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Yesterday marked the DVD release of Disney’s latest animated feature, Frozen.

Unpopular opinion #1: I don’t really love movies.

Unpopular opinion #2: I don’t really love Disney.

I’m Sally Sparrow* when it comes to movies.  I can count the amount of movies I’ve seen in theaters since I graduated from college on one hand.  It’s basically a Fluke that I ended up seeing Frozen in theaters, but boy was I glad I did.  I absolutely loved it!  I am a big fan of visually stunning films, but the real reason for my love is the music!

The voice cast for this movie is insane.  We have the obscenely talented Idina Menzel providing vocals for Elsa, the ice queen.  The leading lady, Anna, is voiced surprisingly by Kristen Bell.  While I knew Idina was a powerhouse vocally, I had no idea that Kristen Bell had such pipes!  She impressed me first, because we hear Anna sing before we here Elsa, but for me, “Let It Go” stole the show.  (Enjoy that above!)

When I did a little more research, I learned Christophe Beck scored this film.  That’s my cosmic connection to this film, as any good Buffy fan knows the value of Christophe Beck!  We have him to thank for the Close Your Eyes, the Buffy/Angel Love Theme.

Frozen is available on DVD and for digital rental via iTunes.  It was actually downloadable via iTunes since late February, but I didn’t realize that until I sat down to write this.  I definitely think this is worth a watch– I’m not a Disney fan, or even a movie fan, so take this endorsement for what it’s worth!

*”You only own 17 DVDs?”

Netflix Crawl

Boston is big on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m sure there will be bar crawls a-plenty this weekend in celebration. Nicole is not big on St. Patrick’s Day.  A bar crawl would not be my thing either.  I guess the idea is that you have one beer and each bar, then move on to the next.  In honor of my weekend plans, I’ve made a fictional pub crawl, via Netflix!


IMG_5021What better place to start your night than where everybody knows your name!  The crowd at this Boston bar can definitely be festive, but never seems rowdy.  Have your first beer here kicking back with Norm and the gang, and you can be on your way before Cliff gives you too many “little known facts.”

The Drunken Clam

IMG_5012We’re moving geographically now to Quahog, Rhode Island, which is fictional, but Rhode Island is so small that it really doesn’t matter where in state it’s located.  You can get things going a little more here, pounding beer number two back with Peter Griffin and friends.  I mean, that Family Guy can drink.  We’ve seen him drunk enough to assume so, anyway.


IMG_5019We’re in Manhattan now!  This bar from “How I Met Your Mother” has no shortage of attractive and gullible ladies, so make some friends now that you’re on your third.  If you’re not having much luck, maybe Barney can give you an assist.  Haaaave you met Ted?  There’s also food here if you’re feeling a bit peckish, which I always am.

Paddy’s Pub

IMG_5023I’m guessing you’re feeling it now, or at least have a good buzz going.  If you’re not drunk, someone here is bound to be.  Here we are in Philadelphia at an Irish bar, so there should be a lot of holiday spirit.  Drink down your fourth beer with “the gang” of Always Sunny.  This is really the kind of place you could spend your whole holiday binge-drinking, but remember that’s not the goal of the crawl.

Snakehole Lounge

IMG_5024It’s time to get wild in Pawnee, Indiana at the world’s sickest nightclub.  According to some rough google-ing, Pawnee is somewhere in Southern Indiana, between Columbus and Louisville, KY.  Avoid the snakejuice and have a fifth beer with the Parks & Rec department.  Things could get weird here, you guys.

The Bronze

IMG_5020Apparently the middle of this country doesn’t have much going for it, ‘cause we’re on the west coast now!  Here in Sunnydale, CA you can get your dance on at The Bronze.  If you’re not quite 21, no worries!  And if it happens to be 1999, you can catch Dingoes Ate My Baby playing some tunes.  Although this is south of our final location, I didn’t want to end the night here because of all the vampire attacks nearby.  If this isn’t place isn’t your thing, you could instead pick up your sixth beer at the bar at UC Sunnydale, but of course, you risk turning into a caveman.


IMG_5022Wind down and enjoy the music and your final drink of the night at P3.  This San Francisco night spot may have its share of demonic activity as well, but I figure anything safer than Sunnydale.  I’m sure Piper and the power of three will be there if something bad does go down.  Some pretty sweet bands played here, so I think it’s a great way to end the night.

You have now covered 3,364 miles without leaving your couch!

Picture 1

click through to see how weird I am for putting so much thought into this!

If you are going out this weekend in celebration, have fun and be safe!

