Law & Order: SVU

Next Week on TV…

Fall is officially here next week, and so is fall TV!  New seasons of some of my shows start are kicking off.  Here’s what I’m looking forward to:


Modern Family – September 24


Modern Family kicks off its sixth season on Wednesday, September 23rd at 9 pm.  This has been a quick favorite for me thanks to my own family’s love of this show.  My DVR is already programmed to record this, but I’ll likely be tuning in to watch live as well.  Did you know Modern Family has had a season premiere on September 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26?  Isn’t that weird but cool?


Law & Order: SVU – September 24

SVUopeningCompeting in the 9 pm timeslot, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns for its 16th season – woah!  Okay, so this show isn’t the same without Stabler, but we still have Benson!  Benson– well, Mariska Hartigay– is the reason I haven’t given up on this show yet.  Plus, I like Amanda Rollins even though I think this is a reused character name.  I’m not quite caught up, but this is an easy show to binge-marathon, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.


Scandal – September 25

Scandal_IntertitleOn Thursday, Scandal returns for its 4th season at 9 pm.  This is a show I binge-watched in its entirety this summer off of the recommendation of a friend.  It’s also the kind of show that you have to stay current with.  I already know I won’t be home on Thursday night to watch this, and Hulu promises that current season episodes appear 8 days after premiere… um, yikes that’s a long wait!  Looks like I’m going to have to DVR this one as well.


Amazing Race – September 25

The_Amazing_Race_23_logoOne of my major guilty pleasures, The Amazing Race returns on Friday night at 8 pm for its 25th season!  Last season I had a great time recapping the Sunday night adventures of Youtubers Meghan & Joey, the Harlem Globetrotters, and my beloved Cowboys!  Alas, we have a recap-filled fall already and I won’t have the opportunity this time around.  You can be that I’ll be watching, though!  I’m particularly excited to see surfer and shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton take the race on, and of course, pick a new season favorite!


What returning shows are you looking forward to this fall?

Detectives, Spies, and P.I.s!

I love a good mystery.  The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up, thanks to a childhood obsession with Harriet the Spy, was a detective or a private investigator.  I think my career interests in journalism, information science, and HR can all be traced from this!  I’ve always loved these investigative tales.

In no particular order, here are my favorite TV detectives, spies, and P.I.s!



1. Shawn & Gus (Psych)

Shawn Spencer claims to have psychic abilities that enable him to solve cases alongside the Santa Barbara Police Department.  Actually, he’s just hyper-observant.  Add best friend Gus and their detective agency is in business! And also quite silly.


2. Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)

Emerson Cod is a private investigator with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Who else could incorporate someone’s ability to reanimate corpses into a business?  Luckily, he loves serving justice just as much as he loves collecting payment.


3. Adrian Monk (Monk)

Monk may have a few fears and phobias– germs, heights, milk– but he always knows who the guy is!  This former police detective is a trusted consultant to the San Francisco Police Department.  He befits a classic detective definition: utterly brilliant, but flawed.


4. Mulder + Scully (The X-Files)

Two FBI agents– one believing that aliens abducted his sister, the other a doctor and a skeptic, relying on science– come together to be a force against the supernatural, the extra-terrestrial, and even the government.  And they’re both super sexy.


5. Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget)

You’ve got to have the right stuff to get the job done.  Inspector Gadget has that, and then some!  His arsenal of crime-solving tools and sheer luck get him through while his niece Penny and dog Brain do the real work.


6. Kenzi + Bo (Lost Girl)

Investigations are more exciting when the supernatural is involved!  With Bo’s unallied succubus powers and Kenzi’s penchant for finding trouble, these two freelancers help out bunches beings– magical and otherwise.


7. Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)

Max, also known as Agent 86, is basically Inspector Gadget without any of the gadgets.  (He’s also played by Don Adams who gave voice to Gadget!)  What he does have going for him is the backing of spy agency CONTROL and the beautiful, and way more competent, Agent 99.


8. Angel Investigations (Angel)

Angel, our Byronic vampire hero, dedicates his life to helping others for his soul’s redemption.  Initiated by Cordelia, this detective agency of sorts, headquartered in a formerly haunted hotel, can solve those cases that others can’t quite understand.


9. Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)

This police detective and now sergeant is the finest the Special Victims Unit has even seen!  Olivia has a heart of gold, but is tough as steel.  She’s a strong role model for women everywhere, and an absolute hero.  Plus she’s like, really pretty.

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is the birthday of the amazing Amy Sedaris!  If you don’t know who she is, you’re seriously missing out.  This woman is truly something special.  I don’t think anyone on this planet is more her own person than the hilarious Amy Sedaris.

