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Clone Club Catch-Up: Competing Technology


Last week’s Orphan Black was pretty crazy.  We only focused on Sarah, Cosima, Beth, and Krystal this time around.  Krystal plays comic relief with Fe and Art– “she thinks Vidal Sassoon’s after her!”

Cosima has to admit it– she’s running out of time.  She and Scott have come so close, and she reminisces on her work … work she couldn’t have done without Delphine.  Scott really shined this episode, if you ask me.  He’s always been sweet, but “we would’ve cracked it,” delivered with a smile really did me in.

Sarah, in order to save Cosima, makes the decision to give Kendall’s DNA to Susan Duncan in exchange for getting the bot out of her face.  The catch?  Ducan only gets Leda, not Castor.  Susan arrives at Fe’s to witness the extraction while Sarah and Cosima go to BrightBorn for a different extraction.  There’s a little drama as the bot ruptures while Evie is removing it, but all goes well.  Sarah returns to Fe’s bot-free.  Cosima remains at BrightBorn to hand over the research, but wanting to know what happened to Delphine.  That’s where things go wrong.  Kendall is kidnapped, Sarah destroys her DNA sample, and Cosima is detained.

Evie Cho is pulling the strings.  Susan’s obsession with her clones overshadowed the technology BrightBorn boasts, so Evie’s getting rid of the original.  Kendall burns up in a blaze, and adding insult to injury, Evie tells her Delphine was shot dead.  Beth was once under Evie’s influence too– she tried to kill Susan, before she learned Susan created her.

BrightBorn wipes Cosima and Scott’s research with a bug from their hard drive on which they collected it.  With no original and no research, what is the Clone Club to do?

I can’t WAIT to find out tonight.  Thoughts?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Human Raw Material


Let’s focus on what’s important here… Krystal’s back!

Last week’s Orphan Black had not one, but two clones go undercover to investigate BrightBorn.  That makes it a little tricky, doesn’t it?  Though Alison was originally planned to investigate along with her husband, Cosima volunteers to accompany Donnie.  She has to hide her face from visiting Evie Cho, who we know would know what a Leda clone looks like.  When Krystal comes to investigate on her own, that adds another layer of complication.  Krystal isn’t aware she is a clone… yet.  Our scientist Cosima takes it upon herself to get into an emergency delivery room and witnesses the horrifying birth of a deformed baby.  She also comes face to face with Susan Duncan who temps her with the prospect of joining her in Project Leda.  We know Professor Duncan is obsessed with her work– while she’s been between daughter and science experiment with Rachel, it’s clear she landed on science experiment.  Ira, on the other hand… ew, that’s a mess.

Sarah finally spent some time with Kira this episode, but not without doing a little investigating of her own.  The target of Sarah’s investigation is Adele, Fe’s sister.  She sees that the company Fe and Adele used to find each other is actually associated with BrightBorn, which is, admittedly, sketchy.  Sarah had Scott run their DNA and confirm that they are indeed brother and sister.  S gives her a “welcome to the family.”  Adele also teaches Kira some ballet, which is cute.

Speaking of Kira, we finally are recognizing that she’s a little paranormal.  She tells her mom about her dreams, and Sarah knows they are not just dreams.  Hopefully more on creepy Kira soon!


Clone Club Catch-Up: Beth



I watched the season four premiere of Orphan Black with someone who has never seen the show before.  With so many alliances, stretch-science, and all of the main characters being played by the same actress, I was naturally a little concerned that my companion would be confused– aren’t we all sometimes?

Imagine my confusion, then, when we start with Beth.  Beth died in the very first episode.  Sarah wasn’t in this episode until the very end.  Alison and Cosima only had small cameos.  I was concerned that my companions first impression of this show would be this odd-ball episode… but man, did I love it.

