HK14: Breakin’ Dishes

Well, the interesting scene we saw last week was too good to be true!  As aways, HK spins something to look insane… not like breaking plates for ingredients isn’t slightly insane anyway.

IMG_1471The challenge is Greek-themed, hence the plate breaking to reveal ingredients.  A chef on Red and a chef on Blue each stand in front of a random dome to pick proteins: Joshua and Alison get lamb, Michelle and Bret get prawns, Milly and Meghan get squid, T and Randy get chicken, Sarah and Nick get swordfish, and Adam and Christine get pork.

Each smashes some plates to reveal ingredients.  These are the only ingredients they can use with their protein, but they are not required to use all of them.

Michael Psilakis guest judges and the head-to-head battles are one:

  • Alison’s lamb earns 3 point from Michael and 3 from Gordon; Josh earns 1 point from each judge.
  • Bret earns 4 points from each judge for his prawns, while Michelle only picks up a 1 and a 2.
  • Meghan gets a 4 and a 5 for her squid, and Milly only earns 3’s from each.
  • T picks up 4 and 3 for her chicken, but Randy gets a perfect 10– 5 from each judge.
  • Christine earns respectable double-4’s for her pork, but Adam cleans up with double-5’s.
  • Sarah gets 3 and 4 for her swordfish, but Nick’s 2 and 3 is enough to seal the victory for Blue.

Red cleans the dining room and preps both kitchens for the night’s service for punishment, while Blue enjoys a go kart racing reward with Miss California.

The night’s service doesn’t go much better for Red.  While Blue has a little bit of “Who put the cream in the mash?” controversy and Milly’s spirit is fading, they ultimately bail out Red who gets kicked out of the kitchen again.  It starts with cold lobster from Alison, then burnt butter from her.  Christine’s garnish station sinks all night.  Sarah on the meat station is a disaster with undercooked Wellingtons and overcooked lamb.

Christine and Sarah are up for elimination.

Christine, I have seen improve.  Sarah started so strong, but has fallen far.  There is a brief moment where Ramsay asks her if she thinks she could cook better in a blue jacket, but alas, he’s not seeing it.  Sarah is sent home.

What do you think about Chef Ramsay’s decision?

Next week’s episode promises drama again; hopefully we get it this time!

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 13 Chefs Compete

Last week’s episode was in classic Hell’s Kitchen format.  Girls of the Phi Mu sorority come out for the challenge.  Hell’s Kitchen is hosting a dinner to celebrate the 160th anniversary of their sorority.  The party planning committee came forward to vote on the dishes they wanted for their menu.  Since Phi Mu was founded in Georgia, the ladies requested Southern cooking.  Chef Ramsay had each team prepare a chicken dish, a seafood dish, and a beef dish.  The winning dishes make it to the next night’s menu.


Phi Mu sister Kayla picks her favorite dishes


  • Red presents fried chicken with mac and cheese and collard greens
  • Blue presents twice-battered fried chicken with a mushroom sauce

Blue wins the point.


  • Red presents shrimp with grits
  • Blue presents blackened catfish with green beans and grits

Red wins the point.


  • Red presents a ribeye with sautéed string beans
  • Blue presents a ribeye with candied yams and collard greens

Red wins the final point!

As a reward, the ladies head off to Las Vegas!  Their reward includes a $500 shopping spree at the Caesar’s Palace shops, dinner cooked by Chef Ramsay’s mentor Guy Savoy, and a pep talk from past Hell’s Kitchen winner Christina Wilson.  Blue gets the pleasure of setting up the dining room for Phi Mu, including glittering their letters for the event.

The next night’s dinner service is a bit rocky… both teams struggle with chicken!   Kashia keeps saying “flustrated,” an accidental portmanteau of “flustered” and “frustrated.”  She said this in a past episode and I let it go, but she says it so many times in last week’s episode that it’s entirely clear that she does not know what the word is.

The night’s dinner service was all about team work, but the kitchens lacked the sisterhood and brotherhood that Chef Ramsay was hoping to achieve.  He declares Blue the winners and has Red make nominations.  When Kashia mentions that she wants to put Jessica up for elimination, Jessica throws a hissy fit.  How old is this chick?  It’s a show on which people get eliminated… did you not see this coming?  Now, I do think Jessica is a strong chef, but she did not keep it together with the chicken!

Red nominates: Bev, who couldn’t keep it together on garnish & Jessica, who starts pouting again immediately

Rightfully, Chef Ramsay eliminates Bev.  She complains about the red team being a bunch of cry babies as she exits.  She’s right, to an extent, but at least they can cook.  Bev’s been lagging for weeks.

Do you think Chef Ramsay made the right choice?

With the teams now even, who do you think will be the next to go?