Lea Michele

Scream Queens: Ghost Stories


I think I wore this exact dress in the finale/prom scene in “Footloose” in high school.

There are only three episodes of Scream Queens left, and no word of a second season.  I’m still really enjoying this show, its cast, and the faux fur!  This episode did wonders for the plot, so let’s talk about it!

  • Denise has fully transformed into fabulous.  I love her new wardrobe and her new-found respect in her role as house mother.
  • Lea Michele, in her assumed finale episode, was excellent.  I loved watching her repeat Candyman candyman candyman as Denise told her first ghost story.
  • Speaking of Denise’s stories, I’m pretty acquainted with Japanese Kappas, but I always thought they were sea monsters, not “ghosts.”  Clearly a loose term.  Also, the toilet paper story and when she lives it she’s just like, “which do I choose?”  Hilarious!
  • Also, love that we finally addressed that her spinal column needed that brace, so she “bedazzled it to go with her designer wardrobe.”
  • Chanel pushing Hester down the stairs was almost shocking, but then you have to remember that she actually already killed Ms. Bean.
  • Is it just me, or do you want that silver wishbone necklace?  Someone find me one and leave me a link in the comments!
  • The big reveal (that some of us probably realized last week) is that the baby in the bathtub was actually two babies.  I didn’t even consider twins, but I guess if we’re highlighting tropes, this is perfect.
  • I was right about Boone being the baby.  I was right about the baby being the killer.  I’m actually good at this!
  • Boone dies a second time.  This time at his sister’s hand… as she wears a devil costume.  The sister’s a complete mystery to me right now… any ideas?!

Give me your theories, people!

Scream Queens: Beware of Young Girls


How cruel of Scream Queens to delay this episode a whole week!  But it was a good one.  Here are my assorted thoughts and favorite quotes:

  • We knew we’d see Ariana Grande again.  I thought maybe that coffin shot was it, but yay for another Chanel no. 2 appearance!  I also thought every detail of this funeral was perfection.
  • Also, no. 3’s necklace is clearly from Bauble Bar.  I even blogged about it here.  The plentiful pearl baubles in this show have long given me the Bauble Bar-vibe, so I think this confirms it!
  • Love a good Ouija board.  Love the joke about the movie Ouija which I will never see.
  • Gigi was on the phone with said red devil who she knows and loves.  I think this could be the baby!
  • What is the deal with Grace and Gigi going shopping together?  Why is every relationship Grace’s father has so freaking weird?
  • Oh goodness, the “just a head” pun.  I love it.
  • “Why do you have 9 tampons in your purse?”
  • The VIGOR with which Billie Lourd says “KIX” cracks me up.
  • “How do you even crush a diamond?  It’s like the hardest substance on earth!”
  • I want Chanel’s bed.
  • “There’s no dinosaurs?”
  • Chanel’s grasp on rat poison is much better than mine.
  • This was Jamie Lee Curtis’s episode, man.  That whole last scene!

Can I just be really honest with you guys for a second?  Why does KKT allow Grace to wear such hideous clothes?  Like, I was never in a sorority, nor do I believe this to be a factual representation of one, but there seems to be quite a bit of conformity amongst the Chanels and the KKT sisters of the past.  If anything, Grace needs a fashion influence.  Her clothes actually offend me.  I love the color palette of KKT, even though I live a life of neutrals, this pastel paradise is the real me.  It reminds me of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

I think I’ve decided that Grace isn’t the protagonist of this show.  I hate her.  Do you?

Let’s hear your thoughts & theories, hookers!

Scream Queens: Dos Diablos!


As always, here are my thoughts on this week’s Scream Queens:

  • Chanel rigs the election so she… loses!  She wanted Zayday to be president so she wouldn’t be the public face of KKT aka the main target.  Is Chanel actually super smart?
  • Another episode, another HORRIBLE hat on Grace.
  • Billie Lourd is the character winner of this episode.  Her voice makes me jealous because it’s not my voice.  Her storyline/little love affair with Sam was super compelling too.  And hey, how about working that earmuff explanation into this episode!  Awesome.
  • Sam, on the other hand, was the character loser of the episode.  And how could she say a thing like, “I knew it was you” when there is definitely no clear killer.
  • Speaking of clear killers… is it me or do the devils lack direction?  This episode’s red devil was absolutely not after Chanel no. 5, but was after Zayday.  Last episode, the red devil was in love with, and definitely not looking to kill, Zayday.
  • Roger died, but like, at least he’s with his brother now.  I’m sure he’s happier this way.
  • Chad Radwell’s “Dos diablos,” comment, the namesake of this post, was my favorite line.  I also enjoyed Lea Michele’s “…but she doesn’t because she’s dead!”
  • Before we go, let’s talk about the above photo: wasn’t the haunted pumpkin patch to take place on Halloween night?  Is Scream Queens just in a state of perpetual Halloween?

