Project Runway: Futuristic Flash-Back

It may be an oxymoron, but last week’s Project Runway was both a blast from the past and a flash-forward.  It was– my favorite– an unconventional materials challenge!  It started with a boombox and the clue from Heidi to “dive in.”  How does retro tech fit with that clue?  It’s a dumpster dive through outdated technology!  It yielded, of course, mixed results.

Lindsay is getting on my nerves.  She’s such a complainer and no one understands her and she doesn’t get unconventional materials… yeah girl, that’s the point.  Kelly is totally inspired.  She thrives using unconventional materials.  ‘Atta girl, Boston!  Ashley doesn’t trust her own process, but her nostalgic polaroid picture look is pure gold.

Ashley's smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week.  I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

Ashley’s smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

Here’s what the rest of the designers make: (more…)

7 Reasons to Love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

image: NBC/Netflix

image: NBC/Netflix

I confess, I had the first season of the newest Netflix release, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt completely finished by Saturday morning.  I just couldn’t stop watching this completely wonderful show!  I’ve actually rewatched about half of it by the time I’m writing this.

The basic plot is that Kimmy is one of four women who was rescued from a Doomsday cult; she’s lived in an underground bunker for the last 15 years.

I’ve not been able to stop telling people to watch this show.

Here are some reasons why:

[7. Tina Fey]

If you’re watching this show solely to see Tina Fey, you are in luck! Tina does indeed make an appearance in a few episodes.

[6. The Comedy]

It goes without saying that this show is funny.  Though much of the humor is in line with that of 30 Rock, if that wasn’t your cup of tea you will likely still be laughing at Kimmy Schmidt.  The outdated pop culture references are a special treat to me!  Quirky humor reigns supreme here.  Some favorite lines are Kimmy’s, “Dancing is about butts now!” and when Mrs. Voorhees calls a piñata a Mexican candy animal.

[5. The Characters]

The supporting cast of characters are wonderfully weird.  There is one completely incompetent character that even got on my nerves a bit, but for the most part they are super interesting.  Titus serves as Kimmy’s roommate and the perfect sassy best friend to ease her into her new life.  My favorite character is Jane Krakowski’s Jacqueline Voorhees: a hilarious rich housewife with a surprising backstory.

[4. The Future is Now]

At one point, Titus tells Kimmy to stop calling the present the future.  Kimmy’s been underground for 15 years, so things that are commonplace to us are novel to her.  It puts a funny lens on the smartphone life, for sure.

[3. The Theme Song]

It’s so catchy!  You can hear the full version here.  They set it up as part of the plot as well.  It’s a mock auto-tuned news report, which reminds me so much of this one.  You’ll be singing Unbreakable! too.

[2. Kimmy Schmidt herself]

Ellie Kemper does a fabulous job embodying this funny, eternally resilient character.  The situation has resulted in Kimmy being somewhat alien in a world 15 years away from the one she left.  This creates fantastic opportunities for comedy.  It reminds me a lot of my favorite character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anya– removed from the world of humans for so long she questions every concept both comically and in a heart-felt manner.

[1. Females are Strong As Hell]

If you’ve heard the theme song by the time you got here, I’m betting this is stuck in your head as well.  This is the most important message from this show.  We are resilient and we can overcome all kinds of crazy things.  You go, Kimmy!  And you go, Tina Fey!

Have you watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet?  What did you think?

I can’t wait for another season!

Kill the Moon


You need look no further than yesterday’s post to know that I find the moon romantic and beautiful.  Space is full of beauty and mystery, and perhaps that’s why both Sailor Moon and Doctor Who appeal to me.  This weekend’s episode of Doctor Who, Kill the Moon, posed the moon as a gigantic egg in the sky; from it hatched a unique winged creature that ignited humankind’s desire to explore space.  I loved the concept for this episode.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this episode:


“In fact, I’m not entirely sure if I won’t keep on regenerating forever.”

The Doctor says while illustrating the futility of shooting him.  This line piqued my interest, as I think it’s something that many Whovians wonder about.  Are there a finite number of regenerations?  We’re not sure.  It seems the Doctor’s not quite sure himself.  It’s nice to leave this open ended for show purposes, huh?


Maria on the moon

Maria are large, basaltic plains that are the “seas” of the moon.  I learned this when I googled a bunch of things the Doctor said.  The Doctor mentions the Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Nectar, and the Sea of Crises, which are all real things!  I feel like I learned something thanks to this episode… which, is the actual original purpose of Doctor Who.  Look at that!  Wiki the list of Maria on the moon yourself– it’s super interesting!



Watching Doctor Who can be a little cultural lesson.  I love British accents and I love regional differences in vernacular.  One thing that caught me off guard was torch v. flashlight.  I just wasn’t expecting this one.  Something I found funny, that I’m wondering whether it’s a British-ism, is that Clara said the “President of America.”  I don’t think this is something an American would ever say.  We say President of the United States [of America] exclusively.


