Long Flight Essentials

After 6+ months of planning, we are off to Japan in just two short days!  I couldn’t be more excited for my dream trip, but I’m not terribly excited about the 13 hour flight we’re taking to get there.  I’ve prepared myself the best I can, and today I want so share some ideas to make long flights as painless as possible!


Kindle | This trip is the reason I bought my Kindle.  The fact that I’m absolutely in love with it is a fortunate by-product.  I entertain myself by reading and find myself bringing at least 2 books on normal trips.  With such a long flight, I knew I needed a lot of reading material!  My Kindle is preloaded with a handful of books to make the hours fly by! [I recommend this one.]

Juice Pack | You’ve got to have a fully charged phone when you’re going to be out & about for a while.  While I always hope planes will have somewhere for me to recharge my devices, this has yet to be the case.  It’s great to have an extra charge on hand!  [I’ve used this one before.]

Headphones (or earbuds!) | This one I learned from my fiancé who always has a pair of headphone handy when we travel.  I happen to think that noise canceling headphones are completely worth the investment– you’ll take care of them instead of letting them get tangled in the bottom of your bag, plus you won’t have to deal with the plane’s excess noise.  Of course, if you’re packing lighter, earbuds will do!  [Try these or these.]

Lip Balm | This is another one I picked up from Matt.  Plane travel will leave you dehydrated feeling and in need of moisturizer.  It’s good to have a lip balm handy (This is my favorite, but I also recommend these guys!)  to feel a little more human.  On a shorter trip, I recommend grabbing a water bottle to fill once you’re past security! [Currently obsessed with this one— and dachshunds!]

Snacks | A 13-hour flight guarantees we’ll be getting some food on board, but since we’ll be landing in a time zone with a 12-hour difference, there’s no guarantee we’ll be getting food when we want it.  We’re big on snacks!  [Try a Quest bar for something substantial!]

Hoodie | Literally, this is my number 1 must-have on a plane.  It’s always so cold, or suddenly so warm.  You need to layer, and a hoodie is my favorite way to do this.  Past flights have also had me reaching for Matt’s coat as a blanket, so a blanket scarf is a great idea if you’re flying when into/out of appropriate weather!  [Please tell me you have one, but just in case.]

What’s the longest flight you’ve ever been on?  How did you keep yourself busy?

February Beauty Favorites

I’ve been absolutely addicted to trying out new makeup products.  I started doing my face every morning to keep me motivated through the snow and layers of clothing– warmth is more important than fashion right now, sadly.  With that, I’ve got a bunch of beauty-related February Favorites for you!


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Read about each of my favorites below!


Lip Therapy



it’s chapstick and chapped lips and things like chemistry ♪

That’s a song that I liked when I was in like, junior high?  I still love that line, though.

I find it particularly relevant at times like these, because it’s chapped lip season!  This is not particularly exciting, but it does give us a chance to talk about my favorite products to keep lips soft.  I’m guilty of neglecting mine, and right now I’m doing some damage control from cracking and flaking.  Gross!  Here are my favorite lip products:

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm was the first lip care product I was ever truly excited about using. The original beeswax kind is minty and has an appropriate tingle that feels like you are repairing damage.  Once the honey version came out, I was in love with it.  That became my go-to chapped lip fix and was always in my purse.  Nowadays, I’m completely loving their tinted lip balm.  It’s nearly impossible for me to wear lip color with my lips in bad shape, so this supplies that while moisturizing.  The color is not overwhelming.  I’m pretty fair and I’ve been rocking the darkest shade, Red Dahlia, without feeling like it’s a bold lip.

Baby Lips

Eventually, my Burt’s Bees with honey was replaced by several of these in my purse.  Maybelline’s Baby Lips is “clinical care for baby soft lips.”  I honestly use this all year round to keep my lips from splitting, as they are prone to do.  I have three varieties, all of which were in my purse until recently when I decided that was excessive.  I have two colorless varieties: Quenched, which is my go-to, and Peppermint, which is the first I bought and a favorite in the winter.  I also bought the neutral colored Peach Kiss, which really doesn’t add color but does keep my lips moisturized.


I’m sure you’ve seen EOS Smooth Spheres around, but these egg-shaped lip balms are totally worth the hype.  EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, has very gentle but effective lip products.  I started using this when my lips were at their worst and it made such a difference!  I purchased both the Sweet Mint and the Vanilla Mint varieties, and I am definitely looking to add to my collection.  There are ten types in total right now.  Sweet Mint is kind of a favorite of mine when it comes to both flavor and scent, so I favor this little sphere.


What are your favorite lip products for this season?

Also, if someone could recommend me a good lip exfoliant, I’d be very interested!