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For the Love of Fall TV

t’s officially fall, and you know what that means– football, boots, pumpkin everything… and new fall TV!  Yes, our favorite shows are returning for the season and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Here’s what I’ll be watching this season:

Doctor Who – Doctor Who officially returned last weekend.  Like I said in my last weekend vlog, I haven’t watched the season premiere yet.  I was also playing around with the idea of posting about it here, but I’m not committed to that either… I will get around to watching, though!

Scream Queens – I live tweeted the premiere last night, and I can already tell you I’m loving this ridiculous show.  This is the only brand new series on my list.  Join me on twitter for the fun!

Plus all of Chanel's (Emma Roberts) outfits are amazing and I'm really glad I just bought that faux fur coat. Again, see vlog!

Plus all of Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) outfits are amazing and I’m really glad I just bought that faux fur coat.

Nashville – Last year’s cliffhanger ending just about did me in.  I’m pretty sure Deacon’s not dead, but I’m anxious all the same.  Nashville returns tonight!  I’ve already got the episode DVR’ed.

AHS: Hotel – On to things that haven’t happened yet! American Horror Story’s newest season kicks off October 7th.  I might never recover from the lack of Jessica Lange, but I’m still up for it.

Walking Dead – I fell in love with this show last year just in time to watch the season wrap up.  I’ve been okay during the hiatus, but I’m so ready for The Walking Dead to come back!  October 11th for this one.

Manhattan – I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this show yet.  It’s a FANTASTIC piece of historical fiction about the Manhattan project that I watched on Hulu.  The second season is FINALLY premiering on October 13 on WGN America… sorry, but I’d never heard of that channel before.  I’ll be tuning in now, though!

MasterChef Junior – With MasterChef over, I can’t wait for more cooking competitions!  MasterChef Junior is even cuter than the adult version.  I’m interested to see the first time that Christina’s with the kids.  I still miss Joe, though.  We sadly have to wait until November 6th!

What are you watching this season?!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23


This weekend’s Sailor Moon Crystal was really one of those building episodes.  The whole space/time/warped dimensions thing is giving me a great Doctor Who feel, but I feel like it’s time to get on to wrapping up the arc.  Act 23 did have one big reveal, though, in the form of Black Lady.

I’m pleased to finally see her, because Sailor Moon fans from way back knew she was coming.  I thought we’d go the whole episode without having her introduced to us, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that wasn’t the case!  We know there is a fair amount of nonsense in the world of Sailor Moon– a lot of suspension of of disbelief on the fact that transformed or untransformed, these people look exactly the same.  I think most of us realized this older (evil) version of Small Lady was indeed a warped Chibiusa.  There was a little ooh she looks so familiar, but mostly they got to the point.  That’s progress!

One MAJOR problem I’m having is with the blatant Electra Complex Black Lady is displaying.  Too much!

For plot progression, Wise Man has clearly imparted his will on Black Lady and his old play things are even concerned.  Demande and Saphir are dubious of both Wise Man and Black Lady, especially since their brother Rubeus met his demise.  These two are also against the total destruction of earth, which is more than can be said for Wise Man and Black Lady.  You know things are really bad when the original bad guys think it’s too much.


I’m still so happy to see the senshi back together and even Pluto joining in to support Usagi.  Usagi, of course, thinks it’s a great idea to go into the storm that swallowed Chibiusa and Tuxedo Mask but promptly passes out.  She has a few nice moments back home with her friends, but soon thoughts of Chibiusa and Mamoru disturb her happiness– she needs them back for the picture to be complete.  Is it just me, or is she hallucinating these lovely memories of Chibiusa?  We literally never saw them peaceful together.  Either a lot happened behind the scenes– which seems unlikely due to the pace of this show– or Usagi is imagining a future rather than remembering a past.

I hate to complain (more), but why did we watch 5 full transformation scenes back-to-back in this episode?  As my impatience grows, my nostalgia keeps me clinging to Crystal.  The end of the Arc stretches on, but promises a big finish with Neo Queen Serenity.  I can’t say I’m not intrigued there!