Beth is an important character in Orphan Black.  She brought the Clone Club together.  Alison, Cosima, and Sarah would never have met if not for Beth.  We only know Beth as Sarah did– we only see Beth ending her life.  We see her through video.  We see her as played by Sarah.  We thought we knew Beth, but we had no idea how much Beth knew.  Sarah may have done a lot of work connecting the pieces of this puzzle, but Beth knew so much more.  What’s taken us three seasons to learn, Beth knew.

The season 4 opener was a weird one, but SUCH a good one.  I’m more interested in the story than ever.  I’m SO excited for MK, another character for Maslany to slay.  I’m SO excited to see the Clone Club back together tonight.

Who’s watching Orphan Black?  What did you think of the new episode of the fourth season?

Clone Club Catch-Up: New BFFs

Today blog post title comes from Ferdinand, who single-handedly managed to make me not hate him with that line.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “History Yet To Be Written” is the best finale we’re seen yet.  The original, Kendall Malone, is secured and genetic samples are taken.  A deal is struck, then terminated last minute, but things actually work out for the group!  Sure, I’m still a little confused about the science… what was that mechanical bug that came out of Nealon’s mouth?  Neolution is back in the mix, and apparently the root of all evil (for now.)  The supposed (we never can tell, can we?) death of a main character definitely put a damper on things, but all and all, I think this was an amazing episode.


Clone by clone, as always, one more time this season:

Rachel wakes up not with the perfect copy eye she was promised, but with this weird bionic eye.  She also has no idea where she is and nobody’s answering her stammered calls.  The answer to Rachel comes at the very end, a great cliffhanger for next season: Charlotte walks in followed by Susan Duncan.

Helena gets a nice surprise from her brother-in-law Donnie, Jesse of Jesse’s towing!  “You found my boyfriend,” she smiles.  Life’s finally coming together for her.  Her assassin skills are now being leveraged to the group’s advantage.  She fights Rudy to the death.  He’s already glitching out, but y’all know she could’ve taken him anyway!

Alison wins School Trustee!  She celebrates with Donnie, Art, Sarah, S, Cosima, Helena, Felix, and Scott.  Sarah notices some of them are missing, and they toast to Beth.

Krystal‘s identity is discovered basically just in time.  Delphine realizes that the Rachel they have in Dyad is not actually Rachel.  She’s assumed safe, and hopefully she’ll be joining the Clone Club next year.

Cosima attempts to reconcile with Shay, but backs off realizing she can’t possibly let her in on who she is.  Delphine visits Shay, after being told she won’t live to see morning, to try to put things back in order for Shay and Cosima.  I love Ksenia Solo, so I kind of want this to work out, but I really love Delphine.  Delphine gives Cosima one hell of a goodbye kiss before she’s shot.  Is she dead?  It seems that way but this is the kind of show that you never know.

Sarah is the one who brokered the deal with Ferdinand, the lesser of two evils when it came between Topside and Castor.  She had the upper hand, knowing they weren’t handing over Kendall Malone, just samples.  She and Fe also pay a visit to Gracie and Mark, recruiting Mark into their plan.  Mark lures Coady, and Coady’s shut down by Ferdinand’s people.  When Sarah receives the call from Delphine revealing Ferdinand to be a pawn in a Neolutionist agenda, Ferdinand flips sides and eliminates his Neolutionist companion who was prepared the take the samples.  We also learn how Sarah ended up with S– we’ve known it was purposeful for quite some time, but knowing this adoptive mother-and-daughter are actually blood related is just perfect.  Finally, the very end sees Sarah reunited with her flesh and blood, Kira.

A happy ending for most, with just enough of a cliffhanger to keep me dying for next season.  Though Delphine is a blow, I’m not Game of Thrones upset here.  What did you all think of the finale?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Season 2 finale

As “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” begins, we weave in and out of two hostile scenes.  The first, a verbal argument between S, Fe, and Sarah.  S yells: “I thought it was you!  She looked like you–” Sarah interrupts wrapped S up into a hug.  “I don’t know who’s side you’re on,” Sarah says, “but you always put Kira first.”  With that, it’s clear that Sarah trusts S.  The second: “My name is Sarah Manning, and this is my unconditional surrender.”

