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Summer Reading 2015 | part 2

It’s been a while, but I’ve actually made a lot of summer reading progress!  Today’s selections, numbers 5 through 7, were all completed prior to this weekend, so stay tuned for more soon!  Until then:


Chop Chop by Simon Wroe

I picked this up at B&N after leaving Shadow of the Night on the couch at my beach house. (There have been obstacles to my summer reading saga!) I wanted something completely unrelated to the All Souls trilogy and something quick. Because I sort of read it half mid-way through Shadow of the Night and half after, it didn’t feel like the quick read I anticipated. The story starts a bit slow, but definitely picks up in the middle and comes around to a pretty satisfying ending. I happen to love all of the restaurant terminology. If you’re a Hell’s Kitchen fan, I recommend this book for you!

The Fine Art of Fucking Up by Cate Dicharry

Another one-off I picked up, not wanting to dedicate my summer solely to a series. This is a funny and quirky little book. I don’t work in the arts, but I went to art school and identify with this crazy world. It’s a rather absurd set of circumstances and most of the characters are pretty outlandish, making it a fun one.. The main character, despite the absurd set of circumstances, it’s very real and relatable. It’s nothing to write home about, in my opinion, but it was a quick and enjoyable read.

Grace’s Guide by Grace Helbig

I’m on a Youtube kick, aren’t I? Grace Helbig’s first book has been sitting on my bedside table for a while. I flipped through it when it first came out/I first bought it, but I wanted to revisit and really read it since I had just sailed through iJustine’s. Grace’s Guide is really not meant to be read cover to cover. I did, because I was sick and wanted to take my mind off of that. It reads very true to Grace, like you watched several of her advice Youtube videos. The thing is, Grace’s advise, though silly, is good! I identify with a lot of it, like cleaning your dishes to clear your mind. Definitely more of a coffee table book, but a must for Grace fans!

Any summer reading suggestions for me?!

Links For A New World [08]

snow and shells

Well, it’s been a solid 2 months since I’ve gathered links for you.  February and March were tough here in Boston, alright?

But anyway, links!

  • Majora’s Mask | This is my favorite Legend of Zelda game and one of my favorite games ever.  I didn’t put up enough fanfare about the 3DS release on this blog and I’ve literally been saving this fantastic article since it came out.  Play this game, you guys.  Especially since you’ll be waiting a while for a new one…
  • The Office | It’s been 10 years since the American version of The Office premiered.  Angela Kinsey did an awesome instagram takeover in celebration and I had so many emotions.  I love this show and this history of the Diversity Day episode really highlights what made it special.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer | You must know by now that BtVS is my number one.  My cousin Nick sent me this article entitled Every Argument about Buffy on the Internet from 1998 until Now and I just loved it.  Had to share!
  • Narragansett | I have a lot to say about Rhode Island neighbor of mine– mostly, that I miss it horribly through all this Boston snow!  I voted for Narragansett in Coastal Living’s Happiest Seaside Town contest and you can too!
  • ‘Gansett | Narragansett beer is also on my mind lately.  Summer brews and the delicious Del’s Lemonade Shandy are hitting shelves soon to help us remember that spring is here and summer is around the corner!
  • Game of Thrones | I’m getting so pumped for April TV.  We’ve waited so long for Mad Men, Orphan Black, and Game of Thrones!  Watch the lovely Maisie Williams talk about watching the show with her family and Arya’s sword skills.
  • Grace Helbig | Ah, my spirit animal!  She’ll always be dailygrace to me, but as of next Friday night she’s on all of your TV screens on E!  Here’s Grace on Fallon being perfect.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Links For a New World [07]


Wow, that first week back at work after a vacation is rough!  I slept way in yesterday, and have enjoyed a wine and cheese filled weekend to compensate.  But, lots of things to share this week!

  • The Grace Helbig Project | My spirit animal, Grace Helbig, is getting her own show on E!  Save the date, Grace is coming to E in April.
  • Penguins gaming | For some reason, some people gave an iPad to penguins and apparently some of them are obsessed with a mobile game.  I love that.
  • TV Timeline | Roku actually posted this Mashable link– a timeline of television!  Not shows, television and like, how we watch it.  So interesting!
  • Tina, Gillian, & Netflix | Netflix posted this: “Why Tina Fey and Gillian Anderson are on Netflix.”  I love both of them and am so looking forward to more of The Fall and all of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!
  • Game of Thrones | We finally get a release ate for Game of Thrones season 5!  April 12 on HBO.  91 days to go!
  • CES & Doctor Who | CES brought us some important things, like this Doctor Who speakers (pictured above) from Massive Audio.  I probably need these.
  • Koalas Need Mittens | Finally, a very serious plea.  Reading this article absolutely broke my heart.  Outbreaks of brush fires have left a lot of kaola burn victims who are in desperate need of cotton mittens.  If you can, please help by making some mittens and sending them to Australia.

Whatever Wednesday

Siiigh, happy hump day, kids.

image via

image via

Today’s post is a bit of a grab bag (I know the term is “mixed bag,” but I really wanted to work in a Mario Party 2 reference) because I couldn’t force myself to sit through honestly didn’t even try to watch ANTM last week.  What sense does recapping a recap episode make anyway?  So, no America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 today.  In place, assorted thoughts.

