ANTM recap: I finally like cycle 21

Well guys, third time’s the charm.  I knew it would get better once we got to photo shoots.  Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Romeo, the resident Wiccan, says he did a spell for Danny to get eliminated.  Since Danny did not make it to the finalists, Romeo has his witchcraft set on Ivy now.  Last time I checked, this is not how Wicca works… hope it doesn’t come back to him threefold!

The models compete in a risqué runway show in which they wear nothing but silly string… erm, off-brand silly string that they call foam string or something.  The clear standout to me was Keith.  Where some get silly string in their eyes, Keith maintains a stare through the foam that goes straight to your soul.  He smolders.  I also like Will, finding him facially gorgeous despite being nervous about his body.

Keith wins the challenge and the keys to the Tyra Suite.  He takes Kari as his guest.  They share a bed.  Sexy kinda?  I can see this in the Tyra Suite, but it seems like everyone is coupling off and sleeping in the same bed.  Matthew and Marjana cuddle up as well.  The next morning, Marjana feels guilty when she learns her boyfriend back home is promoting her on Twitter.  Matthew learns of this boyfriend and is totally distracted.

For the photo shoot challenge, they’re shooting in black & white, slow motion, and underwear.  Oh, and they’re also getting absolutely drenched in water.  Tyra says something about the men’s abs being boom boom boom, and the ladies have boom boom wow.  She teaches this like it’s factual, like she just told them the capital of Michigan in Lansing.

A lot of people struggle in the water.  Notably, Will who is yelled at my Yu Tsai– “What’s your problem?”  Um, excuse me?  Not very Jay Manuel like.  They’re also creating the theme song scenes, so Tyra goes first and absolutely kills it.  Lenox seems to be the only one to attempt the hair whip that Tyra advised.  She does well, as does Keith.  I think Shei looks great, but Tyra calls is hoochie.  I can definitely see this, but I still enjoyed watching her.

Back at the house, Adam continues his frat boy antics and drinks drinks drinks.  There are 18-year-olds (like Marjana) and other under-age kids in this competition… I bet they had to sign something assuring they wouldn’t drink.  Anyway, Adam’s annoying.


IMG_0663I’ve decided that Matthew is literally the hottest.  He and Marjana’s “break-up” is basically announced in judging.  He’s 24, which is not too young for me.  Forget Marjana and call me maybe.  His picture is not great, but his face is.  Look at this cutie!





Lenox’s picture is my favorite in the bunch.  There’s a lot of scoring, which I still can’t get on board with.  Kelly Cutrone is hilarious, as usual.  Tyra scores everyone higher than they deserve.  The runway challenge score, photo judging scores, and social media scores are added.  The contestants are called out highest score to lowest, resulting in the following order:

  • Keith
  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Chantelle
  • Ben
  • Romeo
  • Kari
  • Adam
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will

Ivy is eliminated.  Romeo’s magic is at work!  I’ve got my eyes on Matthew and Lenox right now.  Who do you want to be on top?

WCW: Allison Harvard

I’d been complaining for a while about not being able to watch the early seasons– the ones I like– of America’s Next Top Model.  Apparently, the Hulu Plus gods heard my prayers and seasons 1 through 12 are now available to stream!

I started my ANTM binge with 12 for one reason: Allison Harvard.  She’s my Woman Crush this Wednesday.  Can I please look like this girl?


Tyra keeps saying she chose Allison for her unique look and “model features.”  Let me tell you all, I went to high school with a girl who turned out to be a beautiful model and she was the most awkward-looking teen I have ever seen.  Models are not “pretty” in a straight-forward sort of way.

Allison, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful.  Tyra insists she needs to overcome her “quirkiness” throughout season 12.  I think this very quirkiness is what makes Allison so beautiful.  All art is subjective, so while the judges say she gives the same face in many photos, I say they’re absolutely lovely and I like that face!

If you browse her Wikipedia page, you’ll see Allison has worked as a model despite not winning either ANTM season in which she appeared.  More impressively, Allison is an artist.  You see her creativity in the styling challenge, and you can check around the web for some of her beautiful paintings.

Allison is my favorite model to grace ANTM. She’s so much more than just a pretty face!