– Melissa gets her mom, Alice; Gregory gets his sister, Jessica; George gets his dad, Mr. Tony; and Mei gets her brother, Harly.  The family member is in charge of the appetizer and the chefs can’t touch it!

The challenge makes me long for summer, as they head to Island Creek Oyster Farm in Duxbury.  They dredge up some oysters and also get some other beautiful seafood options provided by Island Creek.  IMG_1188Then they head to this gorgeous house in Gloucester where the spend the night before the challenge.

The chefs talk about the challenges their families create.  George used to work for his father and is unsure how the role reversal will go.  Mei, a self-professed control freak, is very apprehensive about having to work with her brother.  There are some really nice moments too.  Melissa’s mom Alice is really the star of the episode.  “No Sesame Street, always cooking shows,” she says of her daughter fondly, “That’s not a normal child!”  She jokes further about asking Melissa where she wanted to go to college.  When Melissa replied not college, CIA, Alice asked, like James Bond?!  Too cute.  Having said her father is not supportive, Melissa is lucky to have this awesome mom.  Mei confesses that both her parents are like Melissa’s dad.

The next day, against a gorgeous seaside backdrop, the chefs and families serve up their dishes to a table including judges Richard Blais, Padma, and Tom.  Here’s what they make:

Gregory paid more attention to his sister's dish than his own and wasn't happy with the cook of his fish.

Gregory paid more attention to his sister’s dish than his own and wasn’t happy with the cook of his fish.

Melissa's mom made a fantastic custard and was even ahead of schedule.  Melissa's dish was raved about, saying it was the best lobster ever and the veggies were the star.

Melissa’s mom made a fantastic custard and was even ahead of schedule. Melissa’s dish was raved about, saying it was the best lobster ever and the veggies were the star.

Mr. Tony was able to take direction from his son, but maintained his pride.  When Tom asked how he prepared his dish, he says that he prepared it, but in George's way.  Hah!

Mr. Tony was able to take direction from his son, but maintained his pride. When Tom asked how he prepared his dish, he says that he prepared it, but in George’s way. Hah!

Mei and her brother ended up working together well and both dishes came out great!

Mei and her brother ended up working together well and both dishes came out great!


The top two are Mei & Melissa, and the winner, headed straight to the finale is Melissa!  Her mom is elated and through tears proclaims, “I just had such a good time!”

I cried too.  It was lovely!

But it’s back to fierce competition next week at a new time!  (Yup, Top Chef is moving to 9 pm Eastern!  Thank goodness; I’m so tired.)  Who do you think will join Melissa in Mexico?!


Top Chef Boston: To Julia!

Finally, Top Chef Boston is back!  It’s been forever for the viewers, but the chefs are fresh off of Katsuji’s elimination.  The episode starts with a PBR toast to him!

Andy Cohen (Boston University alum) and his college roommate, Dave Ansel, act as guest judges for the Quickfire.  Padma announces that it’s a ramen challenge!  While Top Chef provides the ramen, the rest of the ingredients are provided by my alumni network: Emerson College students!  Five Emerson students bring in bags of whatever food they had in their dorm rooms.  This is the pantry the chefs have to work with.  They pick blindly and hope for the best, because the winner of this Quickfire gets $5k!

It’s truly hilarious watching the cheftestants’ reactions to their ingredients!  I must admit, I probably was worse than some of these kids in college.  You can’t fit a lot in that mini-fridge!  Here’s what they come up with:

IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1174 IMG_1175 IMG_1178

Andy & Dave don’t care for Mei’s for the lack of broth, and found Doug’s combination of ingredients strange.  Even though most people might find George’s meat-filled concoction off-putting, it worked for Andy and Dave.  They also liked Gregory’s bacon-pizza-broth and Melissa’s Frito crunch!  The winner of the Quickfire: Melissa!

Padma sends the cheftestants back to the stew room where they find a remote and a note to “press play.”  The TV lights up with Julia Child cooking with Jacques Pépin!  Watching the camera pan their faces as they watch Julia, you can see the pure magic her presence brings.  You cannot watch her cook without smiling.

In walks the real Jacques Pépin accompanied by Padma.  “I come with wine,” he says, “and a beautiful woman.

The chefs ask Jacques about Julia, as their elimination challenge will be cooking to honor her!

To make this monumental task a little more nerve-wracking, the chefs serve to the judges– Padma, Tom, Hugh– Jacques, and a table of special guests including Food & Wine’s Dana Cowin, and Boston chef/restauranteur/celebrity Barbara Lynch.

In Julia’s honor, the chefs serve:

Gregory truly cooked in the spirit of Julia, and watching him do so was amazing!  His coq au vin pleased the judges all around.