If you’re more of a non-observant person like me, you can watch all of these shows on Netflix!

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Girls Recap: Beach House

IMG_0295Wow, wow, wow.  Last night’s episode of Girls, “Beach House,” was so effing good!  First of all it made me long for my own beach house amidst this never-ending winter.  Second of all, it cleared a lot of things up; for example, it is definitely summer in Girls-land.  Most importantly, we finally see the four girls together interacting.

To appropriately set the scene, we see Marnie laying plans for a beach weekend with the girls.  Her mother’s friend has lent her lighthouse home in the North Fork and Marnie is trying hard to set up a healing weekend.  As she puts it, the weekend is to “prove to everyone via instagram that we can still have fun as a group.”  I feel for Marnie here, having hosted my girlfriends at my beach house before and feeling out of control doing so, because the best laid plans… Anyway, when the girls arrive, we do get some really beautiful and fun moments– jumping in the pool, riding bikes, dance numbers, and drunken bonding.  But oh is there trouble.


In town, Hannah runs into Elijah, her gay ex-boyfriend who slept with Marnie which started this rift between them.  Hannah clearly isn’t enthused about the weekend and invites Elijah, his boyfriend Pal (aka Jonathan from Buffy!), and two Broadway friends to Marnie’s to diffuse the situation.

IMG_0299Instead of the bonding weekend Marnie planned, the four gays and the four girls manage to have a lot of fun.  Aside from the Broadway dance number that I enjoyed oh so much, I was happy to hear the details of Marnie and Charlie’s breakup and even happier to hear her harken back to the grilled pizza tidbit– great recall!  We also see Hannah painfully meddle in Elijah and Pal Jonathan’s relationship.

The times roll on until the boys outstay their welcome with Marn.  Dinner for four becomes dinner for eight, so the portions are halved.  After dinner, a drunk Shoshanna follows Marnie’s cue for honesty and calls out the girls for the fundamental issues in their relationships.

IMG_0301Shosh calls Hannah a narcissist in the understatement of the year.  She calls them all “fucking whiney nothings.”  The girls attack each other in a nasty fight.  Upon waking up the next morning, the girls silently begin to clean up.  We end with the girls sitting seaside, silently.  Hannah begins marking the routine they learned the previous night.  One by one, the girls join in leaving us with a spark of hope for the foursome.


Guys, I absolutely loved this episode.  I felt it was really, really relatable which is why I started watching Girls in the first place.  I don’t feel the same enthusiasm for my friends that I did years ago too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love them.  Where’s the line, though, where it’s time to move on?  Am I like Shosh in that my social anxiety is holding me back.  Regardless, this episode was a real work of art!  Well done, Lena!  This is my favorite episode thus far!

What did you all think of “Beach House?!”

For Valentine’s Day: Favorite TV Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I have an appropriately themed post for you, because I’m not as heartless as I thought I was.  Don’t tell anyone, but I secretly love love.  For V-Day, I’m counting down my favorite TV couples!

5. Amy & Rory (Doctor Who)


I want someone to love me the way Rory loves Amy.  I like this couple because Amy really wears the pants in the relationship.  Rory, quite literally, goes through all of time and space for the love of Amy Pond.  He dies over and over again for her.  He guards the Pandorica for centuries because of how much he loves her.  Rory Williams, call me maybe.  This couple is not one-sided, though, and in their final moments as the Doctor’s companions, it’s clear that Amy loves Rory as much as he loves her.  She gives up everything she knows to be jettisoned back in time by the Weeping Angels to live out her life in the past with Rory.

Episode of Choice: My pick for “the Ponds” is kind of random.  I chose, “The Girl Who Waited,” an episode that haunted me long after watching it.  This episode is focused on Amy and Rory more than the Doctor, and takes place in a setting that reminds me of Portal 2.  It exemplifies the complicated nature of Amy and Rory’s relationship, but highlights love’s triumph.

4. Jim & Pam (The Office)


This is kind of a given— I think this couple really sets the American version of The Office apart from it’s British counterpart.  I love that things work out for Jim and Pam even though at the start of this series, it seemed like all odds were against them.  Pam was engaged to another man; yet love found a way for this couple to be together.  Never did Jim try to break them up; he eventually had to be honest about his feelings and Pam had to be honest about hers.  Watching their love story develop is sweet and heart-warming.