Dr. Nealon introduces himself to Sarah from across the table.

A nurse tries to swab Kira, who finally acquiesces.  She then steals the nurse’s phone when she’s not looking.  A male voice answers on the other end.

Cosima finds out Dr. Nealon is her new physician.  Rachel tells Delphine that she is no longer working with the clones, effective immediately.  In retaliation, Delphine sends Cosima Rachel’s agenda, revealing that Sarah is to have a procedure with Dr. Nealon.

Dr. Nealon explains to Sarah that they would like to harvest her eggs when she ovulates.  She signs his consent form in exchange for seeing Kira.  This, unfortunately, is done through an observation room.

Fe overhears S’s phone call, which involves a car bomb.  A knock at the door reveals Cal, who Kira had called.  Seems Cal has figured out that Sarah has genetic identicals and that he’s done a lot of digging into Dyad to helo.  Fe then gets a call from Art, who has a guest currently eating in his kitchen.  “Hello sistra-brother, I want to see Sarah,” says Helena.  S advises Fe to go over there and watch her.  When he arrives, she explains where’s she’s been these past few weeks.  “Helena, did you burn down the fish people’s ranch?” Fe asks.  “No!” she says with a wry smile.

Prisoners Sarah and Duncan intercept each other.  “Don’t despair, my dear, don’t despair.”

In Cal’s research, it seems he’s discovered an insider who knows Sarah & Kira and both at the Dyad.  S tells him to ask if this contact can help and to tell this person he’s with Siobhan Sadler.  The answer: Ask her about Castor.  This triggers S to meet up some military-looking men, including Paul.  The two have a plan to get Sarah out of the Dyad.  I’m still confused, but so amazed by everything coming together!

Rachel meets Duncan watching home movies of her as a child.  She’s brought tea.  “Just hot water for me, he requests, I’ve brought my own tea bag.”  The two argue about the key to his genetic cypher.  She wants to know where it is, but he counters: “My dear, I didn’t write it down,” citing that he can recite pi to 6 thousand places.  “Do you recall Rachel, not the memory, but the feeling of how much we loved you?” he asks.  She responds, “The reason I watch these tapes so often is because I don’t remember that.”  She turns as he drops his tea cup, having poisoned himself.  “You can’t leave me again!” she cries.  He struggles to let out: “I’m afraid you don’t deserve me anymore.”

Cal in a black car pulls up meeting S and military Paul, who laughs when he learns Cal is Kira’s father.  “Just look at the two of you,” comments S, “I don’t know how she does it.”  Paul gets into the black car Cal just got out of to meet the mysterious Marian.

Cosima visits with Kira.  She teaches her a little science lesson about force and they do an experiment to get a pencil through a piece of paper.  They then draw a picture to show her mom the results of their experiment.  This scene is juxtaposed with Cosima and Scott doing a little experiment of their own.


Sarah is taken, strapped down on a gurney, to Dr. Nealon.  Scott is present.  Nealon explains that they are to remove one of her ovaries.  Rachel, also present, asks for a second to speak to her sister.  With her hissy fit she throws stamping over the bone marrow collected from Kira for Cosima, she also brings Sarah the picture that Kira drew.  The picture, shows a fire extinguisher along with some of the clones.  Sarah notices a fire extinguisher nearby, a skull and cross bones drawn upon its tag with the word Squeeze.  Sarah does indeed squeeze, which forces a pencil out of the fire extinguisher right into Rachel’s eye.  Scott helps her up and out.  Sarah arrives at Kira’s room to see Marion getting her ready to leave.  She says they are free to go, but this does not end with Rachel.

Cosima, Alison, and Sarah are reunited at Fe’s.  Cal meets the group, who upon his departure, demonstrate their approval for him.  Fe via Art brings in a new edition to the Clone Club, Helena, who really wants to meet her sisters.  They receive her warmly, although warm is different for Cosima and Alison.  The warmest reception comes from little Kira, who runs into her arms.  The new Clone Club takes a couple moments to decompress, and goodness is it glorious.

