Legend of Zelda

Champion Amiibo Hunting

Let’s be real– it can be tough to keep up with amiibo pre-orders when you like, have to work, or say, plan a wedding, or maybe just generally live your life.  I missed the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild champion amiibo pre-order and was determined to find them all when they came out!  Guess what?  I did it!

I got really lucky.  How are your amiibo hunting skills?

(Pre-Japan) Marchstagrams

March has been great for so many reasons!


[1] so happy to have the Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild!  [2] PaxEast 2017 [3] ugh, I really miss this sandwich from Catalyst Cafe [4] Animal Crossing Amiibo friends [5] love this gorgeous Smashbox Golden Hour palette [6] Matt reminds me of Umino here [7] we did a bad job at not eating Japanese before Japan [8] but how can you resist this green tea mille crêpe? [9] at least I maintained balance with a ride at The Handle Bar in Harvard Sq.

and [10] …we’re in JAPAN NOW.  Be sure to check in on the instagrams that didn’t make it here!

What was your favorite part of March?

Breath of the Wild

secret-ending-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-screenshot-810x400.jpgThere’s one thing we made sure to do before leaving for our Japan vacation: beat the main quest of The Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild.  We actually beat Calamity Ganon about a week ago now, so I’ve had some time to think about the game before we left.  I wanted to share a little (spoiler free) review of sorts with you!

There is so much to love about this game.  In a lot of ways, I think this it’s perfect gameplay-wise.  Like, if I designed a game, I would want it to play like this.  The open-world concept fits into the modern notion of a game, while still feeling very authentically like a Zelda game.  The open-world goes a step further for me because truly, you can go anywhere– if you see it, you can get there.  Link’s quite the climber in this game!  Couple that with the paraglider and you can literally get anywhere.

All of the objects in this open world interact with each other which means there’s a lot of collecting to do!  From mining gems, to hunting, to foraging, to grabbing an unlikely weapon… it’s so much fun.  Hearts are not dropped by any enemy so if you want to restore, you have to use my favorite feature in the game: cooking!  I can’t even tell you how much fun I had combining things to come up with recipes.  You’ve got to love the music it plays when you’re on to something amazing.  Sure, I made a few dubious foods before I figured out how to make elixirs, but I’m a cooking master now!

Another new feature is that no weapon is permanent.  You melee weapons, shields, and bows all break after extended use.  Even the Master Sword needs to go on cool down.  While I’m not a fan of no permanent weapons, it did let us try out a bunch of different ones, which was immensely fun.

When talking about our weapons stash, we need to mention Hesto, the giant Korok with maracas that gives you another slot to hold a sword/shield/bow.  I loved all the Koroks in this game!  Their cute little puzzles were instantly recognizable and I was still excited to hear yahaha! every time.

Speaking of puzzles, let’s move on to Shrines & Divine Beasts.  The game is a little lighter on storyline because it’s non-linear.  You can play whatever you want in whatever order you want, but the main goals are to recapture the Divine Beasts from Ganon’s clutches freeing the spirits of your friends inside.  Along the way, you are to activate shrines, which also helps you move around quicker, since you can teleport, and towers, which activate the map for the section.  The shrines either have puzzles, tests of strength (battles), or blessings.  Your Sheikah Slate includes runes to help you with these puzzles and, basically, to give you alternate ways to do anything in the game– so useful!  The Divine Beasts themselves are giant 3D puzzles– I was just in awe of how someone could create them.

Anyway, the story unfurls through each Divine Beast victory and through recapturing the stored memories on your Sheikah Slate.  We get to know a fun cast of characters, including Princess Zelda.  I’m going to say it– I couldn’t stand her voice actor at first, but I got used to it at the end.  Her storyline is the most compelling to me.

Even with Calamity Ganon’s battle done, I know we’ll be playing more Breath of the Wild.  I can’t wait for DLC, and I can’t say enough amazing things about this game!

Face Off: Sea Sirens

See, this is why I love this show!  It’s not always about horror make-up, but creating something other.  This week’s challenge was all about the beautiful, but deadly: Sirens.

The artists climb aboard a Coast Guard ship for McKenzie to announce their challenge.  The episode, aptly titled “Siren Song,” puts the myth of the Siren front and center, but of course, no one’s making a mermaid.  Instead, the artists are randomly paired, then pick a sea creature as inspiration.

  • Omar & Sidney use the Portuguese man o’war as their inspiration
  • Ricky & Ben find inspiration in the blue sea slug
  • Kevon & Meg have the textile cone snail to draw from
  • Scott & Stevie get the blue-ringed octopus
  • Nora & Brittany might not know what a flabellina nudibranch is, but they chose it
  • Joran & Jasmine chose the yellow boxfish — I can’t believe how cute it is!
  • Jason & Evan have the beautifully colored peacock mantis shrimp to inspire them
  • Libby & Missy have the striped surgeonfish for inspiration

After sketching on the ship and the normal three days of fabrication, here are the final results:


Right before these looks took the stage, McKenzie let the group know that two would be going home tonight.  My favorite look above might just be Jordan & Jasmine’s, which might sound weird, but the face was oddly lovely.  This lands in the safe category along with Ricky & Ben’s (the shapes of which really gave me a Zora/Princess Ruto vibe!), Scott & Stevie’s, and Jason & Evan’s.

Top looks are Kevon & Meg’s super creepy but ghostly beautiful monochrome creation, and Nora & Brittany’s, which captured the shapes and colors of the creature so well.  Kevon & Meg’s wins the top spot, and Meg wins the challenge for her work on the face.

This leaves Omar & Sidney and Missy & Libby for the bottom looks.  I don’t know what I would do to make a jellyfish beautiful, but Omar & Sidney didn’t do it either.  I can’t get over Missy & Libby’s– the paint looks bad, the headpiece looks disjointed, and the inspiration doesn’t show through in the least bit.  The judges, however, chose to eliminate Omar & Sidney, who just didn’t look like they had put in as much work as the rest of the group.

Which sea siren is your favorite?!  Any thoughts on how to make a jellyfish pretty?

Nicole Spends Money: H&M Home

Does your local H&M have a home section?  After a lot of construction, the Newbury Street H&M I frequented during college launched their home section.  That was nearly a year ago, and being desperately aware of how much ~stuff~ I have in my one bedroom condo, I’ve been very good for a long time avoiding all of the adorableness.

Recently, that has changed.  I have made a few home improvements thanks to Target and H&M home.  Since I didn’t do enough damage to do a true home haul (but I actually did anyway), I wanted to share the couple of items I bought.  They’re too cute not to!


For more info, please check out the video linked above and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

What are your favorite home pieces?

ModCloth Jewelry Picks

Online shopping is a wonderful and dangerous thing.  Recently, I’ve been just infatuated with ModCloth‘s jewelry.  I’ve never ordered anything from ModCloth before, but after perusing their jewelry selection, an order was inevitable.  Quirky, cute, and affordable– I picked a pair of earrings and a necklace out for myself.

Can you guess which earrings and necklace I picked out?

Here are some of my favorite things I found:


In with the In-verted Crowd necklace [$14.99] Triforce earrings, guys.

Quote Couture earrings [$9.99] A writing, literature & publishing major’s dream.

By the Light of the Lune [$9.99] One way to feel like Sailor Moon.

That Polonius Guy necklace [$19.99] This girl loves Shakespeare & line especially.

There’s a Map for That necklace [$19.99] A new kind of statement necklace.

Change of Scenery necklace [$14.99] Life is full of peaks & valleys, why not wear ’em?


I’ll be checking back soon since new things arrive and come back in stock all the time!

Have you done any online shopping lately?