Episode of Choice: My favorite Jim and Pam moment occurs in an episode that has the two of them living in different states.  I chose, “Weight Loss,” the episode in which Jim proposes to Pam.  With Pam off at art school, Jim cannot wait any longer to pop the question and does so at a gas station between Pennsylvania and New York.  We witness this rainy proposal in silence.  Its simplicity is perfection.

3. Buffy & Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel)


I am such a sucker for a bittersweet love story.  I was always a Spuffy ‘shipper— that’s Spike and Buffy as a couple.  After watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer over and over, I realized rather quickly that it’s always been Bangel, and cannot be anything but Bangel.  Buffy and Angel were true love, but love that could never be due to their respective responsibilities to save the world.  Their tragic tale shows a teen’s first love, deep betrayal, and sacrifice when Buffy kills Angelus to stop an apocalypse right before his soul is restored.   “Close Your Eyes,” the Buffy/Angel love theme plays, and we all cry.

Episode of Choice: I’m actually going with the one episode of Angel that Sarah Michelle Gellar guest stars in.  I chose the crossover episode, “I Will Remember You.”  This episode is absolutely heartbreaking.  We see Buffy and Angel rekindle their love, which for one seems to have an actual chance, only to have to turn back time.  Angel bears the burden of the memory, but Buffy will forget it.  As their time together ticks down before reset, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s real tears make her words so moving.  Grab some tissues for this one.

2. Ross & Rachel (Friends)


He’s her lobster!  Friends is actually my go-to show for being broken hearted.  After a really bad break-up, I turned to this series to remind me that love is real and life is good.  Throughout this series, we know Ross and Rachel belong together.  We struggle with the “we were on a break!” and “she’s not Rachem” and all the other comedic mishaps that come our way, but we know, like Rachel says: it’s never off the table for them.  For goodness sake, he says her name in his wedding vows to Emily!  By the end of the series, these two have a child together.  I think most of us hung in there for 10 seasons to see them reunite.  We can all safely assume that Ross and Rachel get married, probably quietly since Ross has done is so many times and since they’re technically already divorced.

Episode of Choice: This is a tough one.  In one of my absolute favorite episodes of the series, “The One With the Prom Video,” we witness a tear-inducingly beautiful Ross and Rachel moment.  I love that whole episode for a good summation of their love.  My pick, however, is “The Last One” part 2, which brings new meaning to “I got off the plane.”  This was the moment we were all waiting for and it sealed the Ross and Rachel story with a happy ending.

1. Diane & Sam (Cheers)

The ultimate will they or won’t they couple!  Sometimes the best love stories do not have a happy ending.  Rewatching Cheers, like rewatching Buffy, is a terribly emotional experience for me.  Doing so always solidifies that Diane and Sam are my absolute favorite TV couple.  They are the epitome of opposites attract, and find themselves in each others’ arms again and again even after they’ve split.  Diane fundamentally changes Sam for the better.  His love for her sends him to Italy to break up her wedding to Frasier.  Sam and Diane are my OTP— that’s one true pairing, for those of you who don’t speak tumblr.  Though things do not end well for them, I like to believe that they have a love child out there somewhere, who grew up bouncing between Boston and LA.  And I’ve named her.  I’m normal.

Episode of Choice:  I chose “Fear is My Co-Pilot,” an episode in which these two weren’t even a couple.  A recent rewatch of Cheers had me crying at this one.  Diane and Sam take a plane ride with a pilot friend of Diane’s, who basically pretends to be dead to force a moment between the two.  All their true feelings come out in the face of death.  It’s beautiful, and so sad that they let each other slip away even after all they go through.

Well, there you have it!  Who’s your OPT?

And, if you’re not feeling the love on this Valentine’s Day, I have another suggestion for you: Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?  This creeptastic Investigation Discovery show should make you feel better about all the bad boyfriends you’ve had.  Trust me on this one!


Buffy feels my pain.

Buffy feels my pain.

Last Saturday, a water main burst below my building, causing the basement to flood.  The whole building was evacuated for two days.  Forty families were left to fend for themselves and find a place to sleep in freezing Boston weather.  Needless to say, this was an inconvenience, and I was pissed.

Two things were lucky about Saturday.  I decided to get up early that day, as my cousin was visiting Boston and I was hoping to hang out with him.  I was showered, dressed, and out when the evacuation occurred.  Normally on Saturdays, you might find me on my couch without pants on and with my hair in a messy bun.  Imagine firefighters knocking on the door and demanding I evacuate like that.  Not pretty.  The second fortunate occurrence was that my parents had come into the city that day, and I was having lunch with them.  We reached my building just after the alarms had gone off.

