At the End of the Universe

Remember the time I traveled 1,847 miles for art?  Then asked my boyfriend if he even liked art?*


The main purpose of our Houston trip was to see Kusama: At the End of the Universe at the MFA Houston.  I can’t recommend travelling for art enough!  Think about how many people visit the Louvre every year.  Sure, Houston’s not Paris, but this exhibit was well worth the trip.

Yayoi Kusama’s infinity boxes are mirror room exhibits that you step into and experience.  At the End of the Universe is in Houston for roughly another week, (September 18th,) so if you can go see it, I recommend you do.  I couldn’t let the opportunity to see these infinity rooms go, so I took it!  The added benefit was getting to see a new city.  Our only regret is we didn’t get to see this exhibit again!  We were only able to snipe tickets for Monday, as they sold out fast for the weekend.

Matt recorded the experience on his GoPro, and I didn’t want to slice the clips up for my vlog, so I’ve made another little video so you can experience Kusama: At the End of the Universe too!

*He doesn’t, for the record, but he still loved this exhibit!


If you follow me on instagram or watch my vlogs, you know I went to check out the Hokusai exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts last week.  I was glad I found time to see it, as I knew I’d like it… I just had no idea how much!  This has been my favorite collection since Chihuly a couple of summers ago, reminding me how much I need the MFA in my life!

You might know Hokusai from the Great Wave:

Red might have tried to sell this to you in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Red might have tried to sell this to you in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Hokusai closes at the MFA Boston on August 9, so I highly recommend you see it before it’s gone!  A collection of works by pupils of Hokusai is coming at the end of August, and I cannot wait!  I took a million pictures, but I’ll share a few more with you here. (more…)