Helena's dance moves, though.

Helena’s dance moves, though.

Ah but Helena, she still makes me nervous.  In the quiet moments of sleep, she pulls out a jumbo container of nitrogen.  Then she sneaks from Fe’s, clutching Jesse’s hat, only to be kidnapped.  We see Helena held captive by the military.  Paul and S are present.  “Sarah will never forgive me,” says S.

Sarah takes that same black car to the enormous residence of Marion.  Here she finds little Charlotte, an 8-year-old with a limp, and another clone.  Marion reveals there were 400 attempts to make more clones and Charlotte is the only survivor.  She’s her mother and like S, she says, she’s invested.  She explains that LEDA was never shut down: Dyad carried female clones but the military carried the males.  This, she says, is Project Castor.  The male clone looks just like Mark, the Prolethean runaway, who right before the Castor reveal is shown marrying Gracie.

Kira comes to Cosima to reach her a story.  After one about a puppy, she asks for another and hands over The Island of Doctor Moreau, revealing Duncan’s writings to the one person we trust to understand them.

* * *

HOLY CANOLI GUYS.  Well, I personally love the direction they took with Cal, bringing him back into the mix.  I loved the picture of the new Clone Club, and the new layer of Charlotte.  I loved the moment of Kira handing over what I’m expecting to be the key to curing Cosima.  Gosh, I was so scared she was dying there!  As for Project Castor, I’m not really sure how I feel.  That male clone they showed looked SCARY but definitely military in nature.  Mark’s pretty scary, or at least he was in the beginning.  I’m nervous for Helena.  Are she and Gracie really going to give birth to more clones?  Can the Prolethean agenda succeed like that? (What actually was the Prolethean agenda?)  And Marion, I was not expecting!  I definitely thought she was not on our side.  I’m still convinced S is, even though, like I said before, I’m nervous for Helena.  I’m sure we’ll see Delphine again, but I’m nervous for her too.  I mourn for Duncan, but that was a mad who deceivingly had his wits about him!  I’m expecting Rachel to come back with an eyepatch next season, and I fully support that decision.  I can’t think of a character more befitting on an eyepatch.

Tell me yo’ thoughts on Orphan Black season 2!  Go!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Meet Tony

“Variable and Full of Perturbation” introduces a new clone, and for once, a possible new friend as opposed to foe.  Or I guess, an old friend?  I’m talking about Paul here.  Let’s jump into the recap, clone by clone.

Fe looked so great in this episode.

Fe looked so great in this episode.


In a confusing, flashy opening a dying man reveals himself to be the monitor to Tony, a new clone. He gives Tony a message to take back to Beth Childs. Since Beth is dead, Tony ends up giving said message to Art, Felix, and Sarah whose presence breaks the news about the clones. Tony is very secure in his own identity, saying, “There’s only one Tony” and leaves for now, message delivered. The message is that Paul, like Tony’s dead monitor, is “a ghost” and one of the good guys. Paul is mysteriously absent for this episode, and Rachel has no luck tracking him down.

While I was willing to suspend my disbelief enough to accept Tatiana Maslany’s trans-man costume and make-up, I can’t help but be disappointed here. I feel like we could’ve done better. Then again, we don’t know much about Tony. Maybe he means to look slightly feminine? We really don’t know much about him.



There’s a little reunion of sorts between Sarah, Felix, Mrs. S, and Kira. Ethan Duncan is there too. He is particularly interested in Kira, who is about the age Rachel was when she was taken away from him. He reads to Kira from Doctor Moreau, and then gives her the book.



Donnie is a wreck after killing Leekie. Alison finds him in bed drinking the day she’s returned from rehab having neglected t take the kids to school. He’s ready to run away, but instead the couple talks. Alison confesses her part in Aynsley’s death. Donnie, relieved, confesses that he “wacked” Leekie. He pops the car truck and reveals his body, which Alison comments is poorly wrapped.