Fixed points v. gray bits

We’ve heard the Doctor talk about “fixed points in time,” which have to unravel the way they do– he cannot affect these moments.  (Although, he usually does.)  In Kill the Moon, the Doctor talks about the opposite, the eloquently named “gray bits” that he can’t quite discern the outcome.  I like this explanation of sort of junctions in time.  It says a lot for the gravity of the situation.


“My granny used to put things on tumblr!”

The astronaut in 2048 says this with a hearty laugh, and I get a real kick out of it.  It’s a great illustration of technology in action, isn’t it?  I actually love this gag in general, that we have Courtney snapping iPhone photos on the moon 35 years in the future and posting them on tumblr from the Tardis.

I do find it slightly odd that Clara’s like, uh no I don’t have Courtney’s number, but she obviously knows her tumblr username.  Like, which is actually weirder?


Navigational DVDs

The Doctor tells Courtney there are several DVDs onboard the Tardis which will take it (and if holding on correctly, her) to him.  Is this a little call-back to Blink?!  Clearly the Doctor has learned that he needs to keep a few of these on hand!



What did you guys think of Kill the Moon?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7: Thoughts

Act 7 is named for Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask, and yes, he is the focus of the episode…. or rather, Mamo-chan and Usako.  We also (kind of) get introduced to Venus as well, so I’m happy all around.  Here’s what we learned this week:

It’s not a transformation; it’s a costume.


Tuxedo Mask may not have powers, but he does have a pretty sweet origin story.  He wants the Legendary Silver Crystal because it’s the only clue to his identity.  (Fun when he asks Usagi why she wants it and her answer is, like, because a cat told me I do.)  Mamoru may not have attacks, but as we find out later in the episode, he can throw a mean punch!

I also loved Usagi’s why didn’t I realize? moment when she physically picks up the mask and places it over Mamoru’s eyes.  Even while still wearing the tuxedo, she apparently needed more prompting?  She asks herself how she didn’t put it together that Mamoru Chiba is Tuxedo Mask, which we’ve all been asking her since the first time we saw him.


Usako + Mamo-chan

Alright, guys, as a long-time Sailor Moon fan, I completely lost my shit when Mamoru called her Usako for the first time.  I loved Usagi deciding that his nickname would be Mamo-chan and repeating it to herself, excitedly.  I love the way she “accidentally” stole the pocket watch from his apartment, and drawing strength from an object she knows is his.  I especially love that juxtaposed with Mamoru, doing the same with her handkerchief.

The way Usagi feels about Mamoru made her very brave in this episode.  After a battle, Mamoru revealed that his dream is no longer to obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal; his dream is now Usagi.  I love love!


But what year is it?

I’m glad that it was DVDs instead of video tapes in this episode, ’cause then life would really be confusing, but did anyone else notice: this is a world with both movie rental shops and iPads?


Okay, technically it’s a FinePad. I still LOVE that Ami has one; great update!


this is still a relic.

Speaking of which…


The Dark Kingdom is not much for subtlety.

If you can’t figure out this is an evil shop, even without speaking Japanese, you deserve to get possessed.


Finally– Sailor Venus!

We saw Luna talking to her from the command center, then we heard Luna backpedal about the possibility that Sailor V fits into the Sailor Senshi.  It looks like next episode we, and the Sailor Senshi, will get the answers about Sailor Venus and Minako!


What did you guys think about Act 7?

Are you in love with Usako and Mamo-chan yet?

Friday Favorites: Welcome to Night Vale

Picture 1

If you don’t listen to Welcome to Night Vale, you should be doing so.  If you don’t follow @NightValeRadio on twitter, start now.

This twice-per-month podcast is unique, quirky, amazingly engaging, and hilarious.  Described as NPR meets the Twilight Zone, Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional radio show from a fictional town in Nevada.  Things are a little bit different in Night Vale…  Out host, Cecil, takes us through Night Vale’s news in a soothing radio voice.  Other residents of this desert town are featured as well, from the faceless old woman who lives in your house (played by Matilda former-acress Maura Wilson) to Intern Dana, who occasionally makes cell phone calls from another plane of exisitance (Jasika Nicole who played Astrid on Fringe).  If your interests are anything like mine, you will absolutely love this strange and macabre podcast.

This tweet is from last week, but I’m absolutely in love with it.  The twitter feed is a perfect example of the kind of humor you’ll hear from this show.

Hey Night Vale fans– what are your favorite quotes?  I tragically can’t remember which one used to be my twitter bio, so I really need your help!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Kids React to Game Boy hurts my soul

Let me just start be saying I love Kids React!  The Fine Brothers do such an amazing job with their videos and Kids React is my favorite variety, followed by closely by Elders React.  If you haven’t seen some of these videos, you really must go watch them.  They also do Teens React and Youtubers React, but for me, the opposite extreme age groups make for the best comedy.

I’ve already admitted that the Game Boy is as old as I am.  This gray brick that I look at with so much love absolutely horrifies these kids!

I’m kind of jealous that Benny and Rafi still have a working Game Boy!  Even loaded up with 4 AA batteries, mine won’t turn on anymore.

Even though these kids make me feel so horribly old, at least one kid gets that this was the start of all the cool Nintendo products they have now.

Check out some of the other Kids React videos for a good laugh!