I’ve been really sick and slept 5 days knocked out in bed, which was awful.  What makes it more awful, is that I’m completely in a Netflix rut.  Gilmore Girls may be occupying everyone else’s time, but I had just rewatched the series when Netflix announced its imminence.  So guys, my plea: recommend me shows on Netflix or Hulu!  The only thing that I’ve been loving lately is Drunk History, which I can whole-heartedly recommend to you.  You feel like you’re learning history, and you also feel slightly inebriated.  You know when you’re around a drunk person, or like, a group of drunk people, so you kind of start to feel drunk by association?  That’s kind of what it’s like to watch Drunk History.  Also, there were times I laughed so hard I cried, like this clip from a story about Abraham Lincoln as a lawyer.


no dust jacket because I couldn’t get the B&B “Members Save” sticker off of it and I broke my nail when I tried.

Anyway, what has been occupying my waking time is the new books I braved Boston’s first snow of the season to go out and pick up– “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler and “Grace’s Guide” by Grace Helbig.

I’m almost finished with Yes Please, and it’s finally gotten me out of the reading slump I’ve been in without beach time!  After all my summer reading I kind of gave up come fall, so it was nice to get back into a book.  Has anyone read “Grace’s Guide” yet?  I’ve read snippets, and I just know it’s going to be great.


My recommendations to you: Drunk History & Yes Please!

Your recommendations to me: leave ’em in the comments!


Links for a New World [3]


featuring more pictures of Philly from last weekend.


  • David Tennant’s Face –  I’m usually crushing on ladies more than men, but the big exception of my twenties has been David Tennant, specifically as the 10th Doctor.  This weekend, I started watching Gracepoint to deepen my obsession.  This quiz asks if you can pick the Doctor Who episode on DT’s face alone… and, perhaps sadly, I could.
  • Embracing the Basic – What does it mean to be basic in Boston?  This list will tell you, and even encourages that it might actually be cool to be basic.  With the likes of Lululemon yoga pants, tweeting at the MBTA, Alex and Ani bangles, Hunter wellies, everything pumpkin spice, and leaf-peeping on this list… I’d say I’m a shoe-in.
  • Jessica Lange singing Lana del Rey – because I want you all to know that I’m still too obsessed with this moment that I already blogged about which occurred over a week ago.
  • Vital Donut Updates – Eater Boston, the most important blog I read, has a collected stream of donut-related news.  Since I’m dubbing 2014, the Year of the Donut for me, this is especially relevant.  If you’re not a Bostonian, check out if Eater has a blog for your city!
  • Intervention Ware – You know you’re old when you want to buy plates for fun and/or decorative reasons.  Fishs Eddy’s “Intervention Ware” is an honest china pattern that cracks me up.
  • Paris & New York – This split screen time-lapse captures similarities and differences between Paris and New York.  Paris is one of my favorite cities, and seeing it side by side with New York seems to make New York a bit more magical.
  • Grace Helbig is my spirit animal – Buzzfeed has Grace answer some important questions, and goodness is she perfect.

Camp Takota


Grace Helbig is my spirit animal. If you’re into Youtubers like I am, you’ve definitely heard by now about the feature film written by Mamrie Hart. These two, along with Hannah Hart, star in Camp Takota. The film became available on Friday, February 14th on I went ahead and purchased the film and watched it over the weekend, and I’m here to say it’s definitely worth the watch!

Grace Helbig (formerly DailyGrace and currently itsgrace) plays Elise, whose career goes up in flames suddenly and comes home after being fired to find her fiancé cheating on her… two weeks before their wedding. She drunkenly calls up the owner of Camp Takota, who she had run into earlier that day, and volunteers herself as a counselor for the summer. Mamrie Hart of You Deserve a Drink plays enthusiastic camp director-in-training Maxime, who is completely dedicated to Takota. Hannah Hart, hilarious host of My Drunk Kitchen, plays Allison, the cook of the camp’s mess hall and an aspiring chef.

Some thoughts:

  • I was initially disappointed seeing that Grace’s character had a love story and Mamrie’s character had a love story, but not Hannah’s. I worried that was because of Hannah’s character’s sexual orientation. By the end, we do get a glimmer so I was happy about that. And hey, at least we have a lesbian character! Allison does have a nice story line as well with professional aspirations.
  • Having watched Grace’s vlogs of her time on set, it was great to see things actually come together! It really felt like we, as the Youtube audience, were part of the making of this film. That was nice.
  • Penny Fefferman was a-freaking-dorable! I loved her glasses and propensity toward hand-held gaming. Her storyline with Elise actually reminded me of a little girl for whom I was camp counselor. At the end of the summer, her mother thanked me for making her time there so great. I will just never forget that, or that little girl!
  • We’re not used to seeing Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah as other characters, but their personalities seemed well highlighted by their respective characters. That was nice too.
  • I think I want a Camp Takota shirt…

It’s only $9.99 and it’s super easy to stream— head over to now and check it out for yourself!