Witch + Wizard

Do you want to win $100 from Amazon?  Well, I’ve got good news for you!

Welcome to the Spring Fever Giveaway Party!

A dozen authors over at YA Author Rendezvous have put an awesome giveaway together – with over TWENTY chances to win!

One grand-prize winner will walk away with a signed, first edition hardback of Witch and Wizard which just so happens to be written by one of the biggest names in fiction – JAMES PATTERSON! On top of that, they get a $100 amazon gift-card!

And all if takes is a minute or two and a few clicks of the mouse.


Check out these other amazing prizes they have for you here.

Spring Fever Giveaway!


And while you’re all excited about books, check out the video version of Tuesday’s post!

Gold iPad Mini Giveaway!

original photo:  Chelsea Marrs / @chowdownusa

original photo: Chelsea Marrs / @chowdownusa

Hey guys!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend.  It was so nice to start off the summer.  To say thank you to all of you readers and followers, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of amazing bloggers to offer a chance to win a gold iPad Mini!

The winner will be selected today at 3 PM EST, so hurry up and enter!  Here’s what you need to do: visit me on instagram (@nikkisee) and locate the original giveaway photo.  All of the instructions are listed there!

Good luck to all!  I’ve had so much fun with this one, I definitely plan on doing more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned!

Back to our regularly scheduled TV posts tomorrow. ❤ n☾