Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere

Did you guys watch Game of Thrones last night?!  Of course you did.  If you are one of those people who is planning on catching it later today via HBO Go, come back to this post then!  For the other 99% of you, here are some thoughts:

bossy baby Cersei was a great way to start the episode

bossy baby Cersei was a great way to start the episode

For real, hair inspiration from bb Cersei.  No one side parts their hair in Westeros… I might be rocking a center part tomorrow.

We see brunette Sansa, and to be honest, I much prefer her hair red.  Sophie Turner is stunning, though, and I’m so looking forward to her storyline this season!

Tyrion has a little existential crisis, but ultimately decides to check out the situation with Dany in Meereen.  Things aren’t going so well for Dany, though.  She used to be so much more of a force, so it’s kind of hard to see her like this.  I’m probably more worried about her missing dragon than she is, and when she tries to visit the other two that she’s chained up she gets scared too quickly.  Come on, Dany; you can do this!

Mance met a nasty fate, but the episode ended on a rather noble note with Jon showing him mercy.  Still, I’d have preferred he bent the knee because, like Jon, I was quite fond of him toward the end there.

So, Dany and her dragons and the adventures of Sansa Stark are numbers 2 and 3 on the most anticipated list… what’s number 1, you ask?!  ARYA.  I can’t wait to see what Arya’s up to, especially since she didn’t pop up in this episode at all.

What did you guys think of the season 5 premiere?

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Game of Thrones Goodness


I’m loving season 4 of Game of Thrones so far, and I found last week’s episode particularly powerful and hilarious.  We got the big reveal behind Joffrey’s poisoning resulting from Sansa’s necklace, and we ended on another amazing show of power and intelligence from Dany, as the collars of the former slaves that now fight for her rained down upon the people of Mareen.  Before it turned sour, we got a fun little roleplay with Arya and the Hound gulping down rabbit stew.  The first laugh out loud moment for me came right at the beginning, during a rather suspicious conversation between Margaery and Olenna Tyrell.

 “You may not have enjoyed watching him die, but you enjoyed it more than you would’ve enjoyed being married to him, I can promise you that.”

Truth, Grandma Tyrell.

My favorite line, perhaps in the series, came from Tyrion.  His situation is bleak, falsely imprisoned for the murder of his nephew.  We all know Tyrion is too smart to have carried out this murder; he even says he wouldn’t have been gawking over the body if he’d known what was to happen.  He puzzles out who would want him framed for this, but is go-to person when something is amiss in his life is off-limits here…

” …but say what you will of Cersei; she loves her children.  She is the only one I’m certain had nothing to do with this murder, which makes it unique as King’s Landing murders go.

Hah, is it just me or is Cersei’s craziness starting to get really fun?  Now that there aren’t any Starks around to threaten and things have gone awry for her, I’m enjoying seeing her on screen a lot.  And WOW are those dynamics with Jamie getting complicated!

Let’s hope tonight’s Game of Thrones is just as great as last week’s!

Any theories, kids?

I heart streaming television


On Thursday, amidst the Amazon Fire TV buzz, I read this Mashable piece about its 8 Greatest Competitors. If you didn’t know, I kicked DirecTV to the curb last year and now rely entirely on the internet for TV. My building isn’t wired for cable, so my options are limited. I get by with Netflix, Hulu, and a few select things on my iTunes and Amazon Instant. I also benefit from a Comcast subscription (thanks, Dad!) but am limited to its streaming content only. I have a lot of interest in products like Amazon Fire TV, so I thought I’d share with you how this cable-less girl is still a TV-freak.


Roku 2

My brother bought me my Roku 2 for Christmas last year, and I love it. I got the accompanying TV for my birthday, and thus have a new set up in my bedroom that’s basically changed my life. Roku streams Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and a selection of channels. For example, Lifetime has a channel on Roku, so instead of watching Dance Moms on my laptop, I can watch it on a TV! The Roku itself is not a monthly subscription, you just register and account and you’re off. Some channels are free (like Lifetime, PBS, stuff like that) and some you need a subscription for— Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go. Unfortunately, HBO Go doesn’t steam on my Roku… it’s backed by Comcast and Comcast HBO accounts are not good to go for Roku.

