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7 Shiny Pokémon

Or, why the adventure of Pokémon is better with friends.

Or, why the adventure of Pokémon is better with friends.

In the last week, I’ve gotten 7 new shiny Pokémon.  I attribute this to the new, more social way I play.

I’ve always played Pokémon alone.  Sure, when it was a big craze in generation 1 and everyone was playing, I played with other kids.  I played with my brother in generation 3 and with my then boyfriend in generation 4.  I’ve always had enough versions and devices to facilitate my own trades or get through the game the way I wanted to.

It’s only recently, with Pokémon ORAS, that I’ve gotten into the finer aspects of the game.  It’s not about beating the elite 4 for me now; it’s about filling with 700+ page National Dex and collecting the pokémon I want.

I was able to do the legendary hunt on my own, but once I was introduced to the online play, I felt instantly more integrated in the Pokémon community.  I got shiny Chespin and shiny Mudkip through Wonder Trade– what luck!

I also realized that I do have a way of joining the community: Twitter!  I was able to obtain a shiny Feraligatr thanks to @mews_heaven!

It was also through Twitter that I made some poké-pals.  After tweeting about the VGC St. Louis finals, I connected with a player who paid it forward and gifted me four awesome shiny pokémon: Charmander, Jirachi, Turtwig, and Fennekin!

Perhaps the best development is that my friend has started playing Omega Ruby after not playing since Red.  It’s been so fun to teach him about all of the new things generations 2 – 6 brought.  Best of all, it’s wonderful to have someone to trade and trade-back with just a text away!  With his help, filling my pokédex should be a lot simpler!

So the moral of the story is, it really is better to play together.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.53.03 PM

I’d love to be your friend and play Pokémon with you!  My friend code is 4639 9658 6765.  Leave me a comment with yours!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!


ANTM Cycle 21: I don’t have a lot of experience with emotions.

I can’t believe how much I’ve written about stupid Mirjana and Denzel this cycle.  With this last episode, I think we’ve finally heard the end of that.  After the faux-break-up last episode, and this episode’s kind of role reversal between the two of them, the end was near anyway.  Let’s get on to the competition now, shall we?

Tyra Treat

Lenox has to pick two people to share in her Tyra treat.  She selects Shei and Raelia.  The threat turns out to be runway walk coaching with J. Alexander.  Finally, someone teaches something in this cycle!  Lenox again is afraid to let go, and Miss J tries to make her twerk to loosen up.  Now girl, I get it; I can’t twerk either.  How do I know that?  I tried!  Seriously, I followed Miss J’s instruction and results were questionable at best.  But therein lies the difference: 19-year-old Lenox is just too afraid to look silly.  The treat is definitely beneficial to one girl, though.

The Challenge

It’s LA Fashion Week, and the models have the opportunity to book a couple of shows for Style Fashion Week.  Betsey Johnson books Raelia, Shei, and Keith.  Control Sector books Will and Shei.  The girls then go to Altaf Maaneshia who decides to book all of them.  The guys walk for Civil Society who books Keith, Adam, and Will.  The only one who doesn’t book a single show is Denzel.

Shei kicks this challenge’s ass.  She changed up her walk for each designer and looked so great up on the runway.  Raelia stops like in the middle of the runway for Altaf’s show and Miss J nearly dies.  She gets it together for Betsey, though.  Shei wins the challenge!

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

The Photo Shoot

Denzel is low-energy and grumpy from not booking anything the previous day.  He, I guess, neglects to wake Mirjana up (because that’s something he has to do?) which makes her angry at him.  He doesn’t know how to deal, thus the titular quote of this post.  The photo shoot is for Mitchell Stone Essentials and the models will be paired off– Shei & Denzel, Mirjana & Keith, Will & Raelia, Lenox & Adam.  Since Shei is will sleepy Denzel, she tries to psych him up a little for their joint photo.  However, Mirjana takes this as flirting.  Mirjana is distracted as usual.  She blames him, but everyone around her, who she is stupidly listening to, says she shares blame.  She asks what’s wrong with her, to which the photographer responds, everything.


