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Siiigh, happy hump day, kids.

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Today’s post is a bit of a grab bag (I know the term is “mixed bag,” but I really wanted to work in a Mario Party 2 reference) because I couldn’t force myself to sit through honestly didn’t even try to watch ANTM last week.  What sense does recapping a recap episode make anyway?  So, no America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 today.  In place, assorted thoughts.

I’ve been really sick and slept 5 days knocked out in bed, which was awful.  What makes it more awful, is that I’m completely in a Netflix rut.  Gilmore Girls may be occupying everyone else’s time, but I had just rewatched the series when Netflix announced its imminence.  So guys, my plea: recommend me shows on Netflix or Hulu!  The only thing that I’ve been loving lately is Drunk History, which I can whole-heartedly recommend to you.  You feel like you’re learning history, and you also feel slightly inebriated.  You know when you’re around a drunk person, or like, a group of drunk people, so you kind of start to feel drunk by association?  That’s kind of what it’s like to watch Drunk History.  Also, there were times I laughed so hard I cried, like this clip from a story about Abraham Lincoln as a lawyer.


no dust jacket because I couldn’t get the B&B “Members Save” sticker off of it and I broke my nail when I tried.

Anyway, what has been occupying my waking time is the new books I braved Boston’s first snow of the season to go out and pick up– “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler and “Grace’s Guide” by Grace Helbig.

I’m almost finished with Yes Please, and it’s finally gotten me out of the reading slump I’ve been in without beach time!  After all my summer reading I kind of gave up come fall, so it was nice to get back into a book.  Has anyone read “Grace’s Guide” yet?  I’ve read snippets, and I just know it’s going to be great.


My recommendations to you: Drunk History & Yes Please!

Your recommendations to me: leave ’em in the comments!


Links for a New World [02]


  • Padma on Ellen – I love Ellen, but I love Padma Lakshmi even more.  Top Chef Boston kicked off this week (did you read my recap?!) and in prep for that, Ellen had Padma on to cook, laugh, and be absolutely wonderful.  Plus, I think I could make tortilla chips now, which is great news.
  • Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – I’ve been so excited for Bravo’s first scripted show for so long for the simple reason that it combines two of my favorite shows.  We’ve got Marti Noxon of my dearest Buffy the Vampire SlayerHouse alum and another lady crush of mine, Lisa Edelstein!  The first official trailer promises raunch, so what’s not to like?
  • The Moon – The Moon (pictured above!) by design firm Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya.
  • Friends is coming to Netflix! – January 1, 2015!  I’m sorry to be controversial, but this is even better news than the arrival of Gilmore Girls.
  • Pictionary with Gillian Anderson – The gorgeous Gillian Anderson (aka Scully from the X-Files, Stella of The Fall) wrote a book!  In celebration, she’s all over the internet doing fun things like this.
  • T Map of Boston Eats – This handle map of Boston’s public transportation is marked with restaurants instead of stop names.  I’m thinking about riding my way through this one.  My friend Julia sent me this one along with the best burger per neighborhood, which is also very important.


Have a brilliant weekend, everybody!

Recently Binge-worthy

TGIF!  Okay, guys, I’m going to keep this short.  I’ve been scatter-brained all week, super busy at work, and wayyyy tired.  I have some thoughts, but can’t seems to organize them.  Here’s a quick list of what I’ve been watching lately, and some things I have to say about them.

Modern Family: Ever since I got cable, I’ve been incredibly into Modern Family.  The weird thing about my love of this show is how it came about.  My parents watch it all the time and kept talking to me about it!  My brother would join in.  How weird is it that my whole family– mom, dad, brother, and me– all love this show.  This is only the second show I can think of that we all enjoy, the other being Everybody Loves Raymond.  I love that we all genuinely like this show and can laugh about the Prichetts.  This show is heartwarming and funny, and I’ve purchased the first 4 seasons on Amazon Instant and binged like crazy.  I DVR’ed the Wedding and cried.  When’s season 6?!

Gilmore Girls: Remember when I told you I bought the entire series on DVD?  I’ve been steadily making my way through these discs.  The amount of Gilmore Girls I watch is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend in my living room.  Since I’m spending most of my spare time sleeping these days, I’ve only made my way into season 2 for the arrival of Jess.  Thankfully, I have many-a-disc left!  TV on DVD was my first love before streaming television.  Y’all, I’ve been binge-watching before it was a thing.

Skins: I’ve been craving some British accents back in my life as I count down the return to Doctor Who.  I started Netflix-ing Skins and wow have I cried a lot.  For some reason, teenage emotion hits so much harder, because you remember how BIG everything felt then.  Now far removed from my teenage years, I’ve had plenty of real life problems that my matured coping skills have conquered with more grace.  But back to the show!  I’ve never had as much action/drama as any of these kids, but damn is that entertainment!  I recommend this show if you haven’t seen it and you like teen dramas.  I’m just about done with the second season, and I love Cass.  Totally didn’t realize she was Gilly in Game of Thrones!  I’ll be keeping an eye on Gilly from now on.

