November’s End

November’s end is the ultimate I-can’t-believe-the-month-is-over.  Maybe you’re already embroiled in the holiday season and happy to see December, but December means the year is coming to a close.  November’s always been a favorite of mine, and I have a major reason to love this particular November…


[1] We went to a wedding in Tennessee in October, but I didn’t get my hands on these photos until this month. [2] Matt made these little pumpkin rolls twice.  I hope he realizes he’ll be making them a lot more. [3] I taught myself to weave!  It went okay.  Here’s the first thing I made. [4] Matt sent me these flowers on the day he proposed.  I had no idea they weren’t the end of it. [5] Yes, this is the reason I am sad to see this month go! [6] POKEMON SUN & MOON [7] Celebrating Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday [8] Driving up north and seeing the first signs of snow. [9] And the Christmas tree is up for our first Christmas together!

So, there’s lots of good stuff to come.  Are you looking forward to the holiday season?

Thankful 2016


I have so many things in my life to be incredibly thankful for, but today I just want to say: I’m thankful for you, whoever you are, for taking time to read this, to view something I’ve created.  I hope you’ll come back for more.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  May you have health, happiness, and a delicious turkey dinner.

5-Day Weekend Vlog

Hey guys!  I hope you all had lovely Thanksgiving holidays and got to enjoy some time off like I did.  I can’t believe it’s December already!  Even though it’s cold, and potentially very snowy here in New England, there’s a lot to look forward to in this magical season– more time off, spending time with family, and lots of delicious things to eat.  Stay tuned for that and more!

What are you guys looking forward to for December?!

Scream Queens: Thanksgiving


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was happier than this one!  Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I was busy enjoying my Thanksgiving!  Better late than never, right?  Anyway, I kind of loved the Scream Queens Thanksgiving.  Here are the things I’d like to say about it:

  • I loved seeing Chanel no. 3’s Thanksgiving, as horribly, horribly sad as it was.  These people are rich but they eat their own gross frozen dinners for T-gives?  No thanks.  The best was her low-blow about Italian-style chicken cacciatore.
  • No. 3’s candor about not eating + the jokes about how great the KKT kitchen is while being completely unused = perfection.
  • The Radwell Thanksgiving gave Chanel the chance to be a decent person.  That was nice.  I even felt bad for her at times during this dinner.  I was a bit disappointed when she was happy to see Chad back at Kappa Thanksgiving, though.  Oh well.  He’s a fun character.  It’s nice to know that Hester isn’t dead too, I guess.
  • One criticism: this episode suffered from a severe lack of Denise Hemphill.
  • Hearing everybody’s theories on who the red devil killer/twin to Boone is was so interesting!  Plus we learned a lot!  (We’ll be getting into my theories below!)
  • Grace’s father continues to be an AWFUL person, suspecting his own daughter murdered a bunch of people.  The Grace flashback to the first red devil attack was interesting, though!   Watching no. 2 and no. 3 toss her out of there then celebrate it in the present was also hilarious.
  • Grace and her father (especially with this episode’s revelation that the red devil twins are his children) have proven themselves integral to the story… Pete, I’m still on the fence about.  He only pops in when it’s convenient.  We know killer #2 is a girl, though, so basically he’s just a bad character.
  • We’ve learned enough about backstories in the episode to make Chanel no. 2 seem very suspicious to me.  Aside from Zayday, who is obviously not the sister of Boone, everyone had an obvious reason to pop up at Kappa Thanksgiving except no. 2.  She’s also the one who brings out the head of Gigi on a silver platter.  (I guess the red devil girl killed her whole fam.)  I’m officially very suspicious.

What are you guys thinking?!

November or Nah?

Well, it’s December!  In this month’s edition of Photo Finish, we say goodbye to the month of November.  I admit, I was a bit off my instagrind this past month, but I’ll do better!