Gregory truly cooked in the spirit of Julia, and watching him do so was amazing! His coq au vin pleased the judges all around.

Mei's take on duck a l'orange was cooked in Julia fashion, but with five spice to add her own twist.  It was very well received!

Mei’s take on duck a l’orange was cooked in Julia fashion, but with five spice to add her own twist. It was very well received!

George used the pressure cooker, which always makes me nervous.  Even with that, his veal was not braised long enough.

George used the pressure cooker, which always makes me nervous. Even with that, his veal was not braised long enough.

Melissa braised in Julia-fashion, but feared her meat wouldn't be tender enough... so she left it in the over all day resulting in over-cooking it.

Melissa braised in Julia-fashion, but feared her meat wouldn’t be tender enough… so she left it in the over all day resulting in over-cooking it.

Doug's foie gras was undercooked.

Doug’s foie gras was undercooked.


Hugh, Tom, Padma, and Jacques sit at the judges’ table and announce that Mei and Gregory have the top dishes!  While they both took different approaches, ultimately Mei’s personal twist on the dish won it for her!  The remaining three in the bottom, and Dougie is asked to pack his knives.

This is another tough elimination.  I really feel like Dougie is one of the strongest chefs left, along with Mei and Gregory.  With the pack so small and everyone so talented, every elimination is rough.

We’re close to the end, sadly!

Leave me some thoughts in the comments, and tweet with me every Wednesday 10 pm East coast time!

2014 Favorites

It’s that time!  With the year winding down, here is my very own Obligatory 2014 TV Favorites List.  Now, if you’ve been reading for a while, none of these should surprise you.  I thought it might be a fun thing to do year to year, so even though you’ve probably read a million of these, I’m giving you another.  I’ve got two categories for you; my favorite things, TV & video games.  Without further ado:


TV Shows

5. Orange is the New Black | Probably my most anticipated new season of the year, OITNB’s second season did not disappoint!


LostGirlTVSeriesLogo4. Lost Girl | I stated watching this late last year, early 2014.  This show hit every note for me, and I recommend it for Buffy fans and similar.  It’s final season is just beginning, so jump on this train.


Ecran_Titre_d'American_Horror_Story3. American Horror Story | Coven straddled 2013 and 2014, and Freak Show will bleed into next year.  I’m just so onboard with this show and especially Jessica Lange.  I only hope she is as onboard as I am for the next season!



The_Walking_Dead_title_card2. The Walking Dead | I watched the first season years ago, and picked up again recently just in time for the mid-season finale.  I am constantly impressed with the emotional depths this show brings me to.


1. Orphan Black | Recommended to me in late 2013, I watched the first season of this show just in time for the second to begin.  You may have caught my Clone Club Catch-Ups, and expect to see more next year.  Tatiana Maslany’s masterful performance as almost all of the show’s main characters is always worth watching.


Honorable Mention: Top Chef | Another show whose seasons straddle two years, I absolutely loved New Orleans and Boston might be my favorite season ever.  Stay tuned for more recaps!


Video Games


03. Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS | Okay, this is two games.  I’ve played the 3DS version more because it’s portable, and I’ve had it longer.  This is my favorite installment of Super Smash since the original N64 version.  The novelty of this concept has not worn off!  Kirby smashing up Pikachu is still awesome.

02. Mario Kart 8 | I hate to say this, but I’m not really a Mario Kart girl.  Sure, I loved Super Mario Kart, but the N64 days had me with Diddy Kong Racing and don’t even get me started on Double Dash.  MK8, however, single-handedly justified purchasing a WiiU for me.  I am so impressed with this game.  I love the online component, and find the DLC exciting.  I keep on coming back for more!

01. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby | Hoenn was always my favorite region so I was more excited than ever before for these amazing remakes.  I got through Alpha Sapphire fast; faster than X by far.  These games have even reignited my desire to complete an Unova adventure.  I’m so happy that more people will be introduced to this region and this story.  These games are fantastic and I can’t wait for what Pokémon has in store for us next!  I’d write more about how much I’m obsessed with these fantastic games, but I want to go wonder trade.

And there you have it!  What are your favorite shows and/or games from this year?

Top Chef Boston: A Lit Major’s Dream

Every episode of Top Chef Boston reminds me how much I love living here.  I think Bravo may have made this season just for me…  I’m going to gush all the way through this recap, so let’s get to the Quickfire!

The cheftestants walk in to see Rob Gronkowski, who has partied with my high school friends and yours, standing with Padma Lakshmi.  The challenge is to make sausage for Gronk.  “I need a big sausage,” says Gronk in an awkwardly overt innuendo.  “Me too,” says Padma adorably and hilariously.