What are your thoughts, Sailor Moon fans?

Links For a New World [07]


Wow, that first week back at work after a vacation is rough!  I slept way in yesterday, and have enjoyed a wine and cheese filled weekend to compensate.  But, lots of things to share this week!

  • The Grace Helbig Project | My spirit animal, Grace Helbig, is getting her own show on E!  Save the date, Grace is coming to E in April.
  • Penguins gaming | For some reason, some people gave an iPad to penguins and apparently some of them are obsessed with a mobile game.  I love that.
  • TV Timeline | Roku actually posted this Mashable link– a timeline of television!  Not shows, television and like, how we watch it.  So interesting!
  • Tina, Gillian, & Netflix | Netflix posted this: “Why Tina Fey and Gillian Anderson are on Netflix.”  I love both of them and am so looking forward to more of The Fall and all of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!
  • Game of Thrones | We finally get a release ate for Game of Thrones season 5!  April 12 on HBO.  91 days to go!
  • CES & Doctor Who | CES brought us some important things, like this Doctor Who speakers (pictured above) from Massive Audio.  I probably need these.
  • Koalas Need Mittens | Finally, a very serious plea.  Reading this article absolutely broke my heart.  Outbreaks of brush fires have left a lot of kaola burn victims who are in desperate need of cotton mittens.  If you can, please help by making some mittens and sending them to Australia.

Doctor Who: Guard the Graveyards

I think "Guard the Graveyards" would have been a better name for this episode, but I guess "Death in Heaven" sounds more like a finale.

I think “Guard the Graveyards” would have been a better name for this episode, but I guess “Death in Heaven” sounds more like a finale.

I’m always a little scared of finales– it means that something of great magnitude will happen and that I’ll have to wait a LONG time for my show to come back.  While the stakes were definitely high in this, the Doctor Who series 8 finale, and I cried sufficient tears, it was a relatively painless episode for me.  I did feel sad for Danny & Clara, even though you all know I hated this relationship.  Danny was the only real sad part of this episode, so I didn’t really care about his departure.  Clara’s is another thing altogether, as companions’ departures are so hard, but I know we’ll at least see her in the Christmas special before we have to say goodbye.

Let’s talk about the things I liked:

  • Kate Stewart & UNIT: It was so nice to see Kate & her team intervene when Cybermen had the city surrounded.  I was none too happy when she fell out of the plane, but I somehow knew they couldn’t kill Kate off!  Too bad about Sandy, though.  The storyline with Kate’s father was perfect.
  • President of Earth, CEO of the Human Race: This title cracked me up, but like, can they please stop saying “President of America?”  No American would ever say that.
  • Clara’s Doctor Knowledge: First off, I love what she said about she and the Doctor’s friendship to Cyberman Danny.  That’s why I’m a little horrified that she’s thinking of stopping their adventures.  (Side note: why would she not have the Doctor bring the little bracelet boy to the past?  She’s too good of a liar.)  Secondly, her Doctor knowledge during her rouse pretending she was him was great– children and grandchildren missing, presumed to be dead?  At least we’ve established that.
  • Idiot with a Box: I loved the Doctor’s realization that he is neither a good man, nor a bad man, simply an idiot, learning.  I feel like this is a larger statement.  Are we all just idiots learning?  I’m adopting this.
  • I’m literally so psyched about Gallifrey, but I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of the Master.  What do you think?


Guys, are we going to have Christmas on Gallifrey?!

What did you think of Doctor Who’s finale?

Questions, Comments, & Rants: Dark Water

I think Questions, Comments, & Rants might become a semi-regular thing.  For now, let’s dig into the first half of the Doctor Who series 8 finale, Dark Water.


My first question: What exactly was Clara doing when she called Danny?  What’s with all of these post-it notes with timey-whimey words and deep emotional outpourings?  There was definitely more going on here that we never got to find out about.  I’m hoping this is one question that will get answered in the next episode.

