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Girls: Latching

It’s Marathon Monday here in Boston.  My fiancé and I are spending the day blissfully at home, on our respective computers with Hulu running through SVU in the background.  The jet lag is wearing off little by little (I promise those Japan vlogs are coming!) and we’re readjusting to life as we knew it…


Making the adjustment all that much harder is the fact that Girls aired its last episode ever last night.  While I’ve really enjoyed watching this show, this final season sometimes fell a bit short for me.  By now, I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is Hannah’s season.  I knew we’d see Hannah’s baby in this episode, thus her world is now a bit far from my own.

We find Marnie in Hannah’s house upstate, having literally nothing to do with her life and seizing the opportunity to prove herself as Hannah’s best friend.  She moves in to help Hannah with the baby.

We meet baby Grover and the breast feeding issues Hannah is having with him, but the final story isn’t really about breastfeeding.  Instead, we see Hannah continue to be Hannah, despite having to take care of Grover.  She’s profoundly mean to Marnie at times– not like Marnie has any business being there; she’s just filling a gap in her own life.  Marnie calls Hannah’s mom to the scene who Hannah also mistreats.  In the end, Hannah has her moment of bliss successfully breastfeeding her baby and that’s that.

So, I kind of love that Hannah is still just Hannah.  In a humorous moment, we see her go through a range of emotions while talking to baby Grover, treating him like every other relationship she’s had.  Lorene is right, though; this is the first decision she can’t take back– she can’t drop out, move home, break up, or quit.  So, Hannah has some growing still to do.

I wish we’d gotten more resolution with Marnie, who obviously needs to figure out what she wants to do.  Still, I love that Lorene treats her not as a desperate case, but as someone with options in life.  She’s not done because her band didn’t work out or because she’s been upstate taking care of someone else’s baby for 6 months.

We know Shosh got married.  We have no idea what happened to Jessa, but like, I could never figure out her life anyway.

It’s not necessarily the finale I wanted, but I’ve really enjoyed the ride with Girls.  I will seriously miss this show!  Thoughts?

Girls: Goodbye Tour

Jet lag has got me so hard, guys.  I had the best of intentions of getting this up Monday… but I’m still adjusting!  Japan content coming soon, until then, let’s talk about Girls before the last episode ever this weekend.


Hannah’s life seems to be falling into place as she gets a great job offer upstate to be a college course instructor.  It has benefits, and with her baby on the way, Hannah knows this is a great move for her.  Plus, she seems pretty keen to get out of New York city… but she wavers on this and embarks on a goodbye tour, asking people for advice.  Elijah’s opposed, her dad is on board, but where are her friends?

Marnie isn’t picking up, so Hannah tries Shosh who apparently has a different number than last they spoke.  Hannah instead goes to Shosh’s apartment to find that she is hosting her own engagement party.

I’ve been pretty upset about the lack of Shoshanna all season, but if we’re taking the season mostly from Hannah’s perspective, this makes sense.  It’s clear that time has gone by a bit faster in these last couple of episodes, and maybe all through the season, unseen to us, Shoshanna has been meeting and falling in love with Byron Long.  Now they’re engaged, to the total shock of Hannah who wasn’t invited to the party.  Marnie’s there, and of course Jessa, so Marnie calls the four girls into a group meeting in the bathroom.

Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna are together for the first time all season, speaking their minds to each other.  Shoshanna has moved on from this and points out that they can’t be together without one of them making it all about her.  Shosh has her own life now; they all should.

Jessa & Hannah have a nice moment where they both apologize to each other.  Jessa gives Hannah a baby dress, and Hannah tells her the baby is actually a boy.

The four of them manage to have a great time at Shosh’s engagement party sort of doing their own thing.  Hannah moves upstate and is happy with her decision.

What do you think this last episode has in store for us?!

Girls: Bounce & Adam

Well hello!  This is little bit of a catch-up post, since I watched both “The Bounce” and “What Will We Do This Time About Adam?” last night after my 12 hour flight home from Tokyo.  I really liked both episodes!  I wanted to do a double recap for you before tonight’ episode… which I will hopefully stay awake for.

The Bounce is an Elijah episode, and it’s really fun.  It has Elijah auditioning for a musical adaptation of White Men Can’t Jump and watching the choreography is pure joy.   He does kill the vocal audition, despite being shaken up by the sudden appearance of ex-boyfriend Dill at his door.  He even comes home and tells him off, for a bit of closure and then a second chance with him.  He wakes up to a call back, having been asked to read for a role.  It’s so nice!

Less nice is Hannah’s role in this episode, as she’s finally decided to call Paul-Louis and tell him about the baby.  Despite not wanting him involved, his lack of interest in being a father to the baby is pretty devastating to Hannah.

