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November already?!  November is my favorite month because Thanksgiving is coming!  Sadly, my favorite season is flying by.  Here are the ‘gram-worthy moments from October:


[1] For a while, it was cool enough to be sweater weather!  This week, New England is experiencing Indian summer.  Woof. [2] Fall foliage in the suburbs– you can’t beat it! [3] I’ve been loving Pac Sun tees.  Check out my latest favorites video to see more! [4] Sunset over the Chestnut Hill reservoir… not a bad view! [5] I battled sickness basically all of October.  Good thing I had a seasonally appropriate cup from which to drink tea! [6] Pumpkin patch love at Pakeen Farms! [7] I touched up the blonde; I’m committed! [8] I took my first trip to Ogawa Coffee– Boston is the first US location, but there are 35 around Kyoto, Japan!  This caramel latte was delicious and went well with Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. [9] Halloween Chanel-o-ween!  Scream Queens with Celina.

I also put up a surprise new video over the weekend, so be sure to check out & subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Are you lamenting the flight of autumn, or already looking forward to the holiday season?!  I’m a little bit in the middle.  Let me know!

Links for a New World [04]


  • Blank Space – You all obviously know from yesterday’s post that I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift’s newest music video.  If for some reason you haven’t seen this masterpiece, watch it immediately.
  • Font for Dyslexics – Dyslexie is a typeface that makes things easier to read for people with Dyslexia.  I think this is phenomenal; anything that gets more people reading is so important.
  • Queen Bey – Beyoncé was a category on Jeopardy this week, and I’m proud to say that I could answer this whole column.  You try!  How’d you do?
  • Mindy & Stephen – I love when people I like like each other.  Stephen Colbert introduced Mindy Kaling at Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year this past week, and I love that too.
  • Justine & Aisha – I repeat, I love when people I like like each other!  iJustine posted a WCW a day early this week and posted a picture of her with Aisha Tyler.  I love these two woman and freaking love seeing them together.
  • Go Find Yourself – Since most of my content for today’s LFANW comes from Twitter, why not continue that trend?  Go ahead and check out #GG2D and/or Lisa Edelstein’s retweets of fans like myself showing support for the upcoming Bravo series “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.”
  • Jessica Lange on Elsa – My obsession with Jessica Lange is unwavering.  E Online interviewed the American Horror Story star on her character, Elsa Mars.  I’m still hoping and praying that this is not her last season on AHS, because GOD she is perfection.
  • Speaking of which.  I literally love you, Jessica Lange.

Favorites Week: The Office

Alright, friends, you may have noticed so far that I really appreciate the comedic moments of the two shows I’ve highlighted for Favorites Week.  Well, from here on out I’m talking about comedies!  What is life without lots of laughter?  Today’s favorite is a show that always cheers me up when I’m down: The Office.

The Dundies

This classic episode has Regional Manager Michael Scott hosting his yearly “awards show,” an employee recognition event that he invented called The Dundies.  Each employee receive little trophies of men with briefcases and Michael provides a lot of unwanted entertainment.  It’s held in a local Chili’s.  As usual, we see Michael acting foolish, but when his illusion of grandeur starts falling apart, Dunder Mifflin Scranton rallies and lets him have fun.  Oscar says it best: The dundies are kinda like a kid’s birthday party, and you go, and there’s really nothing for you to do there, but the kid’s having a really good time so you’re kinda there.  Pam gets super drunk on margaritas and proclaims, I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.

The Injury

This is hands-down my favorite episode of the office, and it starts with Michael stepping on a George Foreman grill… which he has left cooking 6 slices of bacon by his bed.  It actually only gets more ridiculous from here.  Michael calls the office screaming in pain asking Ryan to come help him.  Instead, Dwight comes to the rescue.  On his rush out of the parking lot, he smashes his car into a telephone pole, stumbles out, projectile vomits, gets back in the car and drives to get Michael.  Meanwhile, the whole office is watching– “Ooh Dwight,” Jim says, “You forgot your bumper!”  The whole episode has a melodramatic Michael complain about his foot burn while a severely concussed Dwight tries to push through the brain injury.


This episode is excellent for two reasons.  The first and foremost is Jim & Pam’s visit to Schrute Farms. They discover Dwight is running a bed and breakfast of sorts and can’t resist the strange experience of spending the night there.  B&B activities include table-making demonstrations, beet wine-making, a bit of farming, and Dwight reading an excerpt of Harry Potter before they go to sleep.  Jim also follows a mysterious wailing to find Dwight crying over Angela.  Pam discovers Dwight’s cousin Mose in an outhouse.  Very normal stuff.  They leave him a fantastic TripAdvisor review, which thankfully, you can actually view on TripAdvisor!  The second wonderful thing, and namesake of the episode, is Michael’s literal proclamation: I declare bankruptcy!  We actually get a nice Michael/Jan moment out of Michael’s money troubles too.