Tyra calls Mirjana out for being argumentative on set.  She claims that she was not arguing, just “conversating,” which Tyra lets her know is definitely not a word.  They are called out in the following order:

  1. Will – the clear best photo of the week
  2. Raelia – Will’s partner in the photo was finally able to turn into a model
  3. Keith – he looked great this week on the runway and in photo
  4. Shei – girl rocked the runway this week; her photo could’ve been better, though
  5. Mirjana – took a good photo despite her bad attitude
  6. Adam – took a great photo this week
  7. Lenox – her photo and runway confidence landed her in the bottom two
  8. Denzel – eliminated

but wait–

Comeback Moment

While the models eat soul food, which is a punny way to introduce the international location for the rest of the competition, Seoul, South Korea, she announces it’s time for a model to rejoin the competition.  It’s between Chantelle, the highest social media scoring girl, and Ben, who got the highest score of the guys.  Not Denzel.  Mirjana keeps a stiff upper lip.

Who do you think is coming back?!

I’m team Chantelle.

Kill the Moon


You need look no further than yesterday’s post to know that I find the moon romantic and beautiful.  Space is full of beauty and mystery, and perhaps that’s why both Sailor Moon and Doctor Who appeal to me.  This weekend’s episode of Doctor Who, Kill the Moon, posed the moon as a gigantic egg in the sky; from it hatched a unique winged creature that ignited humankind’s desire to explore space.  I loved the concept for this episode.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this episode:


“In fact, I’m not entirely sure if I won’t keep on regenerating forever.”

The Doctor says while illustrating the futility of shooting him.  This line piqued my interest, as I think it’s something that many Whovians wonder about.  Are there a finite number of regenerations?  We’re not sure.  It seems the Doctor’s not quite sure himself.  It’s nice to leave this open ended for show purposes, huh?


Maria on the moon

Maria are large, basaltic plains that are the “seas” of the moon.  I learned this when I googled a bunch of things the Doctor said.  The Doctor mentions the Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Nectar, and the Sea of Crises, which are all real things!  I feel like I learned something thanks to this episode… which, is the actual original purpose of Doctor Who.  Look at that!  Wiki the list of Maria on the moon yourself– it’s super interesting!



Watching Doctor Who can be a little cultural lesson.  I love British accents and I love regional differences in vernacular.  One thing that caught me off guard was torch v. flashlight.  I just wasn’t expecting this one.  Something I found funny, that I’m wondering whether it’s a British-ism, is that Clara said the “President of America.”  I don’t think this is something an American would ever say.  We say President of the United States [of America] exclusively.


Fixed points v. gray bits

We’ve heard the Doctor talk about “fixed points in time,” which have to unravel the way they do– he cannot affect these moments.  (Although, he usually does.)  In Kill the Moon, the Doctor talks about the opposite, the eloquently named “gray bits” that he can’t quite discern the outcome.  I like this explanation of sort of junctions in time.  It says a lot for the gravity of the situation.


“My granny used to put things on tumblr!”

The astronaut in 2048 says this with a hearty laugh, and I get a real kick out of it.  It’s a great illustration of technology in action, isn’t it?  I actually love this gag in general, that we have Courtney snapping iPhone photos on the moon 35 years in the future and posting them on tumblr from the Tardis.

I do find it slightly odd that Clara’s like, uh no I don’t have Courtney’s number, but she obviously knows her tumblr username.  Like, which is actually weirder?


Navigational DVDs

The Doctor tells Courtney there are several DVDs onboard the Tardis which will take it (and if holding on correctly, her) to him.  Is this a little call-back to Blink?!  Clearly the Doctor has learned that he needs to keep a few of these on hand!



What did you guys think of Kill the Moon?

ANTM Recap: Beardweave.

At the end of last week’s episode, Marjana decided she hates Matthew. She’s now moved on to Denzel and is flirting with him with the fire of a thousand suns. Also, she has a boyfriend back home. This 18-year-old is out of control. Poor cute Matthew!

Romeo does some more spells—he draws a pentagram and lights some candles. Wiccans everywhere are likely not so happy with this portrayal of their religion as “satanic” and asking for voodoo doll supplies. Womp womp.

There’s a cool photo sheet with the theme of optical illusions. Everyone is photographed lying on their sides, but when the picture is titled it looks like they’re upright.

Makeovers are announced after that. There are a bunch of boxes hidden throughout the house revealing the makeovers, but not the person who’s getting them. One box contains a pair of scissors, and whoever finds them gets to find out which makeover is theirs. It ends up being Denzel, and a monitor flashes his name and “beard weave.” Is that a thing?

