Emergency Couple

ANTM Cycle 21: Introducing K Songs

This week my ANTM recap comes early!  I have a little something special tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so be sure to check in for that!

The challenge last week was another acting challenge.  In South Korean, you know there had to be a K Drama challenge!  Miss J dropped of a script, and yes, some of it was in Korean.  They watch a clip of “Emergency Couple,” to get the feel of it.  Keith, our former football player, admits he doesn’t have the strongest memory.  Adam, however, chucks his script across the room after about 20 minutes convinced he’s got it down.

The challenge takes places at Namsan Tower, where there are famous love locks all around the balcony.  “Emergency Couple” stars Clara and Yoon Jong Hoon act as scene partners and everybody does a pretty awful job.  Will says that because he is gay he can not possibly act attracted to a girl.  I don’t buy this for a minute.  What’s he’s saying is that he can’t act at all.  Shei is natural on set, but makes up the Korean parts badly.  Lenox is a self-fulfilling prophecy and forgets all her lines.  Adam, of course, doesn’t remember anything either.  Keith decides to turn into his alter ego, K Song, a smooth, slow-talking flirt.  He totally wins Clara over, connecting with her.  His strategy wins him the challenge.


For the photo shoot of the week, the boys are Elvis and the girls are Marilyn Monroe.  My favorite part about this photo shoot is all the Korean fans screaming and getting to take part in the shoot!  Here are the results:


And the call out order:

  • Adam
  • Keith
  • Will
  • Lenox
  • Shei


This leaves my girl Lenox as the last lady standing!  We’ll have a week break before the double-episode season finale.  Who do you think is going to be America’s Next Top Model?