Engagement Photos

Today, for Wedding Wednesday, I wanted to share just handful of our engagement photos.  These were taken by G. Riggieri Photography in Scituate, MA.  We had so much fun taking these photos with Gabby and couldn’t be happier with how they came out!  I love her aesthetic and feel like it perfectly matches my own.  I can’t wait to take pictures on our wedding day!

See the full gallery here* | photos © G. Riggieri

*while it lasts!  gallery should be available for 1 year.

Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

Seemingly in the middle of no where in Houston, Texas, there is a wall painted with 8 different colors.


I am far from a fashion blogger who knows how to pose in front of the camera, but I couldn’t get enough the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall.  We need one of these in Boston!


I had so much fun, we came back a second time the next day and braved a rainstorm to get a few more shots.  I think I’d go back to Houston just to play here again.

Bloggers, where are your favorite spots for fun photos?


Fall Photos

I promised to share some photos from my Blue Hills hike last week, but looking through my photos… I fell in love with my cemetery shots.  Enjoy autumn in the suburbs with these photos!

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Project Runway: Futuristic Flash-Back

It may be an oxymoron, but last week’s Project Runway was both a blast from the past and a flash-forward.  It was– my favorite– an unconventional materials challenge!  It started with a boombox and the clue from Heidi to “dive in.”  How does retro tech fit with that clue?  It’s a dumpster dive through outdated technology!  It yielded, of course, mixed results.

Lindsay is getting on my nerves.  She’s such a complainer and no one understands her and she doesn’t get unconventional materials… yeah girl, that’s the point.  Kelly is totally inspired.  She thrives using unconventional materials.  ‘Atta girl, Boston!  Ashley doesn’t trust her own process, but her nostalgic polaroid picture look is pure gold.

Ashley's smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week.  I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

Ashley’s smashed Polaroid photo dress is my absolute favorite this week. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

Here’s what the rest of the designers make: (more…)

Midweek Mad Men: New Business

Ahh, there just are so few episodes left of Mad Men!  Sunday’s episode, “New Business,” seriously suffered from a lack of Joan, but it was a super interesting.

sensual vermouth photo shoot

sensual vermouth photo shoot, Peggy and Pima presiding

Female photographer Pima Ryan was a fun one-off character.  In her vest & slacks, she is a formidable professional presence. She’s not what she seems, though.  She seduces Stan, but Peggy’s got her figured out when she tries her moves on her.


And I’m kind of sad to see Megan go.

Megan’s a tough case.  I hate her a lot of the time.  I hate hearing her ask Don for her allowance.  Get a real job, Megan!  I love her mother clearing out Don’s apartment for some sort of catharsis.  I love her standing up to Harry during a business lunch turned sleazy.  I even love her calling Don out, but seeing him write that million dollar check to close that chapter in his life was… rough.

Well, this is a crystal clear image.

Well, this is a crystal clear message.

I’m still worried about Don.  We got to see most of his family this time (still no Sally!) and see it functioning without him.  We see Betty, name droppin’ as usual.  Man, did that character take a negative turn.  (Did anyone else google Fairfield Masters programs to see if hers was real?  It is.  The clip is on Fairfield’s website too.)  Don makes me sad with his revolving door of women that he clings onto so quickly.  Diana is/was just another stopgap, really.  I can’t see her as anymore than that.


What did you guys think of “New Business?”

ANTM Cycle 21: Go-Sees in Seoul

The challenge for the week is Go-Sees!  Go-Sees are to ANTM as Restaurant Wars is to Top Chef.  It’s really neat to see these ~models~ interact with real designers to see how they’d fair in real life situations and not on a reality TV show.  The group is to pair off, and no one wants to work with Chantelle.  Will grabs Shei and Lenox snatches up Adam.  Keith, who is unsure if Chantelle has a crush on him or thinks of him as a big brother, bites the bullet and works with Chantelle.

  • Will and Shei make it to 4 go-sees.  Will is too tall for all of the designers’ clothes and he gets uncomfortable about it.  Shei’s look is a bit too edgy for most of the designers.  One asked why her eyebrows are two different colors, and I’m like, because Tyra said they’re going to be!  [Will books 0 / Shei books 2]
  • Lenox and Adam make it to 4 go-sees, and get back to Nylon with mere seconds to spare.  Lenox is a big hit with all of the designers.  Adam, struggling with his personality sober, comes off as stiff. [Lenox books 4 / Adam books 1]
  •  Keith and Chantelle make it to 5 go-sees.  Keith’s strategy is to be as charming as possible, having learned the word for “thank you” in Korean and deploying it as often as possible.  Chantelle has no strategy and comes off as cold. [Keith books 4 / Chantelle books 1]

Though Keith and Lenox both booked the same number, Keith attended one additional go-see so he wins!

The week’s photo shoot features one of the designers from the go-sees, Jinny Kim, and her fabulous shoes.  Here are the results!