Ethan arrives at the Dyad to help Cosima’s research. First, he meets with Rachel. She apologizes for being emotional upon their last meeting and is cool as a cucumber this time around… at first. She asks Ethan why Sarah, of all of the clones, is the one who could have a child. Ethan responds, “Rachel, she’s a failure, not a success. You are all barren by design.”

We flash to seeing Rachel, tears streaming down her face, tearing apart her office enraged.



Treatment continues with Kira’s baby tooth.  Scott is surprised that the donor is a kid, and comments that bone marrow would be more effective.  Cosima is mad at Delphine, but her anger fades after a weird, helium trip where they get high and confess their love to each other. She reveals to Scott that she is the clone subject of their science. He is honored to be working with her. She is honored to have Ethan Duncan in her lab to help. Upon his arrival, Cosima has a severely scary seizure. Panic colors Delphine’s voice as Cosima convulses on the floor.



Not a clone, but close!  Kira climbs out of bed with her mom, and retrieves the copy of Doctor Moreau from her bedside table. Opening the book reveals notes, drawings, and what I’m assuming to be the very genetic secrets that Ethan Duncan is keeping.



We haven’t seen her for two weeks now!  It looks like next week we’ll jump back over to the Prolethean homestead and catch up with our favorite serial killer.



It’s clear that Kira’s bone marrow is going to be essential to Cosima’s health.  I don’t want Cosima to die!

What did you guys all think of Tony?

Clone Club Catch-Up: Sister Sister

you are my candy giiiirl

you are my candy giiiirl

Sarah and Helena do some major sisterly bonding in “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings.”  They share a camp out, and a little road trip to [The] Cold River [Institute] in search of Ethan Duncan.  Helena does some weird things like kissy shadow puppets and belting out “Candy Girl,” which playfully irritate Sarah.  Despite the sweet sisterly bond forming, Helena thinks giving Sarah too much information would cause her to proceed without her.  Paul, as Rachel’s new henchman, is on their tails the whole time.

just a couple of drinks

just a couple of drinks

Sarah discovers that “Cold River” was The Cold River Institute and that Ethan has been poking aorund in the archives as Andrew Peckham.  While Sarah goes through the archives herself, Helena treats herself to a little vacation at a nearby bar.  She gets friendly with a guy named Jesse– from arm wrestling, to dancing, to making out on a pool table.  Prolethean Mark and Paul both find themselves in this bar as well and decide: you take your girl, I’ll take mine.  Things get violent when Jesse’s friends try to cut in, and Helena goes WILD.  She gets arrested for the bar brawl.

Sarah, having discovered Maggie Chen pilfered from the archives, walks out just to see Helena getting pushed into a police car.  When Helena’s “sister” picks her up from the police station, it’s Gracie, not Sarah.  Bruised lipped-Gracie promises Helena to take her to her children.  The promise of having children entices Helena to return to the Prolethean homestead.

Cosima and Delphine gain Scott, Cosima’s classmate from the University of Minnesota, as a sequencing tech on their team at the Dyad Institute.  Cosima has previously asked him for help when she was independently investigating.  He figured out that the sequences are for clones, but Cosima doesn’t want him involved further.  Leekie personally approved him, though, so welcome to the team, Scott.

Victor, Sarah’s abusive ex, shows up in rehab and starts to befriend Alison.  He ends up coming to her rescue with Donnie, who she’s lost all respect for as her monitor and the person standing between her and her children.  With his seemingly good will, Alison begins to trust him.  Bad move, as Vic is working with Angie.

Art basically moves in with Fe.  The two of them go through the contents of Maggie Chen/Helena’s storage locker, trying to put pieces of the puzzle together.  With the knowledge of Peckham, Sarah consults Art and Felix’s cache of papers from the locker.  Ethan stole his identity, and they are able to track him down; however, when Sarah knocks on the door, it’s Mrs. S that answers.