Marnie is out of money and getting evicted.  She goes to pawn her locket and diamond earrings, only to learn that her parents lied to her about the value of these items– gold-plated pewter and glass, not gold and diamond.  She blames Desi for not paying rent, her parents for their lies, and the guy at the pawn shop points out that she’s the liar.  It gets to her, and she leaves Desi a voicemail apologizing, letting him know he owes her nothing, and telling him she’s moving in with her mom.

What Will We Do This Time About Adam? is probably my favorite episode title Girls has given us.  It’s a bit weird, but Adam has decided that he needs to raise this baby with Hannah.  He leaves Jessa, goes to Hannah, and they spend this idyllic day rekindling and planning for the baby.  It’s sweet, but yeah, weird.  Meanwhile, Jessa is determined to be the cool girl and not have emotions about Adam.  She looks for a hook up, but breaks down knowing that’s not what she wants.  As the day goes on, Hannah and Adam slowly realize that this chapter has closed– they are not going to be together.  Adam goes back to Jessa, who plays it cool but conceals a satisfied smile as he makes his way to her.

I’m so disappointed that Shosh has no storyline whatsoever this season.  She’s in this episode only to connect Ray and Abigail romantically.

It looks like we’ll finally have all four girls in one place before the season’s over, and I can hardly wait!  Thoughts?!

Girls: Full Disclosure


I hate to say it, but my favorite part of last night’s episode of Girls was Jessa.  I’ll get into all of that in a second, because truly the episode (as all of them do this season) revolves around Hannah.

Hannah is telling people about her pregnancy.  We start with Marnie, whose support surprises even Hannah.  Though Hannah’s decided she won’t be telling Paul-Louis, Marnie takes issue with this.  Hannah’s father & his boyfriend are split on the decision of whether Paul-Louis should know as well.

Elijah and Hannah make up like magic, which is a bit surprising considering how nasty he was to her in the last episode.  (I guess this is a good thing that we won’t be dedicating screen time to Hannah & Elijah fighting.)

Weirdly, Hannah tells Adam… well, she more yells it at his as he chases her down her block trying to make her watch his movie.  Adam is so insistent on Hannah watching it; it seems like feelings reemerged through the process of making the film.

We’re now past the halfway mark in the final season.  For me, despite loving “Hostage Situation,” I haven’t gotten what I wanted out of the season yet.  The best bits of this show are the “Beach House” moments where these four women are together and facing the reality of their relationships.  The fact that Shoshanna has almost no storyline this season is disappointing, especially when we haven’t seen her interact with any of the girls but Jessa since Marnie’s wedding.  This is why Jessa’s interaction with Hannah was my favorite moment– this is one of the interactions we’ve been craving and it felt so real and relatable.

Jessa by no means should be surprised that Hannah did not come to her to tell her she was pregnant.  Hannah is right; they haven’t been dear friends for a long time.  Still, what I love about Jessa’s plea is what rings true: you cannot erase relationships.  It’s a painful fact that people come into and out of our lives.  While Jessa is right that these precious moments don’t just go away, the people often do.  You may very well not speak to or think of the person who meant the most to you 5 years ago.  It is sad when you think about it, but chances are you don’t think about it too frequently because things change.  Hannah makes it clear that she has no interest in saving her relationship with Jessa.

Finally, another relationship seems to finally come to an end: Marnie & Desi.  If this is Desi’s last moment on the show, kicking over his motorcycle, I’m in love with that exit.  Marnie had really better get her life together, because watching her perform with her mother was cringe-worthy.

What did you think about last night’s episode?  How are you liking the season overall?

Girls: Gummies


I hate to say this, but I think Jessa was the most interesting part of this episode!  Of course, the Hannah storyline is prominent so let’s start there.

Hannah’s mother Lorene is visiting and Hannah tells her that she’s pregnant and wants to keep the baby.  Lorene actually seems to take the news really well at first, but then Lorene’s personal crisis comes out.  She’s newly separated and is miserable living alone.  When Hannah insists that she may meet someone, it puts her over the edge and she storms off.  Oh, did I mention she’s been eating pot gummies this whole time?

Elijah & Hannah work their way through the city in search of renegade Lorene.  When they finally find her, wrecked in a dumpling cafe, she tells Hannah every time she looks at her baby she will think of her own death (casual) and it’s then that Elijah learns of Hannah’s pregnancy.

To say Elijah doesn’t take it well is an understatement.  Watching Elijah this season has made me wonder about him… what exactly does he do?  He is literally never dressed.  With Hannah about to be responsible for another human, Elijah is losing his partner in crime.  He tells her she’s going to be a horrible mother, to hurt her like her news has hurt him.

