Ksenia Solo

Clone Club Catch-Up: New BFFs

Today blog post title comes from Ferdinand, who single-handedly managed to make me not hate him with that line.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “History Yet To Be Written” is the best finale we’re seen yet.  The original, Kendall Malone, is secured and genetic samples are taken.  A deal is struck, then terminated last minute, but things actually work out for the group!  Sure, I’m still a little confused about the science… what was that mechanical bug that came out of Nealon’s mouth?  Neolution is back in the mix, and apparently the root of all evil (for now.)  The supposed (we never can tell, can we?) death of a main character definitely put a damper on things, but all and all, I think this was an amazing episode.


Clone by clone, as always, one more time this season:

Rachel wakes up not with the perfect copy eye she was promised, but with this weird bionic eye.  She also has no idea where she is and nobody’s answering her stammered calls.  The answer to Rachel comes at the very end, a great cliffhanger for next season: Charlotte walks in followed by Susan Duncan.

Helena gets a nice surprise from her brother-in-law Donnie, Jesse of Jesse’s towing!  “You found my boyfriend,” she smiles.  Life’s finally coming together for her.  Her assassin skills are now being leveraged to the group’s advantage.  She fights Rudy to the death.  He’s already glitching out, but y’all know she could’ve taken him anyway!

Alison wins School Trustee!  She celebrates with Donnie, Art, Sarah, S, Cosima, Helena, Felix, and Scott.  Sarah notices some of them are missing, and they toast to Beth.

Krystal‘s identity is discovered basically just in time.  Delphine realizes that the Rachel they have in Dyad is not actually Rachel.  She’s assumed safe, and hopefully she’ll be joining the Clone Club next year.

Cosima attempts to reconcile with Shay, but backs off realizing she can’t possibly let her in on who she is.  Delphine visits Shay, after being told she won’t live to see morning, to try to put things back in order for Shay and Cosima.  I love Ksenia Solo, so I kind of want this to work out, but I really love Delphine.  Delphine gives Cosima one hell of a goodbye kiss before she’s shot.  Is she dead?  It seems that way but this is the kind of show that you never know.

Sarah is the one who brokered the deal with Ferdinand, the lesser of two evils when it came between Topside and Castor.  She had the upper hand, knowing they weren’t handing over Kendall Malone, just samples.  She and Fe also pay a visit to Gracie and Mark, recruiting Mark into their plan.  Mark lures Coady, and Coady’s shut down by Ferdinand’s people.  When Sarah receives the call from Delphine revealing Ferdinand to be a pawn in a Neolutionist agenda, Ferdinand flips sides and eliminates his Neolutionist companion who was prepared the take the samples.  We also learn how Sarah ended up with S– we’ve known it was purposeful for quite some time, but knowing this adoptive mother-and-daughter are actually blood related is just perfect.  Finally, the very end sees Sarah reunited with her flesh and blood, Kira.

A happy ending for most, with just enough of a cliffhanger to keep me dying for next season.  Though Delphine is a blow, I’m not Game of Thrones upset here.  What did you all think of the finale?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Switch

This weekend’s Orphan Black, “Scarred by Many Frustrations,” lacked my favorite clone, Alison.  In spite of this, there were several very satisfying things about this episode.  I’m finally feeling like the season has a bit of movement and this episode featured another one of my favorites– Ksenia Solo!  I’m not quite going clone-by-clone this time around, but we’ll cover ’em.

Clockwise: S & Fe twerk it out with Gracie, Cosima meets Shay, Sarah tries to appeal to Helena; Helena tells her scorpion to shut up about butter.

Clockwise: S & Fe twerk it out with Gracie, Cosima meets Shay, Sarah tries to appeal to Helena, Helena tells her scorpion to shut up about butter.

Since we’ve mentioned Ksenia, let’s start with Cosima.  She is super awkward on her Sapphire date with Shay, who I totally didn’t recognize as Ksenia Solo– that girl is a chameleon!  Even as Kenzi on Lost Girl, she was constantly transforming.  I love seeing her and Tatiana Maslany on screen together.  I’m really interested in where this relationship is going to go and in who is capturing this date on camera.  Cosima is still a mess post-Delphine and she was distractingly awkward, but Shay is smooth as butter… does she know about the surveillance?  We’ll see.