Here’s what I did capture:


[1] Beautiful golden autumn in the South End for Stephanie Cmar’s last donut pop-up of the year. [2] Alex & Ani’s Providence Collection made a great addition to my enormous A&A collection.  The matching skeleton key earrings are on my Christmas list! [3] I attended my first little event as a blogger!  Did you read my post on Loretta’s Last Call? [4] I attended my second midnight release at Game Stop and this one was a big deal!  I picked up Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby! [5] I finally got my hair done!  Blonde for the holidays, please and thank you. [6] I decorated my Christmas tree early… again!  It’s full of dachshunds, obviously. [7] I play A LOT of Pokémon.  I redeemed my download codes for Gengar and Diancie on this exciting Saturday night pictured. [8] I spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.  I swear, my mom’s decorating could be in a magazine! [9] Leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast.  Yes.


Is everyone ready for the holiday season?

Follow along for more instagram adventures, and expect lots of sparkle this month on the blog!

Happy T-Gives!

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year, I am especially thankful for all of you who read this silly blog.  Seriously, thank you all!

Please enjoy a couple Thanksgiving-themed clips from my favorite movie, Addams Family Values, featuring a bb Mercedes McNab who grew up to be mean girl turned vampire Harmony in Buffy/Angel and bb Christina Ricci, who does pale better than anyone else.


Now get off your smart phones, tablets, and laptops and enjoy your family, friends, and food!


With love,


Friends Thanksgiving Episodes (A Definitive Ranking)

Since Thanksgiving is my absolutely favorite holiday, I’ve been looking forward to this post since I started this blog almost a year (!) ago.  Monica Gellar shares my affinity for this holiday, and each of Friends‘ 10 seasons has a Thanksgiving episode.  Thanksgiving episodes are Friends’ things, and they do not disappoint!

So, without further ado, here is my definitive ranking of Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  Let’s count ’em down!

10. Season 10: The One with the Late Thanksgiving


  • Context: Phoebe challenges Monica to make a better Thanksgiving dinner than the previous year, and she can’t resist a challenge, even though she was initially against making anything.  Phoebe and Rachel take Emma to a baby beauty pageant.  Joey and Ross go to a Rangers game.  Everyone is late and Monica and Chandler lock everyone out.
  • Noteworthy: The great visual gag pictured above; the heartwarming news from the adoption agency.

09. Season 7: The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs


  •  Context: Rachel invites Tag over for Thanksgiving dinner and debates making a move on him after his girlfriend has just dumped him.  Phoebe, staying with Monica and Chandler after her apartment fire, is secretly keeping a dog, which Chandler is supposedly allergic to.
  • Noteworthy: the 50 states games; Joey’s explanation of a moo point.

08. Season 9: The One with Rachel’s Other Sister


  • Context: Rachel’s “other” sister Amy (Jill, played by Reese Witherspoon was the first of two sisters to appear) shows up and stays for Thanksgiving.  Amy can’t remember Emma’s name.  Arguments break out over who would hypothetically take custody of her if Rachel and Ross died.  Monica obsesses over her good china.
  • Noteworthy: Christina Applegate playing Amy makes a believable family to Rachael and Reese/Jill; crazy plate lady

07. Season 8: The One with the Rumor


  • Context: Monica invites an old friend of hers and Ross’s from high school to Thanksgiving dinner.  Will (played by Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt) has lost a lot of weight since high school and Rachel doesn’t remember him.  She flirts with him, but he still harbors hatred from high school.  Joey finishes a 19 pound turkey by himself.
  • Noteworthy: The use of Brad before JAniston fans hated him; the references to Monica, Ross, and Rachel’s high school days; Joey still having room for pie.

06. Season 4: The One with Chandler in a Box



  • Context: To atone for kissing Joey’s former girlfriend, Chandler agrees to spend Thanksgiving in a large box.  Monica scratches her eye on some ice.  Her new eye doctor (post-break-up with Richard) is out of town and she ends up seeing Richard’s son, also an eye doctor.  Then she wears an eye patch.
  • Noteworthy: Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory… Chandler’s in a box for the majority of the episode; Gunther to Joey, I thought you were Chandler.

