South Park

Favorites Week: South Park

Whereas the last two shows I’ve written about for Favorites Week may fall in my top 10 or so, today’s show sits solidly in the top 5.  South Park may be lewd, crude, and ridiculous, but this show– despite it’s liberal use of low humor– is smart, and hilarious.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker might be able to reduce themselves to a 4th grade thought-level to tell these stories, but within a week’s time span these days, they are able to create truly valuable satire and commentary.  Sometimes this show does gross me out a bit, but for the most part, I am impressed, and laughing my head off.  Here are my favorite South Park episodes:


Rainforest Shmainforest

Jennifer Aniston guests lending her voice to Miss Stevens, the leader of an environmental choir called “Getting Gay with Kids.”  As a former show choir kid, I totally love this name.  Mr. Mackey forces the boys to join as punishment for making fun of the cause.  They embark on a tour to Costa Rica that doesn’t exactly go as planned.  Cartman tries to make the creatures of the rainforest respect his authority, and by the end, even Miss Steven hates the rainforest. My favorite gag, maybe in any South Park episode– Kyle says, “Miss Stevens, you have a bug on your back.”  “Oh really?” she responds, “Could you brush it off?”

Kyle: Um, no.

Kyle: Um, no.



This could actually be my favorite episode of anything ever.  The concept is so ridiculous, that reading the Wikipedia version of it is enough to crack you up.  It starts out with the boys receiving an Okama Gamesphere, a new video game system.  Then a talking towel, Towelie, shows up reminding the boys, “don’t forget to bring a towel!” but then asking them to get high.  They notice various agencies are in search of this genetically engineered towel, and their Okama Gamesphere is stolen as ransom.  Throughout the episode, the boys are completely unimpressed despite aliens and government conspiracies, and literally just want their system back.  Even though Towelie is “the worst character ever,” according to Cartman, he’s absolutely hilarious.


The Jeffersons

It should be noted that this episode obviously was created before the death of Michael Jackson.  It’s a bit in bad taste of his memory.  “Mr. Jefferson” is a complete parody of Michael Jackson, who acts like a child and neglects the needs of his son, Blanket.  In addition, he appears white and at one point, his nose falls off.  What really gets me about this episode is what happens when the police are after Mr. Jefferson, in attempt to frame a wealthy black person.  A spotlight hits the front door as Mr. Jefferson tries to leave his house and he lets out a Michael-style, hee-hee!  That one note is enough to literally make me laugh out loud.


You Got F’ed In the A

Basically, an OC dance crew comes to South Park and “serves” the boys.  Hilariously, all the adults act like “getting served” is literally injury-inducing, while the boys are confused as to what happened.  Randy Marsh, South Park’s best character, teaches his son Stan to fight back by two-stepping to Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart.  This juxtaposed with the dance crew’s let’s see you daaaance, suckah, you got nothin’ on me is pretty fun.  Suddenly, “it’s on!” and Stan has to form a dance crew of his own to oppose the OC crew in competition.  It ends with Butters tap dancing to “I’ve Got Something in my Front Pocket for You” while sets off a Final Destination-style chain of events that kills the OC crew… so they win!


Sexual Harassment Panda

Aside from the name of this episode being amazing, the concept of the titular character is as well.  Petey the Sexual Harassment Panda is a mascot who talks to kids about anti-harassment behavior.  Cartman is conversely inspired to sue Kyle for calling him an explicit name.  Soon, everyone in South Park is suing everyone else.  The boys seek out Sexual Harassment Panda on the Isle of Misfit Mascots.  Other residents include Willy the “don’t stare directly at the sun” Worm, Hoppy the “don’t do stuff that might irritate your inner ear” Badger, and Oinky the “run around with scissors” pig.  (Yup, that one’s not great.)  The boys convince Petey to become Don’t Sue People Panda and save the day.  This episode also features our favorite redneck at the bar, Skeeter, who don’t take kindly to your type around here.  See clip here!



What are your favorite South Park episodes?!


Recent Purchase: Gilmore Girls

box set!

box set!

Sometimes I stress eat.  Sometimes my lunch break is the only time for sanity during a busy work day.  Luckily, the mall provides a food court for that kind of break… and oh yeah, a better kind of break: stress shopping.  If I’ve seriously had enough, I’ll take a spin through a store.  When I’m pressed for time, trying on clothes is an impossibility. The TV on DVD section of Best Buy is my saviour.

I spotted the complete series of Gilmore Girls for an irresistible price.  Less than $70 got me 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls; how could I resist?  Now I didn’t impulse buy.  I left it after I saw it once, then twice, but after fatefully coming across a Buzzfeed article on Gilmore Girls, I couldn’t pass it up the third time.

So, I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls, which I’ve said before, is a “lifestyle,” not a show.  (These are the words of my dear friend Chelsea, who’s sent me the following two unsolicited texts this week: “fred bass add,” and “dilated.”)  I always love watching early seasons of shows knowing how everything ends up, because it’s so nice to see everything simpler.  I guess it’s the ultimate nostalgia.  After rewatching Cinnamon’s funeral, I was thinking about how underrated Babette and Maury are.  Then I realized something I’ve never realized before: Babette is Sally freakin’ Struthers!  Why did it take me so long to notice this?  I’m just so surprised at myself. But hey, Sally Struthers looks a lot different than I remember her as Gloria from All in the Family.  My only modern reference point for her was South Park’s portrayal in “Starvin’ Marvin in Space” …and that was seriously unkind.

Well, I’m excited to make my way through Gilmore Girls!  I’m sure there are some episodes I’ve never seen, and I’m so excited to get into it again.  What have you been watching lately?

hippitus hoppitus deus domine

Happy Friday, guys!  I’m a little bummed that I don’t get to enjoy a long weekend like a good Catholic or a good Bostonian, (Good Friday and Marathon Monday aren’t work holidays,) but I’m always excited for a holiday weekend!

Though Easter is not my favorite, (I’m literally afraid of bunnies and marshmallows, so it’s a difficult time for me,) I’m looking forward to spending some down time with family.  I’ve had hippitus hoppitus stuck in my head for weeks now!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, to quote Randy Marsh, you know so little.  Please view South Park’s Fantastic Easter Special.  Here’s your preview:

Luckily, you can watch the whole episode on South Park Studios, and my favorite, Netflix!

Enjoy your holidays, friends!