My big problem: Does anyone else think Clara was completely over-reacting when she THREW THE TARDIS KEYS IN A VOLCANO?  First of all, she didn’t even ask talk to the Doctor about Danny’s death first.  She didn’t float the idea by him or try any gentle approach or clever trick to get him to go back in time to save Danny.  Instead she threatened him in the most extreme way she could think of.  Did she think so little of their relationship that she assumed he wouldn’t want to help her?  Did she just want to die there on the side of a volcano rather than live without Danny?  Did she kind of think that the Doctor could get back into the Tardis without keys?  ‘Cause I kind of did.

And really, how could the Doctor forgive her for that?  Does he understand emotional pain so well?  If so, this is likely a recent development.  His plan doesn’t involve changing the past, but finding Danny in the present.  So really, Clara’s threatening was for nothing.

As for the Missy story, the big question-mark of the series (season, in a vernacular that I’m more familiar with): I think she and the netherworld plot came together nicely.  It actually panned out how I thought it would.  Missy has been transporting the near-death to a dimension of sorts where they live out their afterlife.  It is not a biblical hell or anything disruptive to an ethos.  My one sticking-point is: how long has she been doing this?  I suppose a Time Lord could go back and do it to as many people as he/she needs.  In Missy’s case, it’s been going on long enough to snag Steven Jobs and the kid Danny killed as a soldier.  Her revelation as a Time Lord was interesting, and I panicked for a second that I may have missed something.  Her revelation as the Master, re-genered, let’s say for now, is actually a little less confusing for me.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Aside from Cybermen being the most outdated-looking piece of technology since K-9, (whom I love, dearly,) they are sufficiently horrifying in the fact that they are shells of people you once knew, devoid of all the emotions that make us human.


So, lend me your thoughts on Dark Water!

Links for a New World [3]


featuring more pictures of Philly from last weekend.


  • David Tennant’s Face –  I’m usually crushing on ladies more than men, but the big exception of my twenties has been David Tennant, specifically as the 10th Doctor.  This weekend, I started watching Gracepoint to deepen my obsession.  This quiz asks if you can pick the Doctor Who episode on DT’s face alone… and, perhaps sadly, I could.
  • Embracing the Basic – What does it mean to be basic in Boston?  This list will tell you, and even encourages that it might actually be cool to be basic.  With the likes of Lululemon yoga pants, tweeting at the MBTA, Alex and Ani bangles, Hunter wellies, everything pumpkin spice, and leaf-peeping on this list… I’d say I’m a shoe-in.
  • Jessica Lange singing Lana del Rey – because I want you all to know that I’m still too obsessed with this moment that I already blogged about which occurred over a week ago.
  • Vital Donut Updates – Eater Boston, the most important blog I read, has a collected stream of donut-related news.  Since I’m dubbing 2014, the Year of the Donut for me, this is especially relevant.  If you’re not a Bostonian, check out if Eater has a blog for your city!
  • Intervention Ware – You know you’re old when you want to buy plates for fun and/or decorative reasons.  Fishs Eddy’s “Intervention Ware” is an honest china pattern that cracks me up.
  • Paris & New York – This split screen time-lapse captures similarities and differences between Paris and New York.  Paris is one of my favorite cities, and seeing it side by side with New York seems to make New York a bit more magical.
  • Grace Helbig is my spirit animal – Buzzfeed has Grace answer some important questions, and goodness is she perfect.

Doctor Who: slightly awkward if the world was destroyed


I liked “In the Forest of the Night” more than I expected to.  For an episode that takes place entire on (or, for a hot second, around) Earth, it felt Whovian enough.  Even though it involved so much Mr. Pink, (am I the only one who hates him?) he came in tolerable doses.

I really liked Maeve, who feels like an indigo child or a horror movie kid right away.  I knew the funny way she was running with her arms swatting in front of her face would come full circle, though that annoyed me every time she ran.  I liked how precocious she was.  I don’t understand how the disappearance of her sister left her strangely clairvoyant, and prophetic, but whatever.  She was cute and a bit creepy, and that made her interesting to me.

