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Links for a New World [04]


  • Blank Space – You all obviously know from yesterday’s post that I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift’s newest music video.  If for some reason you haven’t seen this masterpiece, watch it immediately.
  • Font for Dyslexics – Dyslexie is a typeface that makes things easier to read for people with Dyslexia.  I think this is phenomenal; anything that gets more people reading is so important.
  • Queen Bey – Beyoncé was a category on Jeopardy this week, and I’m proud to say that I could answer this whole column.  You try!  How’d you do?
  • Mindy & Stephen – I love when people I like like each other.  Stephen Colbert introduced Mindy Kaling at Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year this past week, and I love that too.
  • Justine & Aisha – I repeat, I love when people I like like each other!  iJustine posted a WCW a day early this week and posted a picture of her with Aisha Tyler.  I love these two woman and freaking love seeing them together.
  • Go Find Yourself – Since most of my content for today’s LFANW comes from Twitter, why not continue that trend?  Go ahead and check out #GG2D and/or Lisa Edelstein’s retweets of fans like myself showing support for the upcoming Bravo series “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.”
  • Jessica Lange on Elsa – My obsession with Jessica Lange is unwavering.  E Online interviewed the American Horror Story star on her character, Elsa Mars.  I’m still hoping and praying that this is not her last season on AHS, because GOD she is perfection.
  • Speaking of which.  I literally love you, Jessica Lange.

Links for a New World [02]


  • Padma on Ellen – I love Ellen, but I love Padma Lakshmi even more.  Top Chef Boston kicked off this week (did you read my recap?!) and in prep for that, Ellen had Padma on to cook, laugh, and be absolutely wonderful.  Plus, I think I could make tortilla chips now, which is great news.
  • Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – I’ve been so excited for Bravo’s first scripted show for so long for the simple reason that it combines two of my favorite shows.  We’ve got Marti Noxon of my dearest Buffy the Vampire SlayerHouse alum and another lady crush of mine, Lisa Edelstein!  The first official trailer promises raunch, so what’s not to like?
  • The Moon – The Moon (pictured above!) by design firm Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya.
  • Friends is coming to Netflix! – January 1, 2015!  I’m sorry to be controversial, but this is even better news than the arrival of Gilmore Girls.
  • Pictionary with Gillian Anderson – The gorgeous Gillian Anderson (aka Scully from the X-Files, Stella of The Fall) wrote a book!  In celebration, she’s all over the internet doing fun things like this.
  • T Map of Boston Eats – This handle map of Boston’s public transportation is marked with restaurants instead of stop names.  I’m thinking about riding my way through this one.  My friend Julia sent me this one along with the best burger per neighborhood, which is also very important.


Have a brilliant weekend, everybody!

TV To-Do List: Unfinished Business


Oh, woe is summer TV!  All of our favorites are on hiatus, but we live in a Netflix world.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a long list of To-Watch TV, specifically shows I’ve started, really like, and never got the opportunity to finish.  I thought I’d share it with you in case you need any suggestions to keep you busy this summer.  I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t finished some of these… but, here goes, in no particular order:

1. Dexter

I’ve just got the last season of Dexter to go, but from what I’ve heard from friends, I’m in no rush to watch it.  Still, I loved Dexter so far, and I feel like I need to see it through.  I might want to rewatch the whole series before launching into the final season, which could make this a longer project.

2. House

Now this one I’m really embarrassed about, since House is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time.  I feel like a fraud even saying that, having not seen the whole series!  (That might just be me being OCD though.)  I was watching happily in the days of Huddy in season 7, and I own the first 6 seasons on DVD.  My college job interfered with season 7, so I lost track before the end of the season.  Knowing what happened, because I was on tumblr then, I avoided finishing season 7 or, worse, watching a season without Cuddy.  It’s a must-do, though, especially now that it’s on Netflix.

3. Sherlock

I know a new season hit Netflix rather recently, but before that I was up to date with this one.  The problem: the long episodes kind of gave me trouble.  I’m used to a shorter format and I didn’t really pay attention.  I do other things while I watch TV a lot, and it’s not a problem to rewatch a half hour show.  With Sherlock, I plowed through.  I really need to go back and give this series the attention is deserves.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Oh gosh, this kills me because I know the new season is actually on now, and I’m actually missing all the fun and the making-fun of Aria’s outfits.  Now that the most recent finished season is on Netflix, I should be able to catch up.  I had watched part of it live, but I’m terrible with current TV if I haven’t made that clear enough.  I should catch up before I get too behind again!

5. Breaking Bad

I must have like, 5 episodes left since Netflix added half of the last season, then the latter half later.  It’s ridiculous that I haven’t finished this yet.  Maybe I just don’t want it to end.  I think the mood just hasn’t been right.  I usually watch TV before I go to bed, and with work so busy, I want something mindless.  That’s probably the reason that all of these shows remain unfinished.  I’ve got to knock this one out before the summer is over!

Okay, now you know my dirty secrets… I’ve got a lot of unfinished business on Netflix!

Keep streaming, my friends!