“I got caught up in a struggle I didn’t ask for,” insists S.  She’s been helping hiding Peckham and allows Sarah an audience with him.  He’s clearly disappointed that she’s not Rachel.  He doesn’t know how many clones there are.  He reveals the Dyad took Project LEDA over from the military.  “Why?  What did you want?” asks Sarah.  “Babies,” he replies, “little girls.”

“We’re not just a concept,” Sarah starts.  Peckham is really only interested in Rachel.  “We loved her,” he maintains to Sarah’s insinuation that she’s a monster.  He claims it’s the Neulutionists inside Dyad (read: Leekie) who turned Rachel into what she is today.  He breaks down about his daughter.

“Your daughter is lost.  There’s just me.  And Alison, a housewife with two adopted kids.  And Cosima, a brilliant scientist, just like you… We’re real… We’re sick.  Your little girls are dying.”

“Who do you think I’ve been hiding from all these years?” asks Peckham, then revealing that Leekie killed Susan and wouldn’t let them raise Rachel.

S confronts Paul outside.  She’s seriously such a badass.  He knows that Sarah’s inside with Duncan.  She knows he’s caught between Leekie and Duncan’s allegiances.  She says he could really use a new friend…

Guys, S is so much more involved in this than we ever imagined.  And how about Helena going back to the Proletheans?  That has got to be dangerous.  I’m hoping we can see Alison out of rehab next week, but Angie!  Angie is my biggest annoyance.  What does everyone think?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Team Rachel

One of the most interesting things about Orphan Black is how many different groups and allegiances are involved.  The threats have been endless– the Dyad, the Proletheans, Helena, the police, Mrs. S– everyone’s motives have been in question.  With this episode, “Ispa Scientia Potestas Est,” we’re jumbling up the teams a little more.  Though Helena’s still a bit of a wild card, the Proletheans are her enemy.  She’s joined forces with her sistra in the Clone Club.  Though Rachel is the cloneface of the Dyad, it’s clear that she and Leekie do not have aligning agendas.  There’s a whole new threat in the form of Team Rachel.

On the Prolethean Homestead

After Gracie betrayed her parents by trying to kill Helena, mommy dearest is not happy.  This woman turns out to be cruel as they come.  As punishment for losing Helena, Gracie’s mouth is stitched shut, which happens to be one of my absolute least favorite visuals.  Her mother says she is to get Helena back, or she will carry the baby herself.

At Art’s

After taking Helena to Fe’s (brother-sistra) for a change of clothes, Sarah brings her to Art’s.  Art does not trust her at all, but using the tip that food is the way to Helena’s heart, he manages to get bits of information out of her.  Maggie Chen, the Prolethean woman who Beth had shot, had a locker in which she and Helena met to plot the clone-killing.  I’m now on board with Helena as a character, but Art was right not to trust her.  She finagles her handcuffs off, cuffs Art up, and escapes to destroy her new enemy, Rachel.

At the Dyad

Delphine learns that Leekie has more information than he’s sharing with Cosima, but he catches them sneaking around in his lab.  He comes clean that the clones’ genome was lost in the fire that killed the scientists working on the project.  He agrees to help Cosima with treatment going against Rachel’s wishes.

I'm fairly convinced Delphine's on our side at this point.

I’m fairly convinced Delphine’s on our side at this point.

In Rachel’s Murder House

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rachel is still living in the room where she came home to find her boyfriend’s flayed body?  It’s confirmed that Rachel is self-aware and knowingly has a monitor.  She asks Paul to join team Rachel as her new monitor.  The job of Rachel’s monitor also apparently involves a fairly submissive sexual role.  Paul’s a better choice than Daniel, if you ask me.

At Felix’s

Paul, now on team Rachel, interrupts Felix’s date to frame him for the murder of a police officer– he gets Fe’s fingerprints on Daniel’s gun (which, if you recall, has a body count) for use as a bargaining chip for Rachel.

In Maggie Chen’s storage locker

Sarah finds a picture of “the swan man,” as Helena called him: Ethan Duncan, alive.  Here’s her leverage against Rachel.  Art and Sarah notice that Helena has taken a sniper rifle.

