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Hope everyone is having a festive and relaxing extra-long holiday weekend!  I’m spending mine with food, family, and hopefully some friends too!  I’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled programming… or some of it, at least.  Until then, Merry Christmas!

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October Favorites

Many a Youtuber has asked, is the 4th too late for a monthly favorites video?  The answer, of course, is no… because mine seems to always land on the fourth of the next month!  Truthfully, this video has been up for a while, but today is the day I’m sharing it on the blog.

Go ahead and watch to see what I’ve been loving lately!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 – Secret

Though the full title of this weekend’s Sailor Moon Crystal is “Secret – Jupiter,” I think the secret part is more about Chibiusa.  She shared the spotlight for this episode and maybe even over-shadowed Makoto.  For such a fast-paced first arc, this one is taking a long time to unfold.  The girls just can’t figure Chibiusa out!

Mamoru knows she is not an enemy.  In this episode, she and Usagi had some nice moments amongst their competitive ones. Chibiusa sent Luna-P and her Tuxedo Mask doll to try to make Usagi feel better in the wake of losing two of her friends.  In addition, though their time in the arcade was a lot of one-upping each other, it also revealed their shared interests and personality traits.

It’s increasingly obvious, especially through the flashes of destruction we see through Chibiusa’s eyes, that she’s struggling and needs help from the senshi.  They seem to be realizing this too.

The girls conclude that Chibiusa is the key to this Black Moon mystery.  Kind of spot on, eh?

The girls conclude that Chibiusa is the key to this Black Moon mystery. Kind of spot on, eh?

We get to see some of Luna-P’s features and Chibiusa’s umbrella magic.  Asanuma (Mamoru and Makoto’s friend) sees some of Luna-P’s tricks and overhears parts of Usagi and Mamoru’s conversation including Luna speaking.  He runs into Makoto afterward.

Sailor Moon Crystal Makoto really makes me love Makoto.  I appreciate what a well-rounded person she is more– her love of homemaking especially.

This rose tea is so perfectly Makoto!

This rose tea is so perfectly Makoto!

Anyway, Asanuma finds it odd that Makoto, who is suffering from a cold (of sorts, thanks to the Black Moon), is statically charged.  He blurts out the other stuff he over heard and Makoto tells him the truth– they are destined to fight for good. He wants to protect her, and she gives him a weird forehead kiss which I’m not sure is supposed to be romantic… or like, motherly?  He promises not to repeat any of what he heard.

Then Petz attacks with droid people taking over the city while a typhoon rages outside.  I remember Petz better than any of the Spectre sisters from the original anime, but she really doesn’t make an impression here.  Jupiter hurls both a Flower Hurricane and a Sparkling Wide Pressure at her before she meets her end with Sailor Moon’s Moon Princess Halation.  Jupiter is caught in an electric bubble and captured, though.

And then there were two.

I’m dying to hear what you guys thought of this episode, and the arc in general so far!  Leave me some comments, Sailor Moon fans!

Top Chef Boston: Fine Dining at Fenway

Padma and Ming Tsai announce the second Sudden Death Quickfire of the season.  It’s Boston Tea Party themed… because that might the be only thing people know about Boston.  Actually, it’s a neat challenge.  Each cheftestant gets a different type of tea to cook with.  There are thirteen different types which include:

  • strawberry white tea, which Gregory gets
  • gunpowder spearmint, which Aaron gets
  • lemongrass pomegranate rooibos, which Rebecca gets
  • Asian pear white tea, for James
  • chocolate & salt herbal tea, for Rob
  • toasted nut oolong, for Melissa

They don’t get to pick, they just open a container and that’s what they need to prepare tea for two with for Padma and Ming.  Melissa, Gregory, and Ron come out on top.  Gregory takes the win and earns immunity for the elimination challenge.  The bottom three are James, Aaron, and Rebecca.  Ultimately, Aaron loses and is up for elimination.  He has to cook for his life.

Aaron chooses Katie to cook again, as she is a culinary instructor and he has some kind of chip on his shoulder for not being able to afford culinary school.  The twist?  The only source of heat Aaron and Katie can use is boiling water.

Aaron does “a spring roll, but a fucked up one,” which Padma asks how he would like her to eat.  Katie makes pasta by hand since she couldn’t figure out the pasta maker.  Aaron’s fucked up spring roll is enough to beat Katie and keep him in the competition.  It’s nice to see no one go home!  But Aaron’s ego, man.

Ming & Padma then announce the elimination challenge and FENWAY PARK home of the Boston Red Sox!  I’m still too excited about that not to type it in caps.  The cheftestants must use a classic ballpark snack as inspiration (peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, friend dough) to make a fine dining dish to serve at Fenway.

Tom, Richard Blais, Hugh Acheson, Padma, Ming, and guests Dennis Eckersley and Dan Shaughnessy sit below the green monster and are served the following:

IMG_6334 IMG_6333 IMG_6332 IMG_6335 IMG_6338 IMG_6337 IMG_6336


Back at the judges’ table, Ming accompanies our regulars.  The favorites are Gregory, Melissa, and Katie.  Gregory takes the win, again!  I’m really starting to like him after hearing more of his backstory.  On the bottom, we have Ron, Kerriann, and Katsuji.  None of these are people I wanted to go home.  Ron ends up packing his knives.  I would’ve liked to see more from him; he seemed like a genuinely good guy.

NEXT WEEK THOUGH features one of my absolute favorite shows, CHEERS!  Special guests include George Wendt (say it with me, Norm!  Did you know I’m the world’s oldest 25-year-old?) and Shameless’s Emmy Rossum!  Every preview just gets me more and more excited about Top Chef Boston!

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What did you guys think of this week’s episode and the results?!