Pretty in Pearls

Before June is over, let’s talk about my favorite birthstone: June’s pearl.  June technically has three birthstones including alexandrite and moonstone, but pearls have always been my favorite.  No offense to my garnets, but the association with the sea gets my every time.

Now, I’m not a preppy girl and you won’t see my rockin’ a stand of pearls.  It’s just not my style.  You will, however, see me decked out in pearls in other ways.  Actually, I wear three pairs of pearl studs every day in my second, third, and fourth earlobe piercings.

Bauble Bar always has such fun pearl jewelry!  Here are my favorites:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.21.26 AM[1] Pearl Bar Pendant – A different kind of pearl necklace.  How cute would this be for layering?!  Order now on BaubleBar.

[2] Pearl Arc Ear Jacket – As if I don’t wear enough pearls in my ears!  This is actually the piece that I am currently waiting for to arrive.

[3] Double Pearl Earrings – An interesting twist on a classic pearl!  Though not currently available on Bauble Bar, I picked up the same pair at a local boutique.  Be on the lookout!  They’re around!

[4] Pearl Wraparound Ring – Another piece that is sadly not available anymore.  I’m hoping this pops up again soon.  Similar here.

[5] Petite Pearl Cuff – This delicate bangle is available, and will mix & match well with other bracelets.  There’s also a larger piece, the snowball pearl cuff, that’s more of a statement!

[6] Gemini Pearl Ring – While stalking the pearl wraparound ring elsewhere on the web, I came across this ring also gone from Bauble Bar.  Similar around though!


Any favorite pearl pieces in your jewelry box?

I tell you, I’d be a stand-of-pearls girl if someone wants to buy me some Mikimotos… I’d love you forever!

Alex and Ani: Road to Romance

Today, a beautiful new Alex & Ani collection went on sale: Road to Romance.  You guys know I’m a HUGE Alex and Ani fan (and you can check out most of my collection here) and I’ve passed my obsession to my mom.  Funnily enough, she’s the one who alerted me to the Road to Romance collection!  And we both kind of want everything.

With mint, soft pinks and blues, Road to Romance seems tailor-made for me!  Here are my top picks from this lovely new collection:


Road to Romance Wrap

In my attempt to not buy so many bangles, I’ve fallen deeply in love with wraps.  This titular piece is pictured here in gold/pink/green, and also available in silver/blue/purple.  I kind of want both, but the gold version pictured here is definitely going to be mine.


Braided Leather Wrap

I haven’t purchased any of the braided leather wraps yet, but I have my eye on the Chocolate version from a previous collection.  Road to Romance brings Begonia, Powder, and Spring Shower (pictured above).  One (or more) of these will adorn my arm soon.


Gypsy 66 Wrap

I have a beaded version of this from way back that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  The three colored versions (pictured in peony) in this collection could add a pop of spring color to any A&A collection!

roadtoromance_2014_vw459rs_leftSentiment Wrap

Here I go again with the wraps.  I can’t even tell you which color I like best, but I’ve gone with periwinkle to show you here.  Blue is a good, safe color for my wardrobe, but t’s likely that I will buy several of these.


See more of the Road to Romance Collection here.

Let me know which pieces you think I should add to my collection!




All pictures via Alex & Ani.  This is not a sponsored post; I genuinely just love Alex & Ani!  If you are interested in partnering with me on similar posts, please contact for inquiries.

Friday Favorites: Alex & Ani

Before Christmas, I finally took inventory of my massive collection of Alex & Ani jewelry.  This Rhode Island brand is super popular now, but I’ve been collecting for a long time.  Elissa of Style Wire introduced it to me when the Newbury Street store was new.  She learned quickly that she created a monster.  The collection as of 2013 was featured on her blog, but I hadn’t taken inventory of it since she took those photos.

Results are questionable.  My collection currently consists of: 70 bracelets, 1 ring, 5 pairs of earrings.  My brother got me two pairs of earrings for Christmas, so they are not featured in the glimpse of my collection below.  They will, however, be featured in my Christmas vacation haul post coming next week!

Here’s a little taste:


Yes, some of these bangles are extremely well-loved.  They clean up easily, though!  What you’re looking at here is:

  • A lot of nautical | a small anchor (my second A&A ever), conch shell, seahorse, and compass in silver; a rope wrap in silver; large anchor in both silver and gold; crab, oyster, and scallop shell in gold.
  • Sleek & shiny | one gold & five silver beaded bangles; a silver unicorn and gold turtle both is the shiny finish.
  • Go-to’s | silver Kingston wrap; silver & gray beaded Gypsy wrap, gold peacock feather & silver cross; New England Patriots in silver; BC in gold; Boston in silver; Rhode Island in silver.
  • Beaded beauties | 9 various earth-tone and black beaded bangles from Boston, Newport, Saratoga, and Patriot’s Place stores.
  • Other pieces | silver skeleton key Providence collection bracelet; silver star ring; two pairs of silver earrings; topaz crystal therapy earrings.
  • Blues | a big, beaded green-blue statement bangle; various beaded bangles & wrap.
  • Some silver bangles | Olympic Aphrodite & Diana bangles; Charity by Design elephant & water drop; lotus peace petals, January birth flower, and Mother Mary; key, feather, & bicycle.
  • Colors | six beaded bangles, two beaded wraps, one gold & silver wrap.
  • Even more bangles | older style silver Capricorn & gold tree of life; gold phoenix, buddha, and grapes; gold owl & penguin; silver YAY & “everything happens for a reason.”

The fact of the matter is, I love this brand.  As a summer Rhode Island resident, I love the local aspect.  I love what the company stands for, spreading positive energy with each stylist talisman.

Do you guys have any crazy collections you’re proud of?

Do you have any Alex & Ani jewelry?


Writstmas List

Alright guys, this is the last of my Wishlist Wednesdays!  If you wait until next Wednesday, well that’s Christmas Eve and you may be too late!  Don’t worry, though, I’ll have something to help you out then.  For now, because you know I have a bracelet obsession, here’s what I have on my Wristmas List!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.24.17 PM


[1] Michael Kors Runway Pink-Dial Gold Tone Watch | $225
[2] Alex & Ani Lotus Peace Petals Pull Chain Bracelet | $68
[3] David Yurman Classis Cable Bracelet with Blue Topaz & Gold | $625
[4] Kiel James Patrick Atlantic Pearl Bracelet | $68
[5] Fitbit Flex – does this count as making an effort?! | $99.95
[6] Marley Lilly Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet | $29.99 $24.99

What do you think of my picks?

What arm candy is on your wishlist?