MOH Diaries & #Pokemon20

This is my first official installment in my Maid of Honor Diaries series, since my cousin has officially asked me to be her MOH.   (She asked back when I was in Houston about a day after she got engaged, but I don’t blame her for being excited!)

This is my last official installment in my #Pokemon20 Mythical hunt.  I included getting Magearna in here too since the weekend vlog was so short!  We were busy seeing my cousin SLAY as Annie in Annie Jr.  I wish I had a clip of her singing, you guys!  The wouldn’t let us take photos or video… children’s theatre, man.

Favorites Week: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s Shark Week everywhere else, but it’s Favorites Week here on!  This is something I’ve been toying around with for a while– highlighting some of my absolute favorite episodes of my absolute favorite shows.  I’ve decided, for the scope of this week, I’d highlight my top 5 episodes of 5 favorite shows.  We’ll be 5 by 5 at the end of the week, which leads me into today’s show, my number one favorite: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!




Earshot [S3E18]

An brush leaves Buffy to inherit an “aspect of the demon” which turns out to be telepathy.  This makes for a lot of humor with Buffy reading people’s thoughts.  It also makes for a very interesting concept in that she (unlike Sookie Stackhouse) cannot shut the voices off.  It gives her, and us, an opportunity to consider that everyone has their own internal struggles.  As Buffy says to Jonathan– “If you could hear what they were feeling. The loneliness. The confusion. It looks quiet down there. It’s not. It’s deafening.”


Pangs [S4E08]

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and Thanksgiving-themed episodes will appear on another list later in the week! At a particularly seasonally appropriate time, a Chumash Indian site is disturbed by Xander (as part of a construction crew) unleashing a vengeful spirit.  What I love about this episode is its comedy– from Anya’s classification of the holiday as “a ritual sacrifice with pie” to Spike, held hostage and tied to the chair, commenting, “You made a bear!  Undo it!”  The final scene with the motley crew sitting down to a meal with an arrow sticking out of a pumpkin says it all— see above!


Hush [S4E10]

This episode is absolutely brilliant– a full 27 minutes go by without any dialogue and the story is so engaging!  The premise is this: fairytale villains called The Gentlemen roll into town and steal everyone’s voices.  It starts with a creepy, classic horror dream in which a young girl sings a nursery rhyme indicating “they need to take seven” human hearts “and the might take yours.”  Hush explores communication in its characters and with its audience.  This is an absolute must-watch!


Once More with Feeling [S6E07]

This episode is a musical, and I know, musicals may not be everyone’s thing.  They do happen to be my thing, though!  With magic in play, it’s easy to rationalize why everyone is singing, although the Scooby Gang is stuck for an explanation at first.  All of Sunnydale is suddenly singing, dancing, and letting all their feelings out.  At a time when the characters are dealing with heavy emotions, music makes it enjoyable for us while still letting us experience these emotions.


Tabula Rasa [S6E08]

Fresh off the open wounds from OMWF’s airing of emotional baggage, everyone wishes they could just forget.  Willow takes this to the extreme and a spell goes awry making the Scooby Gang forget entirely who they are.  What would it be like to wake up with no idea who you are?  Watching them piece together clues about their own identities and each other’s with varying inaccuracies is super fun.  They also forget about demons… that’s fun to watch them find out, too.


Now it’s your turn!  What are you favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes?

Not Getting Married Today

Life has been so crazy lately that I really haven’t had time to write anything personal.  My brother graduated last weekend, which caused me to miss a post, so the Amazing Race finale recap went up late.  I’m hoping this weekend’s festivities don’t cause any other delays!  (This is your warning in case they do.)

One of my best and oldest friends is getting married this weekend.  Because I keep saying that, I’ve had the below song stuck in my head for at least two weeks.  They have absolutely nothing to do with each other, just that it’s wedding-related.



I’m completely in love with the musical Company.  My relationship with this show started out super rocky.  I was first introduced to it in college.  My then-boyfriend was playing David in his college’s production.  I was not wild about this.  My then-boyfriend had to be married in this play!  I was jealous.  Because being 20 is super hard.  I went to the show in a kind of begrudging manner.  He assured me that the show displays marriage in a negative light, which I thought was even worse, as at the time, I thought we’d marry one day.  What I found in Company is a truly unique social commentary.  I do not think it necessarily casts a shadow on marriage, but I do think it deals with some deeper emotional aspects of the human experience.

Stephen Sondheim, who provided the music and lyrics for the show, said, “Broadway theater has been for many years supported by upper-middle-class people with upper-middle-class problems. These people really want to escape that world when they go to the theatre, and then here we are with Company talking about how we’re going to bring it right back in their faces.”

The 5 married couples in Company present the main character, Robert, with a shiny surface view of marriage, that he is occasionally envious of.  However, scratch that surface and see 10 individuals each struggling with their own issues and coexisting as a couple.  Oh, and spoiler alert: Amy and Paul do indeed get married after all this.  This hilarious exploration of Amy’s pre-wedding mind is just the kind of dichotomy Company loves to highlight.