I first read about Amy in the memoir-type short stories of David Sedaris, one of my favorite authors.  He writes of Amy , the pretty sister, wearing half a fat suit to freak out her father, and using voice imitations of the neighbors to make crank calls.  To get the best idea of Amy’s personality, I suggest a Youtube search for her numerous appearances on Letterman.  David Letterman announces her as a talented actress (and she is, as a former Second City Member who starred as Jerri Blank in the Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy, both alongside Stephen Colbert) and a best-selling author– her guide to entertaining, a coffee table book called “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” is an essential part of my personal collection.  In these appearances you may here of her imaginary boyfriend, Ricky.  If this sounds crazy to you, let me assure you she’s not!  She’s weird and wonderful, and completely authentic.

with David, wearing a super normal dress with all the US Presidents on it

Here she is with David Letterman, wearing a super normal dress with all the US Presidents on it

To celebrate, let’s revisit her television appearances in some of my favorite shows!


In Monk, she played Sharona’s sister, Gail.

In Law & Order: SVU, she played Charlie, the sister of a cyber peeping-tom.

In 30 Rock, she played this crazy visor lady!


Wishing a happy birthday to one of my personal idols, Amy Sedaris!

Catch Up: Amaro’s One-Eighty

I just got around to watching last week’s SVU on Monday.  I’m usually a day late with live TV waiting for episodes to hit Hulu or Xfinity On Demand, but sometimes I fall behind.  I figured I should catch up before tonight’s new episode, and WOAH I’m glad I did.  A lot of things happened and I have a lot of feelings about them.

  • Another character-driven episode?  That’s two in a row.  I want an SVU case!  Looks like tonight’s episode “Jersey Breakdown” may deliver.
  • I couldn’t actually write a re-cap of this, because the conflict scene was so confusing!  Like, no wonder Amaro fired his weapon.  I absolutely couldn’t tell what happened.
  • Why have Amaro call Munch but not put him on screen?  Tease!  If we’re going to insert a character without inserting an actor, why could we never do this with Stabler?
  • NO CRAGEN NO why does everybody keep leaving?!
  • It’s definitely going to be an adjustment with Benson in charge of the unit.  Does this mean Amaro is getting a new partner?
  • I was hoping that Amaro’s desk duty means that this week would feature Fin and Rollins– my current favorite duo, and the only in-tact set of partners.  The preview seems to indicate that desk duty didn’t actually last that long.
  • Did I mention I need more Fin and Rollins?
Bens is like whaaaaat?  Me too, girl.

Bens is like whaaaaat? Me too, girl.

Welp, last week left me with a lot of emotions and a lot of questions.  Bring on Jersey Breakdown!


SVU is back! After a long December, I missed my favorite detective. While I was very much looking forward to having my weekly SVU fix back, this episode, “Psycho Therapist,” was not one I was excited to see.

All season we’ve seen Benson struggle to recover from her time held captive by Lewis. Let’s be real, I did not want to see him again. To see our strong leading lady so vulnerable is hard. The season opened, “Surrender Benson,” paired with the hashtag #SaveBenson and the cliffhanger from the previous season was enticing. After the holiday hiatus, this episode paired with #BelieveBenson, tried to recapture the magic. I love a good hashtag, but I wasn’t buying in. Do we really have to go through more with him? Not 10 minutes into the episode though, as Barba goes over Olivia’s testimony with her, it was clear, that we did need this episode. There were loose ends. Remember Benson, finally free (ish) beating the shit out of this guy? I remember watching this and hoping that she didn’t kill him. Did he deserve it? Yes. But Liv’s a cop. And Liv’s our hero. And Liv knows actions have consequences. Too bad Lewis doesn’t seem to buy into that.

As a character, Lewis continues to enrage and infuriate us. The supporting cast does a nice job staying cool. This is a super painful episode for those of us who love Liv– and don’t we all? For some final kicks in the gut, the jury expresses that they have concerns about Benson’s conduct. The sly smile that Lewis shows in the flash forward makes me think that this is not the last we’ve seen of him. I don’t know how much more I can take– let alone our girl Liv!

I’m glad Lewis is out of our lives for now, and I’m so glad SVU is back. I’m hoping for some Rollins-centered episodes soon. It looks like next week’s spotlight will be on Amaro. I’m looking forward to seeing less of Lewis and more of the detectives.

“Psycho Therapist” is available on Hulu and on
The entire series– that’s 327 episodes– of Law & Order: SVU can be streamed on HuluPlus.