Goodbye July

Holy freaking cannoli, I cannot believe that July is gone.  I can’t handle anything about this summer or how little of it I’ve gotten to relax through.  Enjoying and making the most out of this summer means I’m very, very tired, but I think these little things were worth it:


[1] I’ve spent every single July weekend in Rhode Island and you can watch them all here. [2] I’ve discovered my new favorite ice cream place in Charlestown, RI. [3] And I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream in general. [4] I’ve been playing with make-up, despite the heat. [5] I enjoyed a beautiful Boston sunset over the Charles. [6] I checked out Hokusai at the MFA and absolutely fell in love. [7] My hair started cooperating, miraculously. [8] I’ve found moments of peace on hectic days. [9] And I’ve eaten so much delicious seafood!

I’m thankful we still have one summer month left.  Tell me some of your favorite July memories!

Julep Maven: May & Unboxing!

Well, well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve featured a Julep Maven box, hasn’t it?  That’s because Maven now lets you skip months.  It’s been wonderful for my wallet and let’s be honest, I have far too much nail polish!  March and April just didn’t have any colors that grabbed me, but May was another story.  Here’s what I got:


Jessica | Described as a soft baby blue crème, I would classify this as more of a muted sky. It’s darker than “baby blue” if you ask me, and it’s almost identical to one of my favorite Revlon shades, Dreamer.

Vanna | Simply described as “magnolia crème,” I liked this off-white-ish shade even though I had no idea what to expect from magnolia. Magnolias do come in different colors, after all. I stand by what I said in my unboxing, this is a buttercream! It reads white from afar, but it’s got a peachy undertone— sometimes I pick up pink, sometimes yellow.

Nail Decals – Gold Anchors | This is pretty self-explanatory, but how cute are these stick-on nail decals going to be for summer? You know this girl is obsessed with anchors and all things nautical!

I also got: a free polish coupon, (try that code out for yourself!) and some salt water taffy… that I may actually eat!

So here’s a fun new thing… (more…)

Weekend Recap: Bites, Sips, & Splurges

I had such a fantastic weekend that I wanted to share it with all of you!  Yes, Saturday gave us an unwanted spring snowstorm, but Sunday made up for it with the sunshine.  Here’s what I did last weekend:

Saturday, I made plans with my friend Chelsea to meet at a new donut shop, Blackbird Doughnuts.  This place is insanely popular and we had to wait in line that wove around the shop while a new batch baked.


I tried the cinnamon sugar stack of three mini-donuts while Chelsea went for the lemon coconut.  I was head over heels for mine, and Chelsea enjoyed hers as well!  I will definitely be making a return trip to Blackbird Doughnuts!

Sunday, since it was such a beautiful day, I made some last minute plans to walk around Boston’s North End with my cousin Amanda and her roommate Marisa.  We got sidetracked walking through Faneuil Hall when we stumbled upon Uno de 50.

Headquartered in Madrid, Uno de 50 has unique pieces hand-crafted by Spanish artists.  Each piece is slightly different because they are all made by hand!  The store only gets 6 pieces of each item, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see someone walking around with your jewelry on.  I was slightly disappointed to see that they have a website, but still, the hand-made differences make, for example, the ring I selected look nothing like the website’s version.

We had a great shopping experience with super friendly staff who wasn’t afraid to pull the store apart so we could try on anything and everything.  They poured us wine while we shopped– a sparkling, fruity blush.  There was also a promotion going on where we got a free bracelet, tote bag, and journal with our purchases.

I chose an adorable skull bracelet & cool key wrap ring!

I chose an adorable skull bracelet & cool key wrap ring!  Amanda snapped the wine while we shopped!

What we loved was that each piece has a two-year warranty and can be brought in for free cleaning once per month!  We each left with two pieces!

Off our wine and shopping buzz, we took to the waterfront and the North End enjoying the sun and warmth of the day.  We, of course, stopped by my favorite place, Mike’s Pastry, for a couple of canoli for the Cassaro girls and a zeppole for Marisa!  After enjoying our desserts in the park, we headed home.

more photo credit to Amanda for this shot of me in front of the water.  Nautical + Italian = perfection!  That's the North end.

more photo credit to Amanda for this shot of me in front of the water. Nautical + Italian = perfection! That’s the North end.

