Face Off: Shakespeare Style

This week’s Face Off featured another focus challenge.  The theme of this one warms this little former-lit-major’s heart: Shakespeare!  You all know that these plays were originally performed with all male casts.  For this challenge, the artists will have to pull off a gender-swap turning men into iconic female Shakespeare characters.

The characters were assigned.  Since this was the only challenge they did, let’s just jump right into the results, shall we?


The top looks were my girls Meg and Stevie.  Poor Meg has been called out so frequently, but thankfully it’s for top looks this time… and she won!  She and Stevie are both proving to be powerhouses.  Meg’s is my favorite look this time.  This face is gorgeous and certainly feminine.  The make-up color made me a little nervous for Stevie’s girl, but the judges enjoyed the red tones.  She looks nice and feminine too!


The bottom two looks out of the group were Ricky’s creepy Ophelia and Evan’s drag queen Hecate.  Shout out to Jasmine for scrapping her prosthetic and doing one hell of a beauty make-up on her model!  (This is what Ru Paul’s drag queens would call beating their faces.  I love it.)

Ricky is sent home, rightfully.


Photo Finish: December

I’m closing out December the same way I close out every month– by posting my favorite instagram shots!


[1] A December favorite: Fresh Sugar lip balm in cherry.  How cute is the packaging?! [2] The Boston Opera House for the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. [3] I don’t like parties, but I do like costumes.  Clad in an ugly sweater with my Christmas tree. [4] Julia & I at our company holiday party, dressed to freakin’ impress. [5] My Christmas Julep manicure: Roc Solid + Mary Lee. [6] Emerson College’s Paramount Theatre & neighborhood on a rainy night. [7] Opening presents at Mom & Dad’s!  [8] My 7-year-old cousin told me I take too many selfies.  I’m okay with that. [9] Hangin’ out with Edgar Allan Poe & being a tourist in my own city.


Have a safe, fun, and Happy New Year!

I’ll see you in 2015!

Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Everybody has their own holiday traditions to make the season merry.  Many of you might be in all-Christmas-music-all-the-time mode.  My seasonal music is a bit different…

I’ve always loved The Nutcracker.  I remember seeing it as a child– the first ballet this then young ballerina ever saw!  I remember having a cassette tape as a child (okay, NOW I’m dating myself!) which told the story as stated in an accompanying picture book.  In that version, which I can still hear parts of in my head, called the young protagonist Marie.  You may know her as Clara.

The Nutcracker tells the story of young Clara’s Christmas gift, a nutcracker, as he battles the mouse king, and as a prince takes her to the land of sweets.  It’s a dreamlike ballet of colors, sounds, and lovely dancing.

Thanks to my friend Elissa of Style-Wire, I got the opportunity to see Boston Ballet’s production this season.  This particular production is under the artistic direction of Mikko Nissinen.  I saw Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker last year under his artistic direction, and was pleasantly surprised that this year’s held some more surprises for me!  The sets and costumes are even lovelier than I remember.  They definitely make modifications and improvements each year.  The production is full of comedic moments like the adorable toy bear and the arrival of the mice– as the clock tolls the stage is like to focus on each mouse comically posing making me laugh every time!

L to R: obsessed with chandeliers like these at the Boston Opera House | beautiful backdrop before the show begins! | Elissa & I snuck a quick selfie before the show.  Stole this photo from her!

obsessed with chandeliers like these at the Boston Opera House | beautiful backdrop before the show begins! | Elissa & I snuck a quick selfie before the show. Stole this photo from her!

Boston Ballet's The Nutracker promotional photo by Rosalie O'Connor

Boston Ballet’s The Nutracker promotional photo by Rosalie O’Connor

The Boston Opera House is gorgeous too!

The Boston Opera House is gorgeous too!  This is maybe my favorite photo I’ve ever taken.

I highly recommend you see this production at the beautiful Boston Opera House!  After two years in a row, I’m committed to going back year after year knowing there are more surprises and Christmas magic around the corner!

For tickets, and more information, visit!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

[Full disclosure: my ticket was complimentary, but all opinions are my own!]