Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

Seemingly in the middle of no where in Houston, Texas, there is a wall painted with 8 different colors.


I am far from a fashion blogger who knows how to pose in front of the camera, but I couldn’t get enough the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall.  We need one of these in Boston!


I had so much fun, we came back a second time the next day and braved a rainstorm to get a few more shots.  I think I’d go back to Houston just to play here again.

Bloggers, where are your favorite spots for fun photos?


Cole at Home: Nail Polish Project

If you haven’t caught on by now, I have a lot of nail polish!  I did a big clean our not so long ago and basically started my collection over.  My Julep Maven subscription, however, has taken my collection to a whole new level of crazy.

Storage and organization (so you can actually see what colors you have) is always an issue.  I’ve been looking for the perfect nail polish rack to display all of my colors for so long, and I finally found one!  Last weekend, I called my favorite handy man (Hi, Dad!) to hang it for me.

Here is the finished product!



I’ve displayed my Revlon polishes, my Essie polishes, and all of my Juleps!  After I took this photo, I did add a few Sally Hansen Salon polishes that I like and OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark– just sort of the rest of the colors that I actually use and like.  I definitely want to branch out brand-wise (thus, I think my time as a Julep Maven is winding down!) but I do quite like the uniform bottles for display.

My bathroom kind of feels like a nail salon now!

I love doing little things in my home that make it feel more like mine.  I did move in here to all of the previous tenants’ furniture (honestly, it’s beautiful furniture; I’d love to take it with me when I go!), so it feels great to do that.

So, that’s my latest project, completed!

What do you think?

Julep: Afterglow Collection

It’s that time again!  I’ve been doing a nail polish-related project that you lovely readers will soon see!  Until then, I’ll share for you my February box: the Afterglow Collection.


here’s the box!

I tried to keep it simple this month, choosing just the three polishes promised in the It Girl box.  I did, however, make two swaps to make my three-polish box perfect for me!  Little did I know, my February box also included a free Valentine’s Day surprise!

I ended up with one from It Girl, one from Bombshell, and one from Classic with a Twist.  I’d say I have all of the Julep Maven style profiles in me, so I love that I can pick a color from each to make my monthly box!  (Protip: the only reason I go It Girl is because it has three polishes instead of two and a beauty product.)  The customization option makes it so much more fun.

And here are the details:


L to R:

  • London (Classic with a Twist) | a heather blossom crème, which reminds me of radiant orchid and makes me so excited for spring!  I have a specific outfit that this polish is made for.
  • Keiko (Bombshell) | a charred olive shimmer.  If you know anything about me, you know I love olive!  It looks almost black, which I love, and the shimmer is subtle.  Pretty perfect.
  • Colton (It Girl) | a black iris crème.  This is the one I couldn’t bear to switch out because I always need a good black!
  • Hartleigh (Classic with a Twist) | a holographic heart glitter top coat that came for free as a surprise!  This multi-color confetti & heart top coat is super fun for Valentine’s Day, but I find polishes like this are super hard to remove!

Leave me a comment if you want to be a Julep Maven like me!  Your first box is free with my referral!

What do you think of my picks from the Afterglow Collection?



Julep Maven: Friendsgiving Box

My November Julep Maven Box (#4) featuring the Friendsgiving Collection was HUGE!


When I first saw the giant box, I thought there must have been some sort of mistake.  I checked my order history and found that this box was actually cheaper than my normal monthly box because I applied my Joules rewards points.  That’s right; I got all of this for $20!  My little Maven box with the six polishes I selected was inside a box that housed my second double free surprise and what I thought might be the plié wand.

What’s actually in this little plié wand packet is the most confusing advertisement I’ve ever seen.  It’s just the cap, without the wand-part and a cryptic marketing message to go to  I assumed I received this because I participated in a survey about their plié wand that ended after the first question: “Do you have the plié wand?  / No.”  Would I have liked to try it out?  Yes!  I wish they’d send me one so I could review it for you!  Instead, they just sent me a piece of plastic that I don’t know what to do with.

My Maven box held a Holiday Gift Guide that I’m drooling over.  I haven’t tried any Julep make-up yet, but there’s an eyeshadow pallet in here that I think I need.  They’re apparently just giving us candy now, too.  I got some caramel vanilla cremes in the little box.  My coupon this month is a great one too– $10 off!

