Lost Girl

Clone Club Catch-Up: Switch

This weekend’s Orphan Black, “Scarred by Many Frustrations,” lacked my favorite clone, Alison.  In spite of this, there were several very satisfying things about this episode.  I’m finally feeling like the season has a bit of movement and this episode featured another one of my favorites– Ksenia Solo!  I’m not quite going clone-by-clone this time around, but we’ll cover ’em.

Clockwise: S & Fe twerk it out with Gracie, Cosima meets Shay, Sarah tries to appeal to Helena; Helena tells her scorpion to shut up about butter.

Clockwise: S & Fe twerk it out with Gracie, Cosima meets Shay, Sarah tries to appeal to Helena, Helena tells her scorpion to shut up about butter.

Since we’ve mentioned Ksenia, let’s start with Cosima.  She is super awkward on her Sapphire date with Shay, who I totally didn’t recognize as Ksenia Solo– that girl is a chameleon!  Even as Kenzi on Lost Girl, she was constantly transforming.  I love seeing her and Tatiana Maslany on screen together.  I’m really interested in where this relationship is going to go and in who is capturing this date on camera.  Cosima is still a mess post-Delphine and she was distractingly awkward, but Shay is smooth as butter… does she know about the surveillance?  We’ll see.

Now to actual plot progression.  It’s surprised me to see Sarah wake up in captivity next to Helena.  Just as I feared, the relationship between the sisters is damaged.  I’ve assumed for a long time now that Helena would lose her trust in Sarah.  We started this series with her trying to kill her clone sisters, after all.  She seemed steeped in sisterly good will for a while, but when it comes down to it, Helena is programmed to survive.  I didn’t know it would be this moment that would separate them, though.  The work together on the escape plan and Helena is absolutely brilliant.  When it comes time to grab the keys and let Sarah free, Helena leaves her in her cell– “now we’ve even.”  As she escapes, she has second thoughts knowing her sister is in pain, but she listens to her scorpion friend this time and escapes.  Now the military has Sarah and Helena is free… and alone.

We also must talk about Gracie this time around!  I’m a huge Mrs. S fan, so I think this was my favorite storyline.  Gracie visits Art for help, having been told about him by Sarah.  Art brings her to Mrs. S and Felix– she needs a friend now.  Gracie is 18 and finally on her own and is just in the mood for rebellion.  She dresses, as Fe puts it, like she’s in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and intends to go out and drink and dance.  S convinces her to do so in a contained environment.  As they drink and dance, though, Gracie doubles over in pain.  At the same time, Art meets up with the Castor creeps victim who has the same ailment: blood filling their eyes.

I enjoyed this episode, but am so looking forward to the return of Rachel and the new Rachel, Delphine, next time around.  What did you all think?

2014 Favorites

It’s that time!  With the year winding down, here is my very own Obligatory 2014 TV Favorites List.  Now, if you’ve been reading for a while, none of these should surprise you.  I thought it might be a fun thing to do year to year, so even though you’ve probably read a million of these, I’m giving you another.  I’ve got two categories for you; my favorite things, TV & video games.  Without further ado:


TV Shows

5. Orange is the New Black | Probably my most anticipated new season of the year, OITNB’s second season did not disappoint!


LostGirlTVSeriesLogo4. Lost Girl | I stated watching this late last year, early 2014.  This show hit every note for me, and I recommend it for Buffy fans and similar.  It’s final season is just beginning, so jump on this train.


Ecran_Titre_d'American_Horror_Story3. American Horror Story | Coven straddled 2013 and 2014, and Freak Show will bleed into next year.  I’m just so onboard with this show and especially Jessica Lange.  I only hope she is as onboard as I am for the next season!



The_Walking_Dead_title_card2. The Walking Dead | I watched the first season years ago, and picked up again recently just in time for the mid-season finale.  I am constantly impressed with the emotional depths this show brings me to.


1. Orphan Black | Recommended to me in late 2013, I watched the first season of this show just in time for the second to begin.  You may have caught my Clone Club Catch-Ups, and expect to see more next year.  Tatiana Maslany’s masterful performance as almost all of the show’s main characters is always worth watching.


Honorable Mention: Top Chef | Another show whose seasons straddle two years, I absolutely loved New Orleans and Boston might be my favorite season ever.  Stay tuned for more recaps!