Maybe it’s because I watch too much SVU, but I was certain her sister was dead.  When the tree magic brought her back at the end, I was pleased to see she looked like a teenage runaway.

What I have a problem with is Mr. Pink yelling that Maeve was on medication and emotionally unstable in front of her other classmates.  While it seems that everyone knew full well of Maeve’s trauma, I found this disrespectful, especially for a teacher.  As a foil for Clara who was ready, willing, and able to run off with the Doctor and investigate, I think Danny failed on this account.  He removes the children from the Tardis and leads them through a forest of danger, when he could’ve stayed and protected them.  He’s not as perfect as everyone thinks her is.

I did like the philosophical question he brought up, and I even agree with him.  Spending time with certain people can be worth more than any adventure.  I was worried, though, that he talked Clara out of watching the solar flare.  I’m happy to see that she was still interested in that experience of a lifetime.

My other major problem comes in the form of Clara kissing Danny in front of the Coal Hill students.  That is not appropriate behavior!  Let alone the fact that they whole school already thinks they are in love.  This is an HR nightmare, you guys.

Oh, let’s not even start on how every year 8 student has been on the Tardis at this point.  It bothered me when the Doctor brought Courtney aboard, and it bothered me slightly less this time… but not so little that I wouldn’t mention it.

I do like the trees acting as a giant shield around the earth for an intense solar flare.  I like that Doctor said that humankind will simply forget, as that is our superpower.

Now, the finale, THAT looks interesting.  I’ve been thinking about the origin of Clara a lot lately.  Back int he Matt Smith days, Clara was so interesting to me– popping up in different times as slightly different people.  Clara’s life as a school teacher with her regular boyfriend is so painfully boring to me.  Looks like she’s going to get exciting again!

Any thoughts?

Doctor Who: A Man in a Box, Literally

I know I said this about Kill the Moon, but Flatline is officially my favorite episode of series 8.  I feel like i’ve been reaching to like this series, but finally this episode completely worked for me.  The Doctor and Clara were in perfect sync, (up until the very end that is,) the monsters were interesting and conceptually scary, and we saw the classic tools of the trade that we love– the sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.  Oh, and we had a lot of fun with a tiny Tardis.


Never has the statement “it’s bigger on the inside” been more true that when the Tardis, landing roughly when/where Clara asked for it to, turned out to be quite a bit smaller than it was before.


The Doctor is immediately intrigued, but Clara’s a bit frustrated for ending up in Bristol while she’s hiding her travels from boyfriend Danny.  As Clara goes to investigate, the Tardis shrinks even more to a pocketbook-sized portability, which Clara carries around with her throughout the episode.  The Doctor is full-sized inside, and to indicate the new altered size of the Tardis, its interior door looks like something out of Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland.


This means Clara gets to play Doctor throughout the episode, poking fun at the vagueness of the title and using her new found moral ambiguity to solve a mystery of missing people.

When an Alex Mack-style puddle sucks up a police office, the Doctor makes the connection that the disappearing people are being turned two-dimensional by the episode’s monsters.  Which is to say, they die.

In concept, monsters living in the walls and the floors and basically any flat surface are absolutely terrifying.  We see this as Clara leads a party of city workers through the underground.  In manifestation, they wear the people they’ve killed like camouflage, which sounds really creepy, but look like claymation zombies.

These monsters suck energy from the Tardis so the Doctor is unable to restore its size and functions.  At one point, the tiny Tardis is knocked out of Clara’s hands and onto the subway tracks.  As a train approaches, Clara suggests the Doctor “Addams Family” it off the tracks, as they only way to move it is manually.  He does, but in his short moment of victory dancing, he knocks it back onto the tracks.  It then goes into siege mode: a silver cube with Gallifreyan markings on it that no one could get into or out of.  Clara comes up with a brilliant plan to restore its power, thinking like the Doctor and using the monters’ power.  When the Tardis is restored and the Doctor finally comes out of the box, the moment feels so earned.