Here’s the good part, the polishes:


  • Linden: This It Girl pool blue was one of my surprise gifts!  My friend selected this as one of her add-ons, and I saw her box before mine.  I wanted Linden instantly, so this was serendipity!
  • Kiki: This oceanic blue-silver shimmer was part of my original It Girl November box.  I don’t think I could ever swap a blue out, especially one that works so well for multiple seasons!
  • Marzia: This is another of my original It Girl box components.  This gorgeous pewter chrome almost looks tan or brownish in certain lights, which to me is an absolute delight!
  • Isla: The final piece of my Friendsgiving It Girl box is this ink blue.  This navy-almost-black is a must-have neutral for me.
  • Fazia: I’m obsessed with this Bombshell color.  I absolutely couldn’t resist adding on this garnet shimmer.  It’s my birthstone!  And perfect for the holidays.
  • Devon: I couldn’t pass up adding this Classic with a Twist color, described as “slate grey with fuchsia microshimmer.”  With Devon, I add another pretty metallic for the collection with a slight purple sheen.
  • Sawyer: You know this girl loves her earth tones.  This Boho Glam polish is copper shimmer– the browns and reds get me every time, which is why I had to add this on.
  • Nadia: To be honest, I would have never selected this marigold color, however, I think this It Girl polish makes so much sense in my box!  Described as a “sun-kissed golden frost,” I’m planning on using this, my second surprise freebie, as a holiday gold.


I can’t WAIT to play with all of these new colors!

Ready to join and get your first box free?  Leave me a comment with your email address for an invite!


Fierce, No Fear + Candace & Chloe

Happy Manicure Monday!  I couldn’t wait to try out all of my new Julep colors from my last Maven Box.  Today’s post features two of them, and there’s another on my instagram!



This is what I like to call Earth Sign Divine– perfect for a Capricorn like me!  I’m using my new favorite, Essie’s Fierce, No Fear.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doubling down on the accent colors and Candace and Chloe were just the opportunity I was waiting for!




My traditional accent nail is done in Candace, the sparkle golden brown.  My middle finger sports Chloe, a chocolatey shimmer.  Fierce, No Fear and Candace will be making frequent appearances as I’m especially in love with both of them!

Meanwhile, I keep getting coupons and discount codes from Julep, so I have tons of new colors to try out!  Keep checking my insta for these, and if you want in on the action, leave me a comment with your email address for three free colors!

Julep Maven: the first box!

A friend of mine recently signed up to be a Julep Maven, and as soon as I saw her box of beautiful Julep nail polishes, I was intrigued.  She was one step ahead of me, and already emailed me her discount link.  Just like that, I was a Julep Maven too.

Basically, your first box is free.  You pay about $2 and change for shipping and handling.  I figured I didn’t have much to lose.  I got my first Maven Box in the mail late last week.  Here’s what I got:


  • Julep Bare Body Milk lotion
  • Sydney, a red-orange polish from the Bombshell style profile
  • Lena, a green polish from the Boho Glam style profile
  • Braiden, a silver-gray sparking polish from the It Girl style profile

About these style profiles: I’ve gone ahead and picked It Girl due to the fact that three polishes come in each box, while the other profiles offer 2 polishes and a beauty product.

The polishes, so far, are wonderful!  I was super worried about these tiny bottles, but rest assured: the brush is full-size.  Two coats are recommended, but the color looks brilliant after just one.  I went ahead and did two anyway, though.


I paired Sydney with Lena to give them a go.  At first I was worried this combo might look too Christmas-y, but I think I achieved the appropriate amount of fiesta-y needed for the fleeting summer.  I love a good red-orange right now and Sydney is slightly redder than Revlon’s Siren, which is my usual orange.  As for Lena, it’s uncanny how it worked out– Lena is very close to Essie’s summer color Ruffles and Feathers, which I resisted buying just the day before my box arrived.  It was fate!

Julep polishes are on the pricey side, and at $25 per month, so is this subscription box.  I’m still experimenting with what the Maven membership can offer me.  The best perk so far is discounted pricing on online orders!

There will be a bit more customization involved in my next box, so stay tuned for what it brings!

Now it’s your turn– use my referral code and get your first box for free too!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3: Thoughts

Every time I watch a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, I can’t wait to watch more.  I also get Moon Pride stuck in my head hardcore.  While we survive the two week wait, let’s talk about some of the cool things that happened in Act 3!

Make New Friends

We knew going into this episode that we’d be introduced to Rei/Sailor Mars, but we’ll get to her in a bit.

We were also introduced to Zoisite and Nephrite.  Since Jedite’s the only one who’s put any plans into action for Queen Beryl at this point, it looks like his competition has arrived.

Oh hey, Mamoru!  Finally, we meet the man behind the mask.  He’s not wearing a tuxedo in the daytime this time, but he is wearing a snazzy suit.  Usagi and Mamoru sit awkwardly together on the bus.  Mamoru reveals his name and that he is a high school student.  Usagi copes with her increased-heart rate in his presence by using Luna to hide under and or to wipe her sweaty brow.  Smooth, Usagi!  So funny.