Meanwhile, Jessa & Adam are shooting their movie.  It’s actually very fun to watch Adam replay these Hannah scenes (and I love the Hannah bedroom they created in Laird’s apartment) and it’s even more fun to watch Jessa’s reaction to them.  Jessa has NO IDEA how to have a relationship.  Perhaps Adam is realizing that now.

Marnie & Ray called it quits too.  Can someone tell me, did Marnie say you’re not a bad person or I’m not a bad person?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again– let’s see the girls interact with each other now!  There are so many conflicts between them, so I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.  Thoughts?!

Girls: Painful Evacuation


Ugh, last night’s Girls was indeed painful.  It was such a sad episode, and very heavy.

I guess let’s start with Ray, who hasn’t been in the picture much so far this season.  Ray has two really rough interactions in this episode.  First, Ray witnesses Tommy– a neighborhood old man who has a lot to say– drop dead on the street after sort of dismissing him from the Grumpy’s counter.  Hermie and Ray then fight about Ray’s wasted potential.  While rehashing the conversation with Shosh, who suggests Hermie just wants Ray to be better than him, Ray decides to go to Hermie’s to apologize.  When he arrives, he finds that Hermie has also passed away.  ROUGH.

Let’s briefly stop at Marnie, who fakes her way through sex with Ray and then tells him “I want to die in a lion’s mouth with you,” which she is certain is the best, most poetic compliment a person could receive.  Ray really wants to go to dinner with Marnie (dumplings and beer?  yes please!) but Marnie is busy at couples therapy with Desi.  See, it’s really irritating that she feels the need to be there like she’s helping him, but not taking any responsibility for anything.  I can’t deal with this relationship at all.

Finally– Hannah, whose UTI is the namesake of the episode.  When she goes to the ER for said UTI, she is greeted by a doctor she had a one-night stand with.  As if things weren’t embarrassing enough, he starts advising her to pee after sex and casually drops it in that she’s pregnant.  He gets a little too personal asking who the father is (surf camp guy), hugging her, and offering to help facilitate the abortion.  Hannah declines, unsure what she wants, and goes home only to find Jessa & Adam waiting for her.  They’ve decided to make a film on the situation between themselves and Hannah.  Hannah, to her credit, tells them to do whatever they want.

So, Hannah’s pregnancy is what this final season will be all about.  I don’t think this is a bad idea… it’s just one I hadn’t seen coming.  To me, after such an icky episode, this sad one doesn’t do much for me.  I’m interested in seeing Shoshanna’s conflict with Jessa, seeing Marnie face Ray, and seeing Hannah and Jessa interact… sounds like we’ll at least get that one soon!


Girls: American B***h


I typically write a Girls post after watching the episode on Sunday night.  Even though we got to watch last night’s Girls a bit early, I couldn’t bring myself to write on American Bitch.  My initial reaction was that I didn’t like the episode.  Of course, I loved Hostage Situation so much I had kind of set myself up to be disappointed anyway.  American Bitch isn’t for us to like, though.

The intro is long– we watch Hannah walk to this expensive New York home, check in with the lobby desk, ride the elevator up, and start conversations with Chuck Palmer all before the Girls title card flashes across the scene.  It gave me a long time to judge Hannah’s outfit– a silk blouse, track pants, and metallic slip-ons, an outfit that gives confusing context to what kind of meeting this could be.  We know from last week’s preview that Chuck Palmer is an author, but we’re left to figure out slowly what brings Hannah to him.

We wrestle, as Hannah does, with Chuck’s motives throughout.  Chuck feels victimized– he is sad and lonely, despite the furnishings his successful career has garnered.  For me, everything about the meeting is uncomfortable.  Why did you come?  Why don’t you leave?  I found myself thinking this throughout, but you have to understand from Hannah’s perspective:

  • this is a writer whose work she loves, respects, and connects with
  • he slings compliment after compliment at her about how smart she is, how good her work is, how funny she is, that’s a great sentence…

It’s such a complicated back-and-forth about power dynamics.  It’s uncomfortable.  When the point of genuine connection is met, and Chuck reveals himself to be just as disgusting as we all feared, he reveals a smug smile that confirms that I hate him.  The look of pride on his face when his daughter plays the flute can’t even redeem him.

Girls: Hostage Situation

I absolutely LOVED last night’s Girls.  It seems the bigger train wreck the situation, the more the episode speaks to me.  What I love about this show is how relatable things are, if not the situations directly but the kind of are we in the right place in our lives? kind of thing.  Like Hannah says in this episode, none of us know anything.


We open with Marnie and Desi having sex and it’s like, what did I expect?  Of course this has already occurred.  Hannah tells Elijah that this has been going on for two weeks even though she was supposed to keep it a secret.  Hannah has been roped into Marnie & Desi’s weekend away in Poughkeepsie as a cover story for poor Ray.