SPEAKING OF GAME OF THRONES AND ORPHAN BLACK (smooth transition), both shows only have 2 episodes left!  Mad Men is gone already.  What am I going to do without my weekend TV?!  Ooh, we do have Master Chef on Mondays now.

Oh, I know what I’m going to do.

Orange is the New Black: Yes, by now, all of you without 9 to 5’s that I’m slightly jealous of have started your binge-watch of season 2.  Since I’m making a beach escape this weekend and there is no internet there (gasp!) I will have to hold off to next week.  At least it gives me something to look forward to, but no spoilers please!!

Alright, I’ve type-yelled enough for one day.  Have beautiful weekends, friends!

Recent Purchase: Gilmore Girls

box set!

box set!

Sometimes I stress eat.  Sometimes my lunch break is the only time for sanity during a busy work day.  Luckily, the mall provides a food court for that kind of break… and oh yeah, a better kind of break: stress shopping.  If I’ve seriously had enough, I’ll take a spin through a store.  When I’m pressed for time, trying on clothes is an impossibility. The TV on DVD section of Best Buy is my saviour.

I spotted the complete series of Gilmore Girls for an irresistible price.  Less than $70 got me 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls; how could I resist?  Now I didn’t impulse buy.  I left it after I saw it once, then twice, but after fatefully coming across a Buzzfeed article on Gilmore Girls, I couldn’t pass it up the third time.

So, I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls, which I’ve said before, is a “lifestyle,” not a show.  (These are the words of my dear friend Chelsea, who’s sent me the following two unsolicited texts this week: “fred bass add,” and “dilated.”)  I always love watching early seasons of shows knowing how everything ends up, because it’s so nice to see everything simpler.  I guess it’s the ultimate nostalgia.  After rewatching Cinnamon’s funeral, I was thinking about how underrated Babette and Maury are.  Then I realized something I’ve never realized before: Babette is Sally freakin’ Struthers!  Why did it take me so long to notice this?  I’m just so surprised at myself. But hey, Sally Struthers looks a lot different than I remember her as Gloria from All in the Family.  My only modern reference point for her was South Park’s portrayal in “Starvin’ Marvin in Space” …and that was seriously unkind.

Well, I’m excited to make my way through Gilmore Girls!  I’m sure there are some episodes I’ve never seen, and I’m so excited to get into it again.  What have you been watching lately?

Bingeworthy: Bunheads


My friend Chelsea says that Gilmore Girls isn’t a show, it’s a lifestyle, and I have to agree. My vast TV on DVD collection does not include Gilmore Girls, sadly. I vaguely remember it being on Netflix for a while, but it disappeared long ago. Chelsea recommended Bunheads to me, “it’s not Gilmore Girls, but it’ll do.” As a former ballerina, there’s a lot about Bunheads that appeals to me on a level Gilmore Girls did not. Chels was a ballerina too, so I’m not sure where this doesn’t connect with her… but again, she’s living that Gilmore Girls lifestyle and it’s hard to stack up to that!

Bunheads, like Gilmore Girls, was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. You’ll find a lot of the similar fast-paced and witty dialogue and the same small town setting filled with crazy characters. Watching the first episode, you might find yourself thinking it’s too Gilmore-esque. This is worsened by the fact that many of the same actors are used. Kelly Bishop, the fabulous Emily Gilmore, plays Fanny Flowers, owner of the dance studio. An actor who I only know by his Gilmore Girls character’s name, Kirk, plays hipster coffee-shop owner Bash. Lisa Weil, or Paris Geller from the Gilmore world, shows up as Milly later too. Eventually, though, the show finds its own rhythm and for this former ballerina, the dance numbers really set it apart and make it something special.

Broadway sensation Sutton Foster stars as Michelle, a former ballerina-turned-Vegas-showgirl. Michelle had such potential, but followed whims to a life of depressing Vegas numbers. She has a kind of stalker, Hubble, who sees her show in Vegas over and over again, and one night asks her to marry him. Sick of her life, she agrees and follows Hubble to Paradise, the small California town. She finds out he lives with his mother, Fanny, who runs a dance studio. When he suddenly dies, Michelle and Fanny are left to forge a relationship and a business in the studio.

The storylines also revolve around four ballet students: Sasha, Boo, Ginny, and Mel. Their family and relationship experiences cause them to grow throughout the series. Sasha’s storyline in particular gets most air time in the first and only season. This complicated girl is the studio’s star pupil, but a rebel.

If you’re a Gilmore fan, you’ll like this show. If you’re a dance fan, you’ll like this show. I’m super sad that there’s only one season, but I think these 18 episodes are definitely worth a watch!

Bunheads is available on Hulu through certain cable providers.
It is also available on Comcast Xfinity’s app through April 1.

Check out this dance clip that I could watch over and over again, featuring the fabulous Sasha!