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Scream Queens Finale

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Well, I’ve sat with the Scream Queens finale for a day now, and I must say, my current feelings are the same as my initial thoughts: I hated the ending.  I want those 13 hours of my life back.

I mean, it’s kind of cool that the killer won.  I can support the bad guy winning.  What I can’t support is so blatantly having the most loved characters lose and ultimately, the story feeling so unfinished.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the real stars of this show were the Chanels.  We loved Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and Abigail Breslin even though we suspected that one of them might be the killer at times.

The first episode of the finale was fine.  Grace almost died so we all cheered.  We found out the truth about Pete which we probably all suspected from the beginning.  I loved Chanel’s missive.  Loose ends were being tied up, but we waited until the last second to find out who the mastermind was.  Then, the second episode started and the rage set in.

Even as Hester explained her backstory, I maintained hope for what could turn out to be amazing Chanel revenge for an ending.  She pulled a twist, but I was expecting an even bigger twist to turn the story around.

Number Five’s parents disowning her felt unnecessarily harsh, but it really fell apart with the undeserved guilty verdict at the trial.  Grace and Zayday are apparently too stupid to see they’ve been tricked… only Dean Munsch gets it, but she’s a killer too.  The only saving grace seemed to be that the Chanels enjoyed the psychiatric hospital life.  The ending itself was perhaps a huge cliffhanger, but honestly, we don’t care by then.

What I want to know is: what was the story Scream Queens was trying to tell us?  Was this a twisted morality tale about mean girls?  If so, then why were the Chanels the likeable characters?

Simply, I don’t get the point.  I’m never upset I watched something, but this comes close.  Could a second season even save this for me? I’m not yet convinced.

Help me out, guys, what did I just watch?

And what did you think of the Scream Queens finale?


Scream Queens: Black Friday

To be honest, Pete straight up told us he’s a murderer in this episode and I’m not sure I even know who the murderer is.  He doesn’t fit the profile!  It’s got to be a girl… right?!  Basically, I still have no idea.


What I do know is what I liked:

  • The Chanels back together – so cute to watch them shop together, Chanel no. 6 in her bedazzled neck brace and all.  Even Chanel Oberlin seems to be into the sisterhood planning on buying them all matching pink jeeps.
  • Chanel has grown a lot!  She chooses the face the remaining Red Devil in the mall that night.  A little crossbow wound won’t stop her.
  • Denise Hemphil gets a gun!  Great choice for new chief of police right there.  Love her; missed her over Thanksgiving!
  • Munsch:Rasputin is literally the perfect comparison.  She can guzzle poison and have her body temperature dropped below zero for extended periods of time.  Jamie Lee Curtis is just great.
  • Of course Chanel has a gold Macbook! ♡

I still hate Grace.  Any chance she’s actually the killer?  Have you guys figured it out yet?!  Please; help a sister out!  Leave your theories in the comments!

Scream Queens: Thanksgiving


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was happier than this one!  Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I was busy enjoying my Thanksgiving!  Better late than never, right?  Anyway, I kind of loved the Scream Queens Thanksgiving.  Here are the things I’d like to say about it:

  • I loved seeing Chanel no. 3’s Thanksgiving, as horribly, horribly sad as it was.  These people are rich but they eat their own gross frozen dinners for T-gives?  No thanks.  The best was her low-blow about Italian-style chicken cacciatore.
  • No. 3’s candor about not eating + the jokes about how great the KKT kitchen is while being completely unused = perfection.
  • The Radwell Thanksgiving gave Chanel the chance to be a decent person.  That was nice.  I even felt bad for her at times during this dinner.  I was a bit disappointed when she was happy to see Chad back at Kappa Thanksgiving, though.  Oh well.  He’s a fun character.  It’s nice to know that Hester isn’t dead too, I guess.
  • One criticism: this episode suffered from a severe lack of Denise Hemphill.
  • Hearing everybody’s theories on who the red devil killer/twin to Boone is was so interesting!  Plus we learned a lot!  (We’ll be getting into my theories below!)
  • Grace’s father continues to be an AWFUL person, suspecting his own daughter murdered a bunch of people.  The Grace flashback to the first red devil attack was interesting, though!   Watching no. 2 and no. 3 toss her out of there then celebrate it in the present was also hilarious.
  • Grace and her father (especially with this episode’s revelation that the red devil twins are his children) have proven themselves integral to the story… Pete, I’m still on the fence about.  He only pops in when it’s convenient.  We know killer #2 is a girl, though, so basically he’s just a bad character.
  • We’ve learned enough about backstories in the episode to make Chanel no. 2 seem very suspicious to me.  Aside from Zayday, who is obviously not the sister of Boone, everyone had an obvious reason to pop up at Kappa Thanksgiving except no. 2.  She’s also the one who brings out the head of Gigi on a silver platter.  (I guess the red devil girl killed her whole fam.)  I’m officially very suspicious.

What are you guys thinking?!

Scream Queens: Ghost Stories


I think I wore this exact dress in the finale/prom scene in “Footloose” in high school.

There are only three episodes of Scream Queens left, and no word of a second season.  I’m still really enjoying this show, its cast, and the faux fur!  This episode did wonders for the plot, so let’s talk about it!