Now to actual plot progression.  It’s surprised me to see Sarah wake up in captivity next to Helena.  Just as I feared, the relationship between the sisters is damaged.  I’ve assumed for a long time now that Helena would lose her trust in Sarah.  We started this series with her trying to kill her clone sisters, after all.  She seemed steeped in sisterly good will for a while, but when it comes down to it, Helena is programmed to survive.  I didn’t know it would be this moment that would separate them, though.  The work together on the escape plan and Helena is absolutely brilliant.  When it comes time to grab the keys and let Sarah free, Helena leaves her in her cell– “now we’ve even.”  As she escapes, she has second thoughts knowing her sister is in pain, but she listens to her scorpion friend this time and escapes.  Now the military has Sarah and Helena is free… and alone.

We also must talk about Gracie this time around!  I’m a huge Mrs. S fan, so I think this was my favorite storyline.  Gracie visits Art for help, having been told about him by Sarah.  Art brings her to Mrs. S and Felix– she needs a friend now.  Gracie is 18 and finally on her own and is just in the mood for rebellion.  She dresses, as Fe puts it, like she’s in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and intends to go out and drink and dance.  S convinces her to do so in a contained environment.  As they drink and dance, though, Gracie doubles over in pain.  At the same time, Art meets up with the Castor creeps victim who has the same ailment: blood filling their eyes.

I enjoyed this episode, but am so looking forward to the return of Rachel and the new Rachel, Delphine, next time around.  What did you all think?

Detectives, Spies, and P.I.s!

I love a good mystery.  The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up, thanks to a childhood obsession with Harriet the Spy, was a detective or a private investigator.  I think my career interests in journalism, information science, and HR can all be traced from this!  I’ve always loved these investigative tales.

In no particular order, here are my favorite TV detectives, spies, and P.I.s!



1. Shawn & Gus (Psych)

Shawn Spencer claims to have psychic abilities that enable him to solve cases alongside the Santa Barbara Police Department.  Actually, he’s just hyper-observant.  Add best friend Gus and their detective agency is in business! And also quite silly.


2. Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)

Emerson Cod is a private investigator with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Who else could incorporate someone’s ability to reanimate corpses into a business?  Luckily, he loves serving justice just as much as he loves collecting payment.


3. Adrian Monk (Monk)

Monk may have a few fears and phobias– germs, heights, milk– but he always knows who the guy is!  This former police detective is a trusted consultant to the San Francisco Police Department.  He befits a classic detective definition: utterly brilliant, but flawed.


4. Mulder + Scully (The X-Files)

Two FBI agents– one believing that aliens abducted his sister, the other a doctor and a skeptic, relying on science– come together to be a force against the supernatural, the extra-terrestrial, and even the government.  And they’re both super sexy.


5. Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget)

You’ve got to have the right stuff to get the job done.  Inspector Gadget has that, and then some!  His arsenal of crime-solving tools and sheer luck get him through while his niece Penny and dog Brain do the real work.


6. Kenzi + Bo (Lost Girl)

Investigations are more exciting when the supernatural is involved!  With Bo’s unallied succubus powers and Kenzi’s penchant for finding trouble, these two freelancers help out bunches beings– magical and otherwise.


7. Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)

Max, also known as Agent 86, is basically Inspector Gadget without any of the gadgets.  (He’s also played by Don Adams who gave voice to Gadget!)  What he does have going for him is the backing of spy agency CONTROL and the beautiful, and way more competent, Agent 99.


8. Angel Investigations (Angel)

Angel, our Byronic vampire hero, dedicates his life to helping others for his soul’s redemption.  Initiated by Cordelia, this detective agency of sorts, headquartered in a formerly haunted hotel, can solve those cases that others can’t quite understand.


9. Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU)

This police detective and now sergeant is the finest the Special Victims Unit has even seen!  Olivia has a heart of gold, but is tough as steel.  She’s a strong role model for women everywhere, and an absolute hero.  Plus she’s like, really pretty.