See ya, September!

I can’t believe it’s already October!  I think this month is going to be a great one for me.  I’m looking forward to autumn weather, Boston College football, more pumpkin-flavored goodies, and a trip to see one of my best friends in Philadelphia later in the month!  Though I took on September rather begrudgingly, when I look back, I think it was a great month too.  Let’s say goodbye now, shall we?



[1] I’m cheating already ’cause this photo was taken in August… but it’s a September activity for Bostonians!  This is what I wore to help my friend move.  This adorable hoodie is from So So Happy!  [2]  Sangria was my drink of September!  Here I am drinking that with my friends Chelsea, Sarah, and Carissa at Sarah’s new place.   See?  More moving!  [3]  It’s definitely been an indian summer and I haven’t been able to wear any of the adorable fall sweaters and vests I’ve bought.  At least I found the opportunity to rock my camo jacket!  [4] The iPhone 6 came out!  I can’t have one until February, sadly.  Luckily, I’m friends with the IT guy at the office who was upgraded to the six for work purposes and let me play with it. [5]  I searched through my baby book to verify exactly what time I was born for astrological purposes, obviously.  I found this adorable picture of bb Nicole and her daddy.  [6] Hyrule Warriors came out!  I’ve been playing a lot, but not as much as I’d like to.  Hopefully I’ll get some more quality time with my Wii U soon.  [7]  My eyeliner game is so strong now, you guys.  This selfie is from a lovely walk down Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue– one of my favorite streets to walk down in any season!  [8]  What did I tell you about the Sangria?  This one is made from boxed wine and hard cider with cranberries, oranges, and apples!  [9]  After moving comes housewarming parties!  The aforementioned sangria is from my friend Julia’s.  Here I am with Jill and Julia celebrating her new digs!

OotD: Sweet Stripes

Wedding Wear

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  This is different than the usual, but I wanted to share an outfit post from the beautiful wedding I attended this weekend.  It was such a great time and will be a cherished memory; so here’s what I wore!

Dress: Guess | Shoes: Nine West | Jewelry: Tiffany’s (necklace, bracelets, pearls); David Yurman (topaz ring), mixed-metal earrings from Santa Teresa di Riva, Sicily | Lips: Too Faced “I Want Candy” | Nails: Essie “Neowhimsical”

25 Years of Game Boys

Mine!  Original, Color, Advance, DS Lite, & 3DS!

Mine! Original, Color, Advance, DS Lite, & 3DS!  Can you tell which colors I like?

Last weekend, as I hurried to pack an overnight bag to spend Easter at my parents’ house, I grabbed what I call “my Game Boy.” The device I actually grabbed is my trusty Nintendo 3DS, but I can’t get by the mental block that it’s a Game Boy. I sent a tweet to that sentiment:

Picture 2

Little did I realize, the next day was the 25th anniversary to the Game Boy’s release in Japan. What timing, Nicole! Then, on Monday, Masable posted this timeline validating my feelings that my 3DS is indeed a Game Boy.

Today, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane by showing you my Game Boys and talking about the handheld games I’ve been playing. You’ll be hearing a lot about Pokémon, since it’s my favorite handheld game. Since my gaming past is inextricably linked to my brother’s, you’ll be hearing about him a lot too. The Game Boy is officially as old as I am, and I can’t remember not having one. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed my phone case is a Game Boy too.

When I upgraded from the 4 to the 5, I HAD to get same case.

When I upgraded from the 4 to the 5, I HAD to get same case.

Let’s jump into it—

IMG_5208My brother and I both received original Game Boys in the original gray. We call this “the brick” these days. This sucker took 4 AA batteries. Mine sadly doesn’t work anymore, but it’s proudly displayed on the shelves in my living room.   We both got the bundle with Tetris, and the other game I remember getting off the bat was F-1 Race. Where my gaming love really took off was with Pokémon Red. This game was purchased for my brother prior to the pokémon craze. Someone at a store recommended it, and we had never heard of it. Unfortunately, my brother was freshly 7 years old and his reading skills weren’t up to par for this game. At 9, I was better equipped to enjoy this game and was well into it before I realized everyone else was playing it too. After Red version, I played Blue. I was in love.

Game Boy Pocket missed us entirely.

IMG_5209Game Boy Color rolled around in time for Pokémon Yellow Version – Special Pikachu Edition. My Game Boy Color was teal; my brother got lime. Holding this thing today, I can’t believe my hands were comfortable around this tiny device! I guess I’m used to a wider device these days. I loved the Game Boy Color, though. It also got me through (the super underrated) Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

IMG_5210Next came the GBA or Game Boy Advance. I got a pink one and I’m fairly certain my brother got a silver one? I don’t remember because he got the FireRed SP when it came out. I stole it for a while but he took it back rather recently. (I kind of still want one, if anyone’s looking to get rid of one…) Anyway, GBA was a big switch for me but it was necessary to play Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. The only other GBA game I have currently is Donkey Kong Country 3. I’d have to go digging through my parents’ basement to find the others!

IMG_5213My brother got a DS before I did. He got the original, thick version. (If you’ve been following along, he’s now two versions ahead of me. Being a high school girl is apparently too time consuming for quality gaming. However, this is the last “Game Boy” he’s owned. I’m more of a gamer than he is these days.) I’m estimating I got my DS Lite, the pink one, around my senior year of high school. It obviously came to college with me. I have a ton of DS games, but notably I played Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver on it. I have a ton of other DS games from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks to Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends. I was so attached to my DS, that my college boyfriend went out and bought one because he got so jealous.

