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Julep Maven July!

Hello, friends!  Welcome to the most color-coordinated Julep Maven box I’ve ever received.


I realized weeks later that my little July box had been hiding in my mailbox since the holiday.  I went with the basic three-polish It Girl box, but made one color switch.

What I got:

  • Corinne, sandcastle stardust |  Isn’t that a lovely description?  I was so excited about the stardust finishes, but Corinne is kind of… thick?  It didn’t go on easy, and at first it looked very dull.  It does wear long and well, though, and I actually loved the color after a day of wear!
  • Mara, thistle blossom stardust | Truth be told, I haven’t tried this one out yet.  After being immediately discouraged by the new stardust finish, then having my love completely restored, I’m back to being super excited to try it out.  It read radiant orchid to me, and it perfectly matches the Maven box itself!
  • Alyssa, beachside turquoise | I was a little on the fence about this one, thinking it looked prettier online than in-bottle.  It’s on my nails now, though, and I am happy to report it is a perfect, bright, trendy summer turquoise!  It’s a bit more on the green side than any turquoises I own, so it was worth it.

Leave me a comment if you’d like to join Julep Maven!  I’ll send you an invite to get a free box.

Julep: Chrysalis Collection

It’s a new year, and I’ve got more Julep polished and Maven perks to tell you about!  January’s collection is known as the Chrysalis Collection and my first box of the year was a big one!


polishes L to R: Winnie, Margot, Charisma, Margit, Shelly, Luna, Zelda, Janae


Here’s what I got:

  • Fa La La, an add on and an amazing discount!  This holiday collection contains Winnie, a rose gold metallic; Margot, an old Hollywood gold shimmer; and Charisma, a Ruby red shimmer.  While these are perfect holiday colors, I got this collection for a steal and will be incorporating them into other celebratory manicures.
  • Margit – one of my It Girl box’s polishes.  This color is described as mushroom with rose shimmer.  The shimmer is evident looking at it in the bottle, but on my nails it’s more flat and a great winter neutral.
  • Shelly – another from the January It Girl box.  This wintermint is somewhere between mint and blue.  I can see this pastel working well for any season.
  • Luna – another add on.  This light blue with chunks of jagged glitter is every hipster mermaid’s dream.  Yes, it is hard to get off, and yes, the texture is a bit weird.
  • Zelda – This pink champagne metallic was actually subbed into my box because it was more expensive as an add on.  This gorgeous glitter looks like it’s ready for Gatsby’s parties, and you don’t have to wear anything under it to get it’s full effect.
  • Janae – The final piece of the It Girl January box,  I had subbed it out for Zelda, then added it back as an add on for less!  This charcoal gray looks navy in the bottle.

My bonus gift this month was Julep’s Go Big mascara.  I’m honestly not too excited about this, because I’m kind of a mascara snob, but I’ll have to try it out and reserve my judgement until then!

I also got some Junior Mints and a coupon for a free polish!  If you want a free Julep Maven box, email me at!

Julep Maven: Countdown Collection

I got my December Julep Maven box early in the month and this time, I’ve picked something aside from nail polish to tell you about!


My December box contained:

  • Karissa – A Boho Glam color and an immediate holiday favorite, Karissa is a holly berry red.  This beautiful shade is a festive as Revlon Red and I’m pairing it with gold on my nails right now!
  • Soleil – Another Bombshell color, Soleil is a lustrous rose gold chrome.  You know I’m into rose gold this year so my nails look like Mario Kart’s Pink Gold Peach!  This is similar to Essie’s Penny Talk, but a bit more gold than pink.
  • Orbital Eyeshadow in Moonbeam – This is my first foray into beauty products from Julep and I’ll admit, I picked it completely off of the name.  The Moonbeam color is silver with lilac pearlescence.  It’s not terribly pigmented, but it is very sparkly.  I’m interested in trying out a couple more of these.
  • Paula – This Bombshell collection color is a Persian blue with gold microglitter.  My experience with Shailene from my October box leads my to suspect this might get gummy after one use, but I couldn’t loved this shade of blue.  I selected it as an add on.  I’ll report back after a couple uses.
  • Queen Anne – This It Girl color is a lilac confetti microglitter that I added on for free!  A friend had forwarded me an email with a click-through to add this polish to your Maven box for free.  How could I resist that?


