Sally Hansen

Cole at Home: Nail Polish Project

If you haven’t caught on by now, I have a lot of nail polish!  I did a big clean our not so long ago and basically started my collection over.  My Julep Maven subscription, however, has taken my collection to a whole new level of crazy.

Storage and organization (so you can actually see what colors you have) is always an issue.  I’ve been looking for the perfect nail polish rack to display all of my colors for so long, and I finally found one!  Last weekend, I called my favorite handy man (Hi, Dad!) to hang it for me.

Here is the finished product!



I’ve displayed my Revlon polishes, my Essie polishes, and all of my Juleps!  After I took this photo, I did add a few Sally Hansen Salon polishes that I like and OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark– just sort of the rest of the colors that I actually use and like.  I definitely want to branch out brand-wise (thus, I think my time as a Julep Maven is winding down!) but I do quite like the uniform bottles for display.

My bathroom kind of feels like a nail salon now!

I love doing little things in my home that make it feel more like mine.  I did move in here to all of the previous tenants’ furniture (honestly, it’s beautiful furniture; I’d love to take it with me when I go!), so it feels great to do that.

So, that’s my latest project, completed!

What do you think?

Nerdy Nails

I love painting my nails.  It’s horribly girly of me, but I have so much fun mixing and matching colors– I’m a big fan of the accent nail.  I may be a girl who likes to accessorize, but I’m also a complete nerd.  Many of my favorite colors remind me of my nerdier interests.  Here’s some colors help you get your nerdy-girl on!


If you like Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8, try Essie’s Penny Talk, a color that looks like you’ve melted down and bottled Pink Gold Peach.

If you like Sailor Moon, try Essie’s Go Overboard, a color that makes you want to shout, “Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!”

Finally, if you like Game of Thrones, try Sally Hansen’s Nightwatch.  The name alone will have you making puns about taking the black– err, navy!