On a roof across from Helena’s building

Sarah talks Helena out of killing Rachel with a sniper rifle.

"you say Rachel is problem, I fix problem"

“Rachel is problem; I fix problem”

At a bar

Cosima, clearly on team Sarah, sets up a meeting with Sarah and Leekie.  She reveals the information on Ethan Duncan to exonerate Fe.  Leekie lets it spill that Cosima is sick.


Once again, Tatiana Maslany has blown me away!  I’m ready to catch up with Alison and S next week.  What’d everyone think of this episode?  You know you loved that Rachel/Paul sex scene…


Clone Club Catch-Up: S is for Saucy

In “Governed As It Were By Chance,” we pick up at the scene of the car crash– Daniel was making Sarah drive herself back into captivity, but it seems that Cal has crushed his truck into the passenger side.  Daniel is possibly dead, and Cal pulls Sarah out.  She snatches his phone.  They try to cover up the smashes car to buy some time.  Cal sets them up in an RV so they can ditch the truck associated with him and the scene.

Alison wakes up in a stark room, amazingly with her high heels still on her feet.  After falling off the stage in her drunken rendition of “Blood Ties,” she’s broken her arm and apparently checked herself into rehab.  Fe comes to see her and tells her to stay throughout her week of rehab to avoid Donnie, her monitor.  Unfortunately, Donnie does pay her a visit and tells her he’s keeping the kids away unless she completes the program.

Helena wakes up woozy, wondering what the creepy farm folk did to her.  Farmer’s daughter Gracie still thinks she’s an abomination.  “Gracie needs to open her heart,” her father says of her.  Guess she really does, because she tries to smother Helena with a pillow and send her “back to hell.”  We all know Helena wouldn’t go that easily.  She grabs Gracie from behind, “shhhh, you sleep now.”  She encounters the laboratory.  Seeing the equipment triggers her memory about the procedure.  Enraged, she makes her escape, running right by a very confused Art, who’s been camped outside the Prolethean farmland taking photos.

Art's all, "Another one?"

Art’s all, “Another one?”

“Update pls.” comes a text from Rachel to Daniel.  Sarah texts back assuring her, again, to buy time.  She video calls Cosima, who offers her perspective on Project LEDA, referencing the Greek myth Leda and the swan.  In this myth, Zeus comes to Leda in the form of a swan and seduces her.  Their children are half human, half god.  Sarah decides she must leave Kira and Cal for a bit to find Mrs. S.  Cal tells Sarah he needs to know what he’s dealing with.  Sarah gives him the name “Dyad Group.”  Not sure why she says this an not “Institute;” not sure if it’s even significant…

Daniel fights his way out of the wreckage.

Mrs. S meanwhile finds Benjamin and asks for papers to London; she needs to go to see someone.  Benjamin says that if it’s who he thinks it is, she doesn’t need to go anywhere.  “Carlton is here.”  She finds him in a bar, where they reunite (if you know what I mean) in the back hallway.  Super classy, S, you saucy minx.  I am seriously loving her lately!

bow chika bow wow

bow chika bow wow

Unfortunately, Carlton only knew what he needed to know, and S is going to have to follow a trail if she wants to put the pieces together before Sarah does.

Sarah goes to Mrs. S’s house to search for information, where she encounters Fe.  He catches her up, “Alison’s in recovery.  Cosima and Delphine are locked in some kind of transgressive lesbian geek spiral, bound to end in tears.”  Ohh, Fe.  The two work together to uncover an article about scientists killed in a lab accident in a research study headed up by Susan and Ethan Duncan.  Fe connects Rachel Duncan to them, revealing that S has possibly known the whole time.  Daniel’s phone gets another text from Rachel.  Sarah and Fe decide to go to her hotel room (more information as revealed by Daniel’s phone) to do some further investigating.

In the hotel room Sarah discovers that Rachel is living with a boy toy.  She also views a video tape revealing Rachel’s childhood– a playful and loving upbringing with the British scientists Susan and Ethan Duncan.  Her viewing is interrupted when boy toy comes home– Daniel!