Fun Run

This is actually two episodes, but they share a name and plot lines.   This great episodes starts off with a bang– Michael hits Meredith with his car, accidentally of course, but gosh is it hilarious.

Guess what, I have flaws.  What are they?  Oh, I don’t know.  I sing n the shower.  Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering.  Occasionally I hit somebody with my car.  So sue me… no, don’t sue me.

When Meredith is hospitalized, we find out she has rabies.  Feeling badly about his part in it all, Michael has the office put on a fun run for rabies awareness and also Meredith.  Michael has a tough time at said fun run, because his idea of carbo-loading is fettucini alfredo and no water.  Dwight and Angela’s relationship comes to an end when Dwight kills Angela’s cat Sprinkles by shutting her in the freezer.  So, all around good times.  Jim & Pam’s relationship is confirmed at the end of this one.

Weight Loss

This is another two-part episode.  I love this for Jim and Pam’s adorable proposal, I love Angela’s continued affair despite her engagement to Andy, and I love Phyllis blackmailing her with this knowledge for control of the Party Planing Committee.  All of these things are great.  While the aforementioned proposal and Michael and Holly’s budding relationship make this episode stand out in the minds of most, this has always stood out to me for Kelly Kapoor’s dieting.  The very premise of the episode is that the branch that loses most weight collectively wins extra vacation days.  Kelly decides to swallow a tape worm (which she bought from Creed and is actually not a tape worm).  They way she laments, “I hate dieting, I hate it so much.  I hate this worm in my stomach!” only to have Michael misunderstand just cracks me up.

Bonus: If I’m having a bad day, I youtube this wonderful scene from an episode not mentioned about.  I simply cannot keep a straight face through it!

Mindy Moments: French Me, You Idiot

The Mindy Project came back this week!  I couldn’t wait to see Danny and Mindy post-kiss.  I might be a little obsessed with Danny Castellano, and I’m definitely obsessed with Mindy Kaling and thus Mindy Lahiri by extension.

First off, points for an awesome episode title!  Here are my favorites moments from this episode:

“And those eyelashes, I mean they’re just so long!”

“They are?”

“You’re like a pony.” (Mindy & Danny)


“If I go home tonight alone, I will kill a homeless person.”

“WHAT?” (Cliff & Mindy)


And my favorite:

IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0441

I’ll admit, I was frustrated with this episode, but we did get some cute moments.

What did you guys think of French Me, You Idiot?

Match Day ’14

Today is Match Day, the day when medical students learn where they will be completing their residency programs.  I know this not because I, nor anyone in my immediate or extended family has ever attended medical school, but because my brain is basically an external hard drive of information not readily useful.  I’m interested in a lot of things, okay?

In celebration of March Day, let’s talk about some of my favorite TV doctors.

Dr. Lahiri of The Mindy Project


Name: Mindy Lahiri
Occupation: OB/GYN at Shulman’s Women’s Health Associates
Credentials: Princeton University undergrad, Columbia University for medical school.

Though her personal life sometimes seems to be a mess, Dr. L takes her job seriously.  She is warm, friendly, and strives to make her patients happy.  Well-educated and well-qualified, Mindy is the kind of doctor any girl would be happy to have.  Plus, I’ve never met a Mindy Kaling character that I wouldn’t want to be friends with in real life.  Are you supposed to want to be friends with your OB/GYN?  I don’t know how that works.

Dr. House of House


Name: Gregory House
Occupation: M.D., Head of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Credentials: Board certified diagnostician with a double specialty in nephrology and infection disease.  Graduated from Johns Hopkins University for undergrad, (which he then attended for medical school but was expelled,) then University of Michigan for medical school.

House has no bedside manner and he doesn’t trust you like at all.  Most of his patients don’t even see him with their own eyes.  Oh, he’s also a drug addict, which is not a quality I would tolerate in a medical professional.  However, how many patients has House lost, 2?  The amount of mind-boggling cases he and his diagnostic team have solves speak for themselves.  If there’s something wrong with you and you don’t know what it is, this is the man you want on the case.

Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama


Name: John A. Zoidberg
Occupation: Ship’s Doctor for Planet Express
Credentials: questionable.  He practices human internal medicine, but his doctorate is actually in art history.

Dr. Zoidberg’s knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is lacking, which is a major detriment in a doctor.  The good thing about Zoidberg is that medical technology has improved so much by the year 3000 that he can reattach limbs or even your head if need be!  He may under-qualified, but with all of the crazy injuries the Planet Express crew has endured, the fact that none of them are dead is a ringing endorsement for Zoidberg in my book.

Are you a soon-to-be real doctor (or friend or family member thereof)?  I want to hear your Match Day story!

Is your favorite TV doctor not on the list?  Tell me who!