November’s End

It has literally just occurred to me that today is the last day of November.  Where did this month go?!  Things have definitely been hectic, but the least I can do is this one last blog post before the month is over!


[1] We kicked off the month with my bridal shower! [2] We finally got to play the SNES! (in my wedding make-up) [3] We had a big meeting with our wedding venue and things got so real.  Are you sensing a theme here?! [4] I finally got my hands on some of Essie Wild Nude’s including my new favorite, “Exposed.” [5] ULTRA SUN & ULTRA MOON RELEASED! [6] We put our Christmas tree up! [7] I rocked many a moon, including this sweater from J. Crew & gorgeous Alex & Ani necklace. [8] This dachshund creamer arrived in the mail the other day as a shower gift from my friend Kelsey! [9] We tried Tora, a new restaurant in Chinatown, and loved it!

I think things are only going to be more hectic as we wrap up 2017!  What were your favorite November moments?

Japan Haul!

I couldn’t wait another minute to share this video because it’s so late exciting!

I think you all can probably tell that life has gotten pretty busy lately, but I’m so happy that I’ve finally gotten around to editing my massive Japan haul.  I hope you enjoy!

(Pre-Japan) Marchstagrams

March has been great for so many reasons!


[1] so happy to have the Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild!  [2] PaxEast 2017 [3] ugh, I really miss this sandwich from Catalyst Cafe [4] Animal Crossing Amiibo friends [5] love this gorgeous Smashbox Golden Hour palette [6] Matt reminds me of Umino here [7] we did a bad job at not eating Japanese before Japan [8] but how can you resist this green tea mille crêpe? [9] at least I maintained balance with a ride at The Handle Bar in Harvard Sq.

and [10] …we’re in JAPAN NOW.  Be sure to check in on the instagrams that didn’t make it here!

What was your favorite part of March?

San Francisco Travel Guide

IMG_2837 3

Well hello!  We just got back from a phenomenal trip to San Francisco.  Though we had originally intended to attend Pokémon Worlds, having all that free time in San Francisco really let us explore so many different neighborhoods and see so much in 5 days.  It was my first time there, and everything was so photo-worthy!  Even better, Matt’s been there a bunch of times and we were able to do things that were new to him too.  We love to explore, and we walked A LOT.  Here’s our trip!


Watch Day 1 – Exploring San Francisco!

  • What We Did: Walked to see the Painted Ladies, checked out the view at Buena Vista Park, walked through Haight-Ashbury and Golden Gate Park, stopping to admire the Japanese Tea Garden.
  • What We Ate: Sushi-Go-Round at Isobune in Japantown, Muracci’s curry
  • Step Count: 23,265 (9.27 miles)

IMG_2838 2

Watch Day 2: From the Bay Bridge to Golden Gate

  • What We Did: Walked to the Ferry Building, then the whole Embarcadero, and Fisherman’s Wharf, then Ghiradelli Square, over to Lombard Street and all the way to the Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • What We Ate: a Nutella Belgian Waffle at Pier 39 with an apple cider from Biscoff next door, a sourdough turtle from BoudinIn-N-Out Burger for lunch, dinner with Matt’s friend at YakiniQ for Korean barbecue.
  • Step Count: 32,813 (13.24 miles)

IMG_2838 copy

Watch Day 3: Japantown, Chinatown, & Coit Tower

  • What We Did: spent some more time exploring (& shopping in!) Japantown, walked through Chinatown  and to Coit Tower.
  • What We Ate: Tonkatsu in Japantown at Koji Osakaya, dinner with my cousin & his girlfriend at Hunan House in Chinatown.
  • Step Count: 23,317 (9.3 miles)


Watch Day 4: Eating Our Way Through the Mission!

  • What We Did: ate our way through the Mission, soaked up some sun in Dolores Park and walked down Valencia Street, which was closed to traffic and a total party.
  • What We Ate: The Rebel Within at Craftsmen & Wolves, a sandwich & a tart at Tartine, two scoops of ice cream at Bi-Rite, and sushi at Amasia in Noe Valley.
  • Step Count: 18,606 (7.47 miles)

IMG_2837 2

Watch Day 5: Academy of Sciences & Lands End!

  • What We Did: A museum visit to California Academy of the Sciences just in time to watch the penguins get fed and chase butterflies in their rainforest exhibit, walked through Inner & Outer Richmond to Sea Cliff, then the breath-taking hike of Lands End and the Sutro Baths.
  • What We Ate: breakfast at Pinecrest Diner, lunch at Lou’s Cafe, and dinner with Matt’s friends at Iza Ramen where I finally got my takoyaki!
  • Step Count: 16,047 (6.4 miles)

Stay tuned to see much, much more of this trip!