I can’t even explain how nice this weekend was!  It definitely felt like spring, even though it’s snowed twice in the last three days…  How was everyone else’s weekend?  And what do you think of my new jewelry?

Christmas Vacation Haul

As I’ve been saying, I took a bit of time off around Christmas to have a nice, long vacation. I got to enjoy the holiday in upstate New York with my family and I got to come back home, play video games (stayed tuned for ORAS progress tomorrow!) and of course, shop! I wanted to share with some of the new things I brought home!



Top Row: Santa Baby

Mom & Dad got me this classic Omega timepiece for Christmas/my birthday, which is fast approaching! | My awesome parents also searched far & wide for this Martha Stewart dachshund pillow! I’m obsessed with dachshunds. | Martha Steward does me good every Christmas. You know you’re old when you’re psyched to unwrap mixing bowls!

Middle Row: Nicole Spends Money

Every relative is supporting my coffee habit this year. I’m swimming in Starbucks gift cards! | I picked up Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl at B&N last week. I guess this is officially my first read of 2015! | I gave in and started my Amiibo collection last week with the purchase of Pikachu & Kirby!

Bottom Row: Always Accessorize

My brother got me the Alex & Ani skeleton key earrings from the Providence Collection! I’d wanted these so badly! | When he ordered them for me, these Sacred Stud Anchors came up under “you may also like.” He thought I would also like and got them for me too! And I really do! | I bought myself a FitBit Flex on New Year’s Eve. It’s taken me a while to be able to fasten it on myself and to get it to track my sleep, but now that I’ve figured it out, I really like it!


What did you get for the holidays?

Photo Finish: Summer 2014

Though the season itself isn’t quite done, I can’t help but feel September’s approach means that summer is slipping away.  School is starting again for those who work in them or attend, and there’s already a cooler feeling to the air.  Well, I’ve got to say that this New England girl had a wonderful summer in Massachusetts and Rhode Island!


{1} Hi, neighbor!  Fourth of July Nails meets Narragansett beers {2} I am all about that porch life, and I thank it for my summer reading success and my super tan legs {3} summer isn’t complete without lobster!  I like the messy, do-it-yourself approach {4} a trip to Newport, Rhode Island and another helping of lobster at the Red Parrot {5} beach hair, no make up, no problems {6} I’m officially a blonde again {7} an amazing Boston view from a Beacon Hill apartment rooftop!  {8} snapped this in Narragansett, Rhode Island while we waited to order clam chowder, fritters, and stuffies {9} Chelsea, Kelsey, and me outside Watch Hill Lighthouse!


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Gilligan on Tuesday

Ah, my favorite night!  Not only did Gilligan’s Island have one of the most memorable theme songs of all time, but the lesser known closing theme was bomb too.

To be honest, I can’t pinpoint what it was about Gilligan’s Island that made me love this show as much as I did.  There were only three seasons, the first of which was in black and white– not even 100 episodes.  I was 9 when I fell in love with this show.  I was young, yes, but show was old.  It started and ended long before I was born.  Yet, there was something about this show that appealed to me.  I could laugh appropriately, the humor not being too advanced for a kid.  Television in the ’60s was tame, eh?  Really, it was the colorful cast of characters– the 7 stranded castaways of the S.S. Minnow that kept me coming back to Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan’s antics, always ridiculous, kept the castaways island-bound.  The Skipper, well he often got caught up in his “little buddy’s” goof-ups.  The millionaire and his wife were my real favorites– Thurston Howell II and Lovey (who’s name was Eunice, but nobody seems to know that) were a joy for me to watch.   The way they seem to ignore the meager accommodations an uncharted island offers and still live like their on a resort, well, that’s the life, isn’t it?  Mrs. Howell was always my favorite of the girls– Ginger and Mary Ann never really did anything for me.  The professor, though, and his coconut-creations, propelled many-a plot line of rescue attempts, only to be foiled by Gilligan himself.  Rather cyclical, isn’t it?  And that was it.  Every episode the same.  Silly, but oh so fun.  Perhaps this is where I get my love for the episodic format.  We got to know the castaways in those 98 episodes.  We got to love those castaways.

It was something special, and that’s why people still recognize this three season show that premiered 50 years ago.

So join us here each week, my friends, you’re sure to get a smile from 7 stranded castaways here on Gilligan’s Isle