Here’s what the chefs make:


On the bottom, we have Melissa whose sausage came out quite small, and Gregory for too many spices and toppings.  The top two are Doug and George.  George wins!  Even though he told Gronk to his face that he’s not a fan of his, the food won him over.  George gets immunity for the win.

Guest Judge Tony Maws (of Craigie on Main, for you Bostonians) comes out with a book case.  The elimination challenge is to make a dish inspired by one of the New England authors on the shelf.  “Make your high school English teachers proud,” Chef Tony says.

  • Gregory chooses Edgar Allan Poe (who was born roughly between the Steinway Building and the Boloco on Boylston street, next door to my former dorm) and uses The Raven as inspiration
  • Katsuji chooses Stephen King (who my high school English teacher actually knows! from sitting next to him in their college classes at U Maine) and selects Carrie as inspiration
  • George goes for Dr. Seuss (I’m out of local girl fun-facts now) and opts to use One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as inspiration
  • Mei goes for Henry David Thoreau (and Nicole says, oof transcendentalism) and finds inspiration in Walden
  • Melissa chooses Nathaniel Hawthorne and is inspired by The Blithedale Romance
  • Dougie kind of gets stuck with Emily Dickinson, but after a quick flip through the supplied book he finds inspiration in the line “bring me sunset in a cup”

Tom & Tony check on the chefs who have all been successful in their creative inspiration.  Mei even impressively sketches her plate out, inspired in part by her boss Michael Voltaggio’s attention to plating.


Frances Lam joins Tom, Gail, Padma, and Tony at the judges’ table.  Here’s what the cheftestants make this time around:


Everyone gets such good comments!  The only negative thing we hear is that Greg didn’t take Seuss far enough, and he has immunity.  With the bar so high, the elimination makes me nervous.

On top this week: Mei, Melissa, and Doug.  The big winner is Mei!

And who’s eliminated?  Sadly, Katsuji.  This was hands-down the saddest I’ve been this season.  I think Doug summed it up best at the beginning of the episode when he says, “He’s probably my favorite person in the house… I don’t know why.”  Katsuji has been a constant source of laughter and you know his heart goes onto his plates!  I’m hoping he makes a comeback in Last Chance Kitchen!


So, sad news.  Next week, though, my alma mater Emerson College gets a little shout out!  Of all the colleges and universities in this city… I told you this season was made for me!

Enough of my gushing… what did you think?!

Top Chef Boston: Redemption

This is the episode I’ve been afraid to watch.  I was one of the Top Chef super fans invited to this amazing experience, and I missed the invite email while at the beach!  What a loser I am!  Still, I’m happy enough to watch & enjoy this show and get a retweet from Padma!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.43.22 PM

There was a lot of fun things about this episode, though!  So let’s recap!  Jasper White joined Padma Lakshmi to announce the Sudden Death Quickfire– with a twist!  This was a particularly fun one for me as a New England girl because it was all about clam chowder!  I mocked the idea of Adam’s play on Manhattan clam chowder… because ew.  New England or bust.  Here’s what the cheftestants cooked up:

  • Mei: Clam & Lobster Chowder with yuzu ailoi, celery & fennel
  • Katsuji: Oyster Chowder with poblano, jalapeño & toasted garlic
  • Gregory:  Razor Clam & Sweet Potato Chowder with bacon, dashi & coconut milk broth
  • Adam: Red Wine Poached Littleneck Clams, boiled potatoes, carrots, celery & tomato water
  • Melissa: Cioppino Chowder with clams, shrimp, white wine, onions, leeks & garlic
  • Doug: Grilled Oyster Chowder with steam clam broth & fresh jalapeño
  • Katie: Clams in Lobster Stock with black tea & sourdough

Jasper announces his favorites– Adam, Gregory, and Melissa.  The ultimate winner is Gregory, who earns immunity for the elimination challenge!  Jasper’s least favorites were Doug, Katsuji, Mei, and Katie.  Katie loses and is up for elimination.

Remember that twist I was talking about?  Tom walks in holding a silver dome.  Behind him are all the eliminated cheftestants.  The eliminated chefs are to elect the one amongst them to go up against Katie and win their spot back in the competition.  They chose George, who was abruptly eliminated in the first Sudden Death Quickfire and never got to show his skills.  I’m so happy to see him get this opportunity to redeem himself!  Knowing he works with Mike Isabella is enough of an endorsement for me!

Tom pulls the cover off the dome to reveal rabbit.  Katie makes braised rabbit leg with Moroccan tomato sauce, while George makes roasted rabbit loin, barley risotto, glazed carrots & mustard rabbit jus.  The first to two votes wins, and stays in the competition.  Jasper and Tom both vote for George, and just like that, he’s achieved redemption!  Katie packs her knives, joining the eliminated chefs for Last Chance Kitchen.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs are cooking for fans (minus Nicole because she was at the beach).  The fun part is that Tom, Gail, Padma, and Richard are going to do the shopping for them!  They draw knives to see which judge’s pantry they’ll be working in.

