Japan Haul!

I couldn’t wait another minute to share this video because it’s so late exciting!

I think you all can probably tell that life has gotten pretty busy lately, but I’m so happy that I’ve finally gotten around to editing my massive Japan haul.  I hope you enjoy!

What I Read: April 2017

It’s officially May, which means summer is right around the corner!  Wow, the beginning of the year went so fast.  Sadly, my reading streak has stalled.  Thanks to my amazing Japan trip and the jet lag that followed, I did not read 15 books in April like I did in January, February, and March.  However, I did read 7 books, which keeps me on track to hit my goal of 100 this year!!


Index and my latest B&N purchases.  Can you guess what they are?  Check out my TBR on Goodreads!



Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity 12


For all my complaining last week, I ended up loving the Sailor Moon Crystal season wrap-up.  I still think the cats were under-utilized, but hey, what are you going to do?

The battle was really over.  It took a jolt to Sailor Moon to awaken the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and drive Pharaoh 90 away.  With that, Sailor Saturn did not have to swing down her Silence Glaive and destroy the world.  She was able to sacrifice herself to finish the job and, with a little help from Sailor Pluto, seal him and the Tau Star System away for good.

I don’t know how I had forgotten about baby Hotaru until Sailor Saturn started talking about rebirth.  So sweet.  Michiru picks her up and decides she, Haruka, and Setsuna will all parent this girl who is getting a second chance at life.

I think we ended on a good note– sort of bittersweet, but leading right into the next season.  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 11


Let’s start by saying that I am psyched to see Sailor Saturn (finally!) in this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal.  Unfortunately, that means it’s the end of the season of my favorite arc… in the original anime, anyway, and I’m not feeling the same warm & fuzzies.

Where we focused on Michiru and Haruka for a bit at the beginning of a much shorter season than the original anime presented, I so miss the love story.  I miss the rose petals.  I miss the anguish of their duty.  I miss the overlying happiness than they found each other in all of this.  Haruka seemingly has a better relationship with Usagi than Michiru.

Master Pharaoh 90 seeped through the world super fast this season– all the inners attacks plus a Rainbow Double Moon Heartache from Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon couldn’t do anything to quell the spread of evil.  In fact, it seems he’s absorbing their power as he did with Mistress 9.  For some reason, Sailor Moon decides unleashing the power of the Moon Chalice and Millennium Silver Crystal inside of him will hurt him and not, as we’ve seen, give him more power to absorb.  Everyone is completely convinced she’s dead including Luna, Artemis, and Diana who literally only sit behind computer screens throughout this season.  I miss when the cats did things!

Sailor Saturn rises and is about to bring down her silence glaive.  We are left with this moment, and one episode to wrap it all up.  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 10


This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal was another seemingly slow episode to me because I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sailor Saturn.

Hotaru & Chibiusa were the stars of this episode.  Trapped inside the body of Mistress 9, Hotaru is guarding the soul of Chibiusa and the Legendary Silver Crystal.  Since Mistress 9 can’t pull at the crystal’s power, she devours the souls of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus… only Hotaru won’t let her have those either.  Realizing she herself is just a soul, Hotaru restores the souls of the sailor senshi.  She revives Chibiusa and promptly fades away out of existence.  Still, she felt something greater in herself… we see a silhouette of Sailor Saturn for now.

Chibiusa is heartbroken over the loss of her dear friend.  It gives her the strength to fight along with the other sailor senshi.  It’s funny, but her Pink Sugar Heart Attack does more than Sailor Moon’s Moon Spiral Heart Attack.  Chibi Moon wishes to be like Sailor Moon, and when the senshi lend Sailor Moon their power for a Super Sailor Moon upgrade, another chalice appears and we meet Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

And the battle is on!  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 9


Yesterday’s Sailor Moon Crystal was not much of a plot advancer, but we did get a few tidbits.

We see Hotaru’s strength to reach past Mistress 9’s control and call out to Chibiusa.  Thanks to Hotaru, Mistress 9 is not able to use the full power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and Chibiusa’s soulless body feels a little warmer.

We get a whole lot of backstory for Hotaru’s father– this episode was mostly backstory about Pharaoh 90’s alien invasion.  Things I maybe didn’t know:

  • Kaorinite was an innocent in this until Pharaoh 90 made her a vessel
  • Hotaru’s father is not innocent in this– he chose to implant the egg of Mistress 9 in his daughter and he was doing crude science on her broken body before the aliens ever invaded

We see Hotaru’s father transform into a crazy daimon-hybrid– somehow he must rip his lab coat off to reveal jagged teeth– and he attacks the group of Sailor senshi in the basement– Moon, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.  Meanwhile Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus upstairs get blown away.  Super Sailor Moon’s power up fades and she becomes Sailor Moon again.  I thought we might get some Sailor Saturn action when Pluto activated her garnet orb, but alas, not yet.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 8


This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal started with the sudden announcement that Chibiusa is, in fact, currently dead.  People don’t really seem as concerned as they should be, because duh, they simply need to restore her soul to her body.  Said soul was ripped out by Mistress 9, who swallows the Legendary Silver Crystal by the time the episode is done.  Mamoru uses himself as life support for Chibiusa’s body, which they have no problem stealing from whatever hospital she resided in.  While that happens, the outer senshi decide that killing Hotaru is for sure the only way to help Chibiusa.

Mistress 9 makes it clear that Kaorinite must take care of the sailor senshi, so Kaorinite revives the Witches 5, ’cause that worked so well last time.  The Witches 5 separate the inners and trap them in their dreams.  Sailor Moon sees through the ploy and the outer senshi see that the inners are in trouble.  Finally, finally, finally we see them all fight together.


Everyone lends Sailor Moon their power and she becomes Super Sailor Moon again.  This was a fantastic moment, and a great episode!

I’m looking forward to Sailor Saturn awakening… soon!  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 7


“Transformation” was a very satisfying Act for me.  What I love about Sailor Moon the anime & Sailor Moon the character is embodied in the speech she makes to stop the inners & outers from fighting.  We have the same goal, she pleads, so we’re all friends.  The power of love might be cliché, but I still thing it’s not most real thing the world has to offer.

We learn the mission of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto– their talismans, the Space Sword, Aqua Mirror, and Garnet Orb, resonate to awaken Sailor Saturn, who will bring about the end of the world.  Their talismans also resonate to give Sailor Moon the power to become Super Sailor Moon.  This is why they tell her their mission.  Super Sailor Moon is way powered-up with a new attack and Moon Crisis Make-Up!  The group seems to have taken to calling her Super Sailor Moon, though, and I find that a bit excessive…

Back to Sailor Saturn– she is revealed to be Hotaru.  Hotaru’s weak body will only heal if she is awakened as Sailor Saturn, but a swing of her Silence Glaive will bring abou the end of the world.  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have decided to kill her.  Sailor Moon is having none of this.  Chibiusa makes it her mission to save her friend, but when she gets there, Hotaru is not herself.

We see Hotaru struggle with what seems to be dissociative identity disorder earlier in the episode, but by the time Chibi Moon & the Senshi reach her, she is someone totally different.  She has grown tall and has long hair and serves Pharaoh 90 now.  She is Mistress 9, but you might now know that yet!  So hang in there, guys.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 6


The inner and outers senshi finally ally– kind of.  When Pluto’s Dead Scream stops the enemy attack, Neptune and Uranus show up.  Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity before their eyes, and the three outer senshi bow down before her.  It’s not that they’re ready to join the inners, but at least we know they’re all on the same team.

Side note: I was totally wrong about Pluto.  She still remembers her Small Lady, reborn and everything.

Speaking of Chibiusa, she goes to hang out with her friend Hotaru only to discover the secret of Hotaru’s science-ified body.  She runs away in fear, but immediately regrets it, knowing she’s hurt her friend.  Hotaru’s father is revealed to be the bad guy, if you couldn’t tell already.

Kaorinite calls on Cyprine to do what the other Witches 5 could not.  When hit by a Moon Spiral Heat Attack, she splits into herself and Ptiol.  Prepare for trouble; make it double.

We know that the outer senshi have greater power than the inner, and it’s definitely time for some upgrades.  While all the senshi are brainwashed, Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask remain.  Sailor Moon asks them to lend her their power, and the holy grail appears.  It’s time for something major!


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 5


I happen to think this was an amazing episode of Sailor Moon Crystal!  We’ve got the whole cast of characters in play here– and all but Sailor Saturn awakened!

Usagi still is troubled by Haruka and Michiru aka Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune not fighting alongside the inner senshi.  This is one of the reasons why I love Usagi– to her, it’s simple: they are our allies and we should fight together.  Haruka and Michiru have their reasons, but it seems Haruka is struggling with them.  When the senshi are in trouble, even Michiru is quick to recognize their allies are in trouble.  Perhaps a union is not far off.

Sailor Chibi Moon had a wonderful episode.  She is finally given power for a Pink Sugar Heart Attack!  I love that move.  Too bad it, along with all of the inner senshi’s attacks, did nothing to stop the Little Shop of Horrors-esque Tellu.

What did stop Tellu?  DEAD SCREAM.  That’s right, Sailor Pluto!  So happy to see her.  It’s been nice to see Setsuna instead of Sailor Pluto.  This week, Chibiusa noticed Setsuna in passing.  Since Chibiusa and Pluto are close in the future, this must be odd– a newly awakened Sailor Pluto and Setsuna probably don’t know the little princess.

We got satisfyingly abbreviated transformation sequences from everyone who is currently a sailor senshi.  We got a lot of attacks that need upgrading, so that means more soon!  I missed Deep Submerge & World Shaking, but can I just say again how much I loved that Dead Scream?!