  • Denise has fully transformed into fabulous.  I love her new wardrobe and her new-found respect in her role as house mother.
  • Lea Michele, in her assumed finale episode, was excellent.  I loved watching her repeat Candyman candyman candyman as Denise told her first ghost story.
  • Speaking of Denise’s stories, I’m pretty acquainted with Japanese Kappas, but I always thought they were sea monsters, not “ghosts.”  Clearly a loose term.  Also, the toilet paper story and when she lives it she’s just like, “which do I choose?”  Hilarious!
  • Also, love that we finally addressed that her spinal column needed that brace, so she “bedazzled it to go with her designer wardrobe.”
  • Chanel pushing Hester down the stairs was almost shocking, but then you have to remember that she actually already killed Ms. Bean.
  • Is it just me, or do you want that silver wishbone necklace?  Someone find me one and leave me a link in the comments!
  • The big reveal (that some of us probably realized last week) is that the baby in the bathtub was actually two babies.  I didn’t even consider twins, but I guess if we’re highlighting tropes, this is perfect.
  • I was right about Boone being the baby.  I was right about the baby being the killer.  I’m actually good at this!
  • Boone dies a second time.  This time at his sister’s hand… as she wears a devil costume.  The sister’s a complete mystery to me right now… any ideas?!

Give me your theories, people!

Scream Queens: RIP Candle Vlogger

The Kappas have lost their final weirdo– Deaf Taylor Swift, Sam, and Jennifer the Candle Vlogger have all been killed by the Red Devils.  What else have we learned this week?


  • Grace is generally awful as usual.  For the second time this season she’s demanded her dad stay away from her because he’s creepy.  Dean Munsch is right– this is actually all about her.  She thought she was that baby.  She wasn’t.  Her mom was the Waterfalls girl and her dad was just a douchey frat guy who lied to her her whole life and committed arson for her.  Yikes!
  • As for Grace’s mom, the truth is spilled by Chanel after a visit from Scotland Yard.  Do we think Chanel is too harsh here?  No.  I think Grace, as much as a stupid rich Chanel, needs some knocking back down to earth.  Grace clearly needed to know the truth.
  • There are officially THREE Red Devils (well, two and one Antonin Scalia) and we know the identities of two of them: Scalia was Gigi and one devil is Boone.  How did Boone get involved?  I have a theory.
  • After a visit to the mental institution’s “I paint them all” lady, Grace and Pete confirm Gigi is the hag– but wait, two babies?!  A boy and a girl?  Could the girl be the bathtub baby and the boy be Boone?
  • Also, Jamie Lee Curtis had another fabulous episode– her character remains the only one to know the tropes– “I’ve seen this movie.  50 times!”  Also, her comments to the fake Scalia cracked me up!

This was such a good episode that finally made me feel a little oriented in this mystery.  I can’t wait for more– I saw Lea Michele back in that neck brace in a preview!


Scream Queens: Beware of Young Girls


How cruel of Scream Queens to delay this episode a whole week!  But it was a good one.  Here are my assorted thoughts and favorite quotes:

  • We knew we’d see Ariana Grande again.  I thought maybe that coffin shot was it, but yay for another Chanel no. 2 appearance!  I also thought every detail of this funeral was perfection.
  • Also, no. 3’s necklace is clearly from Bauble Bar.  I even blogged about it here.  The plentiful pearl baubles in this show have long given me the Bauble Bar-vibe, so I think this confirms it!
  • Love a good Ouija board.  Love the joke about the movie Ouija which I will never see.
  • Gigi was on the phone with said red devil who she knows and loves.  I think this could be the baby!
  • What is the deal with Grace and Gigi going shopping together?  Why is every relationship Grace’s father has so freaking weird?
  • Oh goodness, the “just a head” pun.  I love it.
  • “Why do you have 9 tampons in your purse?”
  • The VIGOR with which Billie Lourd says “KIX” cracks me up.
  • “How do you even crush a diamond?  It’s like the hardest substance on earth!”
  • I want Chanel’s bed.
  • “There’s no dinosaurs?”
  • Chanel’s grasp on rat poison is much better than mine.
  • This was Jamie Lee Curtis’s episode, man.  That whole last scene!

Can I just be really honest with you guys for a second?  Why does KKT allow Grace to wear such hideous clothes?  Like, I was never in a sorority, nor do I believe this to be a factual representation of one, but there seems to be quite a bit of conformity amongst the Chanels and the KKT sisters of the past.  If anything, Grace needs a fashion influence.  Her clothes actually offend me.  I love the color palette of KKT, even though I live a life of neutrals, this pastel paradise is the real me.  It reminds me of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

I think I’ve decided that Grace isn’t the protagonist of this show.  I hate her.  Do you?

Let’s hear your thoughts & theories, hookers!

Halloweekend Vlog

Guys, since I’m still pretending my gym relationship is going well, I at least wanted to tell you that I took a new class last week!  It’s Body Flow, which is a yoga/pilates/tai chi kind of deal.  My core finally got some attention, and I will definitely be returning.

How was everyone’s Halloweekend?!