Myers & Chang

Date Night + Target Trip

I guess this is the vlog answer to, “what is it like living with your boyfriend?”  It’s great!  We get to spend a lot of time together, have nice date nights, make/eat desserts… and agonize over which laundry detergent to buy.  So, a weekend in domestic bliss awaits!

Also, how y’all feeling about this Pokémon Go patch?

Miss ya, March


If the infrequency with which I’ve posted this month isn’t a clue, I’ll tell you now: March was awesome!  Usually, this is a tough, long, cold month.  Instead, it was awesome.

[1] We made cinnamon bun waffles. [2] But mostly Matt just cooked for me. [3] I dyed my hair PURPLE. [4] My best friend became a certified Body Pump instructor. [5] We went to Myers & Chang on a special date night. [6] We went to CHICAGO. [7] Where we ate the best meal ever at Girl & the Goat. [8] And the best breakfasts ever at The Bongo Room. [9] And saw some beautiful places, like Garfield Park Conservatory!

Many more Chicago pictures to come, and hopefully just as much awesome in April!  Follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to this month!