  • Tom shops for Mei
  • Padma shops for Gregory and George
  • Gail shops for Katsuji and Melissa
  • Richard shops for Adam and Dougie

When the judges arrive at Whole Foods, Richard makes a mad dash to proteins while Tom, Padma, and Gail leisurely shop through produce.  Tom takes, like, everything, casually dumping the entire stock of eggplant into his cart.  When Padma is looking for fennel, Tom’s already taken all of that too.  He’s also able to hypnotize Richard into giving him the lamb.  Gail admits she’s really just shopping for herself.  Padma admits that she can barely park at Whole Foods within the half hour shopping time limit, then decides to mess with Richard’s unattended cart knocking all the fish over.  Good times are had by all.

Without any preparation or knowledge of the ingredients, the cheftestants really have to think on their toes!  Here’s what they make:

IMG_1098 IMG_1093 IMG_1096 IMG_1095 IMG_1092 IMG_1097 IMG_1094

The top dishes of the night are Greg, Doug, and George.  Dougie takes home the win, though!

The bottom dishes of the night are Mei, Adam, and Melissa.  After all the complaining Adam did throughout this episode, I wasn’t so surprised to see him pack his knives and go!

What did you guys think of this crazy quickfire?!  Did you love it as much as I did?

Top Chef Boston: Restaurant Wars

The only negative of last week being a holiday week is that some of our shows were disrupted.  We had to wait two weeks for the new episode of Top Chef last night!  Luckily, it was a big episode… Restaurant Wars!

The teams meet Padma and a women who needs no introduction to Bostonians, Barbara Lynch!  The 8 remaining cheftestants already guessed that Restaurant Wars were upon them, but Padma and Barbara confirmed.  There’s no Quickfire this week, just Restaurant Wars.  The chefs drew knives.

  • Melissa got first pick and selected Doug.
  • Katie got second pick and selected Gregory.
  • Melissa picks Mei.
  • Katie picks Katsuji.
  • Melissa picks Adam, and Keriann is left to join Katie’s team.

Each team must select an executive chef and someone to run front of the house.  Each chef must be responsible for one dish.  Team Melissa-Mei-Adam-Dougie, aka the Gray Team, elects Adam as front of the house.  Doug steps up desiring to be executive chef.  Team Katie-Katsuji-Gregory-Keriann, aka the Orange Team, elects Keriann as front of the house and Katie as executive chef.  She doesn’t seem as confident as Doug.

Both teams discuss menus, concepts, and of course do a lot of shopping to bring their restaurants to life.  Each team makes me a little nervous.  Gray decides to go family style, which made this Italian American eater picture something totally different than what came to fruition.  They call their restaurant Four Pigs.  Orange goes with an “around the world” theme which is a much looser concept.  They call their restaurant Magellan, which is a nice way to encapsulate this loose theme.

Cooking has its share of hiccups as well.  Adam loses his clams somehow and ends up having to clean 130 more portions for service, but it works out!  Keriann decided to do a cold crêpe and make them ahead of time.  Katsuji points out (to us, not Keriann) that crêpes are cooked to order for a reason.  Katie ends up reworking this dessert last minute and the crêpes get served warm.

The first diners to show up and it’s our Boston girls Stephanie Cmar and Kristen Kish along with the Chase Sapphire VIP diners.  This group heads to Magellan while the judges– Tom, Padma, and Gail– plus Barbara check out Four Pigs.

Here’s what Four Pigs brought to the table:

The top right is Mei's chicken liver toast with plum purée.  I caught the cap right as the image changed, so here's a nicer view on the table.

The top right is Mei’s chicken liver toast with plum purée. I caught the cap right as the image changed, so here’s a nicer view on the table.

The VIP groups switch and the judges see what Magellan offers:


Though a couple missteps are noted on the Gray Team’s behalf, there are some definite stand-out dishes, like Doug’s and Adam’s.  The cohesiveness of Four Pigs menu plus Adam’s amazing front of the house service puts them on top easily.

Orange had a lot of trouble with tickets and Keriann was no where to be found when the judges walked in.  Katie’s dish didn’t come together and Keriann’s was a failure.  I think either of them could have easily gone home, but it’s Keriann who’s sent packing her knives.

Do you think the judges made the right decision this week?


It looks like next week has a crazy Quickfire where one of our eliminated cheftestants could be headed back into the competition!  I’m so glad we don’t have to wait another two weeks!