IMG_5212The decision to buy a 3DS was released after I graduated college, and the decision to purchase one was not an easy one to make. I hate 3D. My eyes hurt all the time and I didn’t want to play in 3D. I’m happy to say now that buying my aqua 3DS was the best decision. I am even more attached to my 3DS than my DS, even though I play with the 3D off. I don’t remember it I got Black & White before or after I switched over to the 3DS, but Black 2 & White 2 were definitely played on it. Pokémon X and Y, being the first versions made for 3DS, were obviously played through on it as well. I have a ton of 3DS games too, mostly because so many great games were remade for this system, notably The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D. Most recently, I’ve been playing Yoshi’s New Island and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’m always looking for new games, because you can’t beat portability!

I guess that sentence is really what it comes down to: portability. I miss my Xbox or my Wii U when I’m away because transporting and setting up a system elsewhere is ridiculous. To be able to play in the car, or on the train, or waiting for an appointment just can’t be beat. As a multi-tasker, I love to be able to play while I watch TV. I’m a Game Boy girl. When you see me, phone in hand, you know that. Happy 25th, Game Boy! I wouldn’t be me without you.

What Game Boys did you guys have?

And if you’re a Boston local, I want to tag your Mii with StreetPass! Seriously, let’s get together…

Wii U Wednesday: Bringing Home Baby

I bought a Wii U.  Here’s what happened next.

I already mentioned: it had been a particularly heinous week.  It was 5 PM on a Friday, and I was so ready to go home.  My reward, my Wii U, was charged, bagged, and in hand… erm, arms.

Let’s back track.   I take the T (Boston’s public transportation system) to work.  I prefer to walk home, weather permitting.  At this particular moment in time, I was even farther away from home, having gone to buy said Wii U.  This box was super unwieldy for me– I had to clasp my hands together to create a cradle in the crook of my arm to hold it– and the farther I walked, the heavier it felt.  Oh, and the weather was threatening to turn.

I didn’t want to bring my big box on a rush hour train, so I decided to try to beat the rain.  It was warm, but dark and overcast.  By the time I reached the bridge maybe a third of the way home, rain began to fall.  It was too hot for the jacket I was wearing and my arms were getting sore.  I gripped tighter and powered onward.

By the time I reached my neighborhood, it was umbrellas-up weather.  Both myself and the box were soaked.  My arms were spaghetti, but hey that cardboard was thicker than I thought!

With my exercise for the week completed, it was on to the next scary task: setting it up!  I’m afraid of breaking electronic things and I cried when trying to set my Xbox 360 up… but I’d come a long way since then!  I’d set up the TV I’d be hooking it up to, so I was confident.  Ish.


Protip: This is the “up” side of the box.  Open this side up.  I didn’t do that.

The good news is, the deluxe set comes with everything you could ever need, including an HDMI cable!  That’s the real hero for me, since Radio Shack ripped me off big time last time I needed one.  The set up is super straight forward.  Fairly detailed instructions are included, so follow them and you’re good to go!

But are you?  You haven’t even played yet and it’s time for a system update.

I needed the system update to link my Nintendo account.  Time Remaining: 3:20.  I thought, no problem, I’ve got a few minutes, and busied myself with a phone call.  Oh no, they didn’t mean 3 minutes.  They meant 3 hours.  With my less-than-awesome signal strength, this took a really, really long time.  It was a blessing in disguise, though, because I used the time to clean my entire apartment.

It was late by the time I actually got to play, but I had the whole weekend ahead of me to do go!  We’ll get into the games next week.


April Fools

April is off and running, and it seems like Boston is finally feeling a little bit of spring weather!  I, however, am feeling majorly under the weather.  The past week has been nonstop at work– in early every day, leaving late every evening, and no time for lunch at all.  It’s no wonder, then, that I got so, so sick.  After a doctor visit, I’m feeling a little reassured that I’ll be okay, but I’m still not 100%.  I have an inner ear thing going on that is seriously not pleasant, and it doesn’t go away quickly.  Apologies, all, for not being able to put as much time into the blog as I’d have liked!  I promise content will get back up to speed soon, but just a quick post for now… let’s talk about Google’s awesome April Fools prank!

If you didn’t notice, Google Maps placed hundreds of pokémon throughout the world and challenged users to catch ’em all with the [fake] promise of a job offer at Google with the title of Pokémon Master.  As a pokémon fan, I was pretty obsessed with this and loved the feeling that I was qualified to work for Google for a day.

Google offered a selection of 150 from all generations.  Some appeared more frequently than others.  I caught all 150 different pokémon, thus feeling qualified to be Google’s Pokémon Master.  My strategy was to input major cities and landmarks into maps, and with appropriate zoom, it seemed to pay off.  I really think they should have offered a print out of the business card when you accomplished this task!  There was, however, a 151st included– Mew.  From what I read, Mew travelled from location to location and this sucker alluded me.

completely wore my battery down catching 'em all!

completely wore my battery down catching ’em all!

What did you think of the selection?  Personally, I loved that they picked all evolutions of all starter pokémon, but felt the lack of legendaries.

How did you all do catching pokémon?