Video Games


03. Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS | Okay, this is two games.  I’ve played the 3DS version more because it’s portable, and I’ve had it longer.  This is my favorite installment of Super Smash since the original N64 version.  The novelty of this concept has not worn off!  Kirby smashing up Pikachu is still awesome.

02. Mario Kart 8 | I hate to say this, but I’m not really a Mario Kart girl.  Sure, I loved Super Mario Kart, but the N64 days had me with Diddy Kong Racing and don’t even get me started on Double Dash.  MK8, however, single-handedly justified purchasing a WiiU for me.  I am so impressed with this game.  I love the online component, and find the DLC exciting.  I keep on coming back for more!

01. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby | Hoenn was always my favorite region so I was more excited than ever before for these amazing remakes.  I got through Alpha Sapphire fast; faster than X by far.  These games have even reignited my desire to complete an Unova adventure.  I’m so happy that more people will be introduced to this region and this story.  These games are fantastic and I can’t wait for what Pokémon has in store for us next!  I’d write more about how much I’m obsessed with these fantastic games, but I want to go wonder trade.

And there you have it!  What are your favorite shows and/or games from this year?

Detectives, Spies, and P.I.s!

I love a good mystery.  The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up, thanks to a childhood obsession with Harriet the Spy, was a detective or a private investigator.  I think my career interests in journalism, information science, and HR can all be traced from this!  I’ve always loved these investigative tales.

In no particular order, here are my favorite TV detectives, spies, and P.I.s!



1. Shawn & Gus (Psych)

Shawn Spencer claims to have psychic abilities that enable him to solve cases alongside the Santa Barbara Police Department.  Actually, he’s just hyper-observant.  Add best friend Gus and their detective agency is in business! And also quite silly.


2. Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)

Emerson Cod is a private investigator with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Who else could incorporate someone’s ability to reanimate corpses into a business?  Luckily, he loves serving justice just as much as he loves collecting payment.


3. Adrian Monk (Monk)

Monk may have a few fears and phobias– germs, heights, milk– but he always knows who the guy is!  This former police detective is a trusted consultant to the San Francisco Police Department.  He befits a classic detective definition: utterly brilliant, but flawed.


4. Mulder + Scully (The X-Files)

Two FBI agents– one believing that aliens abducted his sister, the other a doctor and a skeptic, relying on science– come together to be a force against the supernatural, the extra-terrestrial, and even the government.  And they’re both super sexy.


5. Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget)

You’ve got to have the right stuff to get the job done.  Inspector Gadget has that, and then some!  His arsenal of crime-solving tools and sheer luck get him through while his niece Penny and dog Brain do the real work.


6. Kenzi + Bo (Lost Girl)

Investigations are more exciting when the supernatural is involved!  With Bo’s unallied succubus powers and Kenzi’s penchant for finding trouble, these two freelancers help out bunches beings– magical and otherwise.


7. Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)

Max, also known as Agent 86, is basically Inspector Gadget without any of the gadgets.  (He’s also played by Don Adams who gave voice to Gadget!)  What he does have going for him is the backing of spy agency CONTROL and the beautiful, and way more competent, Agent 99.


8. Angel Investigations (Angel)

Angel, our Byronic vampire hero, dedicates his life to helping others for his soul’s redemption.  Initiated by Cordelia, this detective agency of sorts, headquartered in a formerly haunted hotel, can solve those cases that others can’t quite understand.


9. Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)

This police detective and now sergeant is the finest the Special Victims Unit has even seen!  Olivia has a heart of gold, but is tough as steel.  She’s a strong role model for women everywhere, and an absolute hero.  Plus she’s like, really pretty.

Clues & Casablanca

Music is a powerful force.  Our opera singing alcanist in “Of All the Gin Joints” proved this.  We open on this fae, Ianka, singing for her captor, then making a break for it.

At the Dal, Kenzi reads aloud from a note from Tamsin.  I’ve really been loving the teen Tamsin story line.  Why can’t all the characters just be in an episode together?  Speaking of which: Dyson is back!  He breaks some bad news to Bo about Lauren– it seems like she’s gone dark.  Bo breaks some bad news to him as well– so has she kinda.  I can’t really keep track of this love triangle any more, ’cause Bo and the wolfman are going at in even though there’s not supposed to be “fraternization” between dark and light.  How old-fashioned!  This is, of course, care of the Una Mens. Trick stops them before they break that rule.