With people and dogs all out on the street, the fire department told us we would not be returning home that night and we should make other arrangements.  They shut off the water, electricity (all the electrical equipment under water in the basement), and heat.  They let us go back in to quickly pack a bag.  Because my parents were with me when this happened, I spent the weekend at their house.  I had to throw out a refrigerator full of food, but at least I didn’t have to shell out $200 a night for a hotel room.

If I learned anything from this experience, it’s that I am incredibly inflexible, and don’t handle setbacks well.  I hate not being in control of my situation.  I was put off, put out, and fed up.

For solace, I turned to TV.  I don’t know if my evacuation situation has ever happened to any of my favorite characters.  They are rarely evacuated from their homes, as said homes serve as the main setting for their shows.  Often, they’re trapped inside for one reason or another— a storm, a blackout, etc.

The night before this happened, I had watched the Adventure Time episode, “Evicted!”  I didn’t know that the very same thing would happen to me the next day, with the city of Boston as Marceline the Vampire Queen.


Really, I felt the people that could best empathize with me were the characters of Friends.  I was reminded of poor Phoebe and Rachel, who return home to find there had been a fire in their apartment.  They are forced to move in with their friends while repairs are underway.

And here's the napkin...

And here’s the napkin…

Maybe Chandler would understand.  Remember The One with the Blackout?  While my electronic door lock wouldn’t work without power, Chandler couldn’t get out of the ATM vestibule.

At least he was stuck in there with Jill Goodacre.

At least he was stuck in there with Jill Goodacre.

And finally, the sitcom example of getting stuck in their apartments, everyone remembers the epic fight Ross and Rachel had after they were “on a break.”  Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey are all in Rachel’s room, unable to come out and disturb the couple’s private conversation.

And they had to resort to eating wax.

And they had to resort to eating wax.

I feel like the Friends would be there for me in this time of need.  I’m lucky that I really did have people here for me, and a place to go.  At the end of the day, no one got hurt.  Hopefully I can learn from this: learn to relinquish control and roll with things that I cannot do anything about.

For now, I’m just happy to be home!

25th Birthday Weekend Girls Re-cap

Last week’s episode(s) of Girls really threw me for a loop when Hannah mentioned that she was 24.  If I remember correctly, the girls (with the exception of Shoshanna) were older than I am when the series began.  Well, last Friday was my 25th birthday, and I was so happy to see Hannah’s 25th birthday in Sunday’s episode, “She Said OK.”  Like me, it seems Hannah is the first to turn 25 of all her friends.  On to the recap!

Picture 1

We open with Hannah giving Adam a haircut.  I will admit that Hannah’s hair does look a lot better this season.  Adam gets a frantic phone call, which turns out to be his sister, Caroline.  Adam and Caroline have an antagonistic relationship, but he invites her over anyway.  She has no where to go, turned away by her apparently abusive significant other.  Hannah is sympathetic and invites her to stay, but Adam refuses.  Hannah invites Caroline to her birthday party that her parents and Marnie are throwing.

Cut to an absolutely horrifying music video of Marnie.  Let’s please keep Allison Williams singing embarrassingly, just always.  We see Marnie watching this video online while pleading with someone on the phone to get it taken down.  She refuses to ask Charlie for the password to do so herself, because he ruined her life.

Marnie looks absolutely beautiful at Hannah’s birthday party.  This is the first time we see all of the girls together, but we don’t really see them all interact.  Most of the drama at the party comes from Ray, who gets bit by Caroline, struggles to speak with Shoshanna for the first time post-breakup, and gets in a physical fight with Hannah’s editor.  As if in answer to my prayers, Marnie mounts the stage and forces Hannah into a duet of “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent.  The song gets broken up by the aforementioned fight, leaving Marnie on stage by herself singing.

Picture 2

Adams gives Hannah a necklace with his tooth on it as a birthday gift.  She loves it.  I’m honestly not sure if this is creepy-cute or creepy-disgusting, but Hannah loves it.  The couple get home and are getting into it, when Hannah goes to use the bathroom.  She opens the door to full-frontal Caroline, who breaks a glass with her bear hand upset that Adam doesn’t care about her current state.  Hannah comforts her and it looks like she’ll be staying after all…

So, maybe Hannah and I have close birthdays.  Oh hey, guess who else had a birthday this weekend?  My hero, Buffy Summers!  Super psyched to share my star sign with her.  Buffy’s birthday is January 19th.  Mine is the 17th.  I share my birthday with Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Betty White, and Zooey Deschanel– more on that tomorrow!