The last thing in my Maven box (aside from a few peppermint candies!) was my coupon!  This one is a great one: a free polish!

If you want to be a Maven too and get a free box, leave your girl a comment.

Julep Maven: Friendsgiving Box

My November Julep Maven Box (#4) featuring the Friendsgiving Collection was HUGE!


When I first saw the giant box, I thought there must have been some sort of mistake.  I checked my order history and found that this box was actually cheaper than my normal monthly box because I applied my Joules rewards points.  That’s right; I got all of this for $20!  My little Maven box with the six polishes I selected was inside a box that housed my second double free surprise and what I thought might be the plié wand.

What’s actually in this little plié wand packet is the most confusing advertisement I’ve ever seen.  It’s just the cap, without the wand-part and a cryptic marketing message to go to  I assumed I received this because I participated in a survey about their plié wand that ended after the first question: “Do you have the plié wand?  / No.”  Would I have liked to try it out?  Yes!  I wish they’d send me one so I could review it for you!  Instead, they just sent me a piece of plastic that I don’t know what to do with.

My Maven box held a Holiday Gift Guide that I’m drooling over.  I haven’t tried any Julep make-up yet, but there’s an eyeshadow pallet in here that I think I need.  They’re apparently just giving us candy now, too.  I got some caramel vanilla cremes in the little box.  My coupon this month is a great one too– $10 off!

Here’s the good part, the polishes:


  • Linden: This It Girl pool blue was one of my surprise gifts!  My friend selected this as one of her add-ons, and I saw her box before mine.  I wanted Linden instantly, so this was serendipity!
  • Kiki: This oceanic blue-silver shimmer was part of my original It Girl November box.  I don’t think I could ever swap a blue out, especially one that works so well for multiple seasons!
  • Marzia: This is another of my original It Girl box components.  This gorgeous pewter chrome almost looks tan or brownish in certain lights, which to me is an absolute delight!
  • Isla: The final piece of my Friendsgiving It Girl box is this ink blue.  This navy-almost-black is a must-have neutral for me.
  • Fazia: I’m obsessed with this Bombshell color.  I absolutely couldn’t resist adding on this garnet shimmer.  It’s my birthstone!  And perfect for the holidays.
  • Devon: I couldn’t pass up adding this Classic with a Twist color, described as “slate grey with fuchsia microshimmer.”  With Devon, I add another pretty metallic for the collection with a slight purple sheen.
  • Sawyer: You know this girl loves her earth tones.  This Boho Glam polish is copper shimmer– the browns and reds get me every time, which is why I had to add this on.
  • Nadia: To be honest, I would have never selected this marigold color, however, I think this It Girl polish makes so much sense in my box!  Described as a “sun-kissed golden frost,” I’m planning on using this, my second surprise freebie, as a holiday gold.


I can’t WAIT to play with all of these new colors!

Ready to join and get your first box free?  Leave me a comment with your email address for an invite!


Julep Maven: October Box!

I kept it simple when choosing my October box– I actually didn’t change or add a thing!  The October It Girl box was just so perfect, that I couldn’t wait to get these great colors from the Black Magic collection!


fun black sparkle tissue too!

Here’s what I got:

  • Shailene: bewitched purple with gold flecks, as described by Julep.  It looks brown in the bottle, but it’s a dark, almost black, magical purple glitter on the nails!
  • Dana: white with “electric blue sheen” as activated by UV light!  You can see some of the fun sheen in the photo above.
  • Ledi: black pearl shimmer.

These beautiful colors from the Black Magic Collection are perfect for Halloween, but also just great basics for any collection.  They look very neutral, like simple black & white, but pack a pretty punch!



As always, I got a coupon.  This time I got $10 my next $20 purchase.  I also got this pretty little goodie:


I’m obsessed with this card, and tucked it into the corner of my mirror.

Finally, I got candy corn in this box!  How cute!

Any other Julep Mavens out there?  What did your October box look like?