The trip upstate doesn’t go well.  Hannah meets a beautiful shopkeeper who has a story about how leaving New York City saved her life– she’s happier living her truth.  Because she’s slightly psychic, she gives Hannah the tea set from the window, which you know is not going to make it home intact.

Desi and Marnie fight on and off until Marnie discovers Desi’s oxycontin stash.  He admits he’s been addicted to it for a year; Marnie is shocked, but no one watching the episode is.  She smashes the jar, crushes the pills, and locks Desi out of the house.  He rages outside, tries to get in, breaks a window and Hannah’s tea set gets smashed.

Hannah is surprisingly supportive of Marnie.  She tells her it’s hard to see things in other people when she’s only thinking of herself, which she too would know.  She also tells her that Desi looks like “someone in the Pacific Northwest knit a man.”

Meanwhile, Shoshanna has roped Elijah into coming to a women’s networking event with her.  It’s hosted by her former best friends whose start-up coming is thriving.  Jessa follows her here.  Shoshanna blames Jessa’s influence for ruining these friendships– she bailed on the trip to Aruba where the conceived this company because of Jessa.  After being rejected in her attempt to reconnect with them, she let’s Jessa have it.  Elijah lays into Jessa for Adam.  Jessa claims Marnie being with Ray is the same thing.  Elijah launches the secret that Marnie is actually with Desi at the moment out in the open.  Shoshanna tells Jessa to get out of her face.  Jessa ironically tells her to grow up.

Girls: All I Ever Wanted


Okay, so this post is a smidge later than intended… but can I just say, it adds insult to injury that I had to watch this beachy episode during a Boston blizzard.

We focus mostly on Hannah, who has found writing success with her piece about losing her best friend to her ex-boyfriend.  She gets an assignment in which a magazine sends her to the Hamptons to a bougie surf camp.  To me, this sounds awesome, but the magazine selects Hannah purely because she is so out of place in that environment.  No one deals with success worse than Hannah.  She puts no effort in, but manages to have a tryst with the instructor that puts her surprisingly at ease and even makes her like the beach!  Her failures manage to be hilarious, but she actually is my nightmare while she’s downing drinks.  Despite some nice moments, I don’t believe that the season will be without Hannah disasters.

Speaking of disasters, I don’t even want to see Jessa anymore.  She and Adam are so gross.  They literally have no regard for other humans, do they?

Marnie is the secondary storyline.  She and Ray and still together.  They call each other baby about a million times.  Marnie seems to be attempting to make good decisions, saying that since she’s in the midst of a divorce, Ray shouldn’t be living with her.  She probably should’ve told Ray this before he’d been there for months, though.  Since Jessa & Adam are awful, Ray can’t stay there and ends up staying with Shosh, which Marnie rightly (in my opinion) finds weird.  In classic Marnie fashion, she allows herself a kiss with Desi.  Desi is SUCH a mess and Marnie would have to be crazy to pursue music with him still… which clearly she is.

I’m ready for so much more Shoshanna next time!  I think she’s the only one I’m not dreading decisions from right now.  Thoughts?!

Girls: Season 5 Finale


Okay, I just finished “Love Stories” and “I Love You Baby,” and I’m just going to make some final comments on the girls here after another season.

Shoshanna‘s reunion with Ray with pure joy to watch!  What she did to Ray’s coffee shop was inspired– the anti-hipster establishment was decked out with the most hilarious signs– everything from Romney election memorabilia to “we don’t recycle.”  It’s nice to see her talents at work, and it’s nice for Shosh to get her groove back.

Marnie has been so unobtrusive this season, by comparison.  Yes, we all knew it was a mistake that she married Desi.  We definitely knew Charlie wasn’t going to work out.  Are we suspicious of things with Ray?  I’m not, but Marn is never without drama.  I’d like to see Desi even more out of the picture, but with Ray on tour with her, things seem to be looking up for Ms. Michaels.

Hannah‘s self-awareness was wonderful in these last two episodes.  Fran was actually a nightmare, and poor Hannah tried to do everything to make him leave.  He’s finally gone, though!  Her day with Tally was fun to watch, and Adam and Jessa deserved the ridiculous laughter they gave them.  In the last episode, she hears them in a shouting match about her.  The question: does Hannah actually want Adam back?  I don’t think she does.  Hannah’s Moth performance was pretty great, and maybe writing again will bring new opportunities to her.

Jessa almost had me in the last episode.  When she said she cares more about Hannah than Adam, she should’ve left.  She didn’t.  They destroyed the apartment and ended up together again.  They are officially the worst.  I don’t know how she plans to restore her friendship with Hannah.

We didn’t see the girls interact with each other much this season, really.  That’s just as much a part of this show, I think.

Thoughts on season 5?!