(Pre-Japan) Marchstagrams

March has been great for so many reasons!


[1] so happy to have the Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild!  [2] PaxEast 2017 [3] ugh, I really miss this sandwich from Catalyst Cafe [4] Animal Crossing Amiibo friends [5] love this gorgeous Smashbox Golden Hour palette [6] Matt reminds me of Umino here [7] we did a bad job at not eating Japanese before Japan [8] but how can you resist this green tea mille crêpe? [9] at least I maintained balance with a ride at The Handle Bar in Harvard Sq.

and [10] …we’re in JAPAN NOW.  Be sure to check in on the instagrams that didn’t make it here!

What was your favorite part of March?

Miss ya, March


If the infrequency with which I’ve posted this month isn’t a clue, I’ll tell you now: March was awesome!  Usually, this is a tough, long, cold month.  Instead, it was awesome.

[1] We made cinnamon bun waffles. [2] But mostly Matt just cooked for me. [3] I dyed my hair PURPLE. [4] My best friend became a certified Body Pump instructor. [5] We went to Myers & Chang on a special date night. [6] We went to CHICAGO. [7] Where we ate the best meal ever at Girl & the Goat. [8] And the best breakfasts ever at The Bongo Room. [9] And saw some beautiful places, like Garfield Park Conservatory!

Many more Chicago pictures to come, and hopefully just as much awesome in April!  Follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to this month!

Fitness Friday: 16 push-ups

Happy Friday, guys!  I’m happy to report I’ve survived the week, despite it being a bit stressful at times.  Now I’m just counting down the hours until the weekend!

I can’t even tell you what I did last Friday; I simply don’t remember… but it wasn’t hitting the gym, oops!

Saturday, it was the triumphant return of the love of my life favorite Body Pump instructor!  Before he left on his business trip, he challenged us to double the number of push-ups we can do on our toes, double it again, and double it one last time.  I did exactly 1 push-up on my toes that week, so he was expecting 8 out of me upon his return.  I did 8… twice.  That’s right, 16 push-ups on my toes!  I think I’m getting the hang of this.


Sunday is always a day of rest.

Monday, Body Pump again!

Tuesday, CX Work!  I can’t believe I’ve added this to my routine, but it’s so quick that by the time you hate you, you’re almost done!

Wednesday, I did a quick 1 mile run then went to Body Pump again!  And yes, I repeated the 16 push-ups for the instructor again since he did the same track as Saturday.

Yesterday, I went to a different kind of gym… a rock climbing gym!  Full disclosure: I wrote this post pre-climbing, so hopefully I can report that my new muscles did me right.  We’ll see, though.

Hope you guys have some fun Friday plans!  Mine do involve leaving the house and not to go to the gym.  What are you all up to?!


It’s been a BUSY month, but I’ve been very, very happy.

Here’s the month in instagrams:


[1] Started off the month by picked up my Mew code! [2] Tried out some new fitness gear in a snowstorm; had the best workout of my life. [3] Sephora Prudential reopened, and I took the opportunity to up my skincare game. [4] My cousin had a workout-themed birthday party!  More of that here! [5] My Valentine’s present– The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddess!  [6] Oops, a snapchat* cap for you… a triumphant return to running! [7] My miso soup addiction continues. [8] Peanut butter shake from Shake Shack is becoming an all-too-frequent treat. [9] A fun trip to Boston Public library to renew my library card!  More of that here!


Stay tuned for what I read last month!  I didn’t have as great of a month as January, but we knew that would happen, huh?  Hope March is already off to a great start for you guys!  I’ve got some fun stuff coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you!


*follow me on snapchat?  nikkisee47

Fitness Friday: 3 Miles


It’s not the greatest photo, and it wasn’t the greatest week of fitness either– I had a lot of plans this week!  I only made it to two Body Pump classes (Saturday and Monday) and skipped Wednesday so I could have the opportunity to run.

The most I’d ever run in my life is 2 miles; 3 miles is a whole new milestone for me.  Next time, I’ll have to add on that .1 to make it a 5K.  Also, can you check out my pace, please?  For a girl who “can’t run,” I think this is pretty good!  This is certainly a lot faster than I’ve run in the past… notice you’ve never seen a time from me before.

I’m proud, and I can’t wait to do more next week!  How’d you all do heading into the weekend?

Fitness Friday (2.19.16)


the gang from Saturday!

Last week I went pretty hard.  Since this post is a Friday thing, we’ll start with the previous Friday’s work– as promised, I got myself to RPM even though I was in full-blown panic mode.  I must admit, 45 minutes on the bike calmed me down a bit.

Saturday was insanity.  It started out with my normal Body Pump class followed by several more hours at the gym for 25 minutes of spinning, 25 minutes of rowing, and 25 minutes of strength training.  See weekend vlog for details.

Sunday and Monday I took easy.

Tuesday I did CX Work, a 30-minute core class.

Wednesday was back to Body Pump.  My regular instructed is away for work and it was a challenge with someone else at the helm for 55 minutes.  It’s not that the sub was bad, she just didn’t motivate me the way my regular instructor does.  Bestie/Fitness-Inspiration says you make your own workout; girl tells the truth.

Thursday, I was left to my own devices for the first time in weeks. And I decided to go to the gym? I ran 2 miles! How long has it been since I last ran?! I’m proud of me.

So, actually another good week?  Feeling fit heading into the weekend– how about you guys?!

Fitness Friday


just a couple of #fitnessenthusiasts

I started weekend vlogging not long before I started running, and I chronicled my weekly fitness progress in the same post as said vlog, seemingly to keep myself accountable.  I stopped doing that, rather without explanation, and I kind of stopped running too… for now.  But I have been super accountable to fitness, and anyone who watches my weekend vlogs has seen that.  Plus, this has become someone I’m super passionate about.  So, let’s try this again, shall we?

I have had a GREAT week at the gym.

Monday: There was a blizzard and my normal class got cancelled.  Instead, I trekked it over in the snow for an extra special CX Work class followed by a suspiciously long, but incredible Body Combat class.  I woke up the next day with abs.

Tuesday: My normal spin class is gone, gone away.  I celebrated National Pizza Day with my friend instead, oops.

Wednesday: Body Pump, love of my life.

Thursday: Body Attack followed by another CX Work.

So far, that’s a total of 5 classes and 4 hours spent working out.

Tonight, I’m headed to a new instructor’s RPM (spin) class and tomorrow, to Body Pump again.  This weekend, my cousin is hosting her birthday party at her trainer’s new gym, which means more spinning!  Stay tuned for the weekend vlog to see how it all went.