The rest of the makeovers are soon revealed. Ben and Adam get buzz cuts and to me, this makes Adam the most improved. Marjana gets a bob that looks like Rachel Duncan from Orphan Black.  Shei’s is the most interesting: half black and half white. Kari goes platinum blonde and cries a lot.

Matthew, as a straight man, keeps mentioning how objectively good looking Will is. He is just more and more attractive to me by the second, that he can recognize beauty and separate it from sexual attraction. Why aren’t more men like this?!

Everyone gets super drunk that night. Matthew kisses Will, I guess? Oops! He doesn’t care if people think he’s gay because of this, because, he says, he is what he is. Everyone kind of attacks him and calls his sexuality into question.   Matthew remains secure, feels no shame or regret, and I love him more and more and more. Also, I’m pretty sure Denzel and Marjana hook up in the shower… why are we focusing on this drunken kiss and not on her cheating on her boyfriend?

There is judging. It means nothing to me, as usual. My favorite picture of the bunch is Matthew, because at this point I think I’m obsessed with him?

It's not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to.

It’s not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to. 

Social media scores play a big role since there is not challenge. Models are called out in this order:

  • Ben
  • Lenox
  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Matthew
  • Marjana
  • Romeo
  • Denzel
  • Shei
  • Adam
  • Kari
  • Chantelle goes home. I’m sad because she’s such a beautiful girl! Maybe she’ll be back, though.

Who was your favorite makeover? And photo?

12 Things About ANTM Cycle 21 (ep. 1)

I get stuck in black holes of bad TV. A few weeks ago, I went down a rabbit hole of America’s Next Top Model reruns. When I heard there would be a new season soon, I knew I’d have to watch, and subject you all to it. Sorry, guys.

Picture 1

Without further ado, here are 12 things about the first episode of ANTM Cycle 21:


  1. Catwalk Queen, stomp your ground | Thank the good lord that Miss J is back.
  2. Guys v. Girls | This is not a format I enjoy, mostly because of all the flirting. Am I watching ANTM or Bachelor Pad? I miss when this was more about art.
  3. For example, the two-way-mirror reveal | Hey girls, if you’re going to yell and scream when the boys come near the mirror, they obviously know you can see them.
  4. Social Media Overload | I get it, Tyra; it’s a new generation of ANTM, but you’re laying it on a bit thick. The first runway challenge is also the first photo challenge where the semi-finalists have to take a selfie at the end of the runway. They decorate it and get judged on it. This makes me never want to take selfies again.
  5. See above, re: Social Media Overload | Hashtag yourself, paint it on your body for the runway. This is not overkill, right?
  6. I can’t stop looking at Tyra Banks | Tyra’s eye make-up during judging is something I’m going to attempt to imitate tomorrow.  Girl, you look flawless.
  7. Tyra calls a contestant “Marijuana” | Yo, did you really think this was her name?
  8. Chantelle | I must admit, I wasn’t expecting her. Chantelle has vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes depigmentation of the skin. Basically, Chantelle has white splotches on her dark skin. It’s unexpected, but she’s quite lovely so you move quickly past the fact that you’re looking at something “different.” I’m in the school of thought that different is good. You go, Chantelle!
  9. Lenox cries | Okay, but Tyra like makes her cry. Her father just died. Why do you show this on TV? Why is this entertainment? Lenox is an early favorite for me. She things she’s odd, but I think she’s gorgeous.
  10. Jamie Rae from New Jersey | Bitch shows up late. Really late. After-the-runway-challenge late. She shows up looking like a Barbie Doll with bleach-blonde hair and a face full of make-up.
  11. Then Jamie Rae cries | Tyra asks her to wash her make-up off and she loses it. As someone with terrible, terrible skin, this girl personally offends me. She doesn’t have a single visible blemish, and yet is so uncomfortable with her own face
  12. Kelly Cutrone is actually amazing | I love that she expresses her desire for her daughter never to bring someone like Adam home, and I love this most of all:

Tyra: Are you Wiccan?

Kelly: I could be; it’s too much work.


So, basically absolutely nothing happened in this episode.  A few people were eliminated at the end, but it doesn’t matter at the semi-finalist stage of competition because you never remember these people.  Once we get to the actual contestants, maybe we can get to the photo shoots and critiques aka why I like this show.