After a good game of cat and mouse, Daniel knocks Sarah out and zip ties her up in the shower.  She correctly guesses that he is Rachel’s monitor.  Though he can’t kill her, he’s very willing to hurt her badly.  Her screams echo through the hotel room, but there is another sound.  Daniel goes to investigate and out of the din he stumbles, bloody, and falls.  Helena steps out, covered in Daniel’s blood.  Sarah’s screams resonate louder, “Helena!  Stay away from me!  I shot you; you were dead.”  But Helena pleads for her help, “they took something from me,” she says, and hugs her sister.


Back at the Prolethean homestead, we see that a new life has begun…

* * *

Well, looks like this is Helena’s in to the Clone Club!  I finally like her in this episode; I actually really like her now!

Who I’m really curious about is Rachel.  We haven’t seen her in so long now.  Is she really a self aware clone?  And why, if she grew up loved, is she so clinically frigid?

I say this every week, but Tatiana Maslany absolutely blows me away every single episode!  Can’t wait for next week!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Who’s Your Daddy?

The latest episode of Orphan Black, “Mingling Its Own Nature With It,” gives us two important answers– (1) we get to find out what the hell Alison’s musical is all about, and (2) we learn who Kira’s father is!!  We also (kind of) meet another clone.  Here’s what happened, clone by clone:



Sarah and Fe are on the road and pull a con job with Kira so she can have something to eat.  Sarah knows she needs a proper bed and knows of a place they can stay.  They break into a house, kind of cabin-like and off the beaten path, to stay for the night.  As Sarah and Kira sleep, Fe hears the someone coming home.  In walks Cal, who we learn is Sarah’s old boyfriend slash mark from a con job.  Perceptive as ever, Kira comes out and asks Cal if he’s her father.

We find out that cute, bearded, and flannel-clad Cal is indeed Kira’s father.  Fe gets upset, knowing Sarah came here purposely so Kira could get to know her father.  He feels that there’s no place for him there, and leaves to support Alison’s opening night.  Sarah and Cal rekindle some romance at a completely inopportune time, and the little family seems to be getting comfortable with each other.  When Kira goes out to feed the chickens, Daniel, who has been snooping around, comes and grabs her.  She yells for her mother, and Sarah trades herself for her daughter.  Daniel forces her to drive.  He’s pleased having Sarah in captivity, but needs Kira too.


Alison's antagonistic vacuuming might be the highlight of this episode.

Alison’s antagonistic vacuuming might be the highlight of this episode.

Angie is on Alison’s case, but thankfully Alison is suspicious.  She thinks she’s a second monitor now that she’s figured out Donnie.  Even when Angie comes out as a cop, Alison is evasive.  Good girl, Alison.

Opening night of “Blood Ties,” an apparent murder musical, is upon us.  You’d think Alison would be able to really connect with this character, but of course, she is drinking heavily.  She stumbles through her lines, and stumbles right off stage, collapsed onto the floor.


Cosima and Delphine are at work at the Dyad Institute.  We learn, as does Cosima, of Jennifer, another clone who had been living in the US.  She was the first to show symptoms of respiratory troubles, even before Katja.  She died three days prior, but left behind hours of video footage from her time undergoing treatment at the Dyad Institute.  Cosima and Delphine autopsy her body to investigate the sickness.


The Proletheans are intent on making Helena part of the family.  There’s some sort of handfasting ceremony, and the creepy indication that they want to see if Helena can get pregnant.  Well, this is certainly a different situation for Helena.  She’s not a threat anymore, for now anyway.


I find myself continuously forgetting that the talented Tatiana Maslany is playing all of these characters!  If next week’s episode is true to the preview, it’s sure to be an amazing one!  And guys, are you following Orphan Black on Twitter?  Whoever runs that account does an amazing job!

What did you think of “Mingling Its Own Nature With It?”  Any theories?  Let me know!