Even in the relationship-happiness fog of my very early 20’s, I loved the subtle sadness of this show.  Company is profoundly beautiful, and the musical numbers are to die for!  The Broadway revival starring Neil Patrick Harris and Stephen Colbert is available on Hulu.  It also features the beautiful Christina Hendricks as one of the three girlfriends Robert (Harris) has throughout the show.  The version of (Not) Getting Married Today above is from this revival, and I cannot recommend watching it highly enough!

Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the wedding of the lovely couple I’m about to attend.  Tomorrow is for Stacie!

Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!


Clone Club Catch-Up: Orphan Black is Back

Orphan Black season 2 kicked off last weekend! I’ve said before that I’ve been eagerly awaiting this show. BBC America did an adorable little countdown, and I happened to be in a cable-ready location so I could catch the premier! Here’s what went down in “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed.”

After discovering Kira and Mrs. S missing, Sarah runs through the streets distraught, not knowing what to do next. She runs through her phone for help— Felix doesn’t pick up. She enters a diner to get out of the rain and make more calls. Alison and Cosima’s phones are disconnected, but she leaves a message for Paul. Paul rings back, but it’s Rachel on the other end who says she can reunite with Kira if Sarah surrenders. Two men enter the diner— a cowboy and a preacher. They approach Sarah, take her gun, and try to make her leave with them. “I think we’ll let the lady leave on her own,” says the cook who had given soggy Sarah a free cup of tea and now has a shotgun focused on the cowboy. “You sure, Sarah?” asks the preacher, “We’ve come to take you to Kira.” The preacher shoots the cook, the shotgun fires and hits the cowboy, and Sarah is off and running. She boards herself into the bathroom, but the preacher is behind her and she is trapped. She kicks her way out through the bathroom wall. She’s off to find Fee and formulate a plan, which involves getting a new gun from Alison.

Cosima is sick. Delphine is urging her to take the job offer from Dr. Leekie in order to figure out the respiratory illness. She puts Cosima on the list for the big Dyad party that evening. Cosima, however, wants to do her biological research on her own. Unfortunately for her, Delphine steals a vial of her blood and brings in to Leekie.

Alison is looking to turn over a new leaf— no more alcohol, no more “mommy’s little helpers.” She uses her drug hook-up, Ramon, to secure an unregistered gun for Sarah. She’s in a musical… a really bizarre one. Since Ainsley’s death, she’s the lead.


The supporting cast helps her “clean up after the unfortunate death.” Well, that’s dark!

Art and Angie and tailing Alison in hopes to discover what her connection is to their former colleague Beth and their suspect, Sarah. They catch Sarah on her way to meet Alison and question her about the diner incident. Art wants to check out her story. While Angie goes into the diner, Art and Sarah chat. She spills that they’ve got her daughter, and Art reminds her that she was about to tell him everything. Upon Angie’s return, Art tells her the case doesn’t exist and makes her let Sarah go. “She almost trusts me, Angie.”

Sarah sets a lose plan into action—

She makes a deal with Daniel for her surrender, but gives Alison’s details to create a diversion.

Alison’s pepper spray and rape whistle combo was hilarious. She’s still my favorite clone.

Alison’s pepper spray and rape whistle combo was hilarious. She’s still my favorite clone.

Despite doing a flawless Beth, a woman she had never met before, Sarah does a very poor Cosima impersonation. With the exception of Delpine, it fools people at the Dyad party, and she’s able to sneak in with no problem and confront Rachel.

Rachel reveals she lied and they don’t have Kira. Sarah pulls the gun, but Paul steps in with a gun of his own and tells her to put it down. She does, but not before knocking Rachel out. Paul decides to let her go. Who’s side is he on?

Sarah shows up at Art’s, not knowing anywhere else to go. The time has come to tell him everything. He lets her know that the men in the diner were not Dyad people, but religious zealots— Helena’s people, Proletheans.

That horrifying Helena theme music plays, and we see her bloody footprints track down the hall of a hospital before she collapses. “My sister shot me,” she says before going down.


  • I wanted Helena to be dead so badly. Based on the preview for next week, doctors are confused as to how she survived a gunshot to the chest too. I really can’t see her ever joining the Clone Club.
  • I don’t trust anybody. I don’t trust Donnie, I don’t trust Paul, and I don’t trust Delphine. I do, however, want to trust Art. I’m glad Sarah is telling him the truth. I think this can only help her.
  • Rachel really seems to be running the show at the Dyad. Even Leekie doesn’t know what she’s up to.  There are just so many questions here.  I can’t see her joining the Clone Club either!

There are a lot of threats, a lot of layers, and of course, so much we don’t know yet. Any theories? What did you guys think of the season two premier?