Bo's fashion sense has improved in the past week, thank goodness.

Bo’s fashion sense has improved in the past week, thank goodness.

When Ianka bursts in, priorities shift.  She is weak, and sputters out something in Russian.  Conveniently, that’s what Kenzi speaks fluently!  Conveniently for the rest of us, she speaks perfect English through the rest of the episode.  Ianka reveals that Bo asked her to come find her.

We find Lauren, ever increasingly adorable, dancing around while packing up her apartment.  Since she’s severed her ties with the light, she must give up the apartment they own.  The dark swoops in to seduce her in the form of the Morrigan with way better hair choices than last week.  Call me Evony, she tells her, pizza and beer in hand.

Kenzi is ready to tell Hale how she feels, but there’s a lot of drama with Ianka.  It’s nice to see they have a past, honestly; I thought Ianka was a siren at first!  Her song has the power to kill, but it also enables the listener to re-experience memories.  Past Bo, back on the soul train, had set up this meeting, leaving clues for her future self.  Ianka’s owner comes looking for her, but Bo has him agree to let her sing the aria.  Bo starts seeing the memory, but the aria is interrupted by Marcus, who turns out to be Ianka’s lover.  He wants to use her death note to destroy his rivals so they can be together.

Bo, Kenzi, Ianka, Hale, and Marcus come to blows.  Ianka sacrifices her self by singing the death note to kill Marcus.  She dies too.  Hale rescues Kenzi from the situation.  They finally kiss!!  Hale seems to be hurt from the death note, but makes no mention of it, even though Kenzi was concerned.

Picture 13

Lauren agrees to work for the dark.  She kisses the Morrigan who says, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful… something.”  Later, we see the doctor peel off a layer placed over her lip and put it in a petrie dish… what’s she up to?

Picture 16

Dying Ianka gives Bo a capsule of her song so Bo may experience the memory.  The memory is confusing, seemingly to Bo as well.  She rants to Dyson, mid-fraternization, how smart past Bo was to leave clues like this, and that past Bo must have known what she was doing by joining the dark.  This is the first time she equates the Wanderer with Rayner and her father… could these three be the same person?  The fraternization catches up with them quickly, and the Una Mens are here to punish Dyson.

I think the wolf can hold his own, but I’m worried about Hale!  And Lauren?  What’s up with Doccubus?

I can’t wait to pick up more clues to Bo’s lost moments.  I’m convinced Rayner, the Wanderer, and Bo’s father are the same dude; are you?

Dance Off To The Death

Last night’s episode of Lost Girl, “Let the Dark Times Roll” picked up right where last week’s left off.  If you, like me, were wondering how Bo would react to finding out she’s dark, you only had to tune in for like a minute.  “Bullshit,” she says.

Kenzi, ever the supportive friend, doesn’t care if they’re light or dark.  She calls the light assholes; and the dark, assholes with better parties.  Bo’s having none of it.  The Morrigan, who’s back and has decided to try out a couple of wigs à la Kenzi, [side note: neither the Velma Kelly nor the Betty Page work for her; she looks weird the entire episode] points her to Vex.  Surely Vex tricked her into being dark.  To find Vex, Bo, Kenzi, and Tamsin attend a dark fae party.  Because Bo is sworn to the dark, the Morrigan, in the spirit of friendship, does something for her: in saunters Lauren in an LBD.  She and Bo forget their troubles c’mon get happy, and are apparently back together.

I desperately wanted this party to go well and prove that, like the Morrigan said, the dark are no different from the light.  Finding the dead bodies of the bride and groom whose party the dark highjacked snuffed that dream out for me real quick, though.  Kenzi also finds her buddy Bruce now enslaved as punishment for helping her escape.  To win his freedom, Tamsin steps up to “master him” for the rest of his sentence not knowing this mean a duel to the death.  As the challenger, she chooses the weapon… and she picks dance?

Picture 10

It works out well with Tamsin being a Valkyrie and all.  Meanwhile, Lauren and Bo go in search of Vex who’s not in attendance at the party.  Bo’s clumsy detective work gets her captured by him.  His hand is completely rotting thanks to a weirdo curse from the Una Mens.  He and Bo reconcile, but after he chops his hand off.  He tells Bo he had nothing to do with her pledging herself to the dark, but the Morrigan’s Archivist would.