As Tuxedo Mask, he plays almost no role in this episode.  When Usagi is a flight attendant, he recognizes she’s transformed… but I believe he recognizes her as Sailor Moon, not Usagi.  Like, you really can’t tell who that is?

Back to Rei

I’ll admit, Rei has never been my favorite.  In the original anime, she and Usagi had sort of a contentious relationship.  The Rei of Sailor Moon Crystal is calmer, more reserved, and way friendlier.  I was so surprised to hear Usagi call her Rei-chan right away.  The other weird thing about Rei is that her supernatural powers were always, I assumed, in addition to her Sailor Senshi powers.  Sailor Moon Crystal blurs this more than the original anime, but I think that’s still the case.

The Rei of Sailor Moon Crystal is a serious bombshell.  Those lilac eyes!


SMC Rei recognized Usagi as Sailor Moon almost immediately.  In a hilarious moment for the audience and a pretty embarrassing moment for Luna, we watch Usagi try to explain this away.  Rei is awakened as Sailor Mars quickly thereafter and everyone becomes friends.  Her transformation sequence is appropriately fiery, and her color palette is slightly adjusted– the red is deeper, more garnet than cherry and much more suited to the indigo-purple of her bow.  I’m loving this slight change!

Spirited Away

I liked the plot line of this episode, but I expected more of a reaction from Usagi about a demon bus.  She got right on said demon bus at the beginning!  I expect Usagi to be irrationally scared until one of her friends is in danger, in which case she switches into hero mode.

Poor Rei and her confusing supernatural powers was both blamed for a sought out for help in this demon bus deal.  When Mii was safely reunited with her mother, bitch didn’t even say thank you to the shrine maiden responsible for saving her life!

More Toys

I love that the arcade keeps spittin’ out magical gadgets for the girls.  In Act 3, Usagi and Ami received communicator watches.  I wonder if Rei and the other girls are going to get these as well.  This is something only I would worry about, isn’t it?

Oh, I also love an episode that starts out with Usagi saying she’s sleepy.  Luna basically bribed her to get up with the trip to the arcade.

Three Senshi

The foreshadowing at the end of this episode didn’t give any indication of Jupiter.  Looks like it’s Moon, Mercury, and Mars for a while!  I’m eager to meet Makoto and Minako, but I’m pleased that the pace is slowing down a bit.


Your turn– what did you all think of act 3?!

Orange You Jealous? + Mint Candy Apple


Hey guys, it’s manicure Monday!  I tried out a new brand– L’Oreal Color Riche!

I saw this color, Orange You Jealous?, when browsing drug store make-up with a friend.  I bought it on impulse because I loved the coral color– it’s a bit more pink than orange but I absolutely love it.  I’ve paired it here with Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and it’s quickly become my favorite color combination of the summer.  The polish itself does not go on smooth like Essie, or Revlon, or Sally Hansen.  It takes a couple of coats to get this color and the first time I used it, it looked really messy!  I was ready to write L’Oreal polish off, but the color is so pretty that I did a repaint after it chipped away.  This color is a homerun for me.  Would I buy L’Oreal Color Riche nail polish again, though?  Probably not.

I’ll definitely continue to use Orange You Jealous? and hopefully find even more fun colors to pair it with.  What other brands should I try out?

Friday Favorites: Colorstrology



IMG_5565Despite all of the wonderful books I’ve been reading, my fun find of the summer has got to be Colorstrology.  This little coffee table book was the last in stock at my local Paper Source.  I picked it up innocently enough, but once I did, I couldn’t let it go.

The concept it simple.  It combines Pantone colors with astrology– really, just your birthday– to assign each day of the year a power color.  It gives you a little color horoscope– your color plus three adjectives, then a little paragraph.

My birthday is January 17th and my color is Tandori Spice [Pantone 18-1444].  That makes me dynamic, intricate, and colorful.  Today is actually my mom’s birthday– she’s Wedgewood [Pantone 18-3935], creative, youthful, and efficient!

I checked everyone whose birthday I could conjure up and found the ‘scopes super accurate!  Of course, that’s the game, isn’t it?  Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you’ve got to think they’re fun!

Why I ultimately decided I needed this book is two-fold.  Firstly, Pantone color swatches and books are typically very expensive.  To get a book of over 300 Pantone swatches for less than $20 seemed like a great steal!  I’m someone who’s interested in color theory, and Pantone is the authority on color!  Second, I’m a writer; a writer who focuses on character development in her fiction (though you’ll never see that here!  Insert see-no-evil monkey emoji.).  I spend a lot of time thinking about my characters’ birthdays and what that says about them.  I’m someone who’s interested in astrology, and have always taken zodiac signs into consideration for my characters as well.  This is just another layer, and I’m always interested in more aspects of my characters!

There is also a color assigned to each month.  I’ve included these here for you for fun!  What color are you?!