Keith was amazing this week! | Lenox's photo isn't my favorite, but those Jinny Kim shoes are FIERCE! | I'm obsessed with the wardrobe styling for Adam's shoot.  The picture is okay. | Shei's photo bothers me because you can barely see the shoes! | Chantelle's photo has no life at all. | Tyra made a great choice directing Will to put up that umbrella.  Lovely overall photo.

Keith was amazing this week! | Lenox’s photo isn’t my favorite, but those Jinny Kim shoes are FIERCE! | I’m obsessed with the wardrobe styling for Adam’s shoot. The picture is okay. | Shei seemed to forget it was a shoe photoshoot. | Chantelle’s photo has no life at all. | Tyra made a great choice directing Will to put up that umbrella. Lovely overall photo.

And the judges’ results:

  1. Keith
  2. Lenox
  3. Will
  4. Shei
  5. Adam
  6. Chantelle

Adam and Chantelle are in the bottom for the same reason– stiffness and control.  Adam is starting to loosen up and is entering into a new, sober chapter in his ANTM stint.  He stays.  Chantelle, who brought the drama back to the season in a post-Marjana world, has a bad attitude and definitely a lot of growing up to do.  She goes home, and this time, I am not sad to see her go.

What did you guys think of Chantelle’s second elimination?

And let’s not forget, this episode is called “The Girl Who Gets Caught in a Lie.” I left all that out, but if you want to chat about Chantelle’s “Panda” problem or her awkward and embarrassing lie, leave me a comment!

ANTM Cycle 21: It’s Not Over

This episode is called “The Girl Who Says Its Over,” but you’re about to find out… that’s not quite the case.

The challenge of the episode is with Kelly Cutrone and her fashion line, Electric Love Army, and Nylon Magazine.  The models break up into three groups and each take a word of Kelly’s line. Mirjana, Denzel, and Lenox are Electric; Matthew, Raelia, and Will are Love; Shei, Adam, and Keith are Army.

Results are rough, but two teams get good, Nylon-quality photos.  The Love group:


And the winner, Army:


Denzel’s badmouthing of his relationship with Mirjana sparks Lenox to say something to her.  Mirjana gets MAD and tells Denzel it’s over.  The next morning, she calls her boyfriend and confesses that she has kissed and cuddled with a guy in the competition. As viewers, we know this is the understatement of the century.  Even Mirjana admits they’ve been “intimate.”  Oh, lord.  Anyway, the boyfriend forgives her; she says it’s definitely over; they both say I love you.

The photo shoot for the episode has to do with the future.  Tyra had the group take DNA tests at the beginning of the series,which I thought was weird but after the heritage reveals, think it really cool.  Using props to represent their newly discovered genetic make-ups, the models pose with Cory from last season as a robot.

Denzel and Mirjana are lonely and awkward and decide to reconcile to the absolute dismay of everyone in the world.  I’m going to hell, admits Mirjana.

Results, and color-commentary on each contestant, as follows:

  1. Lenox – by far the best picture for the third week in a row!
  2. Will – I agree that this is the second best photo in the bunch.
  3. Shei – photos aren’t great, but I love this girl!  She pulled it out in the Nylon challenge, so I’m waiting for her to turn it on… as are the judges.
  4. Keith – Eh, he’s okay.
  5. Adam – I definitely think he’s made such improvement.  I think he was better than Keith.
  6. Denzel – I am so not impressed with his photos!  I think he should’ve gone this week.
  7. Raelia – I didn’t mind her photo this week; definite improvement from last week.  Again, I thought she did well int he Nylon challenge too.
  8. Mirjana – Beautiful girl, but her picture did nothing for me.  I also just don’t like her.
  9. Matthew – SO SAD to see him go.  He was an early favorite for me.  He’s super attractive and I think he has a lot of creativity.  …Is it me or are they really not teaching them much this season?  I think everyone could benefit from a little more Tyra time, and a male mentor for the guys.


Who do you think should’ve gone this week?  Are you as sad to see Matthew go as I am?

Weekend Adventures: Blue Hills

I’m a city girl.  I live downtown, rely on walking and public transportation, and rarely head to the more suburban areas of Boston.  Sometimes, you just have to get out of the city!  While the summer gave me plenty of beach escapes, I decided to head out and enjoy the fall foliage here in New England!  I took a hike through Blue Hill Reservation!


My parents moved to the area last year, and my dad and I had been wanting to take an autumn hike for so long.  Last weekend, on a beautiful sunny Sunday after a rainy Saturday, we went for it.  It was a bit athletic, and a lot beautiful!  Follow the cut for some photos of our hike!


