Holly Marie Combs

What Are You Doing Here?

Hey guys!  I’m sadly back from vacation but happy to get back to blogging.  Today, I have a brand new feature for you!  Welcome to What Are You Doing Here?: A Roadmap of Sorts!  The below bolded statements are actual search terms that led people to nikkisee.com.  I thought it might be fun to address some of them, for various reasons.  Yeah, that’s all I’m going to say.  Let’s keep it vague.  Onward!


gamecube tekken sarah michelle gellar anywhere but here zen lemmings

This was searched not once, but twice to get to my blog! I don’t know what you’re getting at here, but I think I like it. I like GameCube, and Tekken, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Zen lemmings? Not sure what they are, but I don’t hate it.


weeping angel in new orleans cemetery

Obviously you were brought here because of my love for “Blink,” the Doctor Who episode, and Top Chef: New Orleans.   If there is indeed a weeping angel in a New Orleans cemetery, I would like to investigate with you! Call me maybe?


amazing race i hate mallory

WHY? Mallory is a joy. All Stars didn’t do her justice; watch her on the other two seasons she was on with her dad.


why not put hollindaise on swordfish?

This was searched a few times in various formats, so I think it’s fair to address it. I’m going to be honest with you, readers: I might consider putting hollandaise on swordfish. I consider putting hollandaise on everything. I don’t think the texture of swordfish would go well with this buttery sauce, though. I’m glad I’m not the only one who asks Google questions like it’s my friend, though.


who did.holly marie.combs bring with her to hells kitchen?

I don’t know, but I do know you’re an iPhone user! I do the same thing with the periods everytime I search on my iPhone.


phi mu judges names hell’s kitchen

Stalker. Y’all were big fans of Kayla, eh?


flustrated hells kitchen 2014

I’m so glad somebody else is having a problem with what I’m assuming is an accidental portmanteau. I heard “flustrated” again on Toddlers & Tiaras, and now I’m wondering if it’s common (and by that, I mean a common mistake) in the south. Let me know if you have any insight.


welsh y sipsi nikkisee

For some reason, I knew transcribing this poem would be of interest to others. This Welsh poem featured on Amazing Race was searched in many, many forms, and the recap post featuring it is probably my most viewed blog post. The fact that someone was actually searching for my blog by name blows me away! I’m honored to be your resident Welsh gypsy poem transcriber.


did hell’s kitchen make a mistake on the croque monsuier

I really think they did. I don’t understand this, but maybe they were trying to be colloquial. This is another thing that got searched several times in a couple formats. Clearly, I’m not the only one who noticed.


lets eat viki

I understand this, and I would search this… well, something similar. I’m a stickler for apostrophes! It just reminds me of those jokes about the necessity of the Oxford comma. Let’s eat, Grandma v. Let’s eat Grandma. It makes me giggle.


how to beat yoshis new island last level

Golden Flutter Wings. If you are having enough trouble to freakin’ Google that, it sounds like you need ’em.



If my blog came up every time someone searched for Youtube, I think I’d have a lot more traffic. It apparently worked for one of you, though.


Keep on Googling weird stuff so we can have some more What Are You Doing Here? fun!  And hey, thank you so much for reading!!

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 15 Chefs Compete

The blue team has lost a lot of dead weight. The red team has been on a roll, but they are far from perfect. There’s dead weight on this team as well. I knew tides would have to turn so Red could become leaner and meaner.

A very emotional Beth complains that being from Louisiana means that no men will let her work in restaurants. Is that a thing? Women can’t be chefs in Louisiana? I highly doubt that.

Chef Ramsay noted that no one was emerging as a leader. He instructs each team to elect a captain for the night’s dinner service. On the red team, Melanie steps up as captain. As my early favorite, I’m both glad and a little nervous, knowing that if the red team went down, she’d be accountable. The blue team selects Anton, much to my chagrin; I can’t stand the way this guy yells!

We go straight into dinner service. Melanie is leading her team from the fish station, while Anton has decided to be a “floater,” which basically means he micromanages then takes credit for everyone’s work.

It’s an exciting night in Hell’s Kitchen because there will be chef’s tables in the kitchen. Red hosts Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds. Blue hosts my favorite Halliwell sister and the hottest mom in Rosewood, Holly Marie Combs! JP seems to enjoy Holly as much as I do.

Holly is a genuine joy!  She seems to really have fun with the Hell's Kitchen experience and the drama that comes along with it. Her on screen tag reads PLL and I love me a good Ella Montgomery, but she will always be Piper Halliwell to me!  I have logistical problems believing she could be Lucy Hale's mother.  Maybe I'm just getting old.

Holly is a genuine joy! She seems to really have fun with the Hell’s Kitchen experience and the drama that comes along with it. (Though her on screen tag reads PLL, she will always be Piper Halliwell to me! I have logistical problems believing she could be Lucy Hale’s mother. Maybe I’m just getting old.) 

Dinner service is shaky at best. Melanie’s command of the fish station is lacking. Blue delivers food to the chef’s table without bringing them by the pass for Ramsay to okay. The result is Holly’s companion getting undercooked scallops— not a great move. At the end of the night, I think Red had more problems. Chef Ramsay agrees, as the blue team won dinner service.

Surprisingly, Melanie does not get put up for elimination. Her leadership qualities remain unproven, and the failure does indeed fall on her shoulders. I think she is one of the strongest chefs there, so I’m glad she’s safe.

Instead, Red puts up Beth, the obvious choice, and Sandra, a confusing choice to me. Beth has been mentally absent like, every service. I kind of like Sandra. She’s made mistakes, yes, but who hasn’t? Seems like the read team wants her gone, though.

Rams rightly sends Beth home, citing that he can’t see her leading a kitchen.

“Beth thinks that the reason she hasn’t advanced in the culinary industry is the fact that she’s a woman in the south. I think it’s because she can’t cook.”