pokemon go

Pokémon Go Progress Report

It’s been a month since Pokémon Go came into our lives.  Ours was a touch-and-go relationship from the start, because I was stupid enough to register with my Pokémon Trainer Club ID.  Of course, we’ve all had our bad times– it crashed a lot, we got locked out, then they took our damn footprints away.  I may not have written about it yet, but you know I’ve been playing.  I may not be happy to lose the footprint functionality AND PokéVision, but I’m still playing.


I’m currently at level 22 with 92 caught and 94 seen. (more…)

Date Night + Target Trip

I guess this is the vlog answer to, “what is it like living with your boyfriend?”  It’s great!  We get to spend a lot of time together, have nice date nights, make/eat desserts… and agonize over which laundry detergent to buy.  So, a weekend in domestic bliss awaits!

Also, how y’all feeling about this Pokémon Go patch?

Bye, July!


Goodness, the summer is flying by!  July to me has been full of vacation– family fourth of July weekend [here and here], and Evo in Las Vegas [here, here, and here]!

Home life has been readjusting testing new make-up products [more soon!], enjoying our home city [here], and lots and lots of poké-walks to catch ’em all in Pokémon Go [here, everywhere, and more to come]!

We’ve got lots planned for August too, so stay tuned!  What’s up next for you this summer?!