I think Chanel is looking less and less guilty as this show goes on.  I’ve never thought she was, but I don’t think you possibly could now.  What do you think?  Missing from this episode: all adults.  Any red devil theories?

Scream Queens: Chanel-o-ween


Hello friends!  Today we are switching Scream Queens + Face Off… mostly because the new episode of Face Off isn’t on xfinity to go yet and I don’t want to get out of my bed to watch on demand.

This week we got part one of two Halloween episodes, and I’m still completely in love with this show.  I didn’t get to live-tweet this week because I was super sick Tuesday.  Let’s make up for that now, with my thoughts on the episode:

  • I am completely in love with the vlog-style Chanel-o-ween montage.  I love the integration of social media in this show’s storyline; it’s so relevant in today’s world.
  • Grace actually makes such a lovely Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.  Likewise, Pete does a great Matthew McConaughey.  I love these costumes.
  • I don’t think the three Kappas could have gotten charged with negligent homicide for letting their sister bleed out… I mean, maybe, but it seems a bit far-fetched.  I don’t know; I’m not in an episode of SVU here.  Regardless, Munch made CRAZY moves in this cover-up.  Suspicious.
  • Grace’s dad is SO SKETCHY.  She mentions the baby in the bathtub and he literally doesn’t bat an eye.  Come on, that’s not a normal reaction.
  • Niecy Nash continues to be awesome.  I loved the whole library gag.
  • Lea Michele continues to be awesome.  I’m glad she’s out of her neck brace, but I’d almost rather call her Neck Brace than Hester.  Anyway, it’s clear that someone (Nick Jonas?) in meddling with both her and Chad to get them to discover all those dead bodies…
  • And there they are!  Mrs. Bean is definitely dead.  Hey, Ariana Grande.  Missed you.
  • The whole lunch scene is the best part of this episode– from the reasons why the Chanels joined Kappa to the absolutely perfect feminist throw-down.  I think these girls may be forging some real friendships.
  • Zayday is not dead.  Do I think Chanel may have orchestrated her kidnapping?  Yup.  But I don’t think Chanel is the killer.  Obviously she didn’t know the bodies were moved, etc.  I don’t think any of the Chanels are involved.  I think we need to watch out for the adults…
  • The ending… interesting, although not a complete shock.  No spoilers here for you!

Thoughts?!  Theories?!  I want to hear ’em!

Scream Queens: Go, Cones!


It’s October, so I hope you’re ready for all things spooky.  I’m continuing to enjoy Scream Queens, and the murdering continued with this week’s episode, “Chainsaw.”  RIP Coney, for real.  It’s Friday, so let’s relax and keep it casual.  Here are some thoughts on this week’s episodes:

  • Grace’s hats are awful.  Grace is awful.
  • I love that we’re finally learning people’s names!  Albeit, post-mortem.
  • I managed to get completely emotionally attached to Coney before his untimely death.  That mascot kid’s monologue was genius.
  • Lea Michele is killing it.  I love her psychotic character.  I was honestly not-so-excited by her presence among this cast, as I found her so horribly annoying in Glee.  It’s so great to see her play someone so different and so weird!  I hope the neck brace stays off and she does become Chanel #6.
  • Niecy Nash continues to crack me up.
  • I found out why Chanel #3 wears earmuffs so often!  Billie Catherine Lourd is Carrie Fisher’s daughter and it’s apparently an homage to Princess Leia.  Now I love it.
  • THANK GOODNESS the faux fur continues.  Literally, Emma Roberts’ styling is fantastic.  I love the hair details too– the pearls above and the pieces from last week were so enviable.
  • Do you think my theory about Grace’s dad is debunked just because the devil did indeed cut him with said chainsaw?  Honestly, I’m not convinced it is.  Grace’s dad made a seriously creeptastic move in becoming Grace’s professor to “keep her safe.”  What even?  And he didn’t get straight up murdered; he got like gently touched by the blade.  We already know that Nick Jonas aka Boon is alive and well and in cahoots with the devil, therefore we already know it’s more than one person terrorizing KKT.  Grace’s dad is still in for me.

Scream Queens thoughts and theories?  Go!

And have wonderful weekends, loves!