5 Things about ANTM: The Girl with 5 Frames

If you missed last week‘s episode, Lenox was given a rather harsh penalty by Tyra Banks for the worst video shoot.  She only had 5 frames for this week’s avant garde hair video shoot.  Here’s what happened:


Yu Tsai tells us it’s okay to cry

In the first human moment I’ve seen from Yu Tsai, he consoles a crying Lenox after she walked off set, crumbling from the pressure of her 5 frames.  We’re also reminded that Lenox’s father literally just died.  She wants the prize money to help her family.  I mean, the girl deserves to let it out a little!  She eventually gets through her 5 takes, but I notice she really looks like she’s about to cry.  The emotion behind her eyes ended up working in her favor, though…


Marjana still sucks

Wait, is this America’s Next Top Model or Marjana’s Dating Chronicles?  The Marjana/Denzel relationship is starting to annoy everyone in the house and likely, everyone watching.  I’m glad it’s not bothering Matthew anymore, because she’s clearly ridiculous.  Denzel doesn’t seem as into her as she is him.  Oh, and she still has a boyfriend!  She’s planning on writing him a letter… to break up with him, I guess?  Denzel is as surprised to hear that they’re dating as America was when she blurted it out in panel last week.  This will probably end badly.

They’re also super touchy.  My favorite quote of the week is on the matter, as spoken by Raelia:

That’s not class.  Like, let’s talk about class.  You don’t have it.  At all.

So true.


Nick Cannon makes headphones

I didn’t know Nick Cannon made headphones, but these Monster headphones look pretty cool!  Nick Cannon comes to give them a challenge.  They use a tablet with terrible photo resolution to create an ad.  The winning team is Lenox, Matthew, and Kari.  This was my favorite photo of the three, so I’m glad it won!  I can totally see this as an ad, and as a reward for winning, it will be one!



The house gets creative

I notice Shei sketching at the kitchen table, and gosh is she talented!  Ben shows off his talents to, writing a little song with Adam, who raps, while he sings and plays guitar.  He performs this song for Tyra and the judges before panel.  Tyra appreciates it and even has the models join in.


Worst to first

Like I said, the emotion behind Lenox’s eyes really worked in her favor.  Here’s how the models ranked:

  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will
  • Adam
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Keith
  • Ben – eliminated

When it came down to Keith and Ben, I’m glad Keith stayed.  He’s just so… pretty!  Ben seems to be a man of many talents, so I’m sure he’ll be okay.

I wish Matthew were higher on the list, but overall I’m pretty happy with this week’s results.  I’m most pleased that Lenox was able to pull it off!

What did you think?  Any predictions for next week?

ANTM Recap: Beardweave.

At the end of last week’s episode, Marjana decided she hates Matthew. She’s now moved on to Denzel and is flirting with him with the fire of a thousand suns. Also, she has a boyfriend back home. This 18-year-old is out of control. Poor cute Matthew!

Romeo does some more spells—he draws a pentagram and lights some candles. Wiccans everywhere are likely not so happy with this portrayal of their religion as “satanic” and asking for voodoo doll supplies. Womp womp.

There’s a cool photo sheet with the theme of optical illusions. Everyone is photographed lying on their sides, but when the picture is titled it looks like they’re upright.

Makeovers are announced after that. There are a bunch of boxes hidden throughout the house revealing the makeovers, but not the person who’s getting them. One box contains a pair of scissors, and whoever finds them gets to find out which makeover is theirs. It ends up being Denzel, and a monitor flashes his name and “beard weave.” Is that a thing?

The rest of the makeovers are soon revealed. Ben and Adam get buzz cuts and to me, this makes Adam the most improved. Marjana gets a bob that looks like Rachel Duncan from Orphan Black.  Shei’s is the most interesting: half black and half white. Kari goes platinum blonde and cries a lot.

Matthew, as a straight man, keeps mentioning how objectively good looking Will is. He is just more and more attractive to me by the second, that he can recognize beauty and separate it from sexual attraction. Why aren’t more men like this?!

Everyone gets super drunk that night. Matthew kisses Will, I guess? Oops! He doesn’t care if people think he’s gay because of this, because, he says, he is what he is. Everyone kind of attacks him and calls his sexuality into question.   Matthew remains secure, feels no shame or regret, and I love him more and more and more. Also, I’m pretty sure Denzel and Marjana hook up in the shower… why are we focusing on this drunken kiss and not on her cheating on her boyfriend?

There is judging. It means nothing to me, as usual. My favorite picture of the bunch is Matthew, because at this point I think I’m obsessed with him?

It's not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to.

It’s not brilliant or anything, but I think it worked better than I was expecting it to. 

Social media scores play a big role since there is not challenge. Models are called out in this order:

  • Ben
  • Lenox
  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Matthew
  • Marjana
  • Romeo
  • Denzel
  • Shei
  • Adam
  • Kari
  • Chantelle goes home. I’m sad because she’s such a beautiful girl! Maybe she’ll be back, though.

Who was your favorite makeover? And photo?