If you want to be a Maven, leave me your email address to get your first box free!

Julep Maven: Box no. 2!


My September Julep Maven box sure was a big one!  On the twentieth of the month, I was allowed to log into my Maven account and edit my monthly box.  You can swap out colors for certain others, and you have the opportunity for some reduced price add-ons.  Well, here’s where Julep got me.  If you add-on three products, they send you an additional surprise.  Apparently, that surprise for me was two additional nail polishes!  Here’s what I got this month:

  • Mahima (It Girl) – This silky, shimmery gold was one of the original It Girl picks for September and I was not getting rid of this!  It’s fun, and usable in all seasons!
  • Fifi (It Girl) – Another It Girl pick for September, this light pink is prettier in person.  I originally swapped this out for another color, but ended up adding it back as an add-on.  I’m so glad I did!
  • Ryan (It Girl) – Rounding out the It Girl September Maven box is this gray-blue that is absolutely perfect for fall and winter!
  • Mary Lee (Boho Glam) – This is the color I originally swapped Fifi for.  I love this deep red so much and think it’ll be beautiful with Ryan!  You know I’m always looking for color combinations.
  • Chloe (It Girl) – I’m an Earth sign, so I’m always very attracted to shades of brown.  This mocha metallic grabbed me instantly.
  • Padma (Classic with a Twist) – This is another shade that caught my attention right off the bat.  This deep purple has a slight metallic glint to it, which I wasn’t expecting.
  • Candace (It Girl) – Another color that could not have been better selected for an Earth sign like me!  This chocolate metallic shade came as my surprise!  This is absolutely something I would have picked.
  • Daria (Bombshell) – I think my friend Jill, who got me started on this Julep kick, was wearing this shade last week.  I wanted this gray badly.  This was my second surprise shade– the fact that I even got a second was a surprise too!  Again, I couldn’t have chosen better.

Oh, if you thought this was a little overboard, let me just tell you I have about 9 others on the way… As a Maven, your monthly box includes coupons!  My first coupon was 50% off, and I got a 30% off coupon with this box.  I just can’t help myself!

So, September’s Julep Maven Box has been absolutely fantastic.  I can’t wait to get to work with these nail colors!

If you want your first box for free, get at me!  Leave me a comment, tweet at me, or send me an email.  I’d love to email you a code.  These polishes run $14 apiece, so you can’t pass this up!


Julep Maven: the first box!

A friend of mine recently signed up to be a Julep Maven, and as soon as I saw her box of beautiful Julep nail polishes, I was intrigued.  She was one step ahead of me, and already emailed me her discount link.  Just like that, I was a Julep Maven too.

Basically, your first box is free.  You pay about $2 and change for shipping and handling.  I figured I didn’t have much to lose.  I got my first Maven Box in the mail late last week.  Here’s what I got:


  • Julep Bare Body Milk lotion
  • Sydney, a red-orange polish from the Bombshell style profile
  • Lena, a green polish from the Boho Glam style profile
  • Braiden, a silver-gray sparking polish from the It Girl style profile

About these style profiles: I’ve gone ahead and picked It Girl due to the fact that three polishes come in each box, while the other profiles offer 2 polishes and a beauty product.

The polishes, so far, are wonderful!  I was super worried about these tiny bottles, but rest assured: the brush is full-size.  Two coats are recommended, but the color looks brilliant after just one.  I went ahead and did two anyway, though.


I paired Sydney with Lena to give them a go.  At first I was worried this combo might look too Christmas-y, but I think I achieved the appropriate amount of fiesta-y needed for the fleeting summer.  I love a good red-orange right now and Sydney is slightly redder than Revlon’s Siren, which is my usual orange.  As for Lena, it’s uncanny how it worked out– Lena is very close to Essie’s summer color Ruffles and Feathers, which I resisted buying just the day before my box arrived.  It was fate!

Julep polishes are on the pricey side, and at $25 per month, so is this subscription box.  I’m still experimenting with what the Maven membership can offer me.  The best perk so far is discounted pricing on online orders!

There will be a bit more customization involved in my next box, so stay tuned for what it brings!

Now it’s your turn– use my referral code and get your first box for free too!