MOH Diaries & #Pokemon20

This is my first official installment in my Maid of Honor Diaries series, since my cousin has officially asked me to be her MOH.   (She asked back when I was in Houston about a day after she got engaged, but I don’t blame her for being excited!)

This is my last official installment in my #Pokemon20 Mythical hunt.  I included getting Magearna in here too since the weekend vlog was so short!  We were busy seeing my cousin SLAY as Annie in Annie Jr.  I wish I had a clip of her singing, you guys!  The wouldn’t let us take photos or video… children’s theatre, man.

Pumpkin Everything

We totally didn’t mean to make only orange foods this weekend… it was just a thing that happened.  Seriously, watch my baking boyfriend make this adorable pumpkin dinner rolls, then comment for the recipe, ’cause I know you want it for your Thanksgiving spread!

If I Were A Gym Leader

With Sun & Moon only a month away, I’m thinking about Pokémon more than ever.  Well, okay… maybe I always think about Pokémon this much!

Today, I’m thinking about if I ran a Pokémon gym.  When it comes down to it, I’d have to be a fire-type gym leader.  I’m pulled my thought process from gen 1, which I will always know better than any others and where my Pokémon preconceptions were formed.  Gym leaders’ line ups tend to follow a couple of rules– (1) gym leaders never seem to have 6 Pokémon, (2) they don’t necessarily select the most-evolved forms, and (3) they seem to line them up inversely to save the biggest punch for last.

Here’s my team:


Other considerations included: Charmander, because gym leaders often have two from an evolutionary line; Chandelure or one of its pre-evolutions, but I liked keeped these team colors going, Vulpix or Rapidash, but I thought I was getting gen 1-heavy, and Pansear, because I like the elemental monkeys a lot, but Panpour is my favorite of the three.  One of my favorite fire Pokémon did not make the cut because no gym leader would have Ho-Oh at the ready.

Now that my line-up is set, all that’s left to think about is what I’d call my badge… any ideas?

What type of gym would yours be and what does your team look like?

Banana Bread + Sweet Peach Palette

Mostly I did two things last weekend– made Smitten Kitchen’s double chocolate banana bread recipe & purchased/tried out Too Faced’s limited edition Sweet Peach Palette.  I was super happy with both.  There was also running shoe-buying and Pokémon shirt-wearing.  Check it out!

#Pokémon20 Update


image via bulbapedia

If you’ve been watching my vlogs (and there are a LOT of new ones up for you!), you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been extra obsessed with pokémon lately.  All of this 20th anniversary stuff has gotten me absolutely psyched.  My pokémon card collection is growing for the first time in years, and my interest to fill up my pokédex has been renewed.

The monthly mythical distribution, though bearing no effect on my ‘dex, are what initially hooked me on the 20th anniversary celebration.  Largely, I missed out on a lot of these Pokémon, save for Celebi, Jirachi, Keldeo, and Diancie.  I’ve gotten my first legit Mew and added a new Celebi and a new Jirachi to my PC boxes.  I’ve got my calendar marked for Darkrai!

Apparently, the mythical distributions are not celebratory enough.  I hope you have gotten your legendary golems from Pokémon Bank!  If not, simply log into Pokémon Bank and get yourself a Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.  This week, a Legendary Bird distribution was announced!  You just need to sign up for the Pokémon newsletter (which, I already am!) to get codes for these, the first ever legendary Pokémon, with their hidden abilities.

Happy hunting, trainers!  And happy weekend!