05. Season 1: The One Where Underdog Gets Away


  • Context: The one that establishes it all!  Everybody’s Thanksgiving plans seem to fall through, so Monica steps up and caters to everyone planning a Thanksgiving for the six of them.  The menu includes 5 different kinds of potatoes.  We find out Monica loves Thanksgiving and that Chandler hates Thanksgiving and refuses to eat any related foods.  As the title implies, the Underdog balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade gets loose and the gang goes to the roof to catch a glimpse.  They accidentally get locked out (Got the key-eys?) and basically everything’s ruined.
  • Noteworthy: Chandler’s vehement Thanksgiving aversion; Joey’s VD poster; early Rachel days where she works at Central Perk and literally has no money; Ugly Naked Guy & Ugly Naked Girl. 

04. Season 3: The One with the Football


  • Context: The gang decides to play a game of Thanksgiving touch-football.  Monica and Ross get super competitive and reveal that they are “not allowed” to play football because of what happened at Gellar Bowl VI when Monica broke Ross’s nose and the Gellar Cup– a troll down nailed to a piece of wood– was thrown in a lake.  No worries– Monica retrieved the trophy.  Picking teams, no one wants Rachel.  At first it’s Monica, Joey, and Phoebe v. Ross, Chandler, and Rachel.  They switch to girls v. boys and Rachel has her moment… kind of.
  • Noteworthy: the Gellar Cup itself; the complete novelty of seeing the gang in sweatpants; the change of scenery to the outdoors.

03. Season 2: The One with the List


  • Context: Less of a Thanksgiving episode than the others, but I love it nonetheless.  Rachel and Ross have just kissed.  Rachel is on board with moving forward with the relationship, but Ross is still torn between Rachel and Julie.  He makes a pros and cons list between Julie and Rachel to disaster effects, when Chandler’s new computer prints it right into Rachel’s hands.  Meanwhile, Monica is jobless and signs on to make some signature recipes for a new chocolate substitute, Mockolate.
  • Noteworthy: Phoebe’s song, Two of Them Kissed Last Night; Monica’s entire mockolate storyline, especially this is what evil must taste like!; she’s not Rachem.
  • Best Quote: “Or will it be the one who we’ll call …Loolie?” (Phoebe)

02. Season 6: The One Where Ross Got High


A very close second as far as Thanksgiving episodes, and Friends episodes go!

  • Context: Monica and Chandler want to open up about their relationship to Monica’s parents, who are coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  The Gellars hate Chandler because Ross once melted his dad’s records when he was high, and told them Chandler did it.  Meanwhile, Rachel wants to contribute and Monica entrusts her with the only dessert.  She makes an English trifle, but the pages are stuck together when she’s reading the recipe and she adds beef sautéed with pees and onions.
  • Noteworthy: Joey teaching everyone how to “act” like they like Rachel’s dessert by rubbing their stomachs and saying mmm; Monica’s interpretation of that; everyone’s reaction to eating the trifle; actually everything about the trifle; Phoebe yelling I love Jacque Cuosteau; Judy Gellar dealing with everybody, but especially Rachel.
  • Best Quote: “Hurricane Gloria didn’t break the porch swing; Monica did!” (Ross)

01. Season 5: The One with All the Thanksgivings


This is actually my favorite Friends episode period.

  • Context: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey have just finished their Thanksgiving meal and sit around so full.  The episode is done mostly through a series of flashbacks chronicling everyone’s worst Thanksgiving.  Chandler’s is of course when he found out his parents are getting divorced– the Thanksgiving that ruined Thanksgiving for him.  Phoebe picks a past life in which she was a nurse in war.  Joey’s is when he got a turkey stuck on his head.  Rachel recounts a couple particularly painful ones for Monica.
  • Noteworthy: Phoebe yelling “more bandages!” on the battlefield; the fat Monica/Rachel’s old nose flashbacks; Monica dancing with the turkey on her head, complete with oversized sunglasses and fez which somehow elicits Chandler’s first I love you to her.  The absolute best moment is newly skinny Monica trying to seduce Chandler which brings me to…
  • Best Quote:Ooo, I love macaroni and cheese!” (Monica)

I can’t live without this quote.  I say this all the time.  Somebody please get on my level.

I’ll admit, guys, I changed this order around a couple times writing this post, but those top 2 are etched in stone for me.  What’s your favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode?!