Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24

I knew this was going to be one of those annoying episode in which we return to a battle already in progress but do no finish the battle before the episode is out.  There is a reason I binge-stream TV and it is to avoid these such episodes!  Regardless, I was pretty involved waiting for the oncoming arc resolution.  Here’s where we are:

Black Lady is creepily kissing her father and literally no one has a problem with it.  In fact, it kind of calms Sailor Moon into tapping into her power.  All joking aside, this is the great thing about Usagi/Sailor Moon as a character: she is capable of such empathy.  In Black Lady’s attempts to destroy the world, Sailor Moon sees a loved one in pain.  She sees the errors of her own ways.  She sees someone who needs her help.  She activates her Legendary Silver Crystal that isn’t supposed to work in the future by way of the Legendary Silver Crystal of the future and she fights.  The same can’t be said for her friends.  The inner senshi, have been quickly subdued by the evil eye Wiseman lent Demande.

This evil eye also lets Demande see through Wiseman’s hypnotic suggestions.  He quells his brother Saphir by, I believe, killing him.  He tries to unmask Wiseman.  Turns out the cloaked figure is just a corpse prop; the real Wiseman is fused with the planet of Nemesis itself and it crushing the Crystal Palace.  Sailor Moon is holding steady, though.

Meanwhile, at the door of space-time, Pluto is in turmoil.  She knows the senshi need her help and so badly wishes to fight beside them.  Her oath to always guard the door keeps her in place.  What a sweetheart, but come on girl, just go!  Diana arrives to do one of the only useful things the felines have done in SMC and relieves Pluto of her duties at the door.  Diana stands guard while Pluto joins the fight.

kitten cuddles and a killer top knot.  could Pluto be any cooler?

kitten cuddles and a killer top knot. could Pluto be any cooler?

Only Sailor Moon can’t hold out much longer.  Demande might be convinced of the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, but Sailor Moon doesn’t think she can stave off Nemesis.  She just wants Chibiusa back and doesn’t want to live in a world without her.  She tells Black Lady her life is hers if she wants it; the Silver Crystals are hers.  Tuxedo Mask snatches her Silver Crystal from her and kind of whacks her with the Cutie Moon Rod.  Something has changed within him, though… the hypnosis is wearing off?

Black Lady gets her hands on both Legendary Silver Crystals only briefly, as Demande snatches them from her.  In a sudden, but admittedly predictable, utterance, Pluto reveals that touching the two crystals together will destroy the world.

Cool.  So, with high stakes, I’m expecting something heroic from the senshi!  What do you all think?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6: Thoughts

Every time I watch the opening theme, I see Usagi turn around in the rain and see, from under her umbrella, Mamoru. Every time I see her lock eyes on him, I’m reminded how obsessed I am with this couple. Act 6: Tuxedo Mask really brought this relationship as we know if from the old anime to the new. And of course, some other stuff happened.


Everybody Wants to be A Cat

And this cat commands attention!

And this cat commands attention!

I liked watching the moment where Usagi’s mom is shaking the cat toy at Luna, and Luna is totally digging it. The cat life is pretty good, and it’s easy to separate Luna from that… seeing as she’s built a secret base in the arcade without arousing any human suspicion. That place is pretty high tech too… are those stairs floating? Anyway, Luna reveals that she’s from the moon (although I’m not entirely sure why no one’s picked up on that yet) and that the Senshi are going to have to locate the moon princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. She also announces that she believes Tuxedo Mask is the enemy, which sends Usagi in to such a hissy fit that she flees, and literally passes out.


But let’s go back to Mamoru… 

sexy kinda?

sexy kinda?

Who was there to catch Usagi when she fainted, and was there to encourage her to be the best she can be. Guys, isn’t this what love is?!

But like, is Usagi really that dense? See, she says to Tuxedo Mask that she’s the leader, and what I don’t realize is that she’s not revealing that she’s Sailor Moon by saying this. I think it’s obvious, but she doesn’t, and she doesn’t think Tuxedo Mask totally already knows this. When she thinks she can’t transform in front of him, I’m like really? He says he knows. What’s shocking is that she doesn’t realize she’s talking to freaking Mamoru! Only waking up in his bed after the battle has her make the connection.


Surrender Now, Or Prepare to Fight

Is this Team Rocket HQ?  Is this the Silph Co. building?  Or is this what helicopter landing pads look like in Japan?

Is this Team Rocket HQ? Is this the Silph Co. building? Or is this what helicopter landing pads look like in Japan?

I found the battle itself very compelling. Jupiter’s green lightening strikes, Mars’s great red flames, and Mercury’s blue gushes of water clashed in a powerful display. Nephrite was hell bent on revenge, though, and he had them right where he wanted in time for Queen Beryl to come down from a vortex in the sky. Despite that, the three attacks were looking badass to me! Usagi thought her powers paled in comparison and if you read my last couple of Sailor Moon Crystal posts, so did I. With a little encouragement from Mamoru, (and a video game hallucination,) Sailor Moon found her desire to protect others was all the power she needed.


Moon Healing Escalation

that ain't tinker bell.

tinker bell?

It was SO nice to see Sailor Moon attack without taking her freakin’ tiara off! The animation for the attack was smooth into the battle, which honestly, was kind of a disappointment for me. I must admit; I’m used to the pose-y sequences. Still, the discovery of this attack, and really the episode in general is a good summation of what this series is all about!


Venus & Artemis

Luna will get her some new duds, because this is a hipster nightmare right now.

Luna will get her some new duds, because this is a hipster nightmare right now.

Oh hey, Sailor V! We’ve only seen you in a video game before. I hope that means she’ll be joining us next time around…


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this episode because I’m impatient to get the Inner Senshi united, but I absolutely loved it!  It felt the most like the old anime to me so far.  What did you guys think of Act 6: Tuxedo Mask?