Xbox 360

My original TV machine and the reason I felt confident enough to get rid of cable, Xbox Live Gold keeps me watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Youtube! My Xbox sits in my living room on my big TV and thus acts as my main source of visual content. My internet connection is a bit rough (I have Clear as a service, because again, no wires in my building) so it tends to blink off occasionally interrupting my shows. That’s a bummer, and the reason I don’t play Xbox Live ever— I’d be impossible to get through a game! Xbox Live Gold service is necessary to stream and it’s a costly service itself.


I’m slightly in love with my iPad. I’m still in the market for a portable keyboard so I can take it to the beach house for blogging purposes this summer— the touch screen doesn’t make for easy typing! I bring my iPad most places in lieu of a laptop. It is everything I need for an overnight trip to my parents’ or a weekend stay at a friend’s. The following apps make this a lovable machine: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast Xfinity, and Viki. The great thing is that every service has an app, so the iPad is the most universal of my devices. While there are some things I can watch only on certain devices/TVs, I can watch pretty much everything on the iPad! I sleep with it. It’s normal.

Wii/Wii U

I mention these because the article mentions Wii U. You all know that I just bought a Wii U, and I could certainly steam Netflix and such on this guy. It sits on the shelf below my Roku, so I don’t need it for those purposes. The same goes with my Wii, which sits in my living room next to the Xbox. I’m pretty sure it streams Netflix too, but I’ve never used it as such. My Nintendo devices are only for gaming, I guess. Does anybody know if there’s a subscription services to be able to stream on these babies? Perhaps it’s something to consider.


So it’s obvious why I’m interested in devices like Amazon Fire TV, but it’s also pretty evident that I don’t need any more TV streaming devices! As an Apple user, I am, however, still pretty interested in the Apple TV… we have them at work and they seem awesome. I don’t see an Amazon Fire TV in my future, but the price is low and the product does great things. Has anybody picked one up yet? I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Girls Recap: Role-Play

IMG_0398Did anyone else have so much trouble with HBO Go last night?  It was so overloaded because of the True Detective finale that it took me a good hour to even be able to sign on.  Thankfully, I did because I needed to watch Girls!

Hannah is out with her work friends drinking until she gets sick.  Work friend Joe takes her home with him, cleans her up, and lets her sleep it off.  She comes home to Adam the next day, who is focused on his play and isn’t overly worried about her.  He had asked her to stop by rehearsal later, and when she does, the director is not pleased.  Adam plays it off as if he hadn’t invited her.  I would have been so angry if I were her!  After which, Hannah decides that their relationship is not as exciting as it used to be.  She puts a plan in action to spice things up.

Marnie goes to Soo Jin’s gallery, thinking she will hire her as director.  Instead, Soo Jin offers her the role of her assistant.  I’d take it if I were her!  Marnie’s got to get herself back to work.  Desi helps Marnie work on her music.  He sings a pretty sexual song, and Marnie avoids a potentially embarrassing moment by asking who he was singing about: his girlfriend, Clementine.

Jessa is in complete junkie mode with Jasper.  Shoshanna arranges for the two of them to be face to face with Dot, Jasper’s daughter.  Dot manages to reconcile with her father, knowing he’s struggled with his drug problem.  In the wake of this, Jessa seems like the bad influence.  Jessa is left alone and once again, a drug addict.

Hannah tells Adam to meet her at a bar, where she waits in a blonde wig and in character.  “The fuck?” says Adam when he sees her, but then he starts playing along.  She’s weird and Hannah-y about it of course, and makes it way too dramatic, which leads to Adam getting punched in the street when Hannah yells for help.  “Break up with her.  She’s a fucking psycho,” advises the puncher.  Miraculously, Adam is still into it.  They go back to Marnie’s, which is Hannah’s character’s apartment, but once they get into it, Hannah switches the narrative to cheerleader/weird kid in school which offends Adam.  He ends up leaving to stay with Ray for a while and concentrate on the play.

See, I knew Hannah would mess this up!  Trust me, I know Adam’s not perfect, but what he said to her was sweet: they are girlfriend and boyfriend now and they don’t need to have weird anonymous sex.   I wonder what it is Hannah is trying to recapture, because their relationship started out so badly.

Only two episodes left!  I guess we’ll see what happens.