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Last Week on Nashville: Heavy Hearts

"I love you," Rayna tells Deacon, "I've loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you, first time I ever heard you play a note on a guitar, first time I ever heard you laugh. And even through all the hell we put each other through, I love you now."

“I love you,” Rayna tells Deacon, “I’ve loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you, first time I ever heard you play a note on a guitar, first time I ever heard you laugh. And even through all the hell we put each other through, I love you now.”

Rayna has just called off her wedding and Luke is not doing well with being jilted. Remember that ugly side we saw of his as the CMAs? Well, that’s back. He slaps Rayna will a bill for the wedding that wasn’t, since People Magazine will not be footing the bill anymore. He also does some real insane things like driving his truck into the cake and barging into Deacon’s house accusing him of taking Rayna from him.

Our dear Rayna is hurt. Just because it was her decision to break things off doesn’t mean it doesn’t break her heart. With all the public relations issues, she stays strong. When she breaks the news to her girls, things don’t go well. Daphne is upset because she loved Luke. Maddie is upset because she’s still not marrying Deacon.

One of the two roughest stories of the episode is Gunnar’s.  After he tells Micah that he’s his uncle, not his father, Micah feels betrayed and decides to live with his grandparents. With the custody battle lost and Micah barely speaking to him, Gunnar is left broken hearted and watching his only family member go.

Deacon is the other rough story of the episode. That maybe-cancer from the mid-season finale turns out to be cancer: a tumor in the liver that necessitates a transplant. Scarlett offers part of hers, but is not a blood type match. We learn that if Deacon’s tumor grows much more, he will be ineligible for a transplant at all.

The silver lining: Rayna comes to see Deacon and confesses her undying love for him. We don’t unfortunately make any progress, because she understandably needs a little time.

Juliette and Avery have a little tiff over Avery moving all his furniture into her house, but really she’s quite well behaved and I hope there’s a lot of happiness in the future for them!  Avery tells Gunnar that he and Juliette tied the knot in a glorious bromance moment.

Layla’s not dead. Will and Layla finally settle on getting a divorce. Will is no closer to accepting his sexuality.

Poor Sadie’s got a gnarly shiner.

As for songs, “Roots and Wings” was absolutely lovely!  I also loved the use of “No One Will Ever Love You” in the preview for tonight’s episode!


What I’m hoping for tonight: more Javery fun, more songs, Deacon revealing his painful secret to Rayna, and some progress on the Rayna/Deacon love story!

What did you think of last week’s episode?

What are you hoping to see in tonight’s?!

WCW: Connie Britton & the women of Nashville

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It all started with Lennon & Maisy Stella.  I saw their Youtube cover of Call Your Girlfriend years ago and fell in love with their voices then.  I always thought they seemed sweet, and knew they were extremely talented.  When that song recently popped into my head, I looked them up and learned that they were on a show called Nashville.  Now, I’m not a country music fan, but I am a huge fan of music.  After a couple of clips of them singing, I knew I had to watch Nashville.

So I binged.  The two and a half seasons went fast.  I started watching for Lennon & Maisy, but recognized Chip Esten right away from his days on Drew Carey’s Whose Line is it Anyway?  Hayden Panettiere is not someone I’d ever been interested in, but I find her performance completely moving.  This show has totally proven her as an actress and a singer to me.  Though her character, Juliette, is hard to like, I find when Juliette’s crying, I’m crying.  And Clare Bowen?  Unbelievable voice and gorgeous!

Who I truly fell in love with almost immediately is Connie Britton.  I’d seen her in American Horror Story’s debut season, but there’s something so endearing about her accent in this!  As Rayna James, she reigns as the queen of country music, and Connie rocks it.  And hey, girl can sing!  Her mix of superstar and sweet mother to Lennon & Maisy’s characters has me loving every single minute she has on screen.  And I’m totally Rayna/Deacon!

I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights lately to soak up more of my beloved Connie, but the best news is the Nashville returns tonight!

I’ve been playing the seasons’ soundtracks non-stop, so if you like music and a little bit of drama, I highly recommend Nashville!  Who else is watching tonight?!