Did you guys love this episode as much as I did?

Doctor Who Recap: Mummy on the Orient Express

The space Orient Express reminded me of the Space Titanic in Futurama.

The Space Orient Express reminded me of the Space Titanic in Futurama.

I think this is perhaps the most important episode of the season thus far, based solely on the relationship between Clara and Twelve.  Of course, I still have my concerns about the Clara/Danny relationship.  I liked this episode overall, though.  I felt engaged and not stressed with high-stakes Doctor Who decision-making.  Let’s get on to the recap!

Mummy on the Orient Express starts with a timer: 66 seconds.  Mrs. Pitt and Miss Maisie Pitt sit having dinner in the dining car.  Mrs. Pitt sees a horrible mummy that no one else can see.  When the timer runs out, the mummy reaches Mrs. Pitt and she dies.

Clara and the Doctor disembark the Tardis onto said Orient Express.  I especially love the “Don’t Stop Me Now” jazz cover that’s happening at that moment.  There’s a lovely kind of sadness about their trip– both knowing that this would be their last adventure. Clara smiles in a bittersweet way that makes the Doctor uncomfortable, and they talk in a dreamy nostalgic way reminiscent of an amicable break-up.  When they hear of the mysterious death on the Orient Express, the reality of what Clara is giving up seems to hit her.


Kill the Moon


You need look no further than yesterday’s post to know that I find the moon romantic and beautiful.  Space is full of beauty and mystery, and perhaps that’s why both Sailor Moon and Doctor Who appeal to me.  This weekend’s episode of Doctor Who, Kill the Moon, posed the moon as a gigantic egg in the sky; from it hatched a unique winged creature that ignited humankind’s desire to explore space.  I loved the concept for this episode.  Here are a few of my favorite things from this episode:


“In fact, I’m not entirely sure if I won’t keep on regenerating forever.”

The Doctor says while illustrating the futility of shooting him.  This line piqued my interest, as I think it’s something that many Whovians wonder about.  Are there a finite number of regenerations?  We’re not sure.  It seems the Doctor’s not quite sure himself.  It’s nice to leave this open ended for show purposes, huh?


Maria on the moon

Maria are large, basaltic plains that are the “seas” of the moon.  I learned this when I googled a bunch of things the Doctor said.  The Doctor mentions the Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Nectar, and the Sea of Crises, which are all real things!  I feel like I learned something thanks to this episode… which, is the actual original purpose of Doctor Who.  Look at that!  Wiki the list of Maria on the moon yourself– it’s super interesting!



Watching Doctor Who can be a little cultural lesson.  I love British accents and I love regional differences in vernacular.  One thing that caught me off guard was torch v. flashlight.  I just wasn’t expecting this one.  Something I found funny, that I’m wondering whether it’s a British-ism, is that Clara said the “President of America.”  I don’t think this is something an American would ever say.  We say President of the United States [of America] exclusively.


Fixed points v. gray bits

We’ve heard the Doctor talk about “fixed points in time,” which have to unravel the way they do– he cannot affect these moments.  (Although, he usually does.)  In Kill the Moon, the Doctor talks about the opposite, the eloquently named “gray bits” that he can’t quite discern the outcome.  I like this explanation of sort of junctions in time.  It says a lot for the gravity of the situation.


“My granny used to put things on tumblr!”

The astronaut in 2048 says this with a hearty laugh, and I get a real kick out of it.  It’s a great illustration of technology in action, isn’t it?  I actually love this gag in general, that we have Courtney snapping iPhone photos on the moon 35 years in the future and posting them on tumblr from the Tardis.

I do find it slightly odd that Clara’s like, uh no I don’t have Courtney’s number, but she obviously knows her tumblr username.  Like, which is actually weirder?


Navigational DVDs

The Doctor tells Courtney there are several DVDs onboard the Tardis which will take it (and if holding on correctly, her) to him.  Is this a little call-back to Blink?!  Clearly the Doctor has learned that he needs to keep a few of these on hand!



What did you guys think of Kill the Moon?