Bo goes back to the Morrigan to see the Archivist.  He peels off a layer of his scalp to show where Bo has signed her allegiance to the dark.  She has no recollection of doing so, and her sponsor, someone called Rayner, is the only one who can overturn the decision.  Instead of turning Vex into the Morrigan, Bo claims responsibility over him… guess three’s company all over again!  With Bo officially dark for a while, she goes back to Trick, who the Una Mens has just declared interim Ash.

Having Bo explore the dark side has been fun so far!  There are still a lot of mysteries to unravel.  Who is Rayner?  Is he the Wanderer?  And if Bo is so against dark fae, why didn’t she just effing join the light already?  Let me know what you think!

Things You Need to Know About Last Night’s Lost Girl

Are you watching Lost Girl yet?!  Last night’s episode, “Turn to Stone” was pretty phenomenal.  Here’s what happened:

Kenzi Comes Clean

Picture 8Kenzi tells Bo all of the secrets she’s been keeping in– the kiss with Dyson and the magic from Massimo.  Her debt with the Druid gets them into a little bit of trouble in this episode.  We learn that Kenzi reciprocates Hale’s feelings (!!!) but neither of them have told each other yet.   Also, Bo & Kenzi dance to the Spice Girls.  Damn Kenzi can get down!

Bo Makes A Terrible Fashion Choice

Picture 18 21-06-07This gothic corset looks like it’s better suited to Kenzi’s closet than Bo’s, but that’s not the problem.  There are two things fundamentally wrong with this top: the low peplum action that is not doing anything for her waist, and the gossamer ribbon straps that just sit there and do nothing to hold it up… because it’s a fucking corset.  She also gets bit by a gargoyle.  Like a living stone.

Baby Tamsin Grows Up

Picture 10Teen Scene Tamsin loves the X-Files, and I love her for that.  She grows one last time in this episode into a Tamsin that looks more familiar to us, but her memories are not restored.  When she goes Valkyrie, she sprouts these amazing angel wings apparently indicating that this is her last incarnation.

Doctor Lauren Is A Complete Badass

Picture 16Lauren and her ladyfriend are locked up and the doctor is forced to solve a medical mystery of an elder fae.  She calls out her captors in an epic speech delivered to their camera into her cell.  “Child’s play,” she says, and tells Hale to reveal himself, presumably believing he’s still the Ash.  She finds out quickly that her captor is not Hale.

Bo’s Blood Picks A Side

Picture 24Spoiler Alert: Although Bo’s declared no allegiance yet, her blood reads otherwise.  “You are dark,” are the last words we hear.

Are you surprised about the side Bo’s blood revealed?

I’m just excited to see Bo’s reaction!

Fast Forward: Lost Girl

I admit it: I am obsessed with Lost Girl.  This show is just so well done, you guys!  After a successful Netflix binge, I have consumed all of the first three seasons.  That’s where Netflix ends, but the fourth season started back in October.  For those of us in America, season four just got underway in January.  I am happy to report that I am caught up by American standards!  If you’ve consumed all of what Netflix has to offer, here’s what you missed, the quick & dirty version.

Lost Girl's lost again; Hale & Dyson investigate.

Lost Girl’s lost again; Hale & Dyson investigate.

S4E1: In Memorium— With Bo sucked into the wanderer card, nobody realizes she’s gone.  In fact, nobody has any memory of Bo at all.  The only person who realizes something’s wrong is Aife who just knows in her heart that she had a daughter and would’ve named her after her own mother.  Vex has apparently kidnapped the Morrigan, claimed she’s dead, and taken her place as Morrigan.  This episode features a lot of dancing (Ksenia Solo showing off some skills), a lot of really disturbing character dynamics, and a red-headed Doctor Lauren who has run away from the world of fae.

Oh, and Kenzie buys some fae magic from the Druid.

Oh, and Kenzie buys some fae magic from the Druid.

S4E2: Sleeping Beauty School— Memories of Bo restored, Dyson goes in search of Tamsin, who was the last person to see Bo.  He finds her, reincarnated.

A little different than you may remember her.  And hearts.

A little different than you may remember her. And hearts.