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 11


Let’s start by saying that I am psyched to see Sailor Saturn (finally!) in this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal.  Unfortunately, that means it’s the end of the season of my favorite arc… in the original anime, anyway, and I’m not feeling the same warm & fuzzies.

Where we focused on Michiru and Haruka for a bit at the beginning of a much shorter season than the original anime presented, I so miss the love story.  I miss the rose petals.  I miss the anguish of their duty.  I miss the overlying happiness than they found each other in all of this.  Haruka seemingly has a better relationship with Usagi than Michiru.

Master Pharaoh 90 seeped through the world super fast this season– all the inners attacks plus a Rainbow Double Moon Heartache from Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon couldn’t do anything to quell the spread of evil.  In fact, it seems he’s absorbing their power as he did with Mistress 9.  For some reason, Sailor Moon decides unleashing the power of the Moon Chalice and Millennium Silver Crystal inside of him will hurt him and not, as we’ve seen, give him more power to absorb.  Everyone is completely convinced she’s dead including Luna, Artemis, and Diana who literally only sit behind computer screens throughout this season.  I miss when the cats did things!

Sailor Saturn rises and is about to bring down her silence glaive.  We are left with this moment, and one episode to wrap it all up.  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 10


This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal was another seemingly slow episode to me because I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sailor Saturn.

Hotaru & Chibiusa were the stars of this episode.  Trapped inside the body of Mistress 9, Hotaru is guarding the soul of Chibiusa and the Legendary Silver Crystal.  Since Mistress 9 can’t pull at the crystal’s power, she devours the souls of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus… only Hotaru won’t let her have those either.  Realizing she herself is just a soul, Hotaru restores the souls of the sailor senshi.  She revives Chibiusa and promptly fades away out of existence.  Still, she felt something greater in herself… we see a silhouette of Sailor Saturn for now.

Chibiusa is heartbroken over the loss of her dear friend.  It gives her the strength to fight along with the other sailor senshi.  It’s funny, but her Pink Sugar Heart Attack does more than Sailor Moon’s Moon Spiral Heart Attack.  Chibi Moon wishes to be like Sailor Moon, and when the senshi lend Sailor Moon their power for a Super Sailor Moon upgrade, another chalice appears and we meet Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

And the battle is on!  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 9


Yesterday’s Sailor Moon Crystal was not much of a plot advancer, but we did get a few tidbits.

We see Hotaru’s strength to reach past Mistress 9’s control and call out to Chibiusa.  Thanks to Hotaru, Mistress 9 is not able to use the full power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and Chibiusa’s soulless body feels a little warmer.

We get a whole lot of backstory for Hotaru’s father– this episode was mostly backstory about Pharaoh 90’s alien invasion.  Things I maybe didn’t know:

  • Kaorinite was an innocent in this until Pharaoh 90 made her a vessel
  • Hotaru’s father is not innocent in this– he chose to implant the egg of Mistress 9 in his daughter and he was doing crude science on her broken body before the aliens ever invaded

We see Hotaru’s father transform into a crazy daimon-hybrid– somehow he must rip his lab coat off to reveal jagged teeth– and he attacks the group of Sailor senshi in the basement– Moon, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.  Meanwhile Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus upstairs get blown away.  Super Sailor Moon’s power up fades and she becomes Sailor Moon again.  I thought we might get some Sailor Saturn action when Pluto activated her garnet orb, but alas, not yet.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 8


This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal started with the sudden announcement that Chibiusa is, in fact, currently dead.  People don’t really seem as concerned as they should be, because duh, they simply need to restore her soul to her body.  Said soul was ripped out by Mistress 9, who swallows the Legendary Silver Crystal by the time the episode is done.  Mamoru uses himself as life support for Chibiusa’s body, which they have no problem stealing from whatever hospital she resided in.  While that happens, the outer senshi decide that killing Hotaru is for sure the only way to help Chibiusa.

Mistress 9 makes it clear that Kaorinite must take care of the sailor senshi, so Kaorinite revives the Witches 5, ’cause that worked so well last time.  The Witches 5 separate the inners and trap them in their dreams.  Sailor Moon sees through the ploy and the outer senshi see that the inners are in trouble.  Finally, finally, finally we see them all fight together.


Everyone lends Sailor Moon their power and she becomes Super Sailor Moon again.  This was a fantastic moment, and a great episode!

I’m looking forward to Sailor Saturn awakening… soon!  Thoughts?!