Little Tamsin makes this episode an absolutely joy, let me tell you.  Trick delivers the news that Bo is not on this plane of existence.  We do finally see Bo (all of Bo, as in not just her eyes) in this episode; she’s apparently in Kansas during the twister before The Wizard of Oz goes to color… maybe not, though.  Lauren does an alien-autopsy (of the fae variety) in the diner at which she’s been masquerading.  Hale admits he has feelings for Kenzi.  Dyson does some dimension jumping of his own to find her, by standing in front of a death train with a girl named Eddy.

And last night’s episode, S4e3: Lovers. Apart. — Eddy the elemental and Dyson are on the plane-traversing train.  Bo, having succubussed her way out of Kansas or whatever, is running in the woods into a fairytale castle/cottage thing.  A family comes home, caught off guard at Bo’s presence… so the disgruntled teenage daughter knocks Bo out with a frying pan.  Aside from the bump on the head, Bo is having trouble remembering shit and also not draining people of all their chi and killing them.  Back on the soul train, Dyson uses his wolfy nose to find where Bo once was.  Eddy/Clio explains that if Bo jumped without an invitation or anchor, she’s probably going crazy.

The Morrigan’s back, Elle Driver style.  (She gets another eyeball before the episode is over.)  A body-jumper terrorizes the family in the woods and Bo faces off against it.  Dyson shows up in time to help and take Bo home!  We might have just found out that Lauren’s real name is Karen.  She cheats on Bo, then her chick double-crosses her.  Mostly, this episode sucks ’cause there’s no Kenzi.

Too bad Clio had to go.  She was fun.  Don't double-cross Bo.

Too bad Clio had to go. She was fun. Don’t double-cross Bo.

So now you’re caught up too!

Catch “new” episodes every Monday on Syfy.

My new TV Fix: Lost Girl

Habitual TV-bingers like me hate to be stuck in a rut. When you finish a series, there’s a void in your day-to-day routine that the show used to fill– it occupied your free time and now you sit poised in front of the red glow of Netflix wondering what comes next.

This happens to me often, and sometimes my queued shows just aren’t jumping out at me. Sometimes, I try one and it’s just not clicking. I’m looking for my next TV fix– and last night I think I found it.

Dorothy Snarker must really get me, because I added another show off of her best in 2013 list to my queue earlier this week: Lost Girl. Given that Lost Girl is a Canadian series, I hadn’t heard much about this show and this Netflix description was really not selling me– something about feeding off the sexual energy of humans. Um, yeah no. It’s not as stupid as it sounds, though, and I’m really glad I gave it a shot.

Bo, our titular lost girl, is a woman on the run with a body count. Because I had no idea what to expect from this show, I was as surprised to learn Bo’s true nature as she was. Basically, Bo’s fae (and not in the silly way that Sookie is in True Blood), specifically a succubus, who feeds off the energy of others. It’s reminiscent of Holly Black’s modern faery tales to me, with mentions of folkloric elements. Once Bo’s nature is uncovered, she is tested and when she passes, must chose between the two clans: light and dark. If you know anything about fairy folklore, you might know these as courts, specifically Seelie and Unseelie. I was disappointed that light and dark were used instead of these terms, as I believe they convey a bit more ambiguity. Sure, you can probably guess which corresponds to which, but like “fiction” and “nonfiction” used to confuse me as a child, (don’t worry, I grew up to be a literature major,) these terms may catch a newbie off guard. There is no emphasis on the dark court being specifically evil, but with a name like that one can only assume. Bo chooses neither and remains unaffiliated, causing a bit of tension with both sides.

The show plays out in my very favorite of formats: Monster of the Week (like my favorite show ever to exist, Buffy). Further comparisons with the Whedonverse can be drawn when Kenzi (Bo’s human best friend, and the Robin to her Batman) starts up a detective agency of sorts for the two girls to generate some income. Like Angel Investigations of the early seasons of Angel, the two girls solve mysteries with a supernatural twist.

I’m absolutely loving this show so far. I made it through 8 episodes last night and can’t wait to get back to it tonight. Netflix features 3 seasons (48 episodes) of the show. At 44 minutes a pop, total binge time equals just over 35 hours.

Do you know any other Monster of the Week type shows? (Think: Buffy, Angel, The X-Files.) I’d